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Wedding Flowers: Which Ones Will You Choose?

Wedding Flowers: Which Ones Will You Choose?

Weddings happen every single month out of the year. However, there is something about a June, July and August wedding that makes this special day with memories. If you are the bride or know someone that is the bride, here are a few wedding flowers tips. 

What Are Wedding Bouquets?

The Presentation Bouquet – You may see these types of bouquets in Miss America pageants and at weddings.  The bride can hold these while walking down the aisle to her wedding song or simply standing outside of the chapel saying hello to her guests.  Most brides prefer the standard calla lily.  Its also popular to use orchids and roses. 

Many brides love the white and purple/lavender colors mixed in together with other shades of green and light blue.  This bouquet makes an excellent picture.

The Single Stem – This is great for the bride that doesn’t want to have a bulky bouquet of flowers in her hands.  The great news about this type of arrangement is that it can be a single: white/red rose, blue hydrangea and protea.  Many brides see the single stem flower as a sign of elegance and class.  Your florist will have to make the flower picture perfect.  This means that the flower is carefully preserved to perfection for your wedding day.

Crescent – These flowers are formed into a lax arch.  In the center, these flowers are bunched together, and then other flowers hang over the side.  The moon shape of this bouquet allows the bride to feel that they are showing off their unique side.  This bouquet lets the bride’s guests know that she is not like any other bride. Popular flowers for this arrangement are the wispy blooms and hanging Amaranthus.  However, yellow roses, white roses and white carnations are also popular.

Hand-Tied Bouquet – This if probably the most popular choice of bouquet by the bride.  He hands tied bouquet makes it easy for the bride to walk down the aisle to her future husband.  Obviously, this is a tied bouquet of flowers. The flowers are often: white roses, tulips, carnations.  With the hand tied bouquet, most soft and light-colored flowers will be a good choice.

Round Bouquet – This is a round bouquet of flowers.  Anemones and roses are often the most popular types of flower arrangements for the round shape. However, mixing carnations, gladiolas, tulips and roses together often bring out the round shape of the bouquet and unique colors. You can also add some white ribbon as well.

Posy Bouquet – This bouquet is perfect for brides and bridesmaids. When you put a bow/ribbon around these, it makes the entire bridal party look amazing.  The best flowers for these are: gerbera daisies, peonies and ranunculus.

Biedermeier Bouquet – These flowers are often green orchids, Peruvian lilies, and tulips.  The Biedermeier bouquet is bunched together and tied with a wire. The wire is often decorative in green or white in color. These flowers often go well with a “high end” wedding. 

Nosegay Bouquet – These flowers are cut to the same length.  They are then tied together and given to the bride.  In order to bring out the elegance in this bouquet, their must be only one-color flower.

Cascade Bouquet – Using flowers like lilies and garden roses make this bouquet extraordinary.  These flowers and greenery are bunched up and full of life.  These flowers drop down over the hand of the bride as she is walking down the aisle to her groom.  They are round on top and they have a point at the bottom.  The beauty of this flower arrangement is that they can be used at a casual “low end” wedding and a “high end” wedding as well.  This is great for brides with all types of budgets.

Composite – The types of flowers used in this arrangement are the white dahlia, lavender rose and green composite. Here you put together an arrangement of blooms, buds and petals.  Green wire is often put at the bottom of the bouquet to keep it together. This bouquet needs to be put together by a florist that has lots of knowledge working with composites.  Not all florists will due this type of flower arrangement unless you are paying top $$. Composite bouquets take a lot of time to put together.

Contemporary Bouquet – The flowers used in this arrangement are the calla lily, air plant and dahlia.  Also popular are the flowers birds of paradise and anthuriums.  Often, the top of these flowers is surrounded by greenery that comes over the flowers.  This type of arrangement works best for the bride that is looking for more than just the average bouquet of flowers.  They are looking for something that makes them say, “Wow, I have never seen a bouquet like that before.” 

Pomander BouquetFlowers used in this arrangement are the gerbera daisies, roses and sunflowers.  You will often see this bouquet in the hands of flower girl/boy in the wedding. However, brides started carrying them in the 21st century as well. They are a more modern bouquet of flowers.  The flowers are tied together with some type of jewels.  They are held in the hand.  Florists will also use beads and ribbons to have them carried. 

Peony Bouquet – These flowers are soft to touch luxurious in shape.  Brides use this bouquet when they are wanting good luck and prosperity with their groom. These flowers come in different colors and shapes.  This arrangement is big, luxurious and lush.  This often covers both hands of the bride. This bouquet is round. 

 What is a Sunflower Wedding?

Brides choose sunflower bouquets to have a sunflower wedding.  In this wedding, the main type of flower used are the sunflower.  If the bride and groom are superstitious, they would use these types of flowers because they are the symbol of good luck, happiness and love. 

Simply Southern Bouquet – The sunflowers used in this bouquet are the dusty miller, ranunculus and wildflowers. Greenery is also put into this bouquet.  A large yellow sunflower is showcased in this bouquet and is in the front of the bride for your guests to see.  Most types of white flowers are mixed in this to make the sunflower stand out even more. 

Garden Style bouquet – The flowers used in this bouquet are the daisies, roses, zinnias and the sunflower.  A rather elegant bouquet of flowers that are often 6 sunflowers at the top of the bouquet.  Underneath the sunflowers are the roses, daisies and zinnias.  A great collection for someone that is wanting to say, “This is my wedding day.” 

Basic Stems Bouquet – This is only the sunflowers held in the hand of the bride.  It is a simple design of only the sunflowers and some greenery. This is for the bride that wants to have a simple design and a rather simple wedding. 

Captivating Rays Bouquet – The flowers used in this arrangement are the calla lilies, Limonium and sunflowers.  This arrangement makes your flowers look and appear rather yellow. Yellow greenery could surround the bouquet to let the sunflower stand out more. 

Country Chic Bouquet – Use the flowers irises, sunflowers and roses in this arrangement.  You will notice that the violet and white colors blend in well with the sunflower.  It is often tied with a wire or white bow.  Greenery also adds that extra touch to your arrangement. 

A Happy Handful Bouquet -Dahlias, sunflowers and roses are used in this arrangement.  The sunflower is always front and center in this bouquet.  The colors are all a light orange color around the sunflower.  You can also use peach.

A Single Sun – alstroemeria, sunflowers, bleeding hearts and roses are used in this arrangement.  This is my favorite because it combines many different colors with the sunflower. It stands out as having the sunflower as the focus, but other flowers giving it color all around it. 

Sunshine and Daisies – The flowers used in this are the roses, sunflowers and gerbera daisies. On top are the two sunflowers that stick out and the other surrounding flowers. Wire or ribbon of white and pink can hold these together.

Wild Blooms Bouquet – Wildflowers, lavender and sunflowers all come together in this bouquet.  Many florists will use pine branches to make all the colors stand out more. There are about 12 sunflowers bunched together in this arrangement. 

Rustic Touch – Flowers used in this are hypericum berries, sunflowers, billy balls and greenery.  This is a beautiful arrangement that often involves around 3 sunflowers and the other flowers surrounding it.  The sunflowers are put in the middle.  The billy balls make the bouquet stand out even more because they cheerfully stick out above the bouquet. 

Feathery Cascade – This is an exotic looking bouquet using flowers such as the crisped, sunflower and wildflower.  When put together, it looks completely different from anything that you have ever seen before. Even though the sunflower is the focus of the bouquet, it doesn’t overwhelm the entire bouquet.  The other flowers in the bouquet stand out as well.

Organic Whimsy Bouquet – Freesias, scabiosa pods, aster and sunflowers stand out in his bouquet. The sunflowers surround the bottom of the arrangement and this helps them to stand out amongst the other flowers.  It combines the pink, white and yellow colors more naturally. This is another brides favorite.

What Are Some Bridesmaid Bouquets?

The Rays of Sunshine – The flowers used in this arrangement are the poppies, ranunculus and roses. Vines are used to tie this bouquet together. It is a wonderful arrangement of yellow.  If your main theme color for your wedding party is yellow, then this is the way to go.

Teeny Tiny Bouquet – The flowers included in this arrangement are the bunia berries, roses, dusty miller and ranunculus.  What makes this arrangement unique is the size?  It’s often small but stands out because of the simple and yet complex looking design. 

Pink Spray Bouquet – The flowers for this bouquet are the aster, pink roses and seeded eucalyptus. The bridesmaid will be carrying this bouquet of beautiful white, peach and pink flowers.  It is elegant and classy looking.  This is great for hot weather climate weddings in Florida, California, Arizona and Las Vegas. 

Dainty Dahlias – This arrangement includes bunny tail grass, eucalyptus, dahlias and pieris japonica. This bouquet looks great if your bridesmaid is wearing a purpose or lavender colored dress. 

Red and Pink Bouquet – The flowers in this bouquet include nandina foliage, ranunculus, roses and nandina foliage.  This flower arrangement goes great for bridesmaids with bright colored dresses. Usually used with red colored gowns. 

Thistles – These flowers are often used in the fall.  This arrangement works well with blue thistle flowers.  You can also use in your arrangement white carnations, roses and tulips. 

Cabbage Bouquet – As you might have guessed, the focus of this arrangement is the cabbage plant. It is a rather large assortment of roses, daisies and greenery all bunched together. The green cabbage plant is the center focus of the floral arrangement.

Single Blooms – The flowers used in this arrangement are white anemones. This is for the bridesmaid that wants to look elegant and make everyone pay close attention to her dress.  This flower arrangement often goes well with blue dresses. 

Basket Bouquets – If the bride wants her bridesmaid to hold a basket of flowers, then this is perfect for you.  Have your bridesmaid hold an assortment of different colored blooms.

Fiddlehead Bouquet – The flowers used in this arrangement are roses, fiddlehead, peonies and hydrangea. If the bridesmaid is wearing a black or dark colored dress, this is the perfect dress for you.

Lanterns – This is great if you want something other than just flowers for your bridesmaid.  Simply take two lanterns and fill them with burgundy blooms.  Tell your florist to put olive leaves on top of the lantern.  This is an eye catcher because your guests will see this as a unique idea.  This is hardly ever used but looks incredible in photos. 

Unexpected Bouquet – A rather simple and out of the box display of creativity.  This arrangement uses the single peach anthurium and palm leaves. This is another creative idea for those living in Florida.  It’s a great way to say that you are from the Palm Beach area.

Purple and Peach Bouquet – The flowers in this arrangement are the peach colored blooms, cabbage leaves and thistles.  The white and peach colors come together well with a bridesmaid with purple and lavender dresses. 

How Much Money Do Wedding Flowers Cost?

Brides and grooms will often spend 10% of their budget on flowers.  This is an estimate of how much flowers will cost if your budget is around $30,000.

Here is a basic estimate of what your flowers will cost:

Outside Flowers – $80.00

Reception Flowers – $500.00

Boutonnieres – $100.00

Bride Bouquet – $90.00

Table Flowers – $160.00

Entryway Flowers – $150.00

Corsages – $110.00

Bridesmaid flowers – $220.00

Flowers for ceremony – $320.00

Flower girl Flowers – 70.00

Altar Flowers – $170.00

Cake Flowers – $110.00

The prices can vary when it comes to wedding flower costs.  Before visiting the florist, have a budget in mind. Are you looking to spend $2,000.00 on flowers or $20,000.00? 

Your first appointment with the florist will be a complete up-sell. The florist is out to make as much money as they possibly can with you.  They will show you the most beautiful arrangements are first and then go down in costs as they see what your budget may be.  It’s best to be upfront with your budget so that you don’t waste any time. 

Brides often feel that their budget should be spent on what is most important to them. Sometimes a bride sees a famous photographer as more valuable then flowers. Others see that the flowers are the most important display besides the food. 

If you are a bride on a tight budget, you can substitute candles on the tables instead of flowers. Your guests would probably be impressed by seeing white candles on the tables.  You can often get a candle for $5.00 or less.

Many brides have started using carnations over roses because they are cheaper and often look elegant if all in white.  You can also have your florist spray painting the flowers any color that you want for your special day.  What Are Some Fall Wedding Flowers?

If our wedding is in the fall months, the flowers that you should be using are:

  • Yarrow
  • Asiatic Lily
  • Dahlia
  • Purple Alstroemeria
  • Chrysanthemum, disbud
  • Rose
  • Bi-color Rose
  • Leucadendron
  • Calla Lily
  • Orange Gerbera
  • Celosia

What Is A Wildflower Wedding?

Brides that are on a tight budget may choose to have a wildflower wedding.  This means that you are going to get your flowers from the wild.  Simply drive along the road and pick flowers as you go.  The beauty of this type of floral arrangement is that its mother nature at its best.  You get to have flower as they are naturally grown in the outdoors. 

Many flowers that grow in the wild are larkspur, asters, feverfew and daisies.  You can put wildflowers in a bouquet or simply carry a few of these in your hand with a ribbon wrapped around it. 

These types of wildflowers are often for outdoor weddings and weddings that may not involve a high budget.  Your guests will think that you spent a fortune on your arrangements. Mix wildflowers with some greenery and you could be looking like a florist arranged the flowers for you.

What Are Rustic Wedding Bouquets?

Everyone loves a good country rustic wedding. If you live in Texas or another area where country living is welcomed, these types of flower arrangements are perfect for you.

The bride’s florist will often put together flowers like daisies, straw flowers and hydrangeas.  Often wood canopies are used in the alter to represent the country style of living. 

Here are some different styles that you can use:

A Bohemian Barn Wedding – Often involves bridesmaids in light green dresses. Light green and white carnations could be used for this arrangement.  It often looks beautiful when the bride comes to pose for pictures in her white dress.

Rustic Winter Wedding – If you plan on getting married in the months of November, December and January, the rustic winter wedding would work best for you. The reason is because it has a mixture of orange and white flowers. It is beautiful in color and is perfect for the bride and groom that wants to look great in the cold weather.  White roses can often be used for the bouquet. 

Country Summer Chic – June, July and August weddings need some sunflowers.  Putting floral bouquets together are great when you have a mixture of 3 sunflowers and a dozen white carnations going around them.  This is a way to tell people that you are having a summer wedding and want to have all the luck in your future. 

Summer wedding flowers often make us feel that we can look at a wedding as being something pure and wholesome. It brings family and friends together. 

Large occasions let everyone know that they are part of the family and that everyone is going to have a rather good time learning about the future and what happens in life.  As you can see, the world today is full of new beginnings. 

Its important to understand that everyone around the world wants to see that they can follow the wedding desires of their hearts. It’s great to get married anytime of the year. 

The bride and groom must decide on what month works best for them and always feel comfortable with your budget.  Most people don’t understand that they can boost up their efforts of getting their bridal party together to see what flowers would work best.

At the end of the day, its your wedding and you must be happy with the floral arrangement that you are choosing. Make sure that you tell your friends and family what you decide to do. Many times, your family will be happy to contribute to your wedding’s costs. 

Different Types of Bridal Bouquets

The most common shape for bridal bouquets is a round one. These have a single variety of blooms that share the same color and texture. They usually have very little foliage, but they can be made of a wide variety of blooms. These are most often adorned with roses, gerbera dais, and parrot tulips. The choice of flower type is up to the bride.

The first type is a single-stem bridal bouquet. This style is a simple choice, with just one flower. However, the single-stem design has a big impact and can be worn by brides who want to stand out. For an elegant and traditional wedding, a single-stem bouquet is a great choice. A traditional single-stem bridal bouquet will have lots of flowers on a long stem.

A square-shaped bridal bouquet is similar to a round bouquet, but it features a single dominant flower group. This bouquet style is ideal for petite brides, as it can be carried with one hand. A square-shaped bouquet tends to have more blooms than a round-shaped one, and often has a larger focus on greenery. Depending on the bride’s preferences, a square-shaped bridal ensemble can look elegant, but it can be more rustic in nature.

There are two main types of bridal bouquets: the round-shaped one and the square-shaped one. A round bouquet is the most popular, but there are also more traditional and classic styles. A square-shaped bouquet is perfect for a modern bride, because it doesn’t require a lot of greenery. The square-shaped version is more compact than the round-shaped option. And it can work for any season, because it uses a variety of greenery and flowers.

Posy-style bouquets are a modern-style wedding bouquet. They are typically filled with greenery and feature blooms that are long-stemmed. This is the most dramatic of the different types of bridal bouquets. It makes a statement and is perfect for a modern-style wedding. The more traditional version is a classic style. The traditional type has a more feminine look, but is still very traditional.

The round-style bouquet, known as a pomander bouquet, is a nosegay-style bouquet. A posy has small, delicate flowers that are tied together with a ribbon. A hand-tied bouquet can be very beautiful but can be very minimalist. The arm-sheaf-style bouquet, which is considered the most modern of the three styles, is a modern variation of the traditional wedding flower. It is a long-stemmed and wide-shaped style of the posy.

The classic cascade bouquet is a large round arrangement with little or no greenery. It is a great choice for brides who want to look elegant and chic. The cascade bouquet is often made with a single type of flower. In contrast, the traditional posey bouquets are composed of greenery and are usually smaller than other types. This style is suitable for a traditional, monochromatic wedding, and formal events.

The modern style of posy bouquets is based on a simple concept: less is more. A single-stem posy has fewer stems than a nomad bouquet. These are typically held by the bridesmaids or given to the bride herself. They can be made of several types of flowers, depending on the bride’s preferences. They can be made of different types of flowers.

The cascade style is the most popular type of bridal bouquets. This style of bouquet has several variations, but generally includes flowers with varying heights. A traditional hand-tied bouquet is made of one single stem, while a minimalist hand-tied bouquet is made of several stems. In addition to this, there are many types of wedding flower selections. Some of the most common types of bouquets are:

A posy bouquet is a small, compact version of a bridesmaids’ bouquet. It is ideal for a more intimate wedding. It is smaller than a bridesmaids’ bouquet, but it is not a mistake to have a mock-up in front of your venue. This style is a unique choice that will catch people’s attention. If you have a budget, a posy might be the right option.

What Type of Flowers Are Used in Weddings?

When planning your wedding, one of the most important decisions is which flowers to use. There are many different types of flowers to choose from, so it’s important to find ones that are appropriate for your style and your wedding day. The following article will discuss the most common flower types used in weddings, as well as why they are so popular. Once you’ve determined which type of flower you want, you can start selecting the best one for your special day.

Hydrangeas and lilies are two of the most popular wedding flowers, and are also very popular because they can change colour depending on the acid level of the soil. If you’re unsure about which type of flower to choose, florists can pair hydrangeas with other shrub flowers, such as roses. Gardenias are also popular, and are native to Southern Asia. They are beautiful, and typically have no stem, making them perfect for floating table centrepieces.

Tulips are an excellent choice for autumn weddings. Their soft pink and white petals are attractive and make for a simple wedding flower arrangement. Aside from tulips, you can also use ranunculus, a beautiful spring flower. It’s a popular flower during the spring, and comes in a variety of colours. They’re also quite inexpensive, so you can save a few bucks and still have a beautiful bouquet.

The next flower you’ll want to consider is baby’s breath. These are typically used as accents with larger flowers in bouquets, and are a perfect choice for a wedding in spring or summer. Because they’re very simple, they’re often a great choice for the bride who wants a simple, elegant look for her wedding day. These little beauties are also an affordable alternative to roses and can be used as accents in bouquets.

While there are plenty of different types of flowers used in weddings, the most common are roses and tulips. They’re very popular for many reasons, but sweet peas are especially popular with brides. Not only do they come in many shades, but they’re the ideal accent flower for any outdoor wedding. They’re affordable and a great choice for any spring or summer wedding. If you’re looking for a more classic option, try the ranunculus. Whether it’s pink, white, or red, these types of flowers will make your wedding look beautiful.

Another popular flower in weddings is the sweet pea. This type of flower is known for its translucent petals and dainty leaves. It symbolizes enduring happiness and is an ideal accent flower for a spring or summer wedding. You can find a wide variety of colours in sweet peas, which are also often used for the bride’s bouquet. They’re perfect for outdoor weddings as they’re very versatile and affordable.

Sweet peas are one of the most popular wedding flowers. These are known for their soft, translucent petals. They symbolize lasting pleasure and are commonly used as an accent flower. They can be found in a wide variety of colours and are the perfect flower for a spring or summer outdoor wedding. If you’re planning a garden wedding, you can opt for the sweet peas in pastel shades. They’re available in many hues and are available in many varieties.

While the most common flower for weddings is the rose, there are many other varieties of flowers that can be used for the ceremony. While most people will opt for roses, gardenias are popular for their unique shape and beautiful fragrance. The last flower in the list of popular flowers for a spring wedding is the lily. There are many different types of peony and there are several varieties.

Lilacs are one of the most popular wedding flowers. The lilac is a delicate flower with a long, delicate stem. Its dangling petals make it an ideal accent flower. The white variety is the most popular, but tulips also come in red, mahogany, and magenta. They are also popular for accenting the bouquet and the bride. They’re inexpensive, and can be found in many colors and are often the preferred choice for a spring wedding.