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What Is Psychic Surgery?

What Is Psychic Surgery?
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How Psychic Surgery Is Used

There are a variety of health-related matters affecting millions of individuals of all ages and background around the globe. Some of the prominent issues are cancer, diabetes, hepatitis, tuberculosis, herpes, Lyme, HIV, and AIDS.

There are an abundant number of solutions available on the market to treat them recommended by different types of professionals. There are some people who opt to go to the common type of doctor, who prescribes medication formulated with chemicals, while other people choose to rely on a naturopathic physician, own judgement, or a psychic healer.

What Is The Prominence of Psychic Healers Around The Globe?

The distinctive approach of psychic healers has been utilized since the 20th century in more than a handful of countries, but its popularity has been very present in Brazil and the Philippines.

What is Psychic Surgery?

Significant masses of people in these countries opt to choose psychic healers over traditional doctors, no matter their health concern. Their loyalty to psychic healers has become a consistent tradition that does not fail to acquire interest.

Over the last few years, psychic surgery has garnered a lot of attention around the globe due to frequently being showcased in the media. Besides the news, this type of healing has appeared in popular culture in different American shows and films, such as The X-filesJonathan CreekDeadpoolRed LightsMan on the Moon1000 Ways to DieCriss Angel MindfreakPenn & Teller Get Killed, among others, which have been translated and watched in more than a handful of countries.

In the media, psychic surgery is looked upon from different perspectives and thus sometimes showcased as a reliable alternative and sometimes as unreliable.

Even so, its prominence in the media is undoubted. The media has certainly helped make this type of healing a constant topic of discussion in different fields, including the medical field.

What Are Psychic Healers?

Psychic Healers: Gifted Healers Who Claim to Channel God to Combat Any Disease 

Psychic healers consider themselves to be gifted females and males who channel God to help cure sick men, women, and children. They claim to be able to take on any disease affecting a body.

Unlike other types of healers, a great percentage of them do not have a doctorate degree; thus, they had no structured psychic surgery training to conduct what they promote, which has caused skepticism about the effectiveness of their services to arise.

What Is The Rise and fall of Psychic Surgery in the United States?

In the early 1970s, psychic surgery became well-known in the United States. In 1975, the U.S. Federal trade Commission referred to it as a ‘total hoax.’ Even so, its popularity kept rising in this country. As the years went by, its popularity began to take a downfall, but it has recently come back into the spotlight. It is an alternative that is once again obtaining momentum.

The reason behind this is due to the ER being the only free health care available to Americans. In order to have a good health insurance plan, Americans have to pay a meaningful sum every month, which most of them cannot afford; thus, they have to rely on alternatives.

Many start off by trying over-the-counter solutions, and when that does not function, homemade solutions become the second go-to option. For many, psychic healers become the last resort in the U.S. Compared to other alternatives it is an affordable solution that appears to be harmless. Many Americans see it as a questionable but simple procedure that does not put a threat to one’s safety.

What Is Psychic Surgery in Action?

During an operation, psychic healers allow a powerful spirit to undertake their bodies so that the adequate work can be done on patient. This type of healer believes that diseases are a reflection of evil spirts; thus, they believe that in order to combat these diseases, spiritual healing is a must.

By utilizing their bare hands, psychic healers have mentioned to be able to remove or melt diseases from the body once and for all. They do this by creating an illusion of conducting a surgery on the patient. Psychic surgery reiki is the preferred method. They utilize animal parts, surgical scissors, surgical knives, surgical scalpels, fake blood, and etc.

The fake blood is smeared on the problematic area and the tools never touch the skin of patient; the healer just pretends to cut the skin and take the problem out. While the pretend surgery is being undertaken, the healer will showcase different items, such as glass, and express that it was placed in the body by an evil spirit. Then, the patient is informed that he or she has been healed and thus can go home.

Many people have compared psychic surgery as the one conducted by children when they are playing doctor. Furthermore, after the psychic surgery, healer is said to provide patient with healing energy that is very powerful to the point of boosting the immune system and preventing the disease from arising once again in the body.

People who are religious tend to comprehend evil spirits to a great extent; thus, the mentions that psychic healers make are understood to a great extent.

This becomes helpful for the healer because he or she knows that everybody is on the same page and thus going into detail about each ‘procedure’ might not be necessary. It makes their work easier and thus quicker, which in turn helps patient to become ‘healed’ faster.

Do Prices Vary For Psychic Surgery?

Psychic surgery has also become well-known for being an affordable solution; nonetheless, depending on who one plans to consult, prices will vary. There are some healers who charge more due to allegedly having more experience. Due to this variation of prices, a lot of potential patients often compare healers’ resumes to pay what they belief is adequate.

Pending Concrete Evidence of the Efficacy of Psychic Surgery

Parapsychologists, scientists, medical doctors, among other professionals in the medical field have studied psychic surgery for a number of decades, but there is no study available that has proven that psychic healing is reliable; nonetheless,

there are numerous positive testimonials available from people who have experienced its process, which keeps causing countless people who are currently facing an illness to give it the benefit of the doubt. Many of them see it as their last resort due to trying everything under the sun but not acquiring a positive outcome. There are also several negative testimonials—some which have made headlines.

What Are The Risks Associated With Psychic Surgery?

Regarding risks associated with psychic surgeries, psychic healers have mentioned that there are none because the patient does not take medication and the body is not disturbed in the process. It has been noted that patients might feel tired afterward, which can be associated it with the lengthy psychic surgery that has taken place.

What Are Some Noted Alerts About Psychic Surgery?

Over the years, there are different establishments, such as the American Cancer Society and the British Columbia Cancer Agency, that have notified the public to avoid hiring the services of a psychic surgeon.

There have been a significant number of people who have died from placing traditional treatment aside to undergo psychic surgery. Once this type of surgery was performed, they thought they were cured, but soon after, death became inevitable.

There have been countless of famous persons who have undergone psychic surgery. The American entertainer Andy Kaufman was diagnosed with lung cancer in the early 1980s. Kaufman tried several treatments that his doctor recommended, but his health was still taking a downfall.

In desperation, he traveled to the Philippines to meet a psychic surgeon. Kaufman underwent a psychic healing and believed when told that his cancer had been completely removed. Unfortunately, he had not been healed. Two months later, he died from a complication related to his cancer.

Have Several Psychic Healers Faced Jail Time?

There have been countless psychic surgeons who faced prison time, including Alex Orbito. This man was in jail in the U.S. but soon after went back home after paying bail.

He continued promoting his services in other countries. There have been other similar incidents, but none of them have helped wipe psychic surgery from the map. It is now big business, and it does not appear like this is going to change anytime soon.

What Was The Response to the Backlash?

Due to the backlash that psychic surgery has garnered, there are several psychic healers who have come forward to publicly notify that psychic surgeons are born not made.

They have warned the public that the majority of psychic healers on the market are scams, prompting them to conduct thorough homework before selecting one.

They have also mentioned that people should ask the healer questions, such as what spiritual guide they channel to heal, and also request referrals. A credible psychic surgeon would have no issue in answering any question and providing proof that his or her services work as advertised.

Is A High-Level of Faith A Requirement to Undergo Psychic Surgery?

Some psychic surgeons have mentioned that the effectiveness of a psychic surgery depends on a patient’s faith. It is expected for patients to be positive and believe that they are being healed.

Failure to do might result in no noted improvement. Those individuals who have a lack of faith have been recommended to not undergo this type of surgery, until their faith has acquired a boost.

Is Psychic Dentistry Presence Becoming Widely Noted?

Psychic dentistry has acquired a lot of popularity, too. It has become the go-to option for individuals who dislike anesthesia and the general approach regular dentists have when working with teeth.

Some of the testimonials have reflected that this type of dentistry does work, while other testimonials have revealed that it is a grand hoax. There are some individuals who have mentioned that they were tricked into thinking that their cavities had been miraculously fixed with silver filling, only to find out that the fillings were tobacco stains. It has been assumed that a lot of people have not come forward to avoid feeling embarrassed.

Is Questionable Books on Psychic Surgery Worth Reading?

There is a grand range of books on psychic surgery on the market. The authors of many of these books consider themselves psychic healers who want to show how easy this type of surgery is; thus, they provide steps for one to be able to conduct it at home. Certain of these authors have mentioned that there are times when people want to undergo a psychic surgery but are not able to due to not living near a healer.

Healers who have been in the public eye for a significant number of years have openly mentioned that these books are not of any help, because one has to be born with the gift of healing.

They have gone on to mention that nobody can be taught, no matter how extensive of an education is acquired; thus, these books have been considered useless for some; nonetheless, there are a lot of consumers who have found them helpful because they have learned about how negative spirits can affect the body and what can be done to prevent them from bombarding it.

Opinions on this type of book vary. Even though a lot of individuals dislike them, it seems that these books are here to stay due to selling like hotcakes.

It Does Not Hurt to Try When Accompanied By the Proper Precautions

There are various aspects of spirituality healing that are yet to be explored and explained; thus, psychic surgery cannot be ruled to be either effective or ineffective. It should be undertaken with caution with a healer who has a positive track record is the psychic-healing field.

It should never be considered as reliable, because there are not studies that can back any positive outcome that has been said to arise from it. So, if someone wants to give it a try, he or she should without leaving behind recommendations from primary practitioner. It is better to prevent than lament. Since there are no risks involved this way, it does not hurt to try.