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What Are the Best Honeymoon Destinations?

You just got married and are now off to your honeymoon.  However, are you excited about where your honeymoon is going to be spent?  Here is a list of the best honeymoon destinations that you can choose from. 

What Are the Best Honeymoon Destinations?

Mauritius – When you sit on the beach and enjoy the blue ocean and wildlife, you will feel like you have put yourself in a heavenly destination.  Mauritius is a place that was talked about by Mark Twain. 

This place is an African island that so few people know about. The hospitality on the island is friendly, upbeat and many people feel like they don’t want to leave. Couples on their honeymoon will often do snorkeling and scuba diving. 

When you wake up in the morning, you can sit outside and drink your coffee and tea.  You can have a romantic kiss with your lover on the beach.  Take a walk on the beach holding hands and talking about your goals for the future. 

British Virgin Islands – This is one of the most beloved honeymoon destinations. You will find that the British Virgin Islands have a large selection of 5-star hotels.  You have beautiful beaches and private paths to walk.  If you enjoy sailing and collecting seashells, this is an awesome getaway. 

The British Virgin Islands are in the Caribbean.  It has an abundance of fancy restaurants, tourist attractions and boating.  Yes, you can even fish. 

The best months to go there are September, October and November.  Many honeymooners enjoy the large selection of seafood at reasonable costs. If you enjoy fresh lobster and clams, you will find that the restaurants serve these everywhere.

If you are used to driving your car everywhere, you should be happy to know that in the British islands, people usually get around by boat. 

Florence – If you love Italian food and artwork, Florence is the perfect honeymoon getaway.  You will notice that there is an abundance of stone streets and greenery. You can walk through the streets and smell the flowers.  It’s like a picture from a movie.  Most people at night spend their nights sipping on wine and talking amongst friends and family. 

Florence is in the Tuscan hills.  This is where artist Michelangelo got his inspiration for much of his artwork. 

If you have forgotten what good old-fashioned Italian cooking is like, this place will have you turn the clock back 100 years.  The townspeople here love to scratch bake everything.  Homemade marina sauce over some ravioli is a specialty at many Italian restaurants. 

If your honeymoon is in May, June, July, August and September, you will find that the warm weather is pleasant. During these months, Florence has many street festivals and artists in the street showcasing their work.  Some of the best cheese and bread is made in Florence. 

If you are wanting to take a few pounds off from all the good food that you will be eating, it will be a good idea to walk.  Most people in Florence walk everywhere. It’s the kind of place where everyone knows each other, and friends feel like family.

Maui – This is a place where honeymooners go to explore.  Spend your time hiking on trails and seeing volcanoes that you have read about in newspapers. Vacationers enjoy the traditional fire dancing and hula.  Wherever you go in Maui, there is live music playing and honeymooners often enjoy partying to all hours of the night. Helicopter rides are also a favorite as there are many places in which you must fly to. 

If the two of you are into golf or snorkeling, you can get a lot out of this place. If your wedding is in May, June, July, August and September, this is the best time to visit Maui.  Most people in Maui drive their car everywhere. It will be a lot harder to get around walking as many places are spread out. They don’t have the best bus system but is okay if you plan on staying local. Maui is historical and many people go there if they want to experience happiness. 

Your food selections will vary based on what you like to eat. Maui has evolved over the years and often have traditional Hawaiian foods and other types of food to include Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Greek and much more.  Maui brings in tourists from around the world and understand that it wants to give tourists the type of food that will have them coming to their restaurants.

You and your newlywed spouse might enjoy sitting at one of the many parks.  You will find that they have a lot of recreational centers and activities for every day of the year. 

Tahiti – You haven’t seen dark sanded beaches until you have been to Tahiti.  Papeete is the capital of this Island.  There is a lot of fancy restaurants around the capital area.  If you love sampling different kinds of food, this is the place to be.

If you are into French food, Tahiti has a lot of it.  Most honeymooners will spend their time walking along the shore or taking a swim. There are many forests to walk through as well.  If your honeymoon is in May, June, July, August, September and October, this is the best time to go.  If this is your first time in Tahiti, there are many dinner cruises that you can take that are affordable and peaceful. 

If you don’t speak French, Tahiti may be a bit difficult for you.  Not everyone speaks English.  Most French restaurants here serve sea food.  Most people in Tahiti take taxis wherever they go.  It’s the cheapest and best way of getting around.  If you are on a budget, rental bicycles can help you to get around as well. Many people ride their bike everywhere that they go. 

Fiji Islands – You probably already thought about this place. Most brides and grooms think about the Fiji Islands because they are literally talked about wherever you go.  Honeymooners come here to enjoy the beaches and laying out on the shore.  They want to experience spending quiet time alone and getting to know one another more. 

Leave your cell phone at the hotel and enjoy the waves crashing up against the rocks.  Couples often enjoy having a massage together. This is popular on the island. Many massages are given under the sun in front of the ocean. 

The temperature is like Florida.  It stays around eighty degrees throughout the year.  If you are getting married in July, August or September, this is the best time to plan your honeymoon here. However, you can have fun any month of the year as the temperature is usually consistent.  The most popular foods on the island are Japanese and international food. 

Cinque Terre – Located in northwestern Italy, the newlyweds will enjoy swimming, sunbathing and sightseeing.  You will find that this place is not as fancy as the Fiji Islands and its often hard to get around.  Cinque Terre is known for its wine tasting, fresh olives and hiking trails.  Unfortunately, there are only two good months to visit. These months happen to be September and October. If you are having a fall wedding, this will be a good honeymoon destination.

Italian foods such as pastries, pizza and pastas are often eaten.  Most of the residents here speak Italian. Around 50% of the population does speak English and Italian. You will find that taxi drivers often know English because it deals with many tourists. 

Bora Bora – The beaches here are jaw dropping.  You can easily find that you have a lot of beach activities to do such as snorkeling, swimming, tanning and boating. If you are getting married at the later part of the year or the beginning of the year, this is a great honeymoon spot.  The best months to visit Bora Bora are November, December, January, February, March and April.  The weather here is warm all year round.

The #1 problem that you will find with Bora Bora is that its expensive.  A one-week cost in a bungalow can cost as much as $7,000.00.  You will find that you can get anything that you want her because the hotels often cater to the wealthy.

Most honeymooners enjoy sipping a glass of wine on the beach and relaxing. The main languages spoken in Bora Bora are Tahitian and French.  Since many tourists visit this place, many of the shop owners and residents speak English.  Many couples find fresh picked fruit all around markets and enjoy eating bananas, pineapple and coconuts. 

Most residents and tourists here travel by bike. Believe it or not, you can often travel the entire island in just a few hours. You can rent a car here, but it is often pricey.

What Are Some Honeymoon Ideas?

  1. Now that you have some destinations in which you can travel to, here are a few suggestions on what you should do on your honeymoon:
  2. Sample new types of foods. If you have never eaten French, German, Italian, Jamaican, Chinese foods, try them together. You will build memories that will last a lifetime.  You will find what your new husband or wife truly likes eating and what to avoid for the future.  Order in some food to the hotel room and enjoy spending time together in bed.  Breakfast in bed is always a great way to start your day after your wedding.
  3. Wake up and watch the sunrise in the morning. Yes, pick a day. This is something that you normally will never do.  You often must wake up and get ready for work. However, you can watch the beauty of the sunrise and have a memorable kiss.  Take a selfie of the two of you hanging out while feeling completely at peace.  Pour yourselves a hot cup of tea or coffee.
  4. Look at your wedding day photos. In this day in age, everyone is taking their photos on their phones. Ask your guests to send you their photos and watch them on your honeymoon. Before you get your photos back from your photographer, you can often enjoy looking at hundreds of photographs from your friends and family.
  5. Talk about what excites you in love. Conversations like this don’t come around every day. Tell him/her what you fantasize about in the bedroom. Tell one another how kissing draws the two of you closer together. Find passion in your romantic time together and discuss what your want your partner to do. 
  6. Listen to romantic music together. Kiss one another for hours and hold one another. Whisper sweet words into one another’s ears.  Choose your favorite songs that remind you of one another.  Now is the time to get romantic.
  7. Wear sexy lingerie for one another. This is one of the most romantic parts of getting to know one another. If you enjoy looking sexy in the bedroom, get yourself ready for your partner. Better yet, have a gift already prepared to see your partner change into. 
  8. Take a romantic walk together holding hands. Walk around and visit shops and pick up some food along the way. In many honeymoon spots, there are street vendors that are waiting for your business.
  9. Couples massages are gaining popularity every month of the year. Couples often enjoy having their feet rubbed or their back.  You can hold hands during your massage and realize that you have peace.
  10. Reading books together are a lot of fun. You will find that when you are alone, you both have a lot of discuss and understand. Its okay to read novels together and talk about what you are reading. You will find that your time alone is relaxing and loads of fun. Its always fun to experience what it would be like to share moments like this always.
  11. It’s important to turn your cell phone off when you are together. Forget work and mother’s calls. It’s your tune now to bond together as a couple and communicate. Communication is often hard to find. Most people say that communication is the #1 problem that they have because of social media and the internet. You can learn how to shut your gadgets off when you get home. Play a board game together and have some 1980’s fun.
  12. Let your new husband take some photos of you in your sexy lingerie. You will find that these photos turn him on while he is away. Let him see different sides of you. It’s okay to be a bit playful on your honeymoon.
  13. Find a place where you can dance and party with other couples. Often honeymoon spots have other newlywed couples that you can hang out with. You will find that the two of you enjoy spending time with people that have similar interests as you do. Show off your new wedding bands and let the world see that love does work and that you have found happiness.
  14. Join another couple that you are getting friendly with for dinner. You will find that you have a lot more in common with people that you don’t know than those that are your friends back home. Have fun and enjoy hanging out on a couple’s date.
  15. Have you ever been wine tasting? This is one of the most exciting times that you will experience. Wine tasting can be done anywhere. However, in many honeymoon destinations, there are wineries that give you samples. 
  16. If you have a car, drive around and take a tourist look at your surroundings. Check out the homes of the rich and famous. Drive to nowhere and find excitement on your journey.
  17. Visit the zoo together. Zoos are not only for kids. Adults love the zoo as well and seeing animals in their natural habitat is always an exciting day. You can stop off at the snack shop and grab a hot dog together or hamburger. Talk about the zoo animals that are your favorite. It’s a good time to enjoy your special time together.
  18. If your honeymoon is in Las Vegas, Florida, New York or another state that allows gambling, visiting the casino for the night is loads of fun. Couples often enjoy spending their time alone and possibly winning. You will find that when you are at the casino, you laugh and are playful. Have fun and don’t lose your shirt.
  19. Baby talk to one another. Tell each other what you love about one another. Realize that everyone else around you is happy to see two people in love.
  20. Grab an ice cream cone with one another. You will find that tasty treats bring out your happy side. Everyone loves ice cream and it can make your day be full of excitement.
  21. Have your family members meet you a couple of days before you will head home. Show everyone the spots that the two of you enjoyed alone. Spend time talking to friends and family about how much you liked them being part of your special day.
  22. Sit in a sauna together. Get used to sitting with your lover and sweating out your toxins. Couples often want to feel like they are gaining healthier lifestyles. This is something that you won’t have time to do every single day.
  23. Take turns ordering food for your new husband/wife. Do you really know them as much you think? Take your time to show them that you know what they are all about.
  24. Take a romantic bath together or sit in the hot tub. Kiss hold hands and enjoy one another’s company. There is nothing better than sitting outside and under the stars in a hot tub.

What Are the Best Honeymoon Cruises?

Windstar Cruises – You can have fun doing water sports and water skiing.  They have a lot of fun things to do.  Many of their ships have candles and the best tasting food.  There are both suites and standard cabins available. Both are nice, but you get a lot more with the suite. Many of the suites have balconies white standard cabins don’t.

Paul Gauguin Cruises – Small but impactful cruises for your honeymoon.  Pop a bottle of champagne and have a photo shoot.

What Are the Best Honeymoon Resorts?

  • Sandals Emerald Bay
  • Fiesta Americana Conesa
  • Sandals Regency La Toc
  • Likuliku Lagoon Resort
  • Hotel Remota
  • Divi Carina Bay Beach Resort & Casino
  • Zoëtry Paraiso de la Bonita
  • Excellence Playa Mujeres
  • Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit

What Are Some Cheap Honeymoon Ideas?

Florida – You can’t go wrong with taking a trip to Florida for your honeymoon. The beaches are often free to get onto.  Parking is often free to just a few dollars for parking.  You can enjoy Florida’s year around good weather, parks and recreation center.  A trip to Disney doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.  You can often get into one of their parks for under $150.00 per person.   Bring your fishing gear and have some fun. Take a trip to Sanibel Island Florida and collect seashells.  You can often catch a glimpse of dolphins that often come close the shore.

Jamaica – Often inexpensive. You can often spend an entire week here for under $1000.000.  Residents often enjoy going swimming, eating seafood and talking with neighbors.  You will find that its rather laid back and one of the cheapest destinations for your honeymoon. 

Rocky Mountains Colorado – The mountains here are breathtaking. You can often rent a cabin for under $100.00 per night. Get a cabin with a hot tub and a fireplace.  You can have loads of fun toasting marshmallows and telling jokes. Talk a walk amongst nature.  Go swimming and mountain climbing.  Many cabins offer breakfast in bed or complimentary breakfast.  Check out room rates and offerings.  You will find that its quiet and makes you wish that you lived there year around. Colorado has some of the best cabins in the world and tourists go there in winter, spring, summer and fall.