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What Is Jealousy?

What Does it Mean to Be Jealous?

When you or someone else is jealous, it means that you have a fear over not having as much as another person.  You or someone else may feel insecure that you don’t have enough or lack something else that another person has. 

Many emotions come out of a person when they are jealous. Here is a list of some emotions that a person might feel if they are jealous:

  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Resentment
  • Disgust
  • Helpless
  • Inadequate
  • Not Good Enough

People often feel jealous if someone is having a better love life then they are or having more material possessions. Jealousy is inborn and often, children as early as 6 months experience jealousy.  Children can often feel jealous of a sibling that may be getting more attention than they are getting.

Everyone doesn’t always express their jealousy.  A person might be jealous and hold back their envy.  Unfortunately, they may take it out on someone in a negative way. 

An example of this would be that a woman has just learned that her boyfriend is flirting with another girl over dinner.  She doesn’t say anything to him.  However, when he goes to the bathroom, the gets up and pours a drink over her head.  She just experienced an emotion of jealousy that was hidden. 

The word jealousy is a French word.  It comes from the French word jalousie.  William Shakespeare refereed to jealousy as the green-eyed monster.

Jealousy is also an emotion in the animal species.  An example of this is that you have your dog home with you every day. You get along great with your dog and often gift him hugs, petting and treats. 

However, your friend decides to come over with their dog and you begin to pet him/her. Your dog reacts by bumping its head into the other dog and barking. Your dog is jealous that another dog is getting attention.  This is often common amongst pets.  Your dog fears that you might love someone else more than them. 

In romance, jealousy often happens because you fear that someone else can take your place.  Many times, men and women make comparisons to someone else if they feel threatened. 

It is common for a young woman to feel that that they need to have a perfect body because she is trying to get a man to fall in love with her. She may have noticed that he is interested in another woman that has a rather slim figure. 

She may feel that she is in a competition for his attention. The woman might feel jealous that she will never have the kind of six pack abs that the other girl has. 

A young man might feel jealous if he is trying to get the attention of a young woman. He might say to himself that he wants to impress her with money.  He may envy another man that has a sports car, nice home and a job paying six figures. He may be jealous and feel inadequate if he doesn’t have the same thing. 

Expressing jealous with action and words often leads to a painful outcome.  An example of this would be if a man sense that his girlfriend is having lustful thoughts about another man, he may decide to go a physically harm the other man to show him that this woman is his girlfriend. 

In the aggressive man’s eyes, he feels that he must act or else this other handsome man may take his girlfriend away.  However, his girlfriend may be in love with him and have no desire to leave him.  The man is insecure because he doesn’t think that he measures up to the other man.

Jealousy can often be described as feeling like you wish that you were something that you are right now.  If you are overweight, you might want to look like Dwayne Johnson.  A man might envy his rather large muscles.  He may envy him and think that he gets all the girls because of what he looks like. 

Jealousy is a feeling that a person has based on their insecurities.  In order to overcome jealousy, one might decide to do better in areas that they feel insecure about. When you feel that you are on the same level as someone, you tend to not feel jealous.

What is Retroactive Jealousy?

If you feel jealous over your lovers past relationships, you are experiencing retroactive jealousy.  If your boyfriend/girlfriend has had many partners in their life, then its possible that you may envy this. You may feel that you want to know if you compare well to the others. 

If your partner talks about how deeply they were in love before they met you, this could cause someone to be jealous.  This kind of jealousy might be hard to get over since your lover may compare you to the other person.  You may also wonder if you are better in bed or if you can ever win their heart completely. 

Many people that experience retroactive jealousy often feel emotions of anger.  If you find that your thoughts are obsessive, painful and irrational, it might make you feel guilty.

However, know that you can’t control how you feel. It’s also important that you can control your own actions.  You don’t have to act jealous or do something that will upset your lover. 

Jealousy is often best to keep within and to work on your own self to feel more secure. You can only feel more secure if you feel that you measure up to the other person that you are jealous of.

What Are the Signs of Jealousy Towards You?

  • Someone tells you that they think you are a loser for winning a game.
  • A man or woman tells you that your look horrible in a beautiful dress.
  • Someone tells you that your new Lamborghini is a hunk of junk.
  • Someone tells you that you look fat in your bathing suit when you are only 110 pounds.
  • Someone gives you the evil eye because everyone else is complimenting you.
  • A person tries to take your credit away from coming up with a good idea at work.
  • Someone calls you stupid when you have a high IQ and straight A’s.
  • Someone starts calling you bad names because you just graduated college.

What to Do with Jealous Friends?

Jealous friends are often the worst friends to have. They want everything that you have and often talk about you behind your back to make others think that you are not as good of a person as many people think that you are. 

It’s important to get rid of jealous friends.  The reason why is because jealousy is an emotion of insecurity. You can’t fix your friends insecurities.  If you believe that there is a slight chance that you can help them to be more secure with themselves, then its possible that the friendship can be saved. However, this is often rare. 

Most people will envy another person but do nothing to correct the situation within themselves.  If they are lazy, they may often have a friend that works hard and has a lot of material possessions. Instead of getting up and working hard to, the person sits back and does nothing. They go on continuing to just envy you and what you own. You should get rid of this kind of person because they often never change.

How to Handle a Jealous Boyfriend?

If you have a jealous boyfriend on your hands, this is hard. He will often try to control your every move and keep every man away from you.  At first, this might be an ego boost for you. A man wants you so much that he wants to keep everyone else away. However, if he starts to control your life and force you to do what he wants, it will eventually make you feel trapped. 

Jealous boyfriends will often try to argue with you regularly in order to make you feel like you are not doing what you are told to do. In the free world, you will feel like nobody has the right to tell you what to do or who to hang out with.  A jealous boyfriend will not work for you in the long term.

Statistics have shown that a large percentage of jealous men often become physically and verbally abusive to their girlfriends/wives. It’s important to take a step back and end the relationship.  Once you have your life back again, you will feel free. 

Jealous boyfriends will often accuse you of cheating or doing something behind their back. Even though you are faithful to them, they will constantly accuse you of doing something wrong.

Eventually, you will feel that the false accusations against you are ruining your self esteem and making you feel a sense of sorrow every day.  If you don’t get this type of man out of your life, he will destroy your life. 

Jealousy in relationships is tough because it often involves false accusations and insecure emotions. This is never a good recipe for a love life that will work.

What to do If you Have a Jealous Girlfriend?

A jealous girlfriend is probably the worst kind of woman that you could date. She will often accuse you of cheating or talking to another girl for romantic purposes. You are probably faithful to her and have no desire to build a bond with someone else. However, she keeps on calling you and “blowing” up your phone. She may start screaming at you to get her point across that you are never to speak with another woman when she is not around. 

This kind of girlfriend will destroy your life and often stalk you.  Jealous girlfriends are often known to be stalkers. They will often stalk your social media accounts of camp out outside of your home. She will not leave you alone until she has gotten her full of controlling behaviors. 

At first, having a jealous girlfriend may make you feel special. You may feel that she wants you and nobody else.  You sense that her devotion to you may one day lead to marriage.

However, after a while, she is making you feel smothered and like she doesn’t want to be bothered. She is pushing you to want to leave the relationship completely. The sooner you end this kind of relationship the better.  Jealous girlfriends seldom ever change.

I Am Jealous

If you are jealous, its time to address areas of your life where you feel insecure.  Start looking at your personal finances, health, physical appearance and material possessions. Is there anything that you feel you need and are lacking.

The more that you see your own insecurities, the more you will see what is causing you to be jealous. If you envy someone that has a college degree, you need to go and get one yourself. If you envy a millionaire, you must find a mentor to help you to become one. If you envy someone that cooks well, you must become a better cook. Take a cooking class or call up your mom and ask her to show you how to cook. 

No matter what you envy, you can accomplish your goal. You don’t have to look at someone else and feel that they are better than you.  Jealousy simply means that you are lacking in an area that you feel someone else is more successful in.  Once you have gotten what you wanted, you will feel better about yourself. 

We can’t always fulfill everything that we wish we had in life. However, you can take care of most things by simply working towards specific goals.

How To Deal With Jealousy

Dealing with jealousy is good when you start to journal. Journaling helps you to see your insecurities on paper.  It’s important to write down everything that you feel. 

Join a discussion group on how to make yourself become more secure as a person. It’s important to get professional counseling to see why you are insecure with yourself and how you can go about changing what troubles you.  Also, talking out your feelings with friends and family can also help you to get some good ideas on how to feel better about yourself.

Overcoming Jealousy takes time.  You will have to first be a more accomplished person before you can overcome jealous.  The more actions that you take the better off you will be.

What are the Different Types of Jealousy?

  • Envy over someone at work that got a promotion over you.
  • Jealous in romance.
  • Jealousy over loosing a friend to another friend.
  • Jealous that your family members like each other better than you.

What Are Some Signs of a Jealous Friend?

  • Many times, you may sense that your friend is jealous of anyone else being around you. They want to keep you all to themselves.  Here are some signs that you should look for in a jealous friend:
  • They get angry if you hang out with anyone else but them.
  • Your friend tries to tell you that you like someone else better than them.
  • Your feel smothered by your friend always texting your or seeing what you are up to.
  • You feel that your friend hates it when you are having out with your boyfriend/girlfriend/lover.
  • Your friend makes you feel that you are less than human.

How to Know if Hershel is the Jealous Type

Jealous people will often show their jealous traits within a month of your relationship with them.  They will often start to accuse you of doing things that you are not guilty of.  They have no proof and want to make you feel that you are doing something wrong.

What Are Some Signs You Made Him Jealous?

Many women want to make their boyfriend jealous because they think that it will win him over more.  They may decide that it’s a good idea to flirt with another man in front of him or to dance with another guy in a club.  However, how do you know if your tactics have worked?

When you have gotten him jealous, he will often show you his anger.  He will often accuse you of wanting the other man over him. He may choose to ignore you or call you a slut.  Yes, he may use the B**** word.

The angrier he gets, the more jealous he has become.  Make sure that you don’t go to far or else he may think that you want another man over him, and he will back away from you completely.

What Are Some Signs of a Jealous Daughter in Law?

You may have noticed that your relationship with your son is not as good as it once was. Ever since his wife came into the picture, your relationship has become estranged. How do you know if your daughter in law is jealous?  Here are a few examples:

  • She never wants to have you come over to the house.
  • She is always telling your son something that you are doing wrong.
  • She tries to force him to stay away from you.
  • She tells him that you are causing trouble in the relationship.
  • She criticizes everything that you do, even though everyone else praises you.
  • She tells her son that you are a control freak in order to keep him all to herself.
  • She calls him constantly when he is alone with you.
  • She never wants to see the two of you together.
  • She always must be included in your physical time together.

What Are Some Signs Your in Laws Are Jealous of You?

  • They constantly tell your man that you think that you are better than everyone else.
  • They make your lover think that you are only out for yourself.
  • They criticize that you think you are smarter than everyone else because you have a higher college degree.
  • They ask him to not have you come over to the house when he visits.
  • They are always making him think that you are talking to another guy behind his back.
  • They encourage him to file and seek a divorce.

What Are Some Signs of Jealousy in a Woman?

  • When a woman gets jealous, she will often show signs of this. You may not be familiar with all the signs. Here are a few tips to show you that she is jealous:
  • She stops talking to you for no reason.
  • She tells you that its wrong of you to have women friends.
  • She tells you that you like someone else better than her.
  • She says that its your fault that she has insecurities about her weight and physical appearance.
  • She tells you that she can find someone else better than you if you don’t give her exactly what she wants.

What Are Some Jealous People Signs?

  • Jealous people will often show signs of jealousy. Jealous people will often show you that they are more superior than you are. 
  • They will try to outdo you with everything that comes natural to you.
  • They will often criticize you or be mean to you for no reason.
  • They will often make you feel like you are less then them.
  • They will often gossip about you behind your back.
  • Jealous people will try to make you feel that you don’t fit in.
  • Jealous people will often never pay you a compliment.

Is Extreme Jealousy Dangerous?

Extreme jealousy can often lead to violence and even death. In news headlines, there is always a story of a husband that killed his wife and friend.  This may have only been a friend and not a lover.  However, the man was extremely jealous and wanted to end the two of them.

Often, in dance clubs a man will start punching another man for dancing with his lover.  He may not like the attention that the other man is giving her. 

A woman may cut off the penis of a man that she thought was cheating.  This happened in the case of Lorena Bobbitt. 

If you know that your lover has extreme jealousy, its best that you get away from them as fast as you possibly can. This could be a matter of life and death for you.  Nobody should ever have the power to control you.