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Perfect Date For People of ALL Ages

Perfect Date For People of ALL Ages

What Is The Perfect Date?

Everyone considers the perfect date to be something different.  One person may think that a relaxing afternoon on the beach with a packed lunch is ideal.  Others may say that a dinner and movie is top notch.  Still, others like to think of their perfect date as being a bit more exotic. Perhaps a bungee jump or a helicopter ride. 

It’s important to think of a date as a way that someone can get to know you and you them. It’s a way for you to feel like you can fit in with someone that is ready to get to know you. It’s important to plan your head as much ahead of time as you possible can.  If you want to impress your date, the more that it takes to plan it, the better.  You want to “wow” them.

Who is Your Ideal First Date?

If you are getting ready for your date, you probably have some thoughts in your mind as to how he/she is going to be.  You may feel that the person that you are going to go out on the date with is just your type.  You may already be physically attracted to them. However, once you are on the date, you might feel that its anything but ideal. 

You may be a great communicator and the other person may be completely shut down and it takes a lot for them to say only one sentence. Today, communication in person is a lot harder than it was 20 years ago.  The main reason is because most people today are more used to communicating via text then in person.  Even phone is not that as effective as it used to be.

Try to measure the good and bad points at the same time with the person that you are out on a date with.  If it’s a blind date, expect the unexpected.  Remember to keep the date public and don’t let the person think that you are into them if you are not. 

The perfect first date is someone that acts courteous to you whether they find you attractive or not.  A lady and a gentleman will always act proper under all types of circumstances. 

You might be surprised to find out that a good friendship can come out of the date if not love. 

What is the Perfect Date Night?

If you have been together with anyone for a significant amount of time, you may choose to have a date night in which you can feel like you are dating one another.  This allows the two of you to have time with one another alone. You may not know for sure why the date night is going to be good for you, but its important to go on one to have a lot of fun. 

You can go out dancing or perhaps to a concert.  Your date night should be one that you can get something out of.  With a digital age, its hard to get a chance to snuggle up with someone anymore without a cell phone ringing or a text message coming in.  Learn to shut your digital devices off while you are having your date night. 

Try to arrange your date night at a time when you know that little distractions are going to happen. Perhaps a Sunday when most business are closed or a Friday night. Many people are off from their jobs on the weekends.

Ask your partner how they liked your date night after you come home. Talk about likes and dislikes. Did you know that there is always something new that you can learn about your partner? Some couples have been together for 25+ years and still don’t know everything about one another.

Some Ideal Date Examples

  • A walk in the park.
  • Going to an amusement park.
  • Going wine tasting.
  • Taking a hayride or horse and buggy ride.
  • Seeing a Broadway play.
  • A trip to the museum.
  • A dinner night cruise.
  • A trip to an ice cream store and talking outside.
  • A day at the zoo.
  • Playing videogames together.

What Is The Perfect Way to Ask a Girl Out?

If the perfect girl is in your midst’s, you are going to be nervous. Often, when someone comes our way that takes your breath, its hard to ask them out on a first date. 

In order to get ready to ask her out, you are going to be more romantic about how you feel. It’s best to start off by giving the girl some flowers. A bouquet of roses or carnations will do.  Make sure that the roses are pink, and the carnations are also pink. Red is the color for love.  Pink is the color saying that I have a crush on you and like you a lot. 

The best way to ask her out is to just go for it. Be direct in where you want to take her.  Have your date already planned out so that if she asks you if she should date casual or fancy, you will have an answer.  She will be happy to know that you planed out the date effectively.

Are You Planning the Perfect Date for a Man?

Men often like activities such as sports, mechanics, something using their hands and dirt biking.  You may want to plan a date with him by going to a baseball or football game. This way the two of you can talk with one another and spend time together.

After your activity, its also nice to plan a nice dinner.  Men often like Italian, Chinese, Middle Eastern type foods. For a first date, plan a nice restaurant.

Many men hide their emotions inside.  You may have to talk a lot at first to get him start talking.  It’s okay to tell him what’s on your mind and if you are enjoying your time spent with him.  Allow him to romance you as well. 

What Is The Perfect Anniversary Date?

The longer that you stay married, the harder it is to come up with ideas for the perfect anniversary date.  Its best to make your date one that will always be remembered. If you can plan a weekend getaway, that would be most idea. Many websites sell specials on weekend getaways. You can often travel to Las Vegas or somewhere in the woods. 

If you are on a tight budget, rent out a cabin in the woods or go to a neighboring state that only takes you a few hours to get to. 

You will find that a nice nature walks in the morning and toasting marshmallows at night make the best date. Even building a fire for you and your partner is most ideal as well. 

If you are not on a budget, taking a cruise is always fun.  Explore Carnival Cruise Lines or other top cruise companies to see where you can go. Many people enjoy taking a cruise to Mexico or to the Bahamas.  You will find that when you do this, it bonds the two of you together.  You can have a lot of fun and have many pictures to prove how good of a time you had.

If you plan on staying local, its often fun to take a trip to the casino. Casinos are not just about gambling anymore. They often have buffets that cost $25.00 a person.

Yes, the meals are “high end” and give you a wide selection of food and deserts to choose from. After you have eaten, you can try winning your luck at slots or a card game. This will often allow the two of you to have a fun together. Afterwards, you can snuggle up close together in one of the casinos hotels. Most casinos have beautiful 5-star accommodations. 

Ideal Boyfriend List

Did you ever sit back and ask yourself, “What do I really want in a man?”  If this sounds like you, here is a list of things that most women say are most ideal for her boyfriend to have:

  • He takes a shower before spending romantic time with you.
  • He pays attention to you when you speak.
  • He is funny.
  • He is sensitive.
  • You both have a lot integrity.
  • He is generous.
  • He doesn’t scream or yell.
  • He doesn’t try to control your life.
  • He is supportive with your career and life choices.
  • He chooses you over his mother.

What Is A Perfect Date at Home?

Spend the night snuggling in bed with one another for a couple of hours.  You may be shocked to find out that most couples will never just sit alone with one another snuggling for two hours at a time with no television on. It’s just you and your lover snuggling, kissing and expressing love. This changes the direction of the relationship forever.

Cooking a meal that takes a long time is the perfect date at home. It allows you to show the person that you are with that you care. Everyone loves a home cooked meal.  People often don’t get a chance to do it these days because they are working to much.