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Should You Try International Dating?

Should You Try International Dating?
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If you have been watching 90-day fiancé lately, you may be asking yourself if 90-day fiancé is right for you.  Millions of people around the world believe that their soulmate is not in their home country. 

In fact, many people say that they don’t even like the culture or personality types within their own country.  They think about dating internationally because many people have a country in mind that is ideal. 

How Practical Is International Dating?

It is hard to date someone internationally because you won’t get to see them physically all that much.  Depending on how far away the country is from you, it can take 2 to 24 hours of flying to get to the person that you want to be with.

This involves a lot of costs for plane tickets, lodging, dating internationall and food.  When someone wants to date someone internationally, they often choose to do so because they think that they have found the perfect match.

However, if your dating ever comes to a point that you want to see one another several times a day or month, one of you is going to have to move.  Moving won’t be easy since you need to have permission to stay in a country for an amount of time.  Many visas expire after 90 days.  You also will be missing out on work if you must travel.  

Will You Have a Phone and Video International Relationship?

International dating means that you are going to have to get used to having a video chat relationship.  Most people that date internationally use services like Skype to talk to their romantic partner.  They will often talk by phone as well.

The good news is that video chat is often free of charge because it connects to your internet.  Sometimes, extra costs are involved. You should check with your internet service company for more details. 

If you plan on using your telephone to talk to someone internationally, this would be costly.  To bring costs down, calling cards are often the best way to go.  The cards will often charge you .01 cents a minute and up depending on the country that you are calling.

Will You Know If The Person Has Another Lover?

Since you only get to see the person that you are with occasionally, you will not be able to see if they are dating other people. Usually, the person that you are with will tell you that they are only with you and nothing else is going on?  However, this is often not the case.

Every person needs to have someone that they can be romantic with.  If your lover is not being romantic with you, then most likely they are being romantic with someone else.  Being you are not around; they are less likely to get caught and they will often not tell you that they are seeing someone else behind your back. 

You also won’t be able to know if the person is married or has another family. Often, the less that you see a person physically, the less that you know about them.  That can be rather difficult to deal with. 

Are You Thinking About Marriage?

If you believe that this person overseas is for you, marriage is an option that you can have.  In the United States, you can apply for a K-1 visa. This will allow you to spend time with the person that you are thinking about marrying for 90 days. You must decide on whether you want to get married to that person within that time frame.  If you are not feeling the love, its best for you to not get married. 

If you bring someone here to the United States, you will have to sponsor that person for 10 years. Even if you get a divorce, you are still responsible for providing for that person financially and paying for their healthcare. Yes, even if the person turns out to be an abuser and someone that you wished that you had never met, you are responsible for him/her.

This means that if you get married today and got a divorce in 2 years, you must still take care of that person for the next eight years. This means that they can sit at home in the United States eating potato chips on the coach and playing video games all day while you are out working and supporting them.

Do You Have Enough Money For An International Relationship?

International relationships cost a lot of money.  It becomes expensive when you must travel to meet someone.  Airfare can often cost between $700.00 to over $1,500.00.  When you land, you can expect to pay for food, transportation and hobbies.

You also have to keep on mind that you need an emergency fund to pay for a quick plane ticket back if your plans don’t’ work out the way that you are expecting them to.  It can be hard to be in a situation in which you feel like everything around you is costing you money every time. 

Is The Person That You Want To Date Safe?

Often, dating a person from overseas often means that you don’t understand their countries laws.  What is law in your country may not be law in another.  For instance, if you live in the United States, you may be used to drinking alcohol.  You only must be 21 and over and you can have a drink whenever you want. 

However, if you visit a place like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other Arab countries, you will find that its illegal to drink alcohol.  Make sure that you understand the rules when you travel.  Many people find themselves getting arrested in foreign countries where they don’t know the law as they should.