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Claircognizance: Most People Have No Idea What It is


What is Claircognizance?

Claircognizance definition is ‘clear knowing’ though you cannot figure out how or why you know so. It is just one among the four intuitive senses that include clairaudience or clear hearing, clairvoyance or clear seeing and clairsentience or clear feeling. A simple claircognizance is the ability to know about things through guts instinct.

Claircognizants have psychic feels that enable them to know things through feelings manifested directly into their thoughts. It can be facts or information whose awareness is brought into the light. They are intuitions that come into the mind of a claircognizant, and they know it is right without any proof. 

Where Does Claircognizance Come From?

If you are claircognizant, an intuitive or inner feeling about things comes to you like ideas, thoughts, or concept. The information flashes into your mind suddenly and immediately, you get personal information about someone who you have never met before. You are totally convinced despite not knowing why or how, but you know.

Some people think they get the information from spirits, angels, or some high-level powers. However, claircognizance can also come from within a person.

Your sense of knowing becomes definite and certain when you take steps to connect with divinity. Claircognizance experiences are developed just like psychic powers. You relax, become aware, concentrate, and raise your vibrations to connect with divinity, and the available guidance will flow.

Most claircognizants receive information in the form of sudden flashing or illumination. It is not something you have been thinking of, and you may have to write down because

What Are Some Signs of Claircognizance?

Accurate gut instincts

 Everyone has gut instincts, but not all are correct. Some of the instincts come from your childhood background, and others are based on your experience. Besides, some instincts are genetic, while others are spiritual.

You are claircognizant if your gut feeling and instincts have turned out true. For example, you might have a bad feeling about someone you have not met for a long time.

Later it turns out the person was indeed evil. It’s the ability to accurately predict events with the feeling of ‘knowing’ and later proven right by the outcome of events. This is a sign that you are gifted and understand claircognizance meaning.

Can Claircognizance Spot a Liar Effortlessly?

No matter what other people think about someone or kind they pretend to be, being a claircognizant, you will see the lie behind that person. You can feel when someone is pretending to be sincere in an apology or sentiments and notice the insincerity.

Your ability to identify lies has been proven severally, and they were all based on gut. You had no physical evidence; you are likely to be claircognizant.

You Get Messages as Ideas or Needed Solutions

A person who has the claircognizance experiences sometimes get random ideas such as check your car locks only to find they are not locked. Or think of something like my meeting with particular people will not go through, and it gets canceled.

However, sometimes, you follow up with the thoughts to change the course. It is possible because you can identify the messages and differentiate them from ordinary thoughts and therefore know the right steps to take. By heeding such warnings, you can prevent bad things from happening.

Sometimes you sleep and wake with an answer to a query. You gut keeps working even when the brain is resting. You get a solution without any evidence, and this quintessential ability is only possible in people with claircognizance endowment.

Ability to Predict Events

Claircognizants are people can predict the outcome of a situation before anything has taken place. They have no evidence, and it’s beyond human logic how they foretell. It is something that comes into their mind and has nothing to do with senses such as smell or sight. Such a person can make an informed decision because he or she knows the results of the event.

You Are Claircognizant- What Next?

If you have any of the above signs, most likely you are claircognizant. You are likely to be sharp mentally and would like to experience more.

Here are some of the things you can do to strengthen your gift and understand claircognizance definition more:

Write Down

As the information flows into your mind, write in down on a blank paper or type on your computer. You will type without making any conscious effort, and if you do this often, your strength in claircognizance will increase. Writing helps download information from an unconscious mind. Sometimes, the data might not make sense, but others will give you great insights.

Set the Intention

To become more aware of claircognizance, you should be more intentional and mindful of developing more knowledge. You set the intention that you want to be guided and strengthened in claircognizance. It is a positive affirmation to help you develop psychic energy.


Start meditating if you are not already doing so to enrich your claircognizance experiences. It helps to calm your mind and prepare you for guidance and inspiration. Meditation enables you to forget about the daily distractions and allow spiritual inspiration, leading to expanded visualization.

That moment when your mind is blank, ideas will flow, and you can tell what needs your attention. Those talented with claircognizance ability to know how to analyze concepts and understand even what may look like a complex vision.


Most people cannot tell the difference between a claircognizance experience and a thought. Ordinary people have no idea because only are few special people are gifted to predict and act before something happens.

The mind has thoughts that you can keep safely hidden, and most people, they have no connection with a higher power to help them feel anything else other than what they expect.

Claircognizance is the only metaphysical sense that makes it possible to know about the future without any backup knowledge. But it is found in people who are gifted, and they decide what to according to their instincts and gut feelings. Their prediction turns out to be accurate more often.