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What is Chronokinesis?

What is Chronokinesis?
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Chrorokinesis is to manipulate and control time. This means the person can speed up or slow time. Time refers to the past, present, and future. But the past is gone and what people hold on to memories. Chronokinesis is applied in the present time, and the word originates from Greek words “khrono” and “kinesis,” which means time and motion consecutively.

How to Learn Chronokinesis

What is Chronokinesis?


Patience is vital in chronokinesis techniques. While most people think this technique is magical, it’s not. No wizard can bestow you with the powers; it’s a learning process that requires consistent practice and patience.

See Time Differently

To most people, time is defined by day and night. However, time is fluid and night, or day is just an event that measures time. What’s more, your life is also an event that will disappear as time flows. If you understand this deeply, you learn Chronokinesis and apply it effectively.

Always Go Beyond the Limit

The limit is usually defined using time. What a person can do within a particular time becomes their limit. For example, when someone says he can write 100 words in 30 minutes, it is not the limit, but they believe so. If you push yourself to do better, you can write the same number of words in 20 minutes. It is possible becomes you control time and increase your limit further.

Improve Your Observational Skills

To learn Chronokinesis, you should increase your observational skills. This is different from eyesight or hearing capacity. It means looking at things differently and seeing more than what is visible. If you observe a situation or an event while it passes by, the processing speed in your brain increases. When your brain does this at an accelerated pace, things around you move slowly and its one of the first steps on how to learn Chronokinesis.

Chronokinesis Training

Focus On a Clock

Chronokines is training and since it’s all about time, focusing on a clock increase your ability to control time. This is similar to sitting down and meditating. Have a clear clock with the tick-tock sound so that you can hear it as you close the eyes. As you listen, you will hear the time slowing or down or moving fast. Keep focusing until you hear the clock moving at the pace you want.

Control How You Breathe

How you breathe can indicate the pace of time. To get in control of your breathing, meditate; those who have had a brush with death, say they felt time stop. This shows how breathing is related to time. When the breath stops, all body movements come to an end, but it increases the alertness of the brain. So, when you learn to control your breathing, you can control time.

Live For the Moment

Forget about everything else and focus on what is happening now. Learning Chronokinesis techniques have nothing to do with the past or the future. The truth is that the only real-time available is what you have now, the past is gone, and the future is just an assumption. So, if you focus on any other time apart from your present, you will be dwelling on thoughts and not the reality.

Cheat the Brain

The brain is a strong organ in the body that can much more than the task it does. Chronokinesis is one of them, but you can also see this ability when you put your brain under pressure. There are some tricks to use and cheat the mind to reveal these capabilities.

A good example is to set your clock a few minutes fast than usual. You are likely to forget, and the muscle memory will convince the brain that you are running late. This will allow it to take control and help you recover the 10 minutes lost. This trick can look childish, but it works and is an effective way to train Chronokinesis.

Chronokinesis at Work

Time as a subject is confusing because the mind, speed, and space define it. Most people perceive time according to their surroundings. But Chronokinesis allows people to know that they have control over time. It should not take the whole area but focus on how to utilize it and be in control.

How to Use Chronokinesis Ability

Chronokinesis is something anyone can learn whether you are experienced or new in kinetic abilities. It eases daily occurrences but changing your perception in time speed. You can get to work on time, school and any other event. Besides, when attending a boring event, you can increase time speed, and it will be over in no time.

Beginners benefit from this power, and through regular practice, their ability will expand, and they will be capable of doing more. Those who are advanced in the Chronokinesis power know how to pause time by freezing it and using the opportunity to do whatever they wish to.

Is Chronokinesis Possible?

It is possible but will not happen automatically. The power is in you and only needs to be aroused. It does not affect anyone around you because it works on your brain by increasing its speed and control over time. People experience incidents like chronological, and examples include:

  • When you get sad or wait eagerly you slow time.
  • When extremely happy, time runs fast
  • When you have little time to do something, time passes fast
  • When scared, you work quickly to find a solution.

In such situations, the brain controls time. This is like what you do in Chronokinesis.

Mistakes to Avoid

  • Never doubt chronokinesis existence
  • When practicing, keep away all other thoughts
  • Apply a lot of patience and avoid being hasty
  • Avoid stressing yourself in your daily tasks
  • Stop practicing when you get tired or feel bored. Always keep your practicing sessions short.


Chronokines is training is just like other psychic abilities, and it takes time to master them. You must be persistent and patient if you want to get positive results. It is about visualization and imagination, which requires plenty of practice.