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How Can Money and Spirituality Work Together?

How Can Money and Spirituality Work Together?
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Does Money Solve All Problems?

Have you ever heard the expression, “Money solves all problems?”  If you have money, you never have to worry about anything? This is about 50% true. There are some circumstances in which cannot solve a problem.  This is when intense prayer comes into play.

If you have a visit with your doctor and he/she tells you that you have been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer that is incurable, money cannot save you.  In fact, money can’t buy you good health. 

Another scenario would be if you are on vacation on an island where a category 5 storm is hitting.  You can’t get off the island and you are stuck worrying if you will make it off the island alive.  Only prayer can help you to stay alive. 

How to Balance Money and Spirituality

It’s important to have a good understanding of how money can work to benefit your life and how spirituality can work for you as well. 

What Are Some Examples of What Money Can Buy You?

  • A new car
  • A business
  • A home
  • A new plane
  • A television set
  • A vacation

What Are Some Examples of What Money Cannot Buy You?

  • A soulmate
  • Respect
  • Happiness
  • Peace of Mind
  • A relationship with God
  • Love
  • Good health
  • Relief of pain and suffering
  • Money can’t buy true friends

If you are wondering how money can work to your advantage, its good to know that there are solutions to making more money.  There is a recipe for making good money.

If you follow it, you will most likely be taken care of financially in your life.  The formula is (unique skill = higher demand for your services = more money because nobody else can do what you do).  Figure out ways in which you can have a unique skill. 

How Can Money and Spirituality Work Together to Solve Problems?

People that have unique job skills that are high in demand do better financially in life. This is because most of the population can’t do what that individual can do. Therefore, these people are high in demand and companies are wanting their job skill and wanting to pay top dollar for it. 

Think of a top-level senior software engineer at Google.  It took years for that person to reach a level in which they can create software that functions well. 

This type of skill set pays top dollar because not many people have studied enough to obtain this unique skill. It’s one thing to be a programmer and another to be able to construct advanced computer systems that change the world. 

Look at a top-level surgeon.  He/she gets paid a top salary because they have taken the time to obtain a unique skill.  Yes, becoming a doctor is extremely difficult and requires high grades in school. However, a surgeon puts you on a whole other level.  This requires more skill, education and discipline to reach top levels. 

As you can see, having a skill that is high in demand and something that most people won’t study for or learn is a way to getting more money in your life. 

Do You Want Money And Success To Fast?

Most people throughout life will sit down and wonder why their pay is so low. They wonder why they can’t earn a six-figure income.  They may have an MBA and wonder; did I do that for nothing?

Is having an MBA that unique?  In today’s world, MBA’s are not high in demand because many people have one.  However, if you have an MBA with experience running a seven-figure profitable business, that says a lot about your unique ability to make a company effective. 

One of the problems in society today is wanting something to come to fast.  We live in an internet society where you can research anything within seconds.

Unfortunately, accomplishing something in life doesn’t work that fast.  This is where spirituality comes in.

Do You Need To Discipline Your Expecations About Spirituality And Money?

You must learn how to discipline what will work out best for yourself from the start.  If you are not a “book smart” type of person, its important to learn a trade that you can eventually become your own boss.  This is important because your salary will be capped at an employee level. 

You don’t find a lot of wealthy employees running around.  Business owners are those that often earn six and seven figures a year. By having this kind of money in your pocket, you can make decisions that work out best for you in life.  It’s important for you to ask yourself what is going to be worth your while in the long run. 

Planning will be your best way to financial success in life.  If you want to start saving money, then this is a good thing.  You can use your own spiritual discipline to do so. 

You can take on new challenges and learn from your past mistakes. Learn what works for you and what doesn’t work for you. It’s important to always go after your dreams and try to find what works out well.

What Challenges Is Life Giving To You?

Life is full of challenges and obstacles.  When you learn how to work on these problems, you begin to grow and learn in life.  Money doesn’t have to be difficult to obtain if you are willing to put in the hard work to get it. 

Remember, think about something unique that you can be doing.  Some people that are not book smart make a lot of money because they have discipline to learn and have good work ethics.

Many men and women that flip houses earn six figure and seven figure incomes because they have put in the time to obtain the skill necessary to rebuild a home and flip it for a profit. 

As you grow older in life, you will come to realize that anyone can become wealthy and powerful. It’s all about putting in the time and effort into whatever it is that you are doing. 

If you have a passion for something, you will do well with it.  When you enjoy doing something, you will get excited. Excitement leads us to see that we can take charge of earning money and doing well.

How Can We Use Spirituality To Solve Problems?

If you or someone that you know is sick, its important to use your spirituality to solve the problem.  Jesus Christ himself was a healer.  He went around healing people from sickness and disease. 

He never used money to heal a person.  Jesus had deep faith and taught us how to use our faith and trust in God to obtain what we need in life. 

When it comes to our spirituality, it gets personal.  We need to sit and pray.  Prayer often takes long periods of time and its practiced around the world.  Farmers used to pray that God would bless their crops and keep them from getting eaten by bugs and bad weather. 

Have You Tried Fasting And Prayer To Solve Spiritual And Money Problems?

Many people fast and pray to get God’s attention.  When you learn how to attract good energy to yourself, you begin to see that God does give you blessings and helps you to overcome your obstacles. It’s always good to know that God is there for us.  He will tend to our needs and help us to find what we are looking for in life. 

It’s important to always go after your dreams and to ask God to help you to achieve them. Sometimes you don’t have enough money to go to school or to buy a house. However, if you pray, God can miraculously make the money appear. You will feel that it came to you out of thin air. 

Jesus lived by faith during his ministry.  He told his discipline in Matthew 17:27 to open the mouth of the first fish that he catches and open its mouth. In the mouth of the fish he would find coin.  Jesus told him to take the coin and pay the taxes for himself and his disciple. 

This is an extreme example of using your spirituality and not money.  In another example, Jesus turns water into wine.  It came to a point in which Jesus was at a wedding. The host of the party ran out of wine for their guests. Jesus made wine out of thin air.  Jesus also raised the dead and stop the winds from becoming stronger when he was in the sea. 

Will Everyone Be Blessed To Have Great Wealth?

If you fear that your going to lose your home and have no money, you can often pray and something miraculous can happen to save your home. 

Sometimes, its not possible to have money. In many societies around the world, it’s almost impossible to obtain money because there are no jobs or career opportunity.  When a country is poor, one must work harder to obtain a unique skill in which they can find employment with. 

It takes hard work and a great deal of discipline to obtain enough money to survive.  In cases like this, its important to pray and ask God to open doors for you in order to get a good job.  In order to get a good job, a person must find a way to obtain a good job skill and necessary certifications.