Will Scorpio Men and Virgo Women Survive in Love?

Scorpio Men and Virgo Women learning about romance
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Scorpio Men and Virgo Women Love Match

One of the best matches for a Scorpio man is a Virgo woman.  There are many reasons to this as you will soon see. For starters, Scorpio men tend to go after what they want. They don’t like to settle for less and often have a direct approach to chasing their dreams.

Virgo women are much more relaxed and laid back than the Scorpio man. Therefore, she can help the Scorpio man to see that he doesn’t always have to feel like everything is his competition. The spirit of the Virgo woman is passion, love, forgiveness and understanding.  She wants to make sure that he is always understood and loved.

Virgo women are non-aggressive and don’t try to control the relationship. She knows how to keep the Scorpio man calm when a disagreement arises. Many Scorpio men are “hot heads” when they are under stress and want to often be argumentative when wanting to have their way.  They often want to have a fresh start when something goes wrong. Virgo women are all about love and forgiveness. 

Scorpio Men and Virgo Women look at romance as being a big thing
Scorpio Men and Virgo Women Need To Pay More Attention To One Another

How Can a Virgo Woman Please Her Scorpio Man?

For starters, never talk back to him. The Scorpio man hates to feel like he is anything less than a man. He is often self-centered and set in his ways. When he says something, he tends to want to have everyone else around him go along with what he says. He feels that he has all the answers.  It makes him happy to see things working more to his advantage. 

When a Virgo woman is wanting to please her Scorpio man, its important for her to talk to him. Scorpio men tend to keep a lot of emotion in. They find it difficult to express themselves.

They often don’t want to partake in anything that is to dramatic or painful.  However, the Virgo woman must see that talking to him about what he feels is the best way to win his heart. The Scorpio man sees everything through his heart. He is a feeler by nature and wants to see that everything around him is in balance.

Virgo women tend to be somewhat “psychic” and can often read right through his fears, pains and sorrows. It’s important for the Virgo woman to feel that she can give her Scorpio man her attention when he is under stressful moments. 

Scorpio men tend to be hard workers.  He wants to prove that he can provide and take care of you. If you try to take this away from him, he will more than likely push you back.  The Virgo women is also a hard worker and will often want to try and contribute to the household.  It’s important that you don’t make him feel that what he is giving to you isn’t enough. 

Many Scorpio men feel like they are a failure in life if they don’t make a lot of money. He is often trying hard to make as much money as he can in order to buy you the things that will be most pleasing. It’s important to let him have his way and to step aside under intense moments.

Scorpio Men and Virgo Women should never give up on life
Scorpio Men and Virgo Women Should Take Romantic Walks Together

Will Scorpio Men and Virgo Women Survive in Love?

The Scorpio man needs to learn how to talk less and listen more. He often feels that there is something that he wants to express, and it should be done at the right moment.  Since the Scorpio man is more aggressive in the relationship, he will often try to spew words from his mouth when he has something on his mind.

The Virgo woman is a great listener and often wants to hear out her Scorpio man because she wants to keep him calm and feeling loved. However, the Virgo woman must come out of her comfort zone and tell the Scorpio man to back off and not say anything until something has taken place for the better. 

The two of you must learn how to balance out communication. If not, the relationship will become a battle of who is listening and who is speaking.

Never think that there is a problem in the relationship. You must carefully examine your own heart and go after what matters the most.  In life, its important to always feel like you can learn how to listen to what matters the most.

If you want to truly make your relationship grow, learn how to journal together. Start writing out your feelings and giving each other pieces of paper as to what is working in your relationship and what is not. Work on changes and working through obstacles. 

What Are Some Fun Things to Do For Scorpio Men and Virgo Women?

  • Take a boat ride
  • Go for a long walk
  • Focus on your spirituality
  • Do meditation together
  • Go for a Starbucks coffee and just talk
  • Turn off all gadgets and just sit together doing nothing
  • Take a car ride together and breath in the air

Are Scorpio Men and Virgo Women Ready for a Productive Future?

Your future happiness depends on the two of you making your relationship work out. If you both learn how to correct your faults, the relationship will become strong and powerful.  Over time, you will be able to see that everything in life works itself out.

Scorpio Men and Virgo Women Learning About Life Together
Scorpio Men and Virgo Women Sharing A Few Laughs Together

You can imagine that in life, you constantly learn and grow. You are consistently learning what is going to become a bigger part of who you are. I find that people always seem to cherish what matters the most. You need to only look at where you have been and where the two of you are going. 

The Scorpio and Virgo relationship will always be good because the two of you have a destiny.  The stars and planets all point to your relationship being destined.

If you are trying to figure out how you can make it work, then you don’t have to worry about trying. It will happen naturally and over time. It’s important to learn how to grow and to understand life as a single unit. 

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