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Your Boyfriend is Not into You Definitive Guide

Your Boyfriend is Not into You Definitive Guide

Perhaps you have been noticing that your boyfriend is not as much into you as you are into them.  How can you tell if he is not into you?  Here are a few tips to follow:

  • Does he want to talk to you several times a day? If he doesn’t, he is most likely not that into you. 
  • If you call him more than he calls you, you are mot into him than he is into you.
  • You may find that he is lying to you about where he is. He is doing this because he doesn’t respect you. This means that he is not that into you.
  • If he prefers to spend his time with his “girl friends” instead of you, then he is showing signs that you are not enough for him.

How to Tell If Your Boyfriend is Not into You

Unfortunately, when a guy is backing away from you, it’s a sign that you need to take the hint.  Unfortunately, your boyfriend will most likely not tell you that he is not interested in you anymore.  Many men find that they don’t want to hurt your feelings. 

Of course, you are saying, “But he is hurting my feelings by being cold to me.”  Unfortunately, your boyfriend thinks that its far worse for him to tell you that he is not into you to your face. It’s easier for him to just back away in hopes that you will go away. 

It’s important for you to not chase him. If he wants you, he knows where to find you. It’s important to accept your losses and move on. Sometimes, it’s hard to accept that someone is not going to accept or love you in a way that is appealing to you. It’s important for you to see that sometimes a relationship is not meant to be. 

Accepting your loss is a lot better than chasing someone that is not into you. You need to cut your losses and find someone that is into you.  This can take time and yes you will go through great periods of loneliness.

It is important for you to see that love is not always what you imagine it to be. Sometimes you need to experience a loss and learn that you can’t always have what you want. 

Should You Talk to Him About Not Being Into You?

Most of the time, your boyfriend will deny that he has lost interest in you. However, all his outward signs prove that he is not interested in perusing a relationship any longer.

He may be avoiding you or seeing you once every two weeks. When you call him, he always acts uninterested? He is always working or having something else to do. He doesn’t want to spend his time with you. 

Yes, this is devastating when you are trying to build a relationship with someone. You may feel that you are wasting your time and feeling like you are being brushed aside. It’s hard to feel that the person that you are into is not wanting to be together with you.

It’s hard to imagine that someone would just want to push you aside because they feel that you are not worth their time or attention.

How to Accept Rejection When He Is Not Into You

Accepting rejection is hard. Especially because you don’t know why he is rejecting you in the first place. You have tried talking to him about it and yet he says that nothing is wrong. However, you know that he doesn’t want you.

It’s a devastating blow to someone that is being rejected. For many, being rejected in love is just another day. Most romantic relationships today don’t seem to last long.

Most people date one another and then breakup a few months later. One fight often leads to a couple going their own separate ways.  Unfortunately, this is the kind of society that we live in today.

As you begin to see the pain in your life, its important for you to recognize that you can’t always get what you want. You need to let go of someone that has rejected you. 

Know that you will find someone new that does accept you. This may take some time, but at least you let go of something that wasn’t real.

Will Your Friends Understand?

You may feel embarrassed to talk about your feelings and emotions. There is nothing worse then feeling as though someone doesn’t want you.  You may feel that its hard to accept rejection. A caring friend will often pull you through this difficult time. 

Talking out your feelings with someone that cares about you is often the best way to go. You will often find that your friend is sharing with you what is on their mind.

You may be thinking that you want to have someone that will always be there for you. It’s hard to walk through life feeling that you are learning to grow and go after what you want. 

Take your friends advice. Your friend will probably tell you that there are better fish in the sea and not to settle for someone that only wants to push you away.

Should You Blame Yourself?

Don’t think that you are the cause of the pushing away.  When someone is not into you, its often because they feel that you are not for them. For whatever reason, they don’t want to be together with you. It’s okay to not have someone want you. For every person that doesn’t want you, there is another person that does.

Know that physical chemistry is often the #1 reason why a guy will date you. Most guys are into your physical appearance more than anything else.  It’s not your fault if he is not attracted to you. Guys will often not tell you how they feel because they don’t want to hurt your feelings. 

At times, you will feel that you can connect with someone that is loving and kind.  Know that you can move on gracefully by accepting that not every romantic relationship is going to work out.