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October Birth Flower: An Overlook For The New Year

October Birth Flower: An Overlook For The New Year

What is the October Birth Flower?

October Birth Flower – When we look at the month of October, several things come to mind.  We may think of Halloween, carving pumpkins and leaves changing color.  Every month of the year is represented by a flower.  The flowers for October is the marigold and cosmos. 

What Are Some Facts About the Marigold?

  • It has a gold color.
  • It’s a Mediterranean plant.
  • They can be white, yellow and gold color. 
  • Most stores carry them in an orange color.
  • The 2 kinds of marigolds are the calendula and tagetes.
  • Most people don’t know that the calendula can be eaten.
  • Many civilizations have used the calendula for herbal healing.
  • Calendulas can become four inches in width. 
  • Marigolds are not difficult to nurture.
  • They can be single and double blooms.
  • Anyone that is into planting can grow Marigolds because they are easy to take care of.
  • Marigolds are often given as gifts on sweetest day because it falls on October seventeenth of every year.
  • Marigolds are used differently around the world. 
  • The Greeks, Romans, Indians and Middle Easterners have used marigolds for medicine, changing clothing color, producing women’s makeup and in food for taste.

 How Are Marigolds Looked At Around the World?

In the United States, marigolds are looked at as the passionate flower.  It is also considered to be a flower that has originality on its side.

During medieval times in England, the marigold flower was used to treat people sickened by the plague.  The English would combine the marigold flower and eggshells together.  The person that was ill would then drink this combination.

If you have ever traveled to Asia (China, Japan, Korea), you will find that Asians use the marigold blossoms to beautify spiritual sculptures.  Marigolds are also used for burials and marriage ceremonies.

Mexicans have used the marigold flower for centuries.  They use them on celebrations such as Dia de los Muertos.  Mexicans will often place the Marigolds on the tombs of those that have died. 

If the person has a memorial inside of their home, they will often place the marigolds around the persons photo with a candle lit.  Mexicans consider the marigold to be the driving force that brings their loved one to them. 

They believe that the aroma from the marigold flower attracts the spirit to come to them.  Therefore, many Mexican altars will include dolls from deceased children or watch, glasses and jewelry from those that have died.


Where Else Are Marigolds Used?

Marigolds are consumed in salads and often dried to be used in seasonings.

If you live in an area where a lot of insects bother you, marigolds can help to ward off pests that bother you.  They don’t like the scent of the marigold.  Many agriculturalists will use the marigold flower to keep mosquitos and other insects away from their plants. 

The Cosmos Are Another October Birth Flower

  • When used in October, they are the beacon of hope, and harmony.
  • When people look at cosmos flowers, they should feel harmony and peace. 
  • Because of their “happy go lucky” presence, Mexicans called these flowers cheerful flowers.  Looking at them will make you smile.
  • These flowers come in a variety of colors to include yellow, lavender, pink, red and orange. Many people often mistaken cosmos flowers for daisies
  • Some countries see cosmos flower as weeds because they are often seen growing in the wild.
  • Cosmo flowers can be picked in the wild and put into a bottle. You can also find these in many florist shops around the world as well.
  • These flowers require some maintenance, but not a whole lot. They prefer to be in dry and hot weather.
  • If you plan on growing cosmos flowers, its best to start planting them in autumn. 
  • These flowers tend to grow fast.
  • This bloom will develop into a twelve-inch flower.
  • Always grow cosmos in bright sunlight. Putting them on a porch with a lot of shade will most likely kill the flower.
  • Don’t overwater these flowers.
  • The power of the sun gives cosmos their unique colors.

In recent decades, people have been putting cosmos flowers next to their outside pumpkins and Halloween decorations. This is mainly because they blend in well with orange and seem to bring out the Halloween decorations. 

Some insects love cosmos flowers. These include bees and butterflies.  As every gardener knows, its good to have butterflies and bees on your flowers. They help to fertilize the flowers. 

Cosmos are not a high upkeep flower.  They are a lot easier to take care of because they don’t require a lot of water and grow well in the sun. 

Cosmos often grow on their own every year.  You may think that they are dead, but then come back up again.  Their seeds are often inexpensive.

Some chefs in high end restaurants will use the cosmos flower in salads and other dishes.  This is often done when the flower is grown organically.

Unlike other flowers, dogs, cats and other animals don’t seem to like messing with the cosmos flowers. Therefore, people often don’t put up a fence around these flowers. 

If you plan on putting these flowers in your home in a vase, they will last up to around 10 days.  They survive much longer in the wild.  However, they make a beautiful display on your dining room table. 

Example of How to Use Cosmos for Halloween:

  • Take a bunch of cosmos flowers and place a flowerpot inside of a pumpkin after you have carved out your eyes, nose and mouth.  You will find that the cosmos sticking out of the pumpkin help to bring your pumpkin more to life.
  • You can also set up a few cosmos flowerpots next to your statues of witches, black cats, window decorations and much more.

You will find that there are many places in which you can place these flowers and still get something out of them.  You will find that your friends and family see your idea as being unique and October birth flower like.  Yes, you can lead the way with your wonderful creations.