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When to Dump a Friend That Interferes with Your Love Life

When to Dump a Friend That Interferes with Your Love Life
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An important question that a lot of people ask is, “When is it time to dump my friend that wants to destroy my love life?” 

You may find that your friend knows everything about you. They have been with you through the ups and downs.  They have helped you when everyone else seemed to abandon you.

They were with you through your darkest times. However, when you have finally met your soulmate, your friend begins to gossip behind your back. They start telling your lover about all the problems that you had in other relationships. Is it time to kick your friend to the curb?

Should Friends Ever Hold Anything Against You?

If you have a friend that is always trying to point the finger at you, it can be toxic. Friends often are there for us, but often, we tell them to much about our personal life.

When this happens, secrecy is lost within us.  Our “baggage” is let out to someone that we believe loves us and wants to help us through our darkest hour.  However, what happens when they use the information that we told them against us? 

For starters, you must give your friend a stern warning that your life is to be kept a secret unless you want to tell someone else about what happened.  If your friend won’t respect your wishes, then they are not a true friend.

Instead, they are trying to play with your emotions, and this is devastating. Sometimes a friend can become your worst enemy if they use your secrets against you.

It’s never easy to look back at the mistakes that you have made. You wish that you never made them and want to move on from them. However, sometimes a friend that we confided in won’t let your past go.  This will hinder you from moving ahead in your life. 

When to Cut a Friendship Out of Your Life

Cutting a friendship out of your life is important if your friend is out to destroy your life.  Sometimes, a friend can get jealous that you found someone that loves you. Perhaps your new love interest believes that you are the best thing to come their way since sliced bread. 

However, your friend knows something about you that they want to say to your lover.  They want to let your new lover know that you are not as good as you appear. 

This kind of gossip may indeed tear your love relationship apart. You may feel that its wrong of your friend to communicate anything about your life that you told them in secret.

If you believe that your friend is about to launch an attack on your romantic life, its time to cut that friend off. Yes, you can walk away from them because of what they have done. 

If your friend is “out to get you” because of their jealousy, they will destroy what you are trying to build. Unfortunately, friends like this feel as though they have some power over us. 

You may want to keep your past a secret and yet your friend wants to bring it up to your lover. It’s important to see that your friend is not acting like a friend and will destroy you. 

How to Break A Friendship Up

If you see a pattern continuing in which your friend is gossiping about you, give them the warning that you will end the friendship if they continue. If they don’t listen to you, it’s time to separate the friendship. 

Disconnect yourself from your friend and distance yourself.  After all, they don’t have your best interest at heart and most often, they will spill your dirty laundry to your new lover in order to sabotage what you are trying to create. 

Moving on from a friend that has been there for you is difficult.  You may feel that they were there for you at one point of your life and you trusted them with everything that was inside of you. Now you feel that a new chapter in your life has started. Sometimes, a friend is not meant to walk with you throughout the course of your life. 

When to Dump a Friend That Interferes with Your Love Life

Some friends may appear to be the best friend in the world before crossing you. However, once somebody crosses you, you will always wonder how far they will go. 

Many romantic relationships are destroyed because of the gossip that someone close to you has said about you. You may have been a cheater at one point of your life or someone that was abusive.

Perhaps you have changed your ways and have moved on from that part of your life.  Does your new lover really have to know this information? 

People will learn to accept you for what they see up front.  Many people will try to judge your past. However, you need to have people in your life that accept you for who you are now. 

Remember that nobody is perfect, and you deserve to have someone to love you no matter what you have done or been through in your life. If you have a friend that can’t see through your past, then they are not a true friend. In fact, they are like a serpent that is trying to destroy you at the next chance that they get. 

It’s important for you to mourn over the loss of your friend. If you want to keep a lover in your life, that friend is going to come between you and your lover.  It’s hard, but you must do this for your relationship to stay together. 

In your heart, there is a voice within telling you that its time to let go.  It’s not always easy to walk away from a friend, but often necessary if you want to have a peaceful romantic relationship with someone that you love. 

Love is often hard to find. When you have found it, you don’t need to have someone come in and destroy it. Learn that love is more about respect than anything else.