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January Flowers Informative Guide For 2022

January Flowers Informative Guide For 2022

When the start of a new year approaches, we often think of New Year’s Eve celebrations.  The new year can bring us good fortune, a new beginning and a way to say goodbye to yesterday.

What Are The January Flowers?

Let us look at January flowers.  The two birth flowers for the month of January are the snowdrop and the carnation. Who can resist the beautiful presence of carnations in the winter months?  Carnations come in a variety of colors to include pink, red, white and more.  It is one of the most requested flowers to buy at floral shops. 

The snowdrop looks more like a plump icicle.  The beautiful white colored snowdrop is beautiful before its starts to bloom. 

What Are The Facts About the Carnation?

  • It is also called the Dianthus Caryophyllus and clove pink.
  • It is a genus of the Dianthus.
  • It is considered a Mediterranean flower.
  • Students preparing for prom and best men at weddings often use the carnation as a boutonnière.
  • The ancient Greeks talked about carnations in their manuscripts that were written nearly two thousand years ago. 
  • Carnations are often used at gatherings, weddings, showpieces and Mother’s Day.
  • You give red carnations to someone that you want to say, “I love you” to.
  • Carnations need partial shade or the complete sun.
  • It is best to plant carnations in the fall or spring months.

What Are The Facts About Snowdrop Flowers?

  • Snowdrop flowers were once not popularly used because they often grew in cemeteries. Many people thought them to be associated with the dead.
  • They represent the start of something new in life (business, marriage, relationship). 
  • It is associated with Amaryllidaceae.
  • This flower comes from Europe.
  • They are white in color.
  • They stay alive in most any type of dirt.
  • If you grow them in organic soil, they tend to grow better. 
  • They come up in the winter and spring months.
  • They represent optimism for a better future.
  • People often call snowdrops dingle dangles, Mary Tapers and Emblem.
  • These flowers come to life at the end of winter.
  • These flowers are often not put indoors since people see them around gravestones and assume that they will bring bad luck.
  • Many florists don’t know that the snowdrop flower has heat that radiates from it.  If you put them around snow, you will see that the snow melts around it.
  • In Latin, these flowers are called Galanthus.
  • Snowdrops produce nectar for bees and other insects.
  • Giving someone this kind of flower for their birthday in January is not considered to be insulting. In fact, in the 21st century, these flowers are now being considered as beautiful and worthy of gifting.
  • In Australia, these flowers are often called Candlemass Bells.
  • They are often brought into Catholic churches around Christmas time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.
  • Their seeds have oil and protein.
  • These flowers can live in cold weather.
  • There are twenty distinct varieties of these flowers living in the wild.
  • Herbology believes that the snowdrop can slacken Alzheimer’s disease.
  • They are often used to relieve pain and myasthenia.
  • In medieval times, this flower was not known to be an herbal remedy.
  • Snowdrops have been used in the Caucasus mountains for healing.
  • Many Elderly people in Europe eat the bulbs to help improve memory.
  • This flower begins growing from a little bulb.
  • Snowdrops are a fragile flower.
  • Snowdrop flowers don’t like hot summers.
  • Snowdrops can dry out rather quickly.
  • Most outside rodents, animals and deer won’t consume these types of flowers.
  • The soil for the snowdrops should be moist to touch.
  • They will keep growing year after year.
  • It was awarded the title of Garden Merit by the Royal Horticultural Society.
  • You don’t have to worry about weeds growing around them.
  • They can sometimes cause skin irritant.

What Are More Facts About Carnations?

  • They can grow to be twenty-four inches tall.
  • There are 300+ varieties that exist today.
  • People plant flowers in beds and stone gardens.
  • They can stay alive for around three weeks in a vase full of water.
  • Give carnations sunlight five hours a day.
  • They love temperatures around sixty degrees.

What Are The Best Occasions for Giving Someone Carnations?

  • Christmas
  • Anniversary
  • Funerals
  • New Year’s Eve
  • To Tell Someone that you love them.
  • Birthdays

If you think that carnations are going to work for you, they will. People are often amazed by the variety of colors that you can buy these flowers in.  You can often buy a bouquet of carnations from a florist for only $5.00. 

January Flowers carnation funeral
January Flower Carnations Are Often Used At Funerals

If you live in a large city like New York or San Francisco, you will often find these flowers in grocery stores, fruit stands and people selling them in the street.  These flowers last a relatively long time in water once cut.  They will bring your living room to life if you put them on your dining room table.

Are You Decorating Your Home For the Holidays?

If you plan on having Christmas dinner at your house this year, it’s a good idea to combine the carnations and snowdrop flowers together.  If you put a poinsettia in the mix, you are going to have people wondering how you came up with such a beautiful display.

You will often feel that your display brings smiles to peoples faces and you begin to see that people all around you love what you are doing. 

carnation January Flowers
Carnations Are January Flowers

Many people also dry out carnations and snowdrops so that they can put them on top of gift-wrapping paper.  You can do this and then glue them to your wrapping paper to be different this year. 

If you plan on gifting these to someone around the holidays, its often good to ask a florist to put together around 40 or 50 carnations so that they stand out in a bundle. My favorite color carnations around Christmas time are the red and white carnations. I find that they make people think of Santa Clause and Christmas that they celebrated as a child. 

Carnations often bring out good memories for people because everyone has seen them at least once in their life.  I would say that they are one of Americas favorite flowers.  They are just as popular as the red rose.