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What is The History of Pizza?

What is The History of Pizza?
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Historically, pizza began as a flatbread in which people would often add vegetables and meat to the top.  Before pizza got started, bakers would often bake focaccia in the oven.  The Romans were known to have used this type of bread and called it panis focacius. 

What is The History of Pizza?

During the 18th century, pizza began to take a different turn.  In Naples Italy, bakers started to add cheese and sauce to the tops of the pizza.

What Are Some Facts About Pizza?

  • It was first verified in 997 A.D.
  • It became known in South Italy.
  • Pizza was originally consumed in Italy.
  • During WWII, many soldiers from around the world that were stationed in Italy enjoyed eating pizza and afterwards brought it home to their home countries.
  • Mediterranean’s have been baking bread for over 6,500 years.
  • Persians ate flatbreads with cheese in the 6th century. 
  • The ancient Greeks ate flatbreads and called them plakous.  They put toppings on their flatbreads such as onions and garlic.
  • Some historians believe that ancient Jewish people made a cookie called pizzarelle.  They would sometimes add cheese to the top of it. It tasted more like a pizza.
  • In China, pizza is often called Bing. 
  • In India, pizza is often called paratha.
  • Pizza is called naan in central America.
  • During the 16th century, most people that ate pizza in Naples were low income or at poverty level.  Pizza was not considered to be a rich man’s food.
  • Over time, people all over the world started to add tomatoes, cheese and other toppings to pizza. 
  • Pizza was originally a sweet type of bread.  When it started to make its way around the world, it turned savorer.
  • Tomatoes were first brought to Europe in the 16th century.  It came from the Americas.

Where Pizza Is Sold?

In the United States, pizza is often sold for around $1.00 to $4.00 a slice. In America, pizza is often sold with toppings on it such as pepperoni, meatballs, green peppers, onions and tomatoes.  It is also topped with mozzarella cheese.  A pizza pie with toppings often costs around $18.00 if it’s a large. 

Big pizza chains in the United States include: Papa Johns Pizza, Dominos, Pizza Hut, Little Caesars and Marco pizza.  Pizza is said to be the most eaten food in the United States. 

Around the world, pizza is seen differently. For instance, if you go to Asia, you will find that its not easy to buy pizza because most restaurants don’t sell pizza unless it is from an America franchise that is accustomed to pizza.  You will find that American pizza chains are often all over the world.  Therefore, getting pizza doesn’t have to be as hard today as it was decades ago. 

Where Can You Buy Original Pizza in Naples?

  • Di Matteo
  • Da Michele
  • Sorbillo

In Naples, pizza is often soft.  However, if you travel into the pizza tends to have more of a crispy texture. 

Many men and women think that Hawaiian pizza was developed in Hawaii. However, this is not the case. In fact, Hawaiian pizza was developed in Canada by a man by the name of Sam Panopoulis.  He created the first Hawaiian pizza in 1962.  He added ham and pineapple to the pizza.  As you might have guessed, he was in the restaurant industry and owned a restaurant called Satellite.

A record for the biggest pizza happened in Rome.  This happened in the year 2012 and the pizza measured around 1261.65 square meters.  This was the biggest pizza ever made in history.  Rome still holds the title.

How Did Pizza Get Launched in Canada?

Pizza began a start in Canada during the 1950’s.  History shows us that Canadians began ordering in pizza ovens. During the 1960’s, pizza began to take off and therefore, pizzerias started to pop up all throughout Canada. 

Like Americans, Canadians enjoy many different foods such as pasta, pizza, salads and soups.  Many Canadians also enjoy having a slice of pizza with a few chicken wings or a calzone. 

Many Canadians eat pizza on college campuses, work cafeterias and in shopping malls.  Canadians are known to love their bacon.  Canada invented its own pizza and its toppings include bacon, cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms and pepperoni.  The reasons why it’s called Canadian pizza is because of the bacon that is added to the top. 

In Canada, you can get your crust the same way as you do in the United States.  This can include:

  • Crispy
  • Soft
  • Thin
  • Cheese filled
  • Gluten Free
  • Wheat

When in Quebec, Canadians will often eat pizza in the style of pizza-ghetti.  This means that you are eating half of a pizza with spaghetti.  Like the USA, Canada has their own pizza chains.  Two of the most famous pizza brands are Pizza Pizza and Boston Pizza.

How Did Pizza Evolve In the United States

Pizza first came to the USA in the 19th century. It was first popular with Italians that lived in New York, Saint Louis and Chicago.  Before pizzerias came into existence, poor businessmen used to walk up and down the streets of business locations selling pizzas out of a washtub.

Eventually, local restaurants took notice of people’s interest in buying the pizzas for 2 cents a slice.  They began offering pizza on their menus as well. The first advertisement for pizza in the USA happened in 1904. This happened in The Boston Journal.

The first pizzeria was opened in 1905 by a man by the name of Gennero Lombardi.  He applied for a business license in New York and opened his pizzeria. Later, another pizzeria opened in 1910 in New Jersey. The pizzeria was called Joe’s Tomato Pies. 

It wasn’t until 1940 that non-Italian people started to eat pizza.  Today in the 21st century, over 3 billion pizzas are sold in the USA alone.

Fact Check

  • Hamburgers are the #1 food sold in America.
  • Pizza is the #2 food sold in the USA. 
  • Most pizza is sold during the Superbowl and on Halloween every single year. 
  • The pizza industry is a 38 billion dollar a year business. 
  • There are 350 slices of pizza sold every second in America.