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Flowers For Funeral: The Best Kinds

Flowers For Funeral: The Best Kinds

Funeral flowers are usually large and formal flower arrangements which go to the funeral home directly. They are typically showcased at the funeral as well as graveside services.

Their main intention is to provide a decorative tribute to the demised person. You might be wondering what type of flowers will be appropriate for a funeral, and below, we have mentioned the top species of funeral flowers right now.

Funerals for the deceased
Flowers For A Funeral Happen When We Least Expect

What Are Some Popular Funeral Flowers?

You will come across quite a few options while selecting funeral flowers, and the most popular amongst those are as follows –

1. Lilies

Lily is one flower which will be ideal for virtually any occasion. Although they can be used to signify various meanings, the most common among them happens to be innocence. When it comes to funerals, the white-shaded stargazer lily is going to be the most well-liked choice.

2. Gladiola

A tall and elegant gladiola arrangement in softer shades will surely be a fantastic funeral arrangement. These flowers are endowed with a stately appearance and they represent morality, the strength of character, as well as virtue. Refrain from making use of bright shades for the funerals, and instead, go for the rather subdued shades of the gladiola.

Tulips are for funerals all over the world
Tulips For Funeral Arrangements

3. Forget Me Not

Forget me not, along with their small-sized and cornflower blue flowers, epitomize a fascinating symbol of reminiscence. A live and potted plant will do a world of good when it comes to funerals.

4. Carnations

While the white carnations represent purity and innocence, the pink ones stand for love as well as remembrance. Thus they happen to be popular selections in terms of expressing grief for the person who has expired and also for offering flowers for funerals. One good thing about these flowers is that they will be able to keep for quite some time.

Chrysanthemums are good flowers for a funeral
Chrysanthemums Are Used Worldwide As A Funeral Flower

5. Chinese roses

These are the flowers which are suitable for any occasion irrespective of whether it is a happy or a sad one. Different types of emotions can be symbolized by this attractive foliage, and, in general, roses are considered for being the symbol of spirituality, purity, as well as innocence. Even though these flowers can be used in any type of celebration, they can likewise express profound grief as well.

use goladiols for a funeral
Gladiolas Are Popular At Funerals

6. Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are used solely as flowers for funeral wreaths in many nations across Europe including France, Spain, Hungary, and Italy. While in the US, they are going to symbolize truth, in the Asian continent, these are known to represent grief. Chrysanthemums are employed for both cheerful as well as mournful purposes irrespective of the symbol they stand for.

January Flowers carnation funeral
January Flower Carnations Are Often Used At Funerals

7. Orchid plant

Mourning is usually associated with 2 shades when it comes to orchids, namely, white and pink. They also represent perpetual love and are used in many countries at present. Dendrobium plus phalaenopsis are the two types of orchids that are usually used as funeral flowers right now.

flowers for a funeral

8. Hydrangea Plant

Despite the fact that these are not related to funerals in the strictest sense, they happen to be a typical gift for conveying thanks. These are going to stay for several years and one can maintain them easily too. Consequently, these flowers are ideal for sending to any family in mourning out there.

9. Tulips and daffodils

Many individuals are of the notion that these flowers will help to bring hope for folks who are experiencing turbulent times in their lives. Tulips are obtainable in different shades similar to roses, and each color has its own different meaning. While white signifies forgiveness, yellow stands for cheerfulness, and red love.

Next, we will talk about the most well-liked funeral flower arrangements. Even though the initial step will be to choose the flowers, it is the visual attributes of the flower arrangement that matters the most. In fact, arrangements also have their own traditions and meanings.

Popular funeral flower arrangements:

1. Funeral sprays

Sprays can be categorized as large as well as flat bouquets of long-stemmed plants which are meant to be viewed from just one side. Sprays are typically available in single-ended as well as double-ended designs.

flowers for dead people
sympathy flowers for a funeral

The single-ended designs are typically placed on a stand. Nevertheless, it is possible to place small sprays within the casket. On the other hand, double-ended designs are usually positioned at the casket’s top and are often called casket sprays. These are usually organized by the immediate family.

Pink carnations are cheap
Pink Carnations Are Often Used In Funerals

2. Inside pieces

These intriguing flower arrangements are typically placed within the casket itself and are usually arranged as sheaves, corner clusters, crosses or pillows. These are usually brought to the funeral homes by the demised person’s younger relatives such as kids, grandchildren, and so forth. 

3. Floral baskets

It will be feasible to send floral baskets to the church, funeral parlor or the house of the expired person. On most occasions, floral baskets are going to be displayed on tabletops or on the floor encircling the casket. You will come across these flower arrangements in various shapes, styles, as well as sizes.

4. Standing sprays

These are typically showcased on an easel close to the casket in a prominent position. Their height is somewhere between 1 foot and 3 feet and they can be noticed easily as a result. Apart from this, these are typically arranged in the form of a triangle, cross, or heart. In most cases, standing sprays will be sent to the church or funeral home directly.

5. Wreaths

These are rather circular in shape and represent eternal life on most occasions. Wreaths are usually positioned on the doors of the funeral homes. However, as compared to most of the other arrangements which are directly sent to the church or funeral home, these are typically brought to the burial place.


In case you are thinking “Where can I find funeral flowers near me?” then we like to mention here that the majority of the florists out there sell funeral flowers given that these are in huge demand at present.

In case you are not able to decide which flower to go for, go online and look at the catalog of different types of funeral flowers at the various sites. By browsing the pictures of the flora, you will be able to select the ideal one as per your requirements.