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Are You Called to Be In the Office of a Prophet?

What Is The Prophetic Call?

The prophetic ministry is a calling like no other.  If the Lord is calling you into the prophetic ministry, its because he wants you to minister to his people.  At first, the prophetic call is one full of mystery. You will not fully understand your prophetic call at first. 

You may feel encouraged to take classes on prophecy and how to be a prophet.  You may find that these courses do not give you the full life lesson that will be required. 

Can You Be Taught How to Be A Prophet?

The prophetic office cannot be taught to you. I have been in the prophetic ministry for over 30+ years.  I can tell you that no bible school course taught me how to become a prophetic minister. In fact, it was the Holy Bible and prayer that opened my eyes to begin learning how to give prophetic words. Yes, the Lord Jesus Christ will lead you to giving words of prophecy to people that he sends you to. 

Over time, you will find that the prophetic anointing is one that is guided by the Holy Spirit and once you begin stepping out in your prophetic call, the Lord Jesus Christ begins to teach you. 

How Do You Know if Jesus Has Called You into The Prophetic Ministry

For starters, when you pray and ask the Lord for guidance on what he wants you to do, you will keep on feeling the Lord telling you to give prophecy to people. At first, you may not know or even understand how to give prophecy. However, your first step is to feel like God is calling you. 

The prophetic gift requires much discernment and reading of the Holy Bible.  The prophet is one that the Lord will speak through. The messages that you give to people will be of encouragement, correction, warning and wisdom.  You will only start to grow in your prophetic call if you start to use your prophetic gift.

Step #1

Step out of your comfort zone and give prophetic words to people when Jesus lays it on your heart to do so. At first, you will not know if this word is coming from Jesus or from yourself.  At this moment, its important to know that you are learning how to discern what is of God and of yourself. 

You will often think that a prophetic word is coming from the Lord and, it is coming from you.  Yes, you will have to go through stages in which you feel embarrassed and ashamed because you gave someone the wrong prophetic word. 

When you begin to show the Lord that you are going to do what he asks you to do, your prophetic discernment will begin to open.  You will begin understanding how to discern a prophetic word. 

Prophecy is something that cannot be handled lightly.  Every minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ must go through a period of mentoring and learning. Pastors, evangelists, teachers, musicians and other ministers usually go through school for their training. Pastors may study for a master’s degree in divinity.  Worship leaders may study for a master’s degree in music.  However, there is not training school for the prophet.  In fact, you won’t even get paid money from your local church as another minister of the body of Christ. 

Your pastor and musical director will get a payment for their services. However, the prophet often gets nothing.  If the Lord is leading you to become a full-time prophetic minister, he will open doors for you financially to take care of your family and yourself.  It will be hard for you to find a way to financially support yourself. 

The prophet is a lot different than a prophetic minister.  The prophet lives his life full time giving prophetic words. This is his/her full-time job.  The prophet will often give prophetic words eight or more hours a day.  Once you achieve the level of a prophet, you will see that many people come to you for prophetic words and guidance.  You will feel as though you are a counselor. 

You will find that Christians and non-Christians alike seek out your prophetic gifts because they see them as being accurate. It will take awhile for you to see this kind of progress being made.  However, this is something that you will have to grow in. 

Step #2

When the Lord is opening doors for your prophetic work, you will start to see that he shifts you from working a traditional job to a prophetic role.  You will often not know where the money is going to come in to support yourself. However, you will eventually see that people are willing to pay you for the time that you spend with them giving prophecy. 

Pastors get paid because they take care of their sheep. They work no harder or less than you do.  The New Testament tells us that a worker is worthy of their wages (1 Timothy5:18).

People will not be paying you for prophetic words. However, they will be paying you for your time. It is no different than a pastor.  Does your pastor deserve a salary because he/she is selling the gospel of Jesus Christ? No, a pastor gets paid because they must work 40+ hours to minister to God’s people.  It is no different for a prophet.  Once you begin giving prophetic words to people, it becomes a full-time job. 

If you are only giving one or two prophetic words a week, then you are not functioning in the role of a prophet. In fact, you are only giving prophetic words to people and therefore have another job to support you.  Most prophetic ministers that don’t work full time giving prophecy to people are not as accurate as prophets that are working fulltime.  People may not see you as being accurate as you should be. 

In order to reach the stage or a full-time prophetic minister, people will have to see that its worthy to pay you a salary because of the prophecy that you are giving into their lives. 

Step #3

You will face opposition from the church and will often be called a devil worshiper and practicing witchcraft. This is because the prophet that is working full time in the prophetic ministry is so accurate that it makes pastors and others question how you can obtain such information. 

They will ask, “How can you possibly know such information? You must be getting this from the devil.”  The same thing happened to Jesus Christ when the Pharisees saw his miracles.  They said, in Matthew 12:22-32 that Jesus was able to cast out demons from people because he was receiving help from demons.  However, Jesus corrected them and said that a house that is divided against itself won’t stand. 

Jesus was trying to make a point that Satan can’t cast himself out.  Modern day prophets in the 21st century is often accused of the same. Your pastor may ask you if you practice witchcraft or are consulting with demons. Don’t be surprised if he sends a watch group after you to see what you are doing in your spare time or watch you carefully in church.

Many prophets end up leaving their church because of false accusations that are brought against them.  In our modern-day times, prophets are often not looked highly upon and most pastors wonder if they should accept the prophetic gift in the church anymore.

We are living in a rebellious period. Jesus said that the last days would be like those of the day of Noah. In the days of Noah, people became lovers of themselves and didn’t care what God thought. They practiced their own will instead of the will of their heavenly father. 

The problem with most churches today is that they have forgotten about the basic teachings of the church.  Many churches have forgotten about the five-fold ministry and what it means to be saved.  We are living in deceptive times. 

Most often, the Lord will remove you from the church because they will cast you out of it by their own lies and deception.  If you remember, the same thing happened with Jesus.  When Jesus proclaimed to be the son of God, he was cast out of the synagogue.  He was not allowed to teach in the synagogue.  Instead, Jesus went out into the outside to teach. He often attracted 5,000 or more people that wanted to hear him speak. 

Jesus was not wanted by his local “church”.  Instead, Jesus had to find his own way to preach the good news.  Don’t expect your church to support you.  Prophecy is scary for most people.  If you start revealing mysteries to people that want their secrets kept private, they will rebuke you even more. 

You may give the pastor a prophetic word that he/she may find embarrassing. Perhaps you are getting a prophetic word that they are cheating on their spouse.  The pastor may think that nobody knows about their adulterous affair and may start to be afraid. 

The pastor may think, “It must be the devil attacking me and telling this person that I am an adulterous.  I must get rid of this prophet before they ruin my career and reputation.” Even though the prophet has no intention of saying their words publicly, the pastor may fear that this is what will happen. 

As you can see, accurate prophetic words will scare the daylights out of most people.  Once you have established your prophetic ministry, the lord will keep on sending people to you that need a prophetic word.

Sometimes a prophetic word session can last for 30 minutes to an hour.  It’s important for you to establish between you and your client that your time has a price. 

Most men and women that want prophecy from a prophet will say, “You shouldn’t be charging me for a prophetic word.”  They are correct in saying that prophecy should not come with a price. However, they are incorrect by assuming that your time has no value. 

Most people that receive prophecy don’t understand that the office of the prophet has many clients.  You are not only ministering to them, but other people as well. There are some days where I minister to as many as 30 people.  Each session will often take me 20 minutes to fulfill.  This is a full-time job plus overtime. 

The prophetic ministry is one that gets established over time as people come to you for prophetic words. It is a lot like building a church with no members. 

Step #4

Once you are in step 4, your faith in God will grow 10-fold. You will see that he has taken you from a place of questioning and discerning your prophetic anointing to one that is allowing you to see that the prophetic word is your strongest gift. You have been through the trials of giving prophecy and people often calling you a false prophet.

In this stage, you are sure of yourself and are willing to give more prophetic words.  You realize that you need to alienate yourself from most of the “worldly” people because your spiritual gift needs to constantly be growing. 

You will find that most people around you don’t understand you and that your life requires a lot of time to be spent with Jesus. You will realize that you are a lot different than most Christians.  You will feel a lot like John the Baptist, Peter the Apostle and Moses.  These men often felt like they didn’t fit in with the rest of the world. They had a special calling on their life and it’s hard to relate to anyone that doesn’t have this kind of special calling.

It’s important to pray and ask God to put prophetic people into your life that understand what you are going through.  Prophets often feel that they are up against a “rock and a hard” place when it comes to self-acceptance.  The world will often make you feel like you are weird and indifferent.  You realize that you have accepted the Lords calling into your life and now will walk and get closer to Jesus.

The closer that you get to Jesus, the harder your life will become. Satanic attacks are constant, and people will often not understand what you are going through. If you try and tell others what you are experiencing, they will most likely not understand. 

However, when the Lord sends a person into your life that can be both a friend and a minister, it’s a blessing. This does not happen often, and you must be open to whomever God gives to you. 

Your walk with Jesus Christ is a constant growth. You need to always see God as someone that you can relate to. Stick close to your Bible and read it daily.  Never let go of the Holy Bible.  It will be your guide and voice in times of trouble. 

What if Someone Doesn’t Accept Your Prophetic Word?

If someone doesn’t accept your prophetic word, its okay. You are not there to tickle the ears of God’s people or clients that are coming to hear what you have to say.  If your prophecy is from Jesus, it will come to pass.  This creates people coming back to you for more prophetic words because they see that you are a true prophet. 

When I first began getting prophetic words right all the time, my customers wouldn’t stop coming. They began asking me questions for direction in their love’s lives, businesses, spiritual relationship, careers and much more.  Rejection only happens when someone doesn’t want to accept what you have to say. Sometimes they can’t see the “light” for themselves because they are not focusing enough on the word of God or receiving ministry from Jesus through prayer. 

Prophets are often accepted over time because people must see that their prophecy comes to pass. Once the prophetic word comes to pass, the person that you ministered to often comes back thanking you for giving them a correct prophecy.  However, this often takes time for them to see. 

What if I Don’t Want to Be a Prophet?

This is a question in which many prophets must deal with over time.  Ministering to people is hard. Many men and women are living in sin and are simply hard to deal with. There will be times in which you want to “throw in the towel” and say, “I don’t want to be a prophet anymore.” All ministers have been there from one time or another.  It’s important for you to understand that your calling is never going to go away.

Once the Lord calls you into a prophetic office, you can’t walk away from it. You can try, but you will always find that the Lord brings you right back to where he wants you to be. 

You may need a break at times and that is completely understandable.  You will find that once you begin ministering to people, it becomes your life and your world. 

I have tried stepping away from my prophetic ministry many times.  It is often hard to minister to people that want to continue to live in sin and not listen to your prophetic words. However, the Lord always brings me back to the prophetic ministry. It’s something that I cannot escape. 

The Lord calls you into a ministry for a purpose.  It’s hard to walk away from the will of God.  Yes, you may need long breaks from time to time. However, you cannot walk away because you will find that everything in your life falls apart around you every time that you try. 

When someone is called into the prophetic office, it is much like the job that John the Baptist or Moses had.  You have a calling that needs to be fulfilled and its what the Lord has called you to do. 

Jeremiah the prophet is often referred to as the weeping prophet. He had to deal with loneliness, isolation and feeling like he couldn’t go on in his prophetic walk.  Prophets in the 21st century often feel the same way. You will find that as you walk in your calling, your quest for prophecy only keeps on growing. 

You Won’t Know Everything

It is funny because every now and then I will get someone coming to me in my prophetic ministry and asking me, if they will be having a hot dog or a pizza for dinner.  I only could laugh at these types of questions. The reality is that I often don’t know. I can tell you that I see you having a rough year in business, but I couldn’t tell if you if pizza is on your menu tonight.  The truth is that you will only know what is revealed to you.

The Lord will reveal to you the mysteries in which he wants you to tell people. They are often to predict something in someone’s life that needs to hear a word from the Lord.  You will find that as you begin stepping out in the prophetic ministry, you find people that are waiting for someone like you to come along and give them a prophetic word.

I find that the people that I am called to minister to tell me that my prophetic gifts help them in some way, shape or form.  Not everyone is going to give you appreciation or thoughts of thanks. Some people will be rude and nasty. I have come across many Christians and non-Christians alike that were disrespectful and rude.

You will be shocked at how many Christians become worldly when you start to tell them about what you see for their lives. Once you start revealing their soul secrets, they start to become ashamed and angry that you can see something that they are supposed to deal with. 

Is Every Prophetic Gift the Same?

No, every prophetic gift is not the same. If I took a staff like Moses and threw it on the ground, nothing would happen. However, Moses staff turned into a snake and even parted the red sea.  If I put myself into a lion’s den like Daniel, I know I would be eaten alive. However, I can give someone specific dates, times and locations in my prophetic words on things I know nothing about. 

You will come to find that it is easy for you to do certain prophetic words and other ones will give you a lot of trouble and you will receive no information about them. 

I had a friend that once wrote down prophetic words on paper and handed them to people.  I don’t get prophecy that way.  Instead, I ask the Lord to speak through me and the words start to come out of my mouth.  You will find that when you develop your own prophetic reading style, you begin to see that your prophecy does better. 

Don’t be shocked if God tells you to do something out of the ordinary.   Prophecy happens when you feel the Lord telling you to give a prophetic word. You will find that when you are using your prophetic gifts, people will often wonder why you are not doing the same thing as someone else.

Some prophets are called to give signs and wonders. This means that they may be called to walk around with a sandwich board sign in the middle of times square telling people to repent of their sins.  Many people may laugh at them and call them crazy. However, they are obeying God and using their prophetic gifts to help people.

You will find that prophecy is different for every prophetic minister and no way is the right way or the wrong way.  The main thing to keep on mind is that you are using your gift to minister to others. 

Now that you have some insights into prophecy and the prophetic word, you should see if you are called to give prophetic insights to people. If you believe that this is what God has called you into, follow his lead and allow him to open doors for you as he chooses. 

Being a prophetic minister takes time and years to develop. Don’t be surprised if you are doing something different now than you ever though you would be doing. Some people are shocked to find out that their prophetic ministry is nothing like they thought about before they stepped into it.  Sometimes you will be thrown into a ministry with having no prior knowledge of how to minister to other people. Keep on walking in faith and let God know that you are willing to obey his every word.  Remember that the Holy Bible is your sword against all evil and that Jesus is the rock in which you should always stand upon.

Pray daily and ask Jesus for forgiveness. In this way, you will always be led by the Holy Spirit.

How Can I Receive a Prophetic Word?

Christians often want to receive a prophetic word because they feel like they want confirmation that what they have been hearing from God is accurate or they feel lost and want to know which direction to take. Prophets are known for giving direction and affirmation to people that are in need. They can also give words of correction and let you know what the Lord is saying to you. 

Prophets today are being called upon by ordinary people.  In the Old Testament, prophets were used to often prophecy to kings, rulers, and important people.  They were assigned to leaders to give them direction on what to do next with their kingdoms or simply on what to do period. 

An interesting prophet in the Old Testament was Moses.  His prophetic words are often remembered by speaking to Pharaoh to let “his people” go.  The Egyptian Pharaoh was not a man of God, but Moses was assigned to him.  Each time that Moses appeared before Pharaoh, he would tell him what the Lord wanted him to do. We all know the story of how he rejected God’s word repeatedly.  Eventually, he was defeated, and the people of Israel were released from slavery. 

It is interesting how God works with us.  He will often not speak to us until the time is right.  For years, the people of Israel moaned and groaned while they were under Egyptian capture. They did not want to be slaves anymore. They were enslaved for around 400 years.  Old and young Israelites were forced to work in Egyptian labor camps.  However, God had a plan to release them in his timing.

The same works in our own lives. Sometimes we pray to God and ask him for a miracle.  We often want God to answer our prayers in the timing that we desire. However, God never does. He only answers us when he feels that the timing is right for himself. 

Is Getting a Prophetic Word Wrong?

Many Christians often feel guilty about getting a prophetic word. They often wonder if it is the same thing as getting a psychic reading.  It is important for a Christian to ask Jesus first on what they should do regarding prophetic words. If Jesus is telling you to knot get a prophetic word, then its best not to.  If he says that its okay, its best to get one. 

How Will You Know That It is Time to Get a Prophetic Word?

When you feel that you are at your bottoms end and cannot hear accurately from the Lord, it may be time to seek out the prophetic word of a prophet.  I know that when people come to me for a prophetic word, its because they have exhausted everything else. 

People often tell me that they cannot seem to hear from God correctly.  They often wonder if they should leave their spouse or what will happen with their business. It is amazing how people use prophets today.  In the Old Testament, prophets were often used for guiding important people.  New Testament prophets are often assigned to working with ordinary people from all walks of life.  I know that my prophetic ministry is for men and women from all walks of life. I may be giving a prophetic word to a college student or to a politician.  There is no saying as to who comes to me exactly.  Whatever the Lord lays on my heart, I say. 

Why Is Prophecy A Misunderstood Gift?

Most people believe that prophets are going to be 100% correct all the time. However, this is not how the prophetic word works.  There have been times when I have been 100% correct and 100% wrong.  If the word comes to pass, it is from God. If it does not, it was out of my own heart. 

Prophets grow over time.  I am a more seasoned prophet now in my late 40’s than I was in my teens and twenties. As you use your prophetic gift more, it grows stronger. I believe that the prophetic gift must grow in a person as pastoral gifts grow.

When a pastor first begins to preach, he/she will go through a series of mistakes.  He/she will often ask themselves if what they were preaching was correct.  The beginning pastor often wonders if people are listening to their words or half asleep.  Seasoned pastors will sound surer of themselves.  Musicians will even have to go through a series of learning as well.  They must learn their instrument and perfect it. 

Many Christians have a thought in the back of their mind that a prophetic minister must be perfect all the time.  They look at prophets like Moses and Ezekiel.  They wonder how they were able to give such accurate prophetic words. However, the Bible does not tell us how they became prophetic step by step. Instead, it just shows us the result, which is their ministry.  We only get bits and pieces of their lives and the rest is up to us to decide. 

Interestingly, prophets hear from God for a long time before stepping out into the prophetic ministry.  I know that for me, I heard from God for years before I stepped out and began using my prophetic gift.  I was scared to use my prophetic gift because I was never trained on how to give them.  I only sat and read my Holy Bible every day.  Along the way, Jesus would show me that all I had to do was open my mouth and he would put the prophetic words inside of me to say to those he wanted me to speak to. 

Over time, I began to realize that the prophetic word is taught to a prophet on a step by step basis.  You will learn how to use your prophetic gifts like a pastor will learn how to be a minister.  It is a learning process.

What If People Do Not Like My Prophetic Reading Style?

It does not matter if people like your prophetic words or not. When you work for God, its only him that you listen to.  As a mature prophet, I can tell you that my prophetic words are around 99% accurate.  When you start reading for thousands of people over the years, you get better. Your prophetic word because much more accurate and you can see the prophetic realm with perfection. However, you must use your prophetic gifts a lot.  I often give 30 to 50 prophetic words a day. 

When you begin to give prophetic words and allow the Lord to flow freely inside of you, prophetic words just start coming to you faster.  When you hide your gift and do not use it out of fear, you cannot grow. Your prophetic gifts do not become stronger. 

I have learned to give prophecy to people whenever I am called upon. If someone asks me for a prophetic word, I give it to them. 

Sometimes, someone will say to me that they do not want a prophetic word.  Secretly I say to myself that I am happy because I do not have any prophetic word to give to you.  Not everyone is going to get a prophetic word from me. It is not because I do not like that person. It is simply because I do not see anything for them at that time. This will begin to happen to you in your prophetic ministry.  Not everyone is meant to have prophecy from you. 

Can Prophets Retire?

There will come a point in your life where you may not have the energy to give prophetic words or even to preach.  This happens as we age. We only have so much energy to give to people. I know that my energy levels are getting weaker as I age. I have less energy now in my late 40’s then I did in my 20’s. 

I do not ever see myself retiring from the prophetic ministry. However, I do see myself giving less prophetic words because of the energy that I have.  Instead of doing 30 to 50 prophetic words a day, I may only give 2 to 5.  This all depends on the prophet’s physical body strength and what he/she can endure. 

Can Prophets Give Prophetic Words to Ungodly People?

Christian prophets should never look at themselves as a judge.  I give prophetic words to non-Christians all the time.  I do not judge ungodly people. Instead, I tell them what I see based on the actions that they are doing.  I do not impose my Christian thoughts and beliefs on them. If they are open to receiving my instruction, thoughts, and opinions, I will give it.  However, I never force it on them. 

Most of my ministry has been given to ungodly men and women. I find that ungodly men and women feel lost and have nobody else to turn to. They often do not turn to God in their hour of need. However, God still cares for these lost souls. 

Ungodly men and women often tell me that my prophetic words bring peace to their souls.  They get clear direction from my prophetic gifts.