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Occult Definition All In One Report For Newbies

Occult Definition All In One Report For Newbies

Occult Definition – Perhaps you have heard of the word “occult” on television or from a family member.  There are many occults in the United States and around the world that surface often. 

What Is The Definition Of An Occult?

When the media says something about occults, it often speaks of them in a negative tone.  However, occults don’t always have a negative tone to them.  Often, occults are nothing more than a group of people with a spiritual belief that get together in order to hear someone speak or to do some type of a ritual. 

Definition Of An Occult haunted homes
The Definition Of An Occult Also Has To Do With House Hauntings

There are some occults that will use “brain washing” techniques in order to convince people to do what they want them to do.  Other occults allow you to come and go freely without any kind of negative tone to them. 

Many people consider an occult to be associated with witchcraft, sorcery or devil worship.  However, over the past 20 years, there have been occults forming that worship UFO’s and others that teach that there is life on other planets and when you die, you will go there. 

What Are Some Things That Are Often Considered to Be Associated with the Occult?

  • Tarot cards
  • Runes
  • Divination
  • Clairvoyance
  • Automatic writing
  • Ouija boards
  • Numerology
  • Astral projection
  • Fairies

What Are Some Occult Stores Near Me?

The beauty of having occult stores near you is that you can shop locally. However, most stores offer free to low cost shipping.  Here is a list of some of the top online retailers that sell occult products. The great thing about the internet is that you can buy these supplies and have them shipping to your home:

Definition Of An Occult and symbols work together
Definition Of An Occult Uses Lots Of Symbols

An occult store often has what you need for spiritual rituals.  You may find that you need oils, incense, runes, tarot cards, astrology books and much more.  The best part about going into an occult shop is that you won’t feel like someone is judging you negatively for your spiritual beliefs. 

Many pagans and other faiths often have family members that shun their religious views and beliefs because they are often not associated with modern day religions such as Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism and Islam. 

Definition Of An Occult about witches
The True Definition Of An Occult Has To Do With Witchcraft

Since the invention of the internet and online retail, purchasing spiritual material has gotten cheaper.  Now you can shop around for a good price anywhere in the world.  The best part about the internet is that you have many online selections. 

Is Occult Science a “Science”?

Occult science is a pseudoscience.  This means that it is not considered an actual science because the results always don’t turn out the same. 

For instance, you can put an astrology chart together for someone born on June 21st, 1985 and the same birth chart for someone else born on the same day and year.  You can give them the same exact chart and yet the outcome will not be the same.  The chart may say that they will have strong love in the month of September.  One of the people may have strong love and the other one may be sitting all alone and wondering when love is going to come into their life.

Definition Of An Occult getting work done
The Definition Of An Occult Has To Do With Wiccan Religion

When it comes to occult science, there is not one set of rules.  It works different for every person.  Every astrologer sees something different.  Every clairvoyant will also give you different information. There is no scientific formula to follow. 

What is the Dark Occult?

The dark occult is often associated with demonic activity. This can involve devil worship, seances, human or animal sacrifice and black magic. 

Black magic is often associated with casting a spell on someone to cause harm or evil to enter their life.  It is often associated with Voo Doo or another type of spell ritual in which something bad would happen to someone. 

Definition Of An Occult Learn a Lot
The Definition Of An Occult Has To Do With The Paranormal

An example of this would be that a woman gets her husband taken away from another woman.  She gets angry about this and starts to cast a spell on the woman that she would get into a car accident or perhaps end up in a coma. She prays evil into that person’s life and therefore, she is practicing black magic. 

The dark occult often attracts people that have a great deal of anger or pain in their lives. They want to seek out justice for a wrong that was done to them through a spiritual means. 

Definition Of An Occult get a reason
Definition Of An Occult Is A Good Beginning

What Are Occult Rituals?

Occult rituals are in every spiritual circle around the world.  These rituals are often followed by a previous generation, a book or made up by the group or individual that is running the occult. 

It is common for the group to have a special ritual such as singing and casting a spell during the first 45 minutes of gathering. In some occult circles, it is common for everyone to join hands in a circle and chant a message to a spirit. They may call out for a spirit that does good or evil to someone that the group is against. Perhaps a religious leader of some kind that they despise or like. 

Definition Of An Occult explains knowledge
Definition Of An Occult Is Good For Everyone

Rituals occur in almost every spiritual gather.  Most mainstream religions are said to not be associated with the occult.  For instance, the Roman Catholic church is a Christian organization.  It has many rituals during church services but is not considered to be associated with witchcraft or the occult. 

What Does Occult Magic Have to Do with Anything?

Occult magic is often the highest form of proof that life exists beyond this world.  Many magicians do associate themselves with the occult and often “sell their souls to the devil” in order to perform tricks that nobody can figure out. It’s because the magic is being conducted by an evil spirit. 

Definition Of An Occult Gets Good Things Happen
The Definition Of An Occult Has A Lot To Do With The Supernatural

There is an in between world in which many demonic spirits reside.  These in between worlds often have people scratching their heads. They often want to know what these evil spirits are doing there.  They often want to know what they can do to help them. 

An occult magic example would be levitation.  People are often fascinated by people that can levitate in midair.  People often wonder how magicians like Criss Angel or David Copperfield can levitate for extended periods of time. 

Are occults evil
Why do people get amazed by occults?

Nobody knows how they do it and often it done right in front of your eyes. They show that there is no trickery involved in their technique. They simply do the trick and people are often amazed that they can levitate right in front of their eyes. Is this occult magic or just an illusion as many people claim?

Often, a person practicing occult magic will hold something in their hand. It may be a rabbit and then the rabbit magically disappears.  The person wonders, “What happened to that rabbit?  Where did it go?  It simply vanished into thin air?” 

The occult draws people in.
Why are we amazed by the occult?

Magicians that practice occult magic are using their spirituality to make the object disappear.  This is often associated with witchcraft and sorcery.  Occult magic often works in levels in which you give your soul to a demonic entity that will in return give you special powers on earth to use for creating mysteries for people to wonder about. 

There are legends of magicians that gave their soul to the devil and when they did, they were able to perform amazing occult magic that allowed them to get wealthy. 

Occult practice online
Occult Practice is Followed By Millions of People

People from all over the world came to see their shows because it was said that they got their power from the devil to be able to do magic that nobody else could figure out.  It is said that this kind of occult magic is hard to learn because it often involves you giving yourself to the devil or some type of dark and evil spirit.  

What is Occult Philosophy?

The main occult philosophy is that everyone has their own set of spiritual beliefs and it should be respected.  You shouldn’t try to force anyone to believe in what you believe in.  If you have a group that believes in tarot cards, you should not try to tell them that reading tarot cards is wrong because they should practice astrology instead. 

Occults can be hard to comprehend.
do you really have an understanding of occult like practice?

In actuality, the occult religions of the world often tolerate one another well because there is no one set of rules. In mainstream religions around the world, there is usually one person that sets the rule. In the Roman Catholic Church, it is ruled by a Pope and in the Episcopal Church, it is ruled by a Bishop.  No matter what mainstream church you belong to, usually one person is running the organization.

In occult philosophy, it is known that nobody is the “ultimate power” because everyone has the right to practice as they choose.  This kind of thinking only exists in the free world.  In countries where occult practice is forbidden, one cannot practice their religion as they choose.  Instead, the beliefs within that country is forced upon you.

Definition Of An Occult is scary
Definition Of An Occult has a deeper meaning

When Did the Occult Begin in America?

Occult practice began in the 20th century in America.  Spiritualism began to spread out in the United States during the early part of the 20th century.  Spiritual communities like Lily Dale began to come together. 

Before the occult began in America, it was practiced around the world and often witches were killed because of their beliefs and spiritual practices. 

Is Talking to the Dead Part of the Occult?

Yes, communicating with he dead is often considered an occult practice for a variety of reasons.  For starters, communicating with the dead is forbidden in most Christian, Islamic and Judaism circles. 

Occults will often be labeled for their spiritual practices with communicating with spirits that are beyond this world.  Many people seek out mediums because they have a connection with the dead. 

It was unclear as to whether mediums were communicating with the dead until the 21st century.  Today, EVP’s (electronic voice phenomena/white noise) is begin recorded by ghost hunters. This means that you can take a tape recorder and pick up voices of people that have died and are coming through on a recording. You can hear their voice and they can see you. They have become part of the air and it is believed that they live in a spiritual world that we cannot tap into until we die. 

Thanks for video and, we can now see UFO’s that are being recorded around the world. We can clearly see that a world does exist beyond our own even if we don’t know where it is yet.

Are Occult Herbs Are Often Used in Magic Spells?

Witches are known for putting together herbal remedies for good and evil.  They may have a witch’s brew recipe that will cause someone to have love in their life or perhaps get a lover back. They may also have a recipe for destroying someone’s life that has harmed you. 

People often associate themselves with occult herbs when they are trying to put together a recipe that will help them to get something accomplished.  The witch will often use a pot to put their brew in. Sometimes the herbs are cooked with flowers, oils and incense may be burning on the outside of the pot. 

Witchcraft has been practiced for thousands of years around the world. Mother Shipton is one of the most well-known witches that ever lived.  She was born in 1488 and died in 1561.  The legend says that she looked like a typical witch with a big nose and lived like a witch with casting spells and having rituals. Some of her prophesies are still around today and read by people all over the world. 

Powerful witches often leave behind their legend because their spells worked. Not everyone is a witch that is involved in the occult.  Witchcraft is an entirely different skill that requires education.  It is often passed down from one generation to the next. 

Occult herbs can often be purchased on websites that sell witchcraft supplies.  Check the above websites if you need more information on supplies for your brew.

How Can You Tell If A Religious Practice Is An Occult?

Occultism has been around for centuries where a person or a group of people believe in the magical or divinatory, they practice and believe in the supernatural forces or otherworldly beings. There is a varying attitude of societies towards them because of their different beliefs and practices, which is definitely not the norm for many.

Occultism also leans towards the practitioner’s knowledge to manipulate natural laws for his advantage or his client’s gain (clients that may or may not be paying them). There are so many arguments under this topic that up to this day there are conflicting ideas about the occult and there are more questions than answers so far.

There are also sprouting religious groups that many people are also following because they are made to believe in a wonderful life, redemption, and made to believe in being saved but on the contrary, there are more negative endings.


INITIATIONS. Members are undergoing initiations of ritual, magic, and use of psychic powers, and starting the “spiritual transformation”. Sometimes members are being asked to do something dark and diabolic, and they are not being blessed or initiated under the name of God.

ANIMAL SACRIFICES. Leaders will initialize sacrifices to give way to a member. That for one to be born within the circle or the “religion” they must sacrifice an animal and its blood. There are ceremonies and recitations and chanting while the initiation occurs. Some would even go to substantial lengths such as sacrificing human life.

NOT BELIEVING IN JESUS CHRIST. If the religion you joined in are not allowed to mention the name of God and made to promise never to mention anything about God or Jesus Christ, think twice about joining. Words are usually about the devil, Satan, and about having power. All the topics would be about being of service to the devil and they make members swear on it.

WORSHIPPING SPIRITS. Members are not glorifying God but the devil or other spirits. Since we are young, our parents taught us that God is the only supreme being and the one whose name we should always mention and believe in. But in the occult religion, they will refrain you from mentioning anything that even comes close to God and His being our savior. The occult has a different savior and has a different set of beliefs.

INVOCATION OF THE SPIRIT. Occult religion will always invoke the spirit. Making you the follower that will only worship spirit and will make you promise and swear that you will walk away from all that you have believed in if you are a Christian or a Catholic. This is done in some religious traditions before such as Paganism.

WORSHIPPING ANIMALS OR OTHERWORLDLY BEINGS. Members are asked to destroy any religious items such as rosary, bible, or statues of religious significance. You will be asked to worship animals and made to wear the devil’s diagram. Some things you will also worship are the goat-headed, Baphomet (Adopted by modern occultists and Satanists).

BELIEVING IN AMULETS AS THEIR SAVING POWER. They believe in statues, amulets. Members are asked to wear the broken cross aka cross of Nero and symbols to signify that you are one with the group. There is also the satanic cross, inverted pentagram, evil eye among others.

THE LEADER YOU ARE FOLLOWING ASSUMES TO BE THE SAVIOR AND HAS GOD-LIKE INFLUENCE OVER ITS MEMBERS. The leader of the group believes he is your only savior and all of you should be his faithful follower and that you should serve him and give him everything with no questions asked. They will even ask you to give your money to them and your other assets because you will not be needing money if you are with them or it will be like an investment or as payment for letting you join the group. Sometimes members are asked to serve him by being his companion in the bedroom if the leader has so many promises that ring no truth. Such is an occult.

BELIEVING IN EVIL MAGIC, SORCERY, AND WITCHCRAFT. Occult religion believes in unfamiliar things, what you have believed in since you were young will no longer be important once you joined an occult. They will teach you unique sets of ideas and it will all contradict your usual beliefs. It will teach you about witchcraft, black magic, and even sorcery. Making you believe that you have a power that is just hidden within and you can use it to reach whatever you wish to have in life. You will be promised so many things that if you are even thinking, you sense that nothing is that easy and it will sound so improbable to you. But, if you are someone who is very impressionable and is someone naïve, you will join with your eyes closed.

FULL OF SECRECY. If the religious group you have joined into is full of secrets and they do not allow you to tell anyone about it. If they make you promise that no one will know what you are discussing as a group. The group will also ask you to do something against your will, and they force you to do so. You also need to go to the meeting place or area in secrecy. No one is supposed to know about the group and what is happening while “meetings” are in session.

YOU ARE ASKED TO LEAVE YOUR FAMILY. They will ask you to leave home, leave your family, they do not allow you to contact anyone, even your friends, most especially any of your relatives. Sometimes, people who join a supposed religious group will be asked to give all their money, pack-up, and leave telling no one where they are going.

There was a story about a young woman who has been missing for a long time and they reported her as missing only to find out she has joined a supposed religious group and she could not go home and see her family believing that it is against their rules. The leader of the “religious” group apparently took some young women as his wife. Not just one wife, but many to appease his sexual appetite.