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Marriage: Where Has The Passion Gone?

Marriage: Where Has The Passion Gone?

Are You Missing Passion in Your Marriage?

Passion is having a desire for something that interests you.  In love, it is having the desire to make your relationship become more effective.

If someone has passion in a relationship, it means that they are feeling like they love the person that they are with.

Passion can be explained in many ways.  However, its easiest to understand if you have ever been passionate about something.

It might not have been in love but may have been in business or completing a college degree.

It is when you wanted something the most. You worked hard to achieve your goal and in return, you got rewarded for it. 

Passion Meaning Explained More in Detail

Imagine yourself wanting to achieve something in love badly.  You think about it and fantasize about succeeding. You hope to someday look back on your life and see that you are going to move ahead, and you have a passion for something to work out better for you in life than anything else that you ever tried before. This passionate side of you is wanting to have love, happiness and success.

When you step out of your comfort zone in order to make something happen, you show that you have passion.  The meaning can be explained differently for people that have already had experiences with going after something that they really want. 

How Can You Express Your Passion in a Relationship?

For starters, its important for you to understand that you must try to express yourself as best as you can.  People often find that they work well in a quiet or public setting.

You must decide on what works out best for you. Perhaps you enjoy talking to someone over the phone and you want to let them know that you have been thinking about them.  It’s important to tell them how passionate you are about getting together and communicating to them how you feel.

If you are not passionate about the person that you are trying to be together with, they will often feel like you don’t care about them as much.  This is often hard for most people to accept.

Most people feel that they want to be around someone that shows a deep interest in them. They will often let the other person know that they want to experience love and harmony with the person that they find to be most appealing.

People will often understand your passionate side by telling you how they feel as well. Often, when someone sees that you are passionate about something, they take an interest in you more. They can sense your excitement and vibrant side.

They want to come through for you. It allows them to see that their life is moving things ahead and coming to a place that makes a lot of sense.

How Can You Find Your Passion in Love?

Finding your passion in love takes time. It’s something that doesn’t happen overnight.  Men and women often feel that they are not passionate about someone that they can care less about. 

That would make sense, right?  If you are in a relationship with someone that you can care less about, your passion is not going to be high.  You can find your passion in love when you find someone that you can see yourself spending your life with.

It’s important to never settle less for anyone or anything. It’s important to ask yourself what works best for you and what you really want to achieve in a relationship.

Your passion for someone will grow as you connect with someone that will give you their heart.  You will begin to see that you can do something with your life in a much higher scale because you are putting forth more effort.

Have you ever seen someone that is not motivated? They sit around and feel like everything that comes to them is negative.  It’s a sad sight to see.

However, when you talk to them about something that they are passionate about, their eyes light up and they begin to feel a sense of peace. 

You begin to see that there is someone inside of them that has not come out yet. It’s the most exciting thing to see. 

We often don’t get to see ourselves that way until we have taken time out of our busy schedule to see what makes us want to get up in the morning.

If your lover is not giving you that “wake up” feeling, then its time to either let go of the relationship or keep the relationship and get it to a place where you can care more about it. 

Sometimes, loving relationships do die out. Sometimes a relationship grows when you least expect and its often because you realize that it needed some TLC (tender loving care). 

Imagine yourself being on a deserted island with someone that you could care for.  How would you do things differently than you are doing right now?  What if social media and your cell phone didn’t matter anymore.

If you could put your feelings, thoughts and emotions into someone completely, how would you do it? 

Write down on a piece of paper what you feel is missing in your life. 

Try to think about what is going to work out best for yourself and go after what you think is best for yourself. Learn how to give and love

Learn how to give of yourself and to find happiness in who you are as a person. In this way, your life can feel a lot more complete and you can begin to grow as a person. 

It’s important for you to see life for what it is and to allow yourself to have a new beginning.

Allow yourself to feel like you can grow and become someone that cares and gives of yourself to others. 

You will often never understand your life completely until you have written down everything that you expect from it.  You need to stay focused on what drives you the most.

What Are Some Passion Examples?

Imagine yourself having the perfect person in front of you. When you are at work, you can’t stop thinking about the person that you want.  You fantasize about the two of you being romantic with one another.

You find yourself texting that person all the time and you realize that they want you back in the same way.  This is just one example of what life would be like if you met your soulmate.

Everyone doesn’t have this kind of passion in their love life. People often feel that there is no passion in their romantic life because they feel like something is missing.

I once met a woman that was passionate about a man that she had dated back in high school.  He was a handsome young man that she had dated when she was 17.

They were together for about 3 years and then they split up because they graduated, and he went off to college. Eventually, they both dated other people and got married to different people along the way. 

Around 10 years later, they couldn’t stop thinking about one another. Yes, they both came to the same exact road.  They were connecting telepathically, and both wanted one another. They both felt that they had to connect with one another. 

This woman was now divorced, but her boyfriend from high school was still married.  She was hoping and praying that he didn’t stop thinking about her.  Her passion was so high for the two of them to come together again. 

As you may have guessed, he wanted her back in his life again.  He loved his wife but felt that the relationship lacked romantic passion and intimacy. 

He was disappointed by the way that he was being treated by his wife. She became nasty and controlling in the relationship. 

Eventually, he saw that it was time for him to start thinking about divorce.  However, these two childhood sweethearts reconnected on Facebook. 

They both felt that they were good for one another still and decide to meet up in person.

When they met up in person, they felt like their relationship never ended. Their eyes locked and they both felt like they could be together forever. However, he was still married. 

They couldn’t kiss or show anything that they were feeling inside. 

He went home after meeting up with her and eventually told his wife that he wanted out of the marriage. 

Since he had such a passionate connection with his teenage love, he decided to go back and be with her.

Today, they have been married for over a decade and their relationship is still growing strong. 

It’s times like this when you say that a bad situation developed into a good one for two people that couldn’t forget one another. 

As you can see, passion is not the same for every person. However, when you have love for someone, it should come out of you naturally. 

You should never have to stop and wonder if someone is into you. If you don’t feel like they are into you, they probably aren’t.

You will feel like no passion is there and they don’t see you as their twin flame. 

Passionate relationships are not easy to find and don’t happen often. They usually come to us when we are note aware of it. 

What is Your Passion for Life?

If you have a passion for something, you should always pursue it. People that have no passion for something often say that their life is not happy.

They often feel that life is passing them buy and they never get what they want. Whether it be in love or money, they can’t seem to find what they are looking for. 

If you have ever chosen a major in college, you often do it because you want to find a career that will excite you.

You don’t want to sit in a job wishing that you were doing something else. 

You must have a passion for doing what you feel will be your life. When you start working, you will mostly spend 40+ years in your career. It’s important to find something that will make you look back 20 years from now and say, “I am happy that I didn’t waste my life.” 

If you are married or dating someone for 10 years or more, you will either feel that you had a good decade or one that was a complete waste of your time.

Some people spend years in a relationship that they are not happy in. They often stay in the relationship because they fear being alone or because Mr. or Mrs. Right never came along. 

You can feel that a person is a complete waste of your time if you don’t find what you are looking for.  It’s important for you to have love in your life always.

Allow yourself to see that you can be with someone that will always be there for you. Learn how to make the right decisions now so that you won’t have regrets 10 or 30 years from now.

Making the right choices today are what will make you happy tomorrow. It’s never to late to change your life. 

You will find that your passion comes out of your soul as you step out and do what makes you feel complete as a person.

Learning how to love and give of yourself is what is most important.

You must carefully examine your heart and see that you can figure out what will work for you.  In time, you will be able to see that its your passion that builds trust and a new beginning in life.

Starting over again is often what makes us find what we are looking for. 

It’s important to get advice from friends and family that can give you their opinions. 

We often don’t know or even understand ourselves and therefore, having a friend tell us what they think about our lives will make all the difference.

How to Restore Passion in Your Love Life

If you find that your lover is staying out late at night, it can be a horrible feeling. You may be the one sitting at home alone waiting for him to come walking into the door. However, it can be devastating if he is not coming home until 3:00 a.m. or not at all. 

You may be the kind of person that just wants to hang out with your lover 24/7. Many men today do not want to have this experience. In fact, many women today do not want that either.  Men and women today are not what they were 20 years ago.  In the past, family and marriage was a big deal.  People often got married by their 25th birthday and started having children as early as 21. 

In today’s world, many men and women have forgotten what romance all is about.  They do not see passion as taking someone out for a candlelit dinner.  They may look at that as being old school.  They may not even see passion as taking a weekend trip away with one another.  You may be shocked to learn that your relationship is headed for disaster because the two of you simply are not spending enough time with one another. 

Relationships today are relatively scary.  Many men and women feel like they are not in the relationship of their dreams because they cannot find someone that is willing to give 100% of themselves. It is hard to let someone into your heart on a regular basis.  It is best to keep on telling yourself that you must go after a dream that you are passionate about. 

If you are like me, you probably have a good deal of struggle in your life without adding on romantic problems. Perhaps you must work a lot of hours or simply do what you can to make it everyday with friends and family. 

To restore passion, you are going to have to put forth a lot of effort. I know what you are already thinking. You are sick and tired of having to do all the work.  You are tired of people taking advantage of you and hurting you.  It is important to see that you can do things a lot differently than you did before.  It is important to look at your life and see that you can do things differently now. 

It is going to take some time to see that you can do things differently now than before.  Try to ask your lover to meet you out for dinner. Yes, this may mean that you must pay for it.

However, think about the good times that you will share together and the fact that you want to experience this kind of love in your life. There is no better way of getting someone’s attention than telling them what is in our heart and on your mind. For the most part, you need to always look at yourself and feel that you can overcome the struggles that are put before you. 

If you think about it, you should be able to ignite passion once your lover sees the effort that you are trying to make.  However, if they are totally blowing you off, it might be time to cut them lose from your life and start over with someone else.  They may be secretly trying to give you a message that they are simply not interested in you or anything that you have to say to them. 

There is nothing more devastating then to see your relationship bringing you down every single day.  There is nothing worse than feeling like you are the bad guy in the relationship. 

What If Your Lover Is Not Passionate as a Person?

It is true that some men and women are “cold fish”.  They do not like being touched, kissed, or having anyone sit close to them on the sofa.  It is hard to imagine that you are with someone that makes you feel unwanted or unloved. 

Yes, this is a common problem in today’s world than you may realize.  It is important to know that when you have someone in your life that is hard to deal with, it can make you feel inadequate as a person. 

Remember that you may not be with the right person. You can start out by having a mutual discussion about feelings and what you feel you are not getting in the relationship. If your lover is not on board with giving you more of what you need, you may have to look at other possibilities in order to make yourself feel like you can move on to be with someone that will be a lot better for you. 

Love does not have to be one sided.  You may not know for sure what the future is gonged to hold right now. However, you will someday look at life and realize that you can continue to progress with what you want to see accomplished in your life. 

Can You Learn How to Be Passionate?

Yes, you can learn how to have passion in your romantic relationship.  You may not be the most passionate person either.  To ignite your own passion, you must focus on what makes you the happiest.  Is it what happens in the bedroom or are you more moved by making money or having a nice home? What are you passionate about?  Some people do not even know and if this is you, you are probably locked up emotionally inside of your heart. 

At times like these, you must learn how to journal and write out your feelings on paper. Write down everything that you feel from within and try to put it out there into the universe. Write down what moves you and makes you want to get out of bed in the morning.

If you are passionate about a specific job title, you may have to go back to school to balance that area of your life out. There is nothing worse than doing something in your life that you hate.

I once had a friend that dreamed of being an actress.  She never pursued the dream and instead became a nurse.  She wanted something more secure. After all, she wanted to have children and to have a life of her own. 

She did that and when she turned 30, her passion for life began to change. She became depressed, frustrated, and angry. She had no desire to do anything anymore. All she thought about was acting. She loved going to the theater and watching people acting on stage. She loved watching movies and could see herself on the big screen. 

She decided to pursue her dream in her 30’s.  She had two kids and yet, she felt the happiest in her life that she ever had been. Her dream was to act, and she could not see herself being a nurse anymore.

As you can imagine, her bills began to pile up when she quiets her nursing job.  She did not know what else to do. Would she live a life of misery or continue finding acting jobs that paid the bills? 

She decided to practice the law of attraction. She sat down and watched the movie, “The Secret”. She must have watched that movie around 10 times. She began creating a vision board and telling her friends and family that she was going to be a professional actress that made a decent paycheck. 

Interestingly, a man came into her life that was an investment banker.  I do not even have to say anything else. Yes, this man was rich.  He told her to continue her dream because he was going to pay her bills for her while she found her place in this world. 

This man became her boyfriend and later her husband. She never became a big star.  However, she does local theater roles (sometimes paid), commercials and occasional small parts in movies.  She is now making $40,000 a year as an actress. 

The dream did not come to her in the way that she had imagined. She no Angelina Jolie. Her husband is not Brad Pitt. However, she is living out what she was born to do.

She is one of the best actresses that I had ever seen on stage.  Unfortunately, acting is a highly competitive field and not everyone gets paid well in it.  Even the best of the best people does not make it “big” in acting.

Your Dreams May Not Always Be What You Want Them to Be

You may have a passion for life and yet not know how to fulfill it.  If you are thinking about pursuing something in life, you will see that there are man obstacles that you must work through to get to where you want to be.  It is important to have a new beginning each day in your life. 

Each day when you wake up, remember to pray, and ask God to help you to go after the dreams that are inside of your heart.  You are born with certain things that you will be good at.  

I have met some men in my life that love to play baseball.  Most of them will never play in the major leagues. However, they have made careers as coaches and passionate dads that help their children to get better at playing baseball. 

You have to say that most people will not become famous or wealthy in their careers.  Only a small percentage of the population are millionaire and billionaires.  It is important to look at your self and feel like you can pursue a dream that is going to help you to get to the next level of your life.


Know that dreams are not always going to be there the way that we expected them to be.  At times, you may feel that you are going to get what you want and yet, do not know how to get it entirely.

It is important to look at your life and feel like you can take on new challenges that come your way. 

You must also try to find ways to find fulfillment even if there is no money involved. 

What Does Money and Business Have to Do with My Romantic Passion in Life?

Believe it or not, if you are not happy in money and your career, your romantic life will suffer. You will always feel that you are not fulfilled.  When you are with your lover, you may feel like they are not making you happy.

Perhaps they cannot get you the ring that you have been wanting or the home that you have wanted since you were a little girl. When the bills start piling up, it ruins your passion for romance.

Often, young adults will think about love and not about money when forming their bond with someone. They may say, “As long as we have love, we can handle the money issues later on.”  However, this is further from the truth. 

Many men and women today marry someone that is not successful and therefore, they suffer along with them because they are not successful either. 

There is nothing worse than seeing two unskilled people getting married.  Everyone at the wedding often wonders how they afforded the wedding to begin with and what they will do after they say, “I do”. 

Getting married today is hard work.  You have a lot of bills to think about and its important to have a good job skill before deciding to live together.  If you are not earning a good income, your relationship will suffer. You will always have to worry about who is paying what bill and who is spending all the money

College is not as important as it used to be.  I say that because a college degree will not always guarantee you a job.  There are many people working in trades such as auto mechanics, electricity and air conditioning that make a lot more money doing that then a person with a 4-year college degree. 

Before getting married or moving in with someone, make sure that you are financially secure.  You need to understand that you need money to survive in this world. To live comfortably, you should be earning a household income of around $100,000 or more per year.  This means that you and your spouse earn at least $50,000 each from your job. 

Will Passion Suffer in the Bedroom If the Two of You Are Stressed Financially?

Ever heard of a sexless marriage or relationship?  This often happens due to your mind never being able to feel relaxed to think about sex.  Financial stress is horrible for couples that are always thinking about how they are going to pay the bills when everything in their life is going down the toilet.

If you want to have a lot of passion in your bedroom, you may want to start investing your time and effort into making more money.  You may have to start a business with the person that you are committed to.  Many businessmen and women start their own business to earn a good income. 

Once you are more financially stable, you will find that making love is a lot easier.  You should take a mini vacation together to find fulfillment at work or at home when you return.

Often, mini vacations bring passion back into romance.  You will find that getting away from your computer gadgets will cause you to think more about the person that you are in love with. 

How Can an Affair Divide Your Romantic Passion?

There is nothing worse than finding out that your lover has cheated on you.  Yes, you are upset by the fact that you have put everything into the relationship and yet they cheated. 

To gain that trust back, time will have to pass. It often takes years to build trust back again with the person that has done something behind your back. Not all relationships recover from a cheating affair. 

Perhaps you feel that you can no longer be with the person that cheated on you. In that case, its time to cut the cord and move on. Do not keep on taking your partner that cheated on you down with you.  You are not making them happy and you are waking up to misery every single day. 

If you feel that you cannot forgive and forget, move on. Stop lying to yourself and trying to make it work. You cannot force yourself to forgive. That must come from your heart. 

Most people find that when they are being cheated on, they cannot trust anything else that their partner is saying.  You often question if they are texting someone else or calling someone when you are not around.  These kinds of feelings and emotions are deviating.

If you feel that your lover has slept with someone else and it sickens you to think of being intimate with them, you are not alone. They betrayed your love and your dignity.  You often wonder if they will do it again.  These kinds of thoughts are perfectly normal and certainly do not bring about passion in the bedroom. 

You must sit down with yourself and ask serious questions. Have you truly forgiven the person that has cheated and lied to you?  Is it time for you to move on from them and start over again?  Can you eventually let go and be with someone new? 

What If You Were the Cheater in The Relationship? 

Perhaps you were the one that cheated on your lover in the relationship.  When you got caught or admitted to the affair, you saw a change in your lover. You began to see them as being someone that is now hurting you and not making you feel passionate in any way.

You may be saying to yourself, “Why should I give them my love anymore if they refuse to forgive and move on?”  You may be tired of constantly fighting about the same old thing.  Your lover may be constantly reminding you that you cheated on them and therefore, you deserve the crappy treatment that they are giving to you. 

Your lover may use your cheating as a get out of jail free card. They may choose to cheat on you now because you did it first. However, that is not the way to carry on forgiveness or any kind of romantic relationship.

If your lover cannot forgive you and move on, you need to get out of the relationship.  It can become toxic for you. Yes, you cheated and lied.  However, you do not have to pay for it for the rest of your life. 

If someone is trying to stone you to death because of something that you did, its time to cut that person off from your life. First have a serious talk with your romantic partner.  Tell them that you are sorry for the last time. Also remind them if they keep on bringing your cheating ways up, you cannot live in a relationship like that forever and must move on. 

It is important that you stay honest with what you want in life.  Make your lover understand that their holding on to what happened in the past is wrecking the passion in the relationship now.  Let them see that you are not going to put up with it anymore and it is destroying your life.

I would say to give your relationship at least 2 years to recover from an affair.  Anything beyond that will only destroy you as a person. Your lover may feel that you destroyed them, but you cannot be their savior.  You said that you are sorry and now its time to move on from the past. 


As you can see, having passion in a romantic relationship takes time and effort. The two of you must be on the same page to make the romance work.  If anything is preventing it from coming together, you must correct it before it destroys you and your lover in the long term.