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Clairvoyant Energy: Wake It Up Guidance Online

Clairvoyant Energy: Wake It Up Guidance Online

How To Awaken Clairvoyant Energy?

Every person has a side of them that is clairvoyant. They may not recognize their clairvoyant abilities right away.

However, over time, they will come to see that their clairvoyant gifts and abilities can tap into the spiritual realm and give them answers about most any topic that they can think of.

Energy is something that we cannot see but works.  If you think about it, you know that electricity is real because you can see it making your lights turn on in the house. 

However, if you were to try and find electric, you couldn’t find it. It’s invisible and people often don’t study it because its to complex to understand.

Clairvoyant energy works the same exact way. You may not understand what clairvoyance is, but you believe in it. You trust that it works because you have seen it work.

Before you knew that electricity would work in your home, you witnessed it working in someone else’s. You realize that electric can power on a lot of your modern-day conveniences and therefore, you want to use it. 

The same works in clairvoyance. When you start to use clairvoyance, you can see that it will work for your life. You begin to see that people all around you have something good to say to you about their gifts and abilities.

When you use your clairvoyant ability, you can help yourself and others.

Negative Energy Clairvoyant

Clairvoyants don’t always see good things.  A clairvoyant seeing energy is like a scientist seeing electric.

There excitement is high, but they don’t know if they will ever see the energy.  Everyone likes to see what they are working with.

However, we can’t always see what is plainly in front of us.

If you are into giving people psychic readings, you may have thought of a way that you can use your clairvoyant gifts and abilities.  Before doing any kind of psychic reading, one must relax their energy.

You will often walk into the psychic reading feeling nervous.  It’s not easy to try and pick up specific information for someone that is trying to find out what someone else may be thinking about them. 

It’s important to do around 20 minutes of meditation before giving a psychic reading. In this way, you begin to stay focused on what matters the most. In this case, it would be your client’s problems. 

If you walk into a situation feeling calm, relaxed and cool, you begin to see problems with more clarity. 

You can often find clarity in something that you are doing by taking your time with it. Learn how to listen to your inner voice when it tries to communicate a message to you. 

Having a balanced clairvoyant energy has a lot to do with your chakras. In order to balance out your 7 chakras, you are going to have to meditate and focus on each chakra. Start from your root and work all the way up to your heart.

Clear out your heart chakra the most because it is often affected by relationships, pain and suffering, anger and love. 

You will find that your chakras begin to clear once you have focused your attention on them and have gotten a clear indication that everything is going to be okay.

If you are like me, you want to focus on what matters the most in your life.

For some, it is focusing on what makes you feel happy.  It is what makes you want to wake up every single day. 

Staying clear is probably an effect that you don’t familiarize yourself with regularly. 

If you are like me, you want to understand your clairvoyant energy so that you can work with it a lot more powerfully. 

I once had a friend that was a clairvoyant.  She was a powerful woman with an ability to see into the future. 

She knew information before you even asked her. I once went to her for some spiritual advice.

She told me why I went to see her. She said that I have an important business decision to make and I had to know if what I was about to do would work for me. 

She was “spot on” and knew me like a book.  Her clairvoyant abilities told me that she was tapped into something that I could not tap into at that time. She told me that I was about to make a business deal with someone that would prove to be good.

She even told me that his name would be John. She informed me that this business transaction was about to change my life for the better.

The clairvoyant told me that she was about to tell me my future in what would happen.

She told me that my salary would go from $50,000 a year to $70,000 a year after doing this transaction with him.  I can say that she was right because it happened.

Psychic energy allows you to get in touch with your higher self. We often go through phases in which we wonder if we will ever reach higher stages in life.  We often wonder if there is something watching over us. 

In the 21st century, people like to call this “the universe”.   Perhaps there is a universe watching over us.  It does matter because this clairvoyant energy had to come from somewhere. 

I can tell you that when you start to practice clairvoyance, you begin to see information in dreams and visions. I had a clairvoyant vision one time that allowed me to tap into the spiritual world like never. 

In my dreams, I started to receive messages that later became inventions.  I wrote an entire book in my dream and then when I woke up in the morning, I wrote down what I wrote in my dream.  It became a book that I sold on

It’s amazing how we can take our time with developing our clairvoyant skills and abilities.  We should never be shocked by the fact that we are constantly learning. 

It is good that we are living in the 21st century.  We are connected to a computer and can visit websites like  We can study and examine any type of information. 

When we do this, we begin to learn more about our clairvoyant gifts and abilities. 

If you have ever got a clairvoyant reading before, perhaps you noticed that the clairvoyant sitting in front of you was closing their eyes and tapping into something that they called energy. 

You may have noticed that the psychic adviser was able to tap into the spirit world and give you information that nobody else could possibly know.

You may have felt your jaw dropping and saying, “How did you know that?” 

Yes, I have had these experiences as well.  You will often learn that the clairvoyant’s abilities are learned over time and cannot be taught out of a textbook. 

I later realized that my own clairvoyant gifts and abilities were inside of me for years before I started to use them. I began asking myself what a spiritual guide is.  I didn’t know that a spirit guide helps clairvoyants to see into the past, present and future.  I know that spirit guides are real because mine came to me face to face.

I was laying in bed and looked down. I saw my spirit guide smiling at me and saying, “light a candle for me so that I can come to you more often.”  I ended up building a shrine in my home for the spirit guide.

Every time that I light a candle for them, I realize that they come to me and start helping me when I feel troubled.

The clairvoyant gift is misunderstood because we can’t see energy. In fact, most people feel like they can’t see half of what is clearly in front of their face. 

A friend of mine once told me to write down whatever I get clairvoyantly. In this way, I could look at my life on paper and see that I can easily learn what the future is going to hold in store for me.

I am happy to say that when you have someone that you work with, you begin to see your clairvoyant abilities growing more.  My first client was a friend of mine. She was the kind of person that had a troubled love life.

She would often tell me that she wanted to tell me what she saw for my life.  I knew that she was blocked because she couldn’t pick anything up regarding my life. However, when I began to focus on her, I was able to pick up the troubles that were happening to her.

I began to tell her that when I investigate my vision, I can see her pain and sorrow. I told her that I can see her in great pain and feeling like her world was coming to an end.

She agreed with me and said that my clairvoyant prediction was correct. She told me that I would not have known that if the spirit world didn’t reveal this to me. I recognize that my life is meant to help other people.

I know that my life is here to assist people in growing and becoming more aware of their life troubles. 

I find that when I talk to someone about their problems, they feel a sense of freedom. They often tell me that I have a gift for reading people because I have practiced my natural born gift for a few years now.

I find that when I give people free psychic readings, my gift grows, and I begin to tap into the spirit world.

Others may not fully know or understand their own life. However, psychics can often tap into a dimension that so few will ever come to know.

When I was a child, I was a loner. Spiritual things always excited me.

As an adult, I sought after my clairvoyance because it brought me fulfillment and wisdom. I began to tap into the spiritual world and see the truth for what it was. 

I now consider myself to be someone that likes to seek out information for people that need answers. I find that most people that get answers from clairvoyants are doing so as a last resort. However, this should never be the case. 

In fact, most people should seek out information with clairvoyants because they have something to offer. 

You may find that the clairvoyant doesn’t always understand everything that is happening in their life but are often more open than the average person. 

You can easily find yourself coming into a position of change. Change happens when you least expect and its often because we need to do something different. 

It’s good to keep a diary of actual readings that you have done. If you have them done for you, write them down as well. In this way, you will see for yourself that you can grow in your spirituality. 

I have dream diaries that I have kept since I was 12 years old. Yes, these journals are in my hands and I look at them often.  I realize that I have gained knowledge and wisdom over the years.

I have grown in my spiritual gifts and now see my life as being something that touches other people.

I can honestly say tat I can give to others and learn what my life is going to be all about. You should always keep witness and learn what the spirit world is trying to say to you.

If you have this information, it will take you far in life and allow you to see that you can learn more about clairvoyant energy as you walk through life.

Take it all one day at a time and then eventually, you will come to see that you are a clairvoyant by nature. Clairvoyant energy tends to grow in us more when we use it to help other people.

Many people can sometimes predict what will happen to themselves or their loved ones, but very few are truly endowed with the gift of clairvoyance. History preserves few examples of clairvoyance, but they are edifying for the existence of this phenomenon. Anyway, there are some ways to develop your clairvoyant energy and use it to your advantage. It is more like a gift from God, so I cannot guarantee that you will feel and understand this energy.

What Is It To Awaken Clairvoyant Energy?

The vision of events, people and distant places in space, but in real-time, is a classic case of clairvoyance. The subject feels like a viewer at the cinema, witnessing dramatic situations in which he cannot intervene. He can overcome the barriers of time and space and can understand, before anyone else, the magnitude of a phenomenon that takes place far from himself.

We all have hunches and we all use intuition. Not infrequently, we may have had the feeling that something is happening, but without understanding what it is. Clairvoyants can see with the ‘eyes of the mind’ concrete images and clear symbols, they can understand what they ‘see’ and experience strong emotions, even if they are not involved in that event.

These visionaries should not be confused with fortune-tellers in books and crystal globes, but also with false prophets. A true clairvoyant will not ‘consult’ the future on-demand, nor will he ask for money for the information he transmits. His extrasensory abilities manifest spontaneously and, most of the time, are triggered by tragic events, which threaten people’s lives.

How To Use The Clairvoyant Energy?

First and the most important, we need a positive attitude, followed by the relaxation skills we have, imagination and confidence. Extrasensory capabilities offer us the possibility to access multiple levels of information, and most often simultaneously. They also give us the capacity to use that abundance of knowledge that is found in our spirit.

As you will notice, this process of expanding capacities will give birth to a special feeling. The union between mind is represented by these feeling signals. When our mental energy and soul come together and function as a whole, all your parts come together and will work to achieve what you want.

Amazing things will happen! You will redefine yourself as a healthier, happier, more loving and wise person. You will attract much better and more evolved people around you, as well as much greater opportunities which will open up ahead of you. Developing clairvoyant energy is the best thing you can make for your future. Well, should you do to develop the clairvoyant energy?

Positive attitude

Many studies have proven that optimistic thoughts automatically increase the capacity to feel the clairvoyant energy. As long as you are positive, the more of these capabilities will extend beyond the limits you thought existed. Instead, negative thinking and scepticism will hinder this process and completely block it.

To make sure you stay in a positive mental state, you can start by reading inspirational books, at least a couple of pages in the morning. This way you will step into the new day with the right and you will maintain a constantly good condition. You can also use positive statements. You can stick them around your house, or at the office, in visible places so that you can observe and read them as often as possible.

You Can Try Affirmations Like:

  • “Every day, whatever happens, I evolve and become a better person.”
  • “I am joy, I am freedom, I am love.”
  • “I’m perfectly healthy, and I have everything I need to succeed.”
  • “I am wonderful and loved in every moment, because I accept the goodness that is inside me.”

If you notice such statements more and more often through the environment in which you carry out your day, you will have a much higher vibration, you will be much more smiling and also the more you say something, the more often it will manifest in your life because of clairvoyant energy!


The easier you are relaxing while remaining conscious, the more you will have the capacity to free your soul, feel the good, and your mind to create, thus expanding your abilities. Relaxation opens your consciousness. As long as the relaxation is great, you will have more benefits.

When the brain waves slow down, breathing process slows from 12 normal breaths per 60 seconds to 6 breaths. In this process you will use less oxygen, lowering your metabolic rate. The result? First of all, the tension and stress disappear. Cell growth and repair is accelerated because your body eliminates toxins. Relaxation will develop your clairvoyant energy, patience and understanding.

A very good method of relaxation is the following:

Step 1

  • Sit comfortably with feet on the floor, parallel and straight column.
  • The head will automatically sit on the neck held by the spine, so you no longer need to lean on your chair.
  • Your shoulders and arms will hang freely, while you can put your hands on your knees.
  • The eyes are closed.

Step 2

  • Breathe slowly, allowing the abdomen to fill with air.
  • Set a breathing rhythm.
  • With each inspiration, say to yourself that you are blessed and that everything is fine.
  • With each expiration, all problems and worries are released.

Step 3

  • Move your attention to each side of the body, one at a time, starting with the feet and ankles.
  • With the eye of the mind, visualize your ankles as relaxed as possible.
  • Focus attention this time to your legs, knees, thighs and up to your hips, relaxing each one along the way.
  • Make a statement of relaxation and peace for each body part.

Step 4

  • Now travel carefully through your body, to your internal organs.
  • With the eye of the mind, focus on each organ, with the confidence that everything is good and relaxed.
  • Then pay attention to the back, chest, elbows, shoulders, wrists and palms.
  • Focus on each one and assure they are well and relaxed.
  • Your head and brain are now also relaxed. Be convinced that it is so. Feel this in your whole being.
  • Strengthen your inner peace and complete relaxation again.

In addition to this, you can connect to your inner source in the following way: As you merge into relaxation, be aware that in a special place inside you exists your inner core. Move your attention into that place. You know your centre, you recognize that place. It is the part of you that is still connected to purity and unity. Your centre is a place that radiates love, peace, knowledge. Just be there. Stay in your centre safely and warmly, with the certainty of being a wonderful person.


Imagination is important for your health like any other ability you have. Imagination gives you the chance to observe possibilities, to repeat in your mind before initiating and performing any action.

To practice this unlimited resource of inventiveness and delight, dream with open eyes, create as many dreams as you can experience. Leave your mind free, and don’t try to rationalize, just play with creation. Pretend you’re a kid and try to be as creative as possible. Dreaming with open eyes will help you develop your clairvoyant energy and visualization a lot. To discipline your imagination, train yourself until you can observe things in as much detail as possible.

For example, put one apple on a table and look at it. Observe its outline, shadows, features and colours. Close the eyes and imagine. Can you saw it like when you were open-eyed? Are there any differences? Now open the eyes and compare the differences. Try again.

Practice until what appears on your mental screen coincides with what is on the table. Practice with other things, and even go through unknown places using the techniques presented, until you can see exactly what you saw with your own eyes.

In the end, the mind will allow you to imagine whatever you want, without necessarily having seen that thing in reality. Extend this ability with the help of smell, taste, hearing and emotions. The easier you use the imagination, the easier it will be for you to use clairvoyant energy in your advantage!


Clairvoyant energy represents the abilities of the soul, of the spirit. These skills are gifts and talents that we can use to guide us more easily in this life. Because it is very easy for these talents to be affected by negative thoughts and feelings, such as greed or selfishness, it is good to use them only for pure purposes, and to trust the intuition we have, the impulse we have. when we want to use these capabilities.

You are the only person who you can change! You will manage your thoughts, emotions and actions. When you have full confidence in your inner source, in yourself, then you will feel clairvoyant energy and use it in your advantage!

How To Practice Clairvoyant Energy?

Give yourself at least 20 minutes a day to practice these techniques, which I have presented above. Choose an hour and a place in your house where you can sit quietly without being disturbed by anyone. If you are with family, ask them not to interrupt you during quiet periods.

Turn off any devices that might distract you (phone, laptop, TV) and practice these steps until your mental state will improve significantly and it will be easy for you to enter the state of relaxation, to imagine, and until you have complete confidence in the purity and goodness of yourself. After practising for a while, test yourself. I am sure that you will feel a form of clairvoyant energy! Good luck!

How Clairvoyant Energy Is Used To Help People?

 Clairvoyance is the ability to visualize remote places, remote situations, and remote spaces.

 It is the ability to be aware in one place and in turn, make an “astral” journey to visualize places or spaces in other places. This gift can be activated through deep concentration, thanks to a meditation process, or it can even happen spontaneously.

 These can be used to reap great benefits, as long as it is used responsibly.

Clairvoyance allows us to obtain information from people, physical places that we do not know, or see spiritual dimensions.

 Many people try to develop this Gift or turn to people who have it, to get answers about those things that worry them in their lives.

Can One Answer Change Everything?

Clairvoyance will show its message through real images or auditory, the person who experiences the scene will be able to see in detail all.

This means that this is the most effective way to find answers to things that we could not otherwise know.

Only the person who possesses this Gift will be able to see what is in another person’s mind, what is going to happen or what has already happened. This can only be known by a person who has the ability to be in two places at once through his mind.

 For this reason, this incredible gift of seeing what is hidden from others allows an enormous advantage over the truth.

 Knowing the truth about something will give us the advantage of being able to make the best decisions, however, we must be prepared to receive the truth and act responsibly.

 Does Clairvoyant Energy Help People?

 For the reasons we have stated, clairvoyance can help resolve events in our lives. It can help us heal what has happened in the past, prepare us for the future, and be clear about what is happening in our present moment.

 It can help us connect even with those who have already left the world, connecting with their energy to give us the opportunity to know what worries us and so we can be calm.

A good clairvoyant will know how to handle this information well and transmit it with the responsibility that this requires. In the same way, the information must be received with responsibility.

 After discovering a revealing scene, we may have to make important decisions, let go of certain feelings, or forgive.

 This is precisely the purpose of clairvoyance; help people make the best decisions, open their eyes to the truth so that their life begins to flow in the right way.

Is Clairvoyance In Our Present?

Perhaps you are wondering if you are with the right person if this is your life’s work, among other things.

 Clairvoyance will help you to have more clarity about these things or about the concerns you have about your current life. The messages will be very revealing to you, and you will probably feel very different after knowing certain things.

 You will feel that it is time to take action so that your life begins to improve in the aspects that you want.

 Remember that having the truth in your hands is a complete blessing and the best basis for making momentous decisions.

 Your present is the most important moment of all the existing times, you can influence it, change your course, start new things to produce better results.

Is Clairvoyance As Relief From The Past?

Sometimes the past is still in our present, it haunts us and there is something that still does not stop appearing in our minds.

On many occasions, we don’t understand why certain things happened, or what caused them. When we resolve past issues, we can finally begin to enjoy the present.

Clairvoyance can help us find those puzzle pieces that we need to free our thoughts and our soul anchored to past events.

Let us remember that the Akashic records remain forever, only that it passes into another state of existence. For this reason, the clairvoyant can travel to the plane of the past as if it were happening now.

 What Is The Advantage of Knowing About The Future?

When we discover things about the future, we can talk that we have obtained a kind of prophecy.

Clairvoyant has the power to see things that are going to happen in our life. But we must bear in mind that life is also governed by cause and effect; therefore this information will pass to us.

This means that we can decide things or do what is necessary to modify the final result.

Likewise, the clairvoyant will be a guide who, after delivering the message, will wisely tell you how to go towards what you want, if it happens that you do not want the prophecy to be fulfilled.

In other cases, it is necessary to accept what is going to happen, since they will be moments or things that we cannot change or that will happen very soon and we can not do anything. However, we must know that there are things that for some reason must happen without us interfering in any way.

At other times we will receive a very encouraging message about our future, and this becomes an inspiration to direct our daily actions to allow that event to happen.

Let us remember that we are the ones who go towards the future and not the future towards us.. Therefore there is a daily construction process that allows them to happen.

 Conclusion Of Awaken Clairvoyant Energy

Clairvoyance is a powerful tool that helps you see through a third eye, the reality that surrounds you, but that you cannot see.

It is important to keep in mind that knowing the truth is a responsibility, both for those who speak it and for those who receive it, but without a doubt, it can help us heal the past understand the present and take action to determine the future that lies in our lives hands.

Let’s remember that the present moment is the most important of all, when we are well in our present, then we know how to enjoy life and make things begin to be better for us.

Clairvoyance will help you make the best possible decisions, therefore this Gift is considered one of the most influential when it comes to helping people.