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Afterlife: 100% Tips On What Happens After Death

Afterlife: 100% Tips On What Happens After Death

What Do We Know About The Afterlife?

The afterlife teaches us that life exists after death. Spiritual beliefs often teach us that we have a soul that lives on after we die. 

Atheists often believe that this is false since the dead don’t speak and we can’t prove that life exists after we die. 

If this is the case, then why do billions of people all over the world try to become or be a better person to prepare themselves for their next life?

Life after death is not a new age concept. In fact, afterlife theory has been around since the beginning of time. 

Mankind has always been fascinated with the stars, planets and moon. 

When you look up at the sky and see nature, most people say, “Someone must have created all of this. How can it be possible that its all one “big bang”?

Is There Any Scientific Proof of Heaven?

Nobody can prove that heaven exists. However, mainstream religions like Christianity, Judaism and Islam all say that it does. Most of what we know about heaven comes from ancient textbooks and prophets

If you read the Holy Bible, you will often read stories from prophets and those that say miracles came from God in heaven. 

What we know about heaven came from another person that told us that there is a heaven. 

When Jesus came to heaven, he did not give us a video of what heaven looks like.

Instead, he showed us love and said that when we die, we could go to heaven if we believe in him. If we accept Jesus Christ as the Lord and savior, we will go to heaven. 

The reason why most people want to go to heaven is because it said to have no pain or sorrow.

It’s a place where you can stay for all eternity and see that there is no reason for suffering any longer.

Different faiths teach heaven differently.  Some faiths believe that only their own people that believe in their religion will enter heaven. In Judaism, it is said that the Jews will only enter heaven.

Those that are not Jews will go to a place called hell.  In Islam it is the same. It teaches that all those that believe in Allah will go to heaven.  Those that are not believers in Allah will go to hell.

Science has not been able to prove if there is a heaven or hell. It doesn’t mean that they never will. After all, they weren’t always able to prove that the earth was round.  It was once believed that the earth was flat. 

Scientists are still trying to figure out if life exists on other planets as well. 

“Some people like Annabel Beam claimed that she saw heaven after she fell from a tree.  Annabel is not alone. 

There are thousands of accounts of people claiming that they have been to heaven after dying and coming back to life. 

Others say that they were having an out of body experience and seeing themselves laying on an operating table and then going to heaven afterwards.” 

You can either believe these stories or write them off as fiction.  However, some of the afterlife stories are so chilling and detailed that it leaves you wondering if life does exist after we die. 

Artists like Leonardo Davinci gives us a glimpse of proof of afterlife through their artwork.  One can only fantasize what life would be like if there were such a place as heaven.

As you can see, there is currently no proof of life after death that exists. Only people’s stories and words from people that claim there is one. 

Can Worship Give You a Glimpse of Heaven?

Many people that sing songs to their God claim that they can feel him.  They claim that they feel and sense the presence of God and know that heaven is real. 

Even though you can’t physically see a heaven, you certainly can sense that a heavenly place must exist because of the peace that you feel when you are in that moment. 

What Do Buddhists and Hindus Believe?

Buddhists and Hindus believe that we pay for what we have done in this life in the afterlife. They also believe that the soul is reincarnated into another dimension when we die. 

It teaches that if you are a good person, you will come back again and someone that has a good life. 

Eventually, if you do this enough, you will go to a permanent place of rest.

Some people see this as heaven and others see it as simply nirvana. 

Buddhists believe in the power of meditation.  When you meditate, you begin to feel internal peace when you reach higher levels of thinking about nothing.

The idea is to put yourself into a sleep like state forever and feel nothing but peace.  This is harder to do than most people realize.

It is said that once the body dies, the soul lives on.  In Hinduism, it is believed that you can speak to the souls of those that have died and when you die, they welcome you and help you ascend to the new world. 

You also come back if you need to.  When you come back, you will come back according to what you deserve. If you lived a life doing bad things, you may come back as ant or a dog. 

What Is the Egyptian Afterlife?

If you lived in ancient Egypt, you would have seen life on earth as a small part of your full existence.

Ancient Egyptians believed that your life would continue after you died.  It was believed that if you lived a good life, you would enter a place called The Field of Reeds. 

This was the Egyptian thought of heaven. It was believed that the Gods would put you there if you deserved to be there. It was a place where you would feel nothing but peace.

Egyptians believed that the soul was trapped in the body.  It would not be free again until it left the body and went back into the spirit world.  Once in the spirit world, it could go on to a heavenly place.

What Is God and the Afterlife All About?

In almost every spiritual belief, it is believed that an entity decides as to what happens to your soul when it dies.

You go through a period of judgement and a God will make the decision on what happens to you.

Whether you to go heaven or hell or back to earth is all up to the God in which you believe in. 

Atheists don’t believe in a God and therefore say that when their body dies, they are just gone.

They have no soul and go nowhere.  The famous scientist David Goodall did assisted suicide at the age of 104.

He said that he accepted that there was no life after death and that he preferred assisted suicide to end his life because he felt that he woke up everyday to suffering. 

For some, the afterlife is nothing but a state of nonexistence.  For others, it’s a way to enter complete peace after a life of long-term suffering. 

The life after death debate has been going on for centuries now between theologians and scientists.  Theologians argue that believing in heaven and hell are by faith.  It cannot be proven through science. 

Will Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) Change the Way that We View the Afterlife?

In the 20th century, recording devices such as tape recorders, video cameras and television sets began picking up voices where nobody else was present. 

People started to realize that you could hear voices with recording devices, and it became a worldwide phenomenon.  The voices that were being picked up by EVP were the sounds of human voices. 

They were and still are words and phrases that human is saying. 

These voices are often responding to questions that someone would ask them.  The voices are in different languages and often the dead. 

If you are wondering how an EVP works, here is some information. 

Take a digital tape recorder and visit a cemetery that is known to have hauntings. 

This means that the cemetery is active with living spirits that want to speak to the living. 

These spirits are often poltergeist in nature and sometimes spirits that speak actively into recording devices. Visit a gravestone and place your recording device on top of the headstone.

Ask the person that to please speak into the tape recorder so that you can talk with them.

You won’t be able to hear their responses.  However, when you play back the recording, you will often pick up a voice or white noise that you can hear. 

You will be able to see that the spirits are trying to speak to you. 

The spirit may say a simple “hello” or “I am here”.  They will often respond to your questions.

If you say, “Did you die in a car accident?”  If the person did, they may respond, “Yes, I died in a car accident” or a simple “Yes”. 

EVP’s are proof that life does exist beyond this physical world. The air has living spirits in it that we cannot see or hear with our own ears. 

However, recording devices are picking up these voices. 

Amazingly, this could not have happened before the 21st century.  We are the first century in the history of mankind that can talk to spirits through a recording device.

Can We Prove That the Afterlife Exists Today?

It appears we can prove the existence of the afterlife after all.  We can hear that actual human beings are trying to communicate with us. 

These beings are coming from a spirit world that we cannot see.  Are they speaking to us from heaven, hell and in between world? We don’t know. 

I do believe that in time, future generations will research this and figure out what happens to a person after they die. 

Science has recently proven that brain activity is still present 2 hours after a person’s heart stops being and they are declared clinically dead.

However, it has not been proven that brain activity is still present after 2 hours.  Researchers are continuing with their experiment to see how much longer after a person dies, their brain is still active.

These kinds of research experiments are being conducted in both the United States and Canada.

Even the project CERN in Europe has developed the world’s most powerful computer.  This computer is trying to find out who God is and if actual spirits exist that we cannot see. 

CERN was able to capture some images of spirits in some of their experiments. 

Shockingly, this was not an experiment about spirits. It was more of an experiment and study of matter and the God particle. 

However, it is now being looked at deeply because in many of the computerized images, they are finding actual human spirits appearing out of the air.

We are living in amazing times. Times in which the world will soon see that heaven is real and so is hell. We will begin speaking to spirits once they have died through advanced recording equipment. 

The questions about the afterlife are soon not going to have questions because we will know 100% that life does exist beyond earth.

When we died, our body may go to six feet under, but our spirt is still alive.

Also, what makes us “us” will survive as well.  It’s going to happen when we least expect.

It is thanks to the billions of people that lived and died on earth that worshipped God.  They were the first to say that life does exist beyond this world.

Jesus Christ said that there was a heaven and many modern-day religions and spiritual faiths do teach that there is a heaven and hell

Many other faiths such as Hinduism and Buddhism teach about reincarnation of the soul.  It is hard to say exactly who is right and wrong.  However, its up to you to do your own research with modern day technology. 

Believing that there is an after life is deeply rooted in the Catholic teaching. in the Bible, it was described as a place “no eye has seen … and no human mind has conceived.” In my twenty two years of existence, I’ve been into three near death experiences. The first one happened when I was still in my mother’s womb, in her whole duration of pregnancy she felt weak. It’s almost a miracle that I survived.

She said it was in her constant prayers and faith that I was able to be born healthy despite going through fear of miscarriage, thrice. The second one, happened when I was seven when my family was involved in a traffic accident, the car we had then was totally wrecked after crashing into a truck loaded with padlocks.

This time, at an early age I learned about faith and how powerful it is. Looking back, I could barely think how the five people inside that vehicle was still alive with minor injuries sustained. It was another miracle that made my belief stronger.

The third happened when I was a senior in high school and underwent appendectomy. I was rushed in the hospital in the middle of the first day of classes after I got weak because of abdominal pain. The next thing I know they were rushing me to the operating room for my first major surgery.

The second and the third near death experiences happened when I am already capable of thinking on my own, and never once I experienced that short encounter of afterlife.

Even so, in those moments of nearing the end of my life, I did care about if I have done enough good atleast to the people close in my heart to enter heaven. Beliefs and faith aside, I guess it was more of me being able to live my life well, and having no regrets whatever the ending may be. With afterlife or not.

This way of living and mindset has become most evident for me now, at my 20s. Many people my age, would think that we only live once, we should make it count and do as much as we can, both wise and stupid actions.

However, I have centered my life not about minding whether I’m choosing the best path for me but rather if I have been living my life in a way that I’ll be remembered by the people I love in the best way possible. More than afterlife, I care about the present. I care about whether I have been giving enough love and kindness to every person I cross paths with. Only then,

I can say there is no regrets for me. In a way that is me showing my care about afterlife, it’s more on knowing that I left Earth with something good in me that it will continue to live on. In terms of the life I’ll lead after my death, I guess I’ll just worry about it when I cross that bridge.

What Does The Afterlife Mean in Different Cultures?

Afterlife belief varies from a culture to another culture in this world. Each religion has its owner’s belief in the afterlife on this earth and it varies from one to another. Life after death is majorly believed that the consciousness of an individual may continue after the death of the physical body.

In other cultures or religions, it is believed that the life of the person or soul or spirit does not continue at all in any case. In other words, an individual’s soul or spirit gets an end once his life is over or after the death of the person or body. Hence, there are different views and various opinions are existing in this world about the afterlife

It is quite common we know some religions or cultures would have a strong belief that the existence of the soul in another world. This is commonly practiced and believed in Christianity, and Islam.

However, in some other cultures or religion reincarnation system is strongly believed. This is believed in Hinduism and Buddhism religions following people. They also believe that the dead soul will get a judgment by the GOD based on their good and bad activities.

Spiritually speaking, the continuity of life might continue after death and it is obvious in the next birth of a person. There are several incidences in this world that had happened to our surprise. Yes, in some parts of the country a few people suddenly get some details about their past life in their minds.

They were able to view those people met by them in their earlier life at present. These incidences were occurring in some parts of the world which we are able to read it in the newspaper. This shows that life continues even after the death of a person and his past memories might get to his mind.

Belief in the afterlife is a commonly occurring phenomenon among humans but they do not understand reality. Some might say that afterlife is true based on his culture and religion and some might say that afterlife is absolutely fake based on his culture and religion.

Hence, the confusion is still there and researchers are doing some experiments for identifying the real truth about the afterlife. In some people’s views or spatial realm, the individual who is dead presently might reborn again in the next birth. Also, another common idea is that his past deeds namely Karma might get accumulated on his shoulder again in his rebirth.

Some philosophers say that death and birth are continuous and it happens again and again for an individual. One one of the major religions and cultures followed by a majority of people say that an individual has seven births in total and at the end of the seven births his end occurs in this world.

Till the seventh birth, he would get born again and again. Still, some believe thy at the afterlife is decided by GOD and is based on the positive activities of the individual while he was alive on this earth. in India, or Hindu religions, it is believed in reincarnation because the individual will bear again based on his deed on this earth.

The heaven and hell belief is still seen in some of the religions on this earth. As per some religions and culture, the man who dies on this earth would get punished if he had done some bad things in this world at the hell. In case, the person is very good on this earth while he was alive, he can enjoy heaven. This is decided by God in heaven as per the activities of the person on this earth.

For some religion and culture, the afterlife is a very powerful and strong belief. They keep an intense faith in the afterlife and accordingly they depend on it. Even an old theory says that faith in the afterlife leads to the development of religion and culture on this earth.

It was the base for many people and religions on this earth. The primitive humans founded the religion based on the afterlife foundation. It comes through the traits of humans in this world. The real truth about the afterlife belief may change from a culture to another culture.

Geographical location on this earth is another feature for belief or non-belief in the afterlife. From ancient times, it is believed that the dead people never come to this earth again and their soul reaches heaven and get settled there.

On contrary to this belief, some other religions like Islam and Christianity believe that the presence of hell and heaven exists in this world for the purpose of humans’ bad and good deeds in this world. It is also believed that continual reincarnation continues in this world as per the spiritual understanding. The belief of karma, good and bad is decided by God as the individual gets punished or not after death.

Some of the cultures belonging to some people in this world have concrete thoughts that there is no life after death. The individual who dies on this earth never reborn again next time. His soul and his body get disappeared in the earth itself. Hence, the belief about life after rebirth never happens at all and instead, the person’s soul comes to an end.

That religion also claims that there is no concrete evidence about the afterlife for an individual in this world. This is something intriguing research for the other people who strongly believe that there is life after the death of an individual. Hence, these views are given a hihg importance by the common people and scientists sine there is no evidence of the afterlife. It is considered a myth in many religions and cultures.

In general, cultures have different opinions about the afterlife since the view about death is conceptualized in different ways. A common view about the afterlife is that the person’s life comes to an end after he dies. There is no continuation of life after he dies on this earth and only his physical body remains here for a couple of days.

In some cultures, death is defined as the transformation of another form of existence in this world. Still, some more views about the afterlife are that the dead ones have an interaction or communication with the living ones in this world. These different opinions and views about the afterlife or death in various cultures are available. The fear of death and various rituals after death are belief oriented in a religion.

In ancient cultures, the afterlife is believed a lot, and importance was given by the people. The person’s soul reaches the kingdom of hell once the person dies in the earth. The soul of the person is given importance and the deeds are weighed by GOD. Depending upon the good and bad deeds, the person has judged by GOD accordingly.

Egyptian culture believed in mummifying the dead persons believing that the person might come again to live. They had a strong belief that the dead ones might come and live and hence the dead persons are embalmed in the mummy tombs. In ancient cultures, it was strongly believed that rebirth is a divine force and hence they strictly followed the rules of religion hoping that the dead person might reborn or will come and live with them.

The ancient people In Egypt had a strong belief that death is not permeant and it is purely a temporary obstacle. Hence, they preserved the dead bodies as mummy structures and performed rituals. They had a strong belief that the afterlife is possible and the person would reach the earth after some time of the person’s death.

Some major evidence showed that those ancient people had made a backdoor in the tomb of the person believing that the dead person might come again through that door. So, it is clear and strong that afterlife belief is strongly held and supported by those ancient people in various countries. They also showed interest in performing death rituals keeping the rebirth in mind.

When we look at Abrahamic religion’s faith it is clear and evident that the people’s afterlife is that the soul reaches the utmost eternal part. Once the person dies, the soul o the person leaves the man and it reaches the GOD. The soul of the dead person reaches its peaceful state only it reaches the GOD’s presence.

The soul gets settled and becomes immortal after reaching GOD, which is a strong faith of the people in those times and cultures. Still, some believed that the departed souls of the dead body might communicate with the other souls that were left earlier.

It is also believed that the souls that are departed would understand after some time their good and bad activities on this earth. They would also understand the consequences of their actions for various purposes. God will embrace the people who have done good deeds and the souls that had bad deeds would realize the consequences

In Christianity culture, the concept of coming back to life after death is practiced. The resurrection concept is widely practiced in this culture of Christianity.

Also, it is strongly believed that the resurrected people would be treated well in heaven and they would occupy a special space in the presence of GOD. The prepared souls of dead people are categorized into two parts viz those who have done the good deeds and those who have done the bad deeds. The people who have done good deeds are properly given resurrection to life and the bad deed people are resurrected to condemnation.

There are several other views that are available in Christianity relation and culture. The various categories under Christianity groups have their own ideas and belief in the afterlife. The views and ideas of religion and culture are still followed by their descendants nowadays.

In Islam, the belief about the afterlife is very strong and their religion strongly condemns the followers who do not believe in the afterlife. Humans who believe in GOD and his presence would be fine and good after death and will not be punished.

A descriptive form of explanation is given in the Quran for the meaning of the afterlife. The culture insists on good deeds by the people of religion and not on any bad activities. The major belief of the Islam culture about the afterlife is that soul exists ever. The dead person gets transformed physical form.

Buddhism insists on the rebirth of the soul or body after death without any change in any form. They believe in rebirth and it takes place depending upon the person’s karma on this earth when he was alive.

The person who has done good deeds would have a good rebirth like high realms than the person who has wrong deeds would have low realms. The rebirth of a person is not deterministic and it purely coincides with the karma of the person.

Japanese culture considers death as liberation and acceptance, They consider dead persons can give blessings and cursing powers to the person. Even Sikhism and Jainism religions believe in the rebirth like Hinduism. The Chinese culture too has a great belief in the afterlife. The Chinese people believe in the karma of the individual afterlife.

The two types of beliefs are seen commonly in all religions or cultures followed in this world. Either in ancient times or in modern times, the afterlife is seen in two categories.

The first one is the continued existence of the soul which we can see in the spiritual realm and the second one is that rebirth after death. Reincarnation, heaven, or hell systems are still followed or believed in many cultures throughout the world. Whether the evidence for these beliefs presents or absent, but people do follow their culture without fail.

The above points are seriously considered if life after death is present or not present. Afterlife is not a single day observation or conclusion but it is a long unending feel or belief of many people.