What Is The Meaning Of Ghosting?

What Is The Ghosting Meaning?

If you are a millennial, you are probably familiar with the term ghosting.  It means that someone just vanished from your life without explanation.  This is becoming all to familiar in the United States and around the world. 

Ghosting is nothing new even though this term started in the 21st century. In the 20th century, ghosting was often referred to as disappearing and dissed me.  Today, ghosting is becoming familiar with people that are dating.

A woman might say, “Is he ghosting me?  I have not heard from him in around a week.  Why is he not calling me?”  Ghosting can be rather painful.  A woman might think in her mind that she is dating a man that seems rather interested in her. 

On their first date, he tells her that she is his dream girl.  The man compliments her beauty and pays for an expensive dinner.  However, a week later, he suddenly disappears.  The woman might say, “I can’t believe he just ghosted me.  Did I do something wrong?” 

Many women think that they may be the reason why they got ghosted.  Was it something that you said or did?  How can you avoid being ghosted in the future? 

Meaning Of Ghosting is about life and learning
The Meaning Of Ghosting Is Relatively New In The 21st Century

Is Ghosting Someone Unfair?

Many men that ghost women do it because they don’t have the courage to tell her that he is not into her anymore.  Instead of saying, “I don’t think that this relationship is working for me.”

He will instead just ghost. Many men feel that ghosting is an easier way to let the woman know that he is not interested in her.

After all, he doesn’t have to hurt her with his words. He won’t have to feel bad that he hurt someone that he once cared for. 

However, women that experience ghosting say that its one of the most hurtful actions that a guy can take.  Most women would prefer you to tell them face to face how you feel. 

It’s important to not go around ghosting anyone because it leaves the person wondering what went wrong.

Sometimes knowing the truth is a lot easier than guessing what could have happened to you.

Fear also sets into the person that is being ghosted. The person might say, “What if my boyfriend got sick?  What if he is hurt and can’t get to a phone? What if he lost my phone number?” 

Yes, these kinds of thoughts often run through your mind.

Especially because you remember that you were talking to one another fine the last time that you spoke.  Now suddenly, he just vanished into thin air. 

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The Meaning Of Ghosting Has More To Do With Harmony And Love Online

Ghosting people should be avoided at all costs. Women that get ghosted say that its 100% more painful to be ghosted then just hearing that he doesn’t want to be with you.

Most women feel that they can take it if the guy doesn’t feel the connection any longer.  However, in almost all cases of ghosting, women often feel that the unknown of why the guy ditched them is more devastating.

How Can You Avoid Being Ghosted?

You cannot always avoid being ghosted. However, here are a few tips on how you can see a ghosting encounter coming. 

  • He is not calling you back when he is calling you.  He may say that he has been busy the next time that you talk and can’t be bothered.  His next step is most likely going to be a complete ghost. 

  • You feel that he is not interested in you because he only wants to see you occasionally.  Usually, the next stage after that is ghosting.

  • You feel that you must keep on chasing him down. After this, he will usually just ghost you. 

  • He has blocked you on all social media. He simply tells you that its because of he doesn’t want any of his friends and family to ask who you are. He is trying to keep prying eyes off people asking him questions about you.  The next stage after that is usually ghosting you completely.

  • He asks you to please not text him so much. He is feeling like you are married, and he only wants to be dating.  He feels smothered. The next stage after that is usually ghosting. 
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Some People Think That The Meaning Of Ghosting Is Unfair

Are You Getting Ghosted Because of Your Excessive Texting?

Believe it or not, men and women think differently about communication.  Nearly 90% of all men feel that they would rather be the one chasing the woman then have her chasing him. 

Most guys prefer not to be texted unless he is texting you first. 

Most men say that you should not text him more than once a day.  He usually doesn’t want to hear about your nails getting done or that you are at the grocery store. 

Most men feel like you are “blowing up their phone” when they must keep on looking at their cell phone because they keep on getting dings that you are texting them.  Most guys feel that it’s a bit much. 

They often prefer having space until he sees you again. 

Most relationships are destroyed today because of excessive texting.  To ghost someone often means that the other person is tired of you for one reason or another. 

Many women say that they text their boyfriend a lot because they are lonely and are looking for companionship. 

However, its important to not think of him as a girlfriend.  Men often prefer putting their time and effort into their careers and hobbies.

They often don’t like to talk because their brain thinks differently than a woman’s does. 

One of the best books for a woman to read if she keeps on getting ghosted is, “Act Like a Lady,

Think Like a Man” by Steve Harvey.  Another Great book is, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” by John Gray. 

These books will give you a good idea as to why and how men and women think differently. 

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Meaning Of Ghosting Happens Always When Least Expected

What is a Good Method to Follow?

If you text him and he is not texting you back, don’t text him again. Showing someone respect and love has a lot to do with you and how you proceed. 

If he is not texting you back, then it means that he doesn’t want to be bothered right now.

If you leave him alone, there is a good chance that he will text you again when he feels ready to.  When he does this, you will probably feel better that you waited. 

After all, nobody wants to feel like they are hounding someone.  Nobody wants to feel that they are a pest. 

Most men today often feel smothered by someone texting them to much. 

To a man, excessive texting means nagging. It is the same thing as a mother might feel when her child says, “Mommy, can I have a cookie? Mommy, can I have a cookie? 

Mommy, can I have a cookie?  Mommy, can I have a cookie?”  Not only is it annoying to have someone nagging you, but you don’t want to feel like you are forced to do something.

Is Controlling Ways Causing Him to Ghost You?

In many romantic relationships, men feel like their girlfriends are trying to control them. 

Sometimes, when a woman doesn’t get her way, she tries to force her boyfriend into calling/texting her when she wants it to happen. 

Most men will witness her screaming at him or trying to force him to do what she wants him to do.  This is often hard for the man to absorb for more reasons than one. 

Men don’t like to be or feel like someone is trying to control them. For starters, men are built with an inborn desire to lead and to take control of the relationship. 

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Amazing Meaning Of Ghosting Will Move Ahead Online

He will often tell you that he wants to be the one in control. 

He wants to be the one that will tell you how he feels and open to you when he feels that the timing is right.

If you try to control him, he will often think of you as being mean, controlling or a bi***.  Yes, he may have even called you this before. You don’t want to get to a point where name calling is being used. 

This often means that the man is about ready to ghost you for good.  Once a man reaches a point where he feels that ghosting is necessary, it means that he has given up on you.

He has decided that pushing you out of his life is a lot better than keeping you in his life. 

Men that ghost women often do so because it’s the easy way out.  They don’t have to live with the pain of knowing that they hurt someone.  Ghosting you simply means that he decided not to talk to you.

The man will often feel that you can draw your own conclusion as to why he ghosted you. 

He often thinks that you can take it any way that you like.  He will much rather see you wondering about why you have been ghosted than to confront you with how he feels. 

My Boyfriend Ghosted Me: Should You Track Him Down?

When you get ghosted, you may wonder if you should track him down or not. Should you look for the guy on social media or knock on his door if he is not responding to you any longer? 

This question has been asked by many women that have been ghosted and the scenarios have been a bit different each time. 

A client of mine was a woman that got ghosted by her boyfriend. 

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Moving In The Right Direction In the Meaning Of Life Online For All To See

I will call her name Sally.  Sally was in a 2-month long relationship with her boyfriend Chris.  Chris would often text her daily and they would see each other usually on the weekends when they were off from work. 

However, one day, he just stopped for no reason whatsoever.  He simply vanished. 

Sally was upset.  She was blocked on social media, his cell phone and when Sally reached out to his friends, they said that they haven’t heard anything from him.

She was worried that something might have happened to him.

Within a couple days after his ghosting, she heard back from one of his friends that he was with another woman. His friend said that he was posting pictures of the two of them on his social media. 

Sally was infuriated when she heard this and decided to go over to his apartment. When she knocked on the door, Chris answered.  He had a look of anger in his face.

Sally was upset and said to him, “Can I come in?” Chris said no!  He said that he didn’t want to talk to her, and she should go?

She said to Chris, “How could you do this to me? We were dating and were fine. 

Suddenly, you decide not to text or call me anymore? What is the problem?”  Chris gave no explanation.

He only told her that if she didn’t leave, he would call the police. He then slammed the door in her face.

In this incident, Sally didn’t even see the ghosting coming. However, she could have gotten herself arrested if things got more heated. You never want to put yourself in a vulnerable position where you could get yourself arrested or be accused of stalking. 

It is often best to leave your ghost behind you.  If he is not calling or texting you back, just assume that he kicked you to the curb and move on. Nobody likes to be ghosted.

However, when you are, its going to be obvious that the other person doesn’t want to be together with you.  Its easier to say, “He is not into me.” Who cares what the reason is? 

being ghosted is terrible
Being Ghosted Is A Horrible Experience

He just doesn’t want to be together with you and its best to say goodbye as well. 

Perhaps you did something wrong and maybe you didn’t.  However, it doesn’t matter.  The fact that someone is ghosting you means that they have decided that you are no longer worth their time.  They have decided to just move on.

If faith brings the two of you back together, then you can talk about it. However, don’t go chasing after your ghost. It usually spells TROUBLE for you.   

How Will Ghosting Affect Your Life Long Term?

At some point in our lives, we will find a person that we can build a relationship with. They can be our family, friends, or even a stranger that will turn out to be someone whom we want to spend the rest of our lives.

However, in some cases, these relationships suddenly stop without any warning. No messages, no phone calls, nothing. The relationship you built with each other suddenly pops like a bubble and vanishes for good and you wont even know why.

The term for such occurrence is called “ghosting”. By definition, ghosting is the act of withdrawing any forms of communication by a person from someone they built a personal relationship with without any warning whatsoever as if they suddenly became a ghost invisible to the naked eye.

Although technically it can be used in any forms of relationship, it commonly happens in romantic relationships which ranges from casual flings to a relationship which spanned for so many years already. No one is really safe from being ghosted as it can even happen to married couples.

Even if there are much worse things that can happen in a relationship objectively speaking, no one can deny that being ghosted is something that can hurt deeply depending on the level of attachment the person particularly feel about the one who did it to them. If you are reading this, you’re probably one of those who unfortunately experienced this one of a kind paranormal activity.

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The Meaning Is Going For Ghosting To Be Explained Easier

Why Am I Being Ghosted?

At first, you will most likely desperately try to reach out to the person who ghosted you. Asking what’s wrong, writing walls of text demanding an explanation and will most likely end up with hurling of abuses you never thought you could say while receiving little to no reply at all.

In many cases, you won’t even have the opportunity to do so as you are blocked from all ways of contacting the one who ghosted you. The next thing you’ll do is most likely blame yourself for being inadequate.

You will think about it all the time and probably hoping that any moment, they will reach out to you which leads to sleepless nights that will one day finally affect your health. In any case, everyone deals with it differently but one thing is for sure and that is it will emotionally hurt you.

We will never know what goes in the mind of such people to be able to hurt another person to such degree but we can try to rationalize and view it from their horrible perspective on why they are doing this.

Some people are simply too afraid to face problems and they find it too bothersome to deal with and what’s the best next thing to do? Yep, just simply avoid the problem altogether and be at peace.

Some of them might be too sensitive and feel that they are being controlled too much which leads to them developing this mentality of “I’ll show you that you can’t control me” and proceeds to be a ghost.

Although the one being ghosted might have faults too, it’s no excuse for an individual to run away like a child without bothering to tell their side of the story to the person they once shared a relationship with.

In a sense, it all boils down to the maturity of the said individual in the first place which could be noticed early on if one just takes off their rose-colored glasses for a second and see all the red flags they’re waving.

To sum it up, you are ghosted because you fell for someone with the maturity level of a potato and you have all the right in the world to blame them for hurting you and wasting your precious time.

What Are The Effects of Being Ghosted?

The same with any kind of thing that afflicts emotional pain, being ghosted can lead to anxiety and depression. It can change someone for the worse and lead to so much problems for future relationships as the mental scar it creates stays with in the mind for a very long time if not forever.

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How Many Times Have You Been Ghosted?

A deep trust issue will most likely manifest as well and will just further lead to other instances of being ghosted again and again. It leads to a vicious cycle that can either numb a person to the point of not trusting anyone at all or break them to the point of wanting to kill themselves due to the onset of depression.

Being ghosted greatly affects one’s self-esteem. You can turn from this confident person to a timid one who barely even speaks anymore and those people who are timid in the first place have it even worse.

Self-esteem is one of those things which takes experience and time to build up yet can easily be destroyed by one instance. The one being ghosted might even be the one who ghosts someone else in the future due to the mental trauma they have suffered.

Although others might not even think about it too much and just get it on with another person they find interesting. These kind of people are more likely to not get easily attached which led them to have these near impenetrable mental defenses.

In any case, if this ever happens to you, take time to heal and get yourself away from negativity and do something productive instead. Life is too short to let these ghosts ruin you. Who knows, you might meet a real human someday who you can be with for as long as you live or you can just be with yourself doing all the things which gives you a purpose in this mundane world.

If it gets too much to handle though, you can always reach out for help. The thing with being covered by darkness is that we always tend to close our eyes since we cannot see in the first place, failing to notice those little lights trying to reach us.

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Learn How To Learn More About Ghosting Online

Never be afraid to ask for professional help. They’d gladly help you recover and beat the crap of whatever is causing your mental health problems. If they ghost you, just treat them as such and pray that their souls forever rest in peace.

How to Avoid Ghosting In Your Dating Life?

Dating life is very common in these days as we can see a lot of couple date through the help of dating apps. There are many young and middle-aged people date with their opposite partners through some channels. Not only channels but even some people also date the known person for friendship and other relationships.

Dating is an exemplary outing for the couples and has been a time pass and retainment for many. Irrespective of ages, dating task occurs nowadays in almost all the countries. Dating goes on fine and good for many but suddenly a mishap occurs between the two persons.

Yes, if a dating partner texts or calls or messages his or her opposite partner, he or she will not get a reply from them. The opposite person would behave as if he or she does not know the caller. Hence, the person is ghosted in the dating relationship which makes them very sad and disappointed.

The ghosted person would ask a question to himself ” why am I being ghosted” without any reason. This question is a common one for all the ghosted relationships because there are no reasons behind it.

The opposite person even does not reply to the reasons for avoiding the partner through any means. It is totally frustrating and does not live up to the genuine expectations of dating relationships.

The ghosted person would try to contact the partner for knowing the reasons for avoiding him. However, it is very difficult to see her or him even though many attempts are made.

As per researchers, many of the partner’s ghosts for silly reasons and in search of new partners instead of mingling with the same person. The worst part is that they do not have the courtesy to say bye to the person with whom they have dated for a long time.

They want to break up the relationship just like that and hence they ghost the partner without any notice. Also, plenty of online dating apps make dating people switch on from one person to another easily. The availability of dating friends is becoming vast nowadays and hence they do not want to restrict their relationship with one person alone.

Ghosting is a problem
You Can Always Fight Against Ghosting

The other reason why some people ghost on the other individual is that they would have got someone better than the present person. Whatever the reason may be, getting ghosted by someone is disturbing and frustrating. Hence, genuine dating individuals love to know How to Avoid Ghosting In Dating Life. How someone can avoid being ghosted in their dating life and the ways are seen here in-depth.

Avoid Pre-Talk And In-Depth Discussion

If at all you want to avoid ghosting in your dating life, first try to spend less time over the phone. Avoid speaking to your dating partner for hours together and never discuss your personal details or any secrets about you. If you speak for hours together, your dating partner on the other side might lose interest on you.

This will be clearly seen when you both meet together at any public place and will gradually lose interest. Day by the day the eagerness to meet each other decreases and hence be smart enough to deal with your opposite partner in an attractive way by speaking only a little.

This will trigger his or her passion for you and it will result in the curiosity of knowing you when you both meet each other. If you try to avoid being ghosted, first speak to your partner in real-life and identity his wish and attitude.

Raise Questions

Yes, you can ask your partner questions about her or him in an interesting way. Always continue your conversation with the partner by replaying the questions and raising questions so that the conversations get going for a long time.

Never interrogate the partner or shoot questions which he or she does not like, Instead raise questions that trigger his mind to answer and let it be intellectual so that the partner might think great about you.

Get in touch with the partner with follow-up questions so that the conversation is quite interesting. If the partners feel boring by your messages, he or she might start avoiding you and hence be smart enough to attract his interest in you. Never reply in a lengthy way and instead be short and sweet.

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Are You Still In Love With The Person That Ghosted You?

Rare Presence

A rare presence in the sense of available to your partner whenever he or she wants to you for dating. Whenever your dating partners request you for a date do not say Yes immediately.

If you are available on all time with your dating partner, it would not be attractive and gradually the sense of interest gets reduced. It is sure that you will be ghosted if you behave that you are available whenever your opposite partner needs you.

They might think of you cheap and it would reduce the interest on you spontaneously. In short, we can say don’t be available often to your partner.

You should not respond to the text messages or video calls often in a day. Be available rarely even the partner calls you multiple times. Or else you can send a really that you are very busy attending his call or reply to his message.

If you converse with your partner be mysterious and never open secrets at him. Always answer in an open-ended question format so that he or she might think about you and your mystery even if it does not exist.

Never speak in a very submissive voice because the tone might be interesting at the beginning, but later onwards it would be boring to your partner. So, speak comfortably as if you are speaking with a friend whom you already. Never show your eagerness openly by speaking with him.

Once you notice a slight symptom of your partners’ ignoring you, it is better to avoid the partner suddenly. Do not wait for a long time until he avoids you completely or being ghosted suddenly.

The meaning of ghosting is a new problem in the 21st century. Our writers have carefully put together this article in order for you to get answers to your most important questions about ghosting. We have researched this topic for over 2 weeks in order to bring you the best possible information online.

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