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What is a Garden Centre?

What is a Garden Centre?
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Definition of a Garden Centre

A garden centre is a place in which you can buy plants, flowers, soil and other needs for your garden.  You can often find a garden center locally or on the internet.  Below are some home garden centres that are most likely close to your home:

  • Lowes
  • Home Depot
  • Your Local Grocery Store
  • Walmart

Choosing the right garden centre is important because you need to buy the right supplies. I find that small local garden shops don’t have enough of the supplies that I need.

Therefore, I will often go to a large garden centre like Home Depot to find what I need because I find that they have the best value for your money and everything in one place.

If I am willing to wait an extra day or two for my planting products, I will often order my gardening supplies on 

A Good Garden Centre Should Carry:

  • Flowerpots
  • Fertilizer
  • Plants
  • Flowers
  • Seeds
  • Gardening Tools
  • Compost
  • Statues
  • Furniture
  • Garden Ornaments

Some Garden Shops Will Also Carry:

  • Camping Gear
  • Fruit Trees
  • Garden Furniture
  • Pet Products
  • Pesticides That Are Safe for Your Garden
  • Outdoor Fish Tanks
  • Swimming Pools for Fish
  • Indoor House Plants
  • Hanging Basket Flowers/Plants
  • Trees
  • Fountains
  • Bird Feeds

You will find that camping centres are fun for the whole family.  I am always full of joy when I see children enjoying the greenery and learning about how fruit and vegetable grow. 

Some garden centres also have classes for children that often meet on the weekends. They will often teach kids how to plant seeds and make a flower grow.  This is often an exciting time in a child’s life. 

A garden centre is often seasonal. You may not be able to get certain flowers in the winter.  You will often find that in the winter months, these shops may cater more to the poinsettia plant.  I’m sure you will recognize the holiday red flowers and green leaves.

What is a Nursery Garden Center?

A plant nursery is often run by gardeners that grow plants and flowers from the seed.  They will often water the plants and take care of them until they are grown to a point in which they are easier for a consumer to want to buy.

It often takes a long time for a plant to grow.  If you plant a seed in your own garden, sometimes, they will fail to grow if the soil is to cold or if you are now watering them properly. 

A nursery garden will grow the seed for you, and you can buy the plant when its half or fully grown. This can save you months of waiting.  A nursery can take away years of waiting for a tree to grow in. 

Many people in Florida will often buy full grown palm trees from a nursery in order to avoid waiting for years for one to grow in. 

Some nurseries will have full fields of flowers growing and trees. You an often go and pick out the flowers from the farm and then take them home. 

What is a Lawn and Garden Center?

Lawn and garden centers will often combine both gardening supplies and lawn supplies at the same time.  As you can imagine, your lawn needs a lot of supplies to function. 

You may need sod, a lawnmower and fences for your grass. You may not be able to find that in a traditional garden center.  Therefore, it’s important to find a lawn and garden center because it will have you what need in order to grow and cut your grass properly. 

  • What You Might Need for Your Lawn:
  • Spreader
  • Garden Hose
  • Shears
  • Knife for your Soil
  • Lawn Scissors
  • Lawnmowers
  • Shovels
  • Pruners
  • Weed Wacker’s
  • Rake for Leaves
  • Hoe

What is an Orchard Garden Centre?

An orchard garden centre will grow shrubs and trees to produce food.  The trees grow either nuts or fruit. Most garden centres sell directly to grocery stores and fruit markets. However, there are some that sell directly to the public. Farms that sell directly to the public will often allow you to pick your own fruits and nuts from their trees.

In the United States of American, the most popular orchard garden centres are for oranges and apples.  Most orchards are grown in Washington state and New York.  If you live in upstate New York (Buffalo, Albany), you may have found a lot of orchards.  When apples and oranges are in season, you may have found a farm to pick from fruits and nuts on. 

Canadians also eat many apples and that is their most popular orchid as well. Orchard gardens are mostly located in Lake Ontario and parts of the Niagara region. 

The   best garden centres are those that have what you want.  We live in a high demand society and therefore, its important for an orchid to have a website. 

You should be able to look up what you are wanting on the company’s website.  Most orchids do have websites if they are reputable.  Their reputation is often posted on websites like and Google reviews.

Whether you choose a small or big garden centre near you is a personal choice.  As you can see, you have a variety of garden centres for different purpose and uses.  I believe that the center should be a place in which you feel most comfortable. 

I often like to drive in my neighborhood to check out all the local orchards. I find that I can do this for several hours on a Saturday. I will often stop off and see if I can pick some apples or oranges from the trees. I live in Florida and most of the orange orchards are open to the public.  I also love the farmers markets that we have here.

During the months of May to August, most Floridians will visit farmers markets to get the best deals.  Organic fruits and vegetable are now becoming more popular and therefore, you can often find these products.