Who Was The Woman at the Well?

Who Was The Woman at the Well?

If you are a Christian, you have probably heard of the Samaritan woman at the well.  She is talked about in the gospel of John 4:4-26.  The story tells us that Jesus Christ asked this woman for a drink of water because he saw her drawing water from a well. 

Jesus was alone when this was happening because his disciples went into town to buy some food.  She new that Jesus was Jewish and wondered why he would be asking her for a drink of water.

Did Jews And Samaritans Get Along?

After all, Jews and Samaritans were not fond of each other 2,000 years ago.  Jesus told her that she had no idea who she was talking to. He let her know that she was talking to the person that could give her “living water”.  This kind of water is something that no other stream of water can give to you. 

She was not sure of what Jesus was talking about.  The woman at the well asked Jesus where his bucket was. She had no idea that he was referring to a spiritual water. She was concerned about how this would happen because the well was rather deep. 

Woman at the Well that gave jesus water
The Woman at the Well Did Not Know Who Jesus Was At First

She even questioned him to see who he thought he was. The Samaritan woman asked him if he was greater than their ancestor Jacob who used this well to drink water out of.

Jesus once again began to tell her that he was not talking about physical drinking water. He was referring to spiritual drinking water.  A water that never runs empty.  Jesus told her that the water that he can give her is for eternal life. 

Did The Woman at the Well Understand What Jesus Was Talking About?

The woman still wasn’t understanding Jesus. She asked him to give her the water that he was talking about.  She thought that he had some kind of never-ending waterspout that would just keep on giving her water. She was not understanding what spiritual water was.

She told her to go and get her husband and then return to him.  She told Jesus that she didn’t have a husband. Jesus said that to only give her a test.  Jesus already knew that she had 5 ex husbands and the man that she was presently living with was not her husband. The woman was shocked that Jesus knew that and acknowledged to him that he was a prophet. 

The woman at the well was trying to tell him that Jesus believed that people should worship in Jerusalem. Jesus went on to tell her that soon, it won’t matter where you worship.  Jesus went on explaining that soon, people will worship God in spirit and in truth. Jesus further explained that God is spirit and therefore, we must worship him in spirit and truth. 

The Samaritan woman still didn’t know that Jesus was the messiah. She said to him that soon the messiah would come to explain this to all people. However, Jesus informed her that he was the messiah that she was speaking of. 

Woman at the Well with jesus telling us
The Woman at the Well Story Reminds Us Of Who Jesus Really Is

Did The Woman at the Well Recognize Who Jesus Was?

Jesus and the Woman at the well were talking about different types of water.  Jesus knew her inside and out. However, this woman didn’t recognize Jesus.  I think that many of us don’t recognize Jesus when he is speaking to us.  Sometimes, what is obviously in front of you is not so easy to see.

The Samaritan woman finally started to understand what Jesus was talking about. It is amazing that we may not always see the “light” in which God is giving us. However, many times it takes us time to see all that God is trying to say to us. 

It is amazing to me how the woman at the well and the apostles got a chance to have real conversations with Jesus.  It must have been a profound experience. To hear him speak and to understand the love that he had for his people was amazing.

What Does The Woman at the Well Teach Us?

Today, the woman at the well teaches us that we need to grow closer to Jesus through the “living water” that he can give to us. By committing your life to Jesus and being born again, you can have this living water that Jesus spoke of. 

In my own life, I have seen changes when I gave myself to Christ.  Being born again doesn’t mean that you will become perfect. However, it is rather a moment in which we can “see the light” and grow on personal change.

Personal change doesn’t happen overnight.  The Samaritan woman at the well is a story about someone not understanding spiritual food and then understanding it after it is explained to them.

As Christians, the Lord wants us to read his word because its our spiritual food. It will direct, lead and guide us to spiritual healing and growth.

If you are struggling today with an area of your life where you feel struggled, its important to give it to the Lord Jesus Christ. Allow him to minister to your heart as he ministered to the woman at the well. In this way, you will be able to see that there is hope in your struggle.

The woman at the well story should remind us all that we don’t always know what to expect in our spiritual relationship with Jesus. However, when we begin walking with Him, Jesus takes us to new levels. When we have seen the light, our soul becomes more at rest. 

Woman at the Well goes after love
The Woman at the Well Story Gives Spiritual Insights For All People

It’s important to not focus on the negative actions that you lived in before you “saw the light”, but rather know that you are a born again change in the process.  Allow Jesus to walk you through his will every step of the way.  Don’t follow the ways of the flesh. Instead, give it all to Jesus and grow with him every single day.

Questions to Ask Yourself:

Have You Accepted Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior of Your Life?

Do You Understand What Living Water Is?

Can You Commit to Reading the Bible Every day to Learn More About the Living Water That Jesus Can Give to You?

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