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Are You Living for Jesus Or Yourself?

Are You Living for Jesus Or Yourself?
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Who Are You Living For?

When a man or woman decides to become a born-again Christian, he/she chooses to repent of their sins, not follow their own flesh/lustful desires. One chooses to do this in order to show God that they are sorry for their sins and now wish to follow the Holy Bible. 

The New Testament is a collection of writings from the first apostles and those that new Jesus Christ.  The apostles instructed Christians on how to live their lives after Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross.

Today, millions of people around the world have decided to give their life to Jesus and to not follow their “worldly” desires.  The “things of this world” will not be there for you once you die. Instead, you will enter either heaven or hell. 

The Holy Bible tells us that there is a destiny for every person that lives.  We have the power to choose this by either accepting Jesus as our savior or choosing to not to.  The New Testament teaches us that if someone doesn’t accept Jesus as their savior, they will not be saved. 

Are You Living for Jesus Or Yourself?

Many Christians in the 21st century believe that it’s okay to purposely sin everyday because Jesus will forgive them for all the sins that they commit.  The sinful behaviors that they are committing are not by accident. Instead, they are deliberate. 

An Example:

Let us say that a 25-year-old Christian woman is going out clubbing for the night. She wants to dance and socialize with some of her Christian and non-Christian friends.  It’s basically a “girls’ night out”. 

There is nothing wrong with going out dancing and having a good time with friends.  Even Jesus himself sat amongst sinners in establishments that were forbidden for Jews to enter.  However, Jesus never sinned. He was without sin. 

In the heart of the 25-year-old woman, she feels lonely for a romantic companion.  She feels that its possible for her to get tempted to sleep with a man because she is going out and socializing with many people. 

She also says to herself, “I know that I will most likely sleep with a man tonight if I meet one that I like.  After all, Jesus is going to forgive me anyways.”  How would you view her intention? 

Do you think that her thoughts are sinful?  Will Jesus forgive her?  Will this kind of thinking interfere with her relationship with Jesus Christ?  Let us look at some answers below? 

Will Jesus Always Forgive You for the Sins That You Have Committed?

Yes.  In the scriptures, the book of John tells us that Jesus will forgive our sins if we confess them to him (1 John 1:9).  The Lord is always there to forgive us. 

How Would You View The 25-Year-Old Woman’s Intentions?

Her intentions are to willingly sin even though she knows that what she is about to do is wrong.  If you choose sin over God’s word, you are dealing with a reprobate mind.  A reprobate mind is when you can’t stop sinning.  You are intentionally sinning.  This does not please God. Please read Romans 1:28. 

When a person has a reprobate mind, their sin is basically controlling them.  They choose to obey their sin, rather than God.  They know that what they were doing was wrong but choose to do it anyways.

If a person refuses to repent of their sin, the Bible says that they get cast into hell.  In 1 Corinthians 6:9, it says that people that refuse to stop sinning will enter hell.  The reason for this is because they have chosen to obey their own desires of the heart instead of God’s word. 

If this 25-year-old woman keeps on living for herself, she will see hell instead of heaven when she dies. This is because she has no truly accepted Jesus and has not fully repented of her sins. 

The Holy Bible is there for her to follow and she must read it every single day in order to see that God does not approve of her mindset.  Jesus will forgive Christians that have given their heart to him. However, is a person with a reprobate mind really living for Jesus or for themselves? 

Before this woman commits her sin by sleeping with a man at the night club, she will get a voice inside of her head that says, “Don’t do this. You know that its wrong. It’s sinful.”  However, if she chooses to do this sin, she is going against the word of God and not honoring God.

It’s one thing to have a slip up and fall. However, when someone intentionally sins because they don’t care about what God has to say, that is putting yourself in a danger zone. 

There is a difference between someone that has a fall because the devil came and tempted them, and they normally wouldn’t do something like that. 

However, it’s another thing when God knows your heart and sees that you are doing whatever you feel like because you have no regard or respect for his word.  When this happens, your mind is reprobate, and you should repent. 

What Happens When a Person Lives in Sin?  How Will Their Relationship Be with Jesus Christ?

When a person lives in sin, they cannot have a relationship with God.  The reason is because you will feel ashamed of yourself because you are intentionally disrespecting God’s word. God shows you through his word repeatedly that what you are doing is wrong and yet you still do it.

You will feel that every time that you read the Holy Bible, its speaking to you.  You know that you can’t give God glory if you yourself is not following his word. How can you worship God knowing that you don’t care what he has to say about how you should live your life? 

When the Holy Spirit convicts you of sin and you don’t repent, it’s impossible to have a relationship with God.  Jesus wants us to be hot for him.  He says in the book of Revelation that if we are lukewarm with Him, He will spit us out of his mouth (Revelation 3:16). 

As you see, having a relationship with Jesus means that you are trying to repent of your sinful ways and give yourself entirely to God.  As you go on this journey, you will see many of your own sinful lusts and desires that require changing as we try to grow and get closer to God.  Therefore, it called being born again.  You are starting over again in your life. 

What Happens If I Can’t Stop Sinning?

This is a common problem today in the 21st century.  Millions of Christians and non-Christians alike struggle with sin. You need to keep on asking God to change your heart and to remove that sin from your life. 

Remember the Our Father prayer that Jesus Christ taught us. It asks God to “lead us not into temptation”. We ask God to deliver us from the devil.  Your temptation comes from the devil. 

The devil’s purpose is to separate you from God.  In this way he can destroy your soul, and have you cast into hell with him.  This is a place that you don’t want to go. When you live for Jesus, your life begins to change, and you begin to see that you can learn how to do things God’s way instead of your own. 

What Does it Take to Live for Jesus and Not for Yourself?

  • Repentance
  • Asking God for Forgiveness of Your Sins
  • The Willingness and Wanting to Change
  • Admitting that Your Natural Desires Are Often Not God’s Will for Your Life
  • Asking God to Give You the Strength to Turn Away from Your Sins
  • Reading the Holy Bible Everyday for Direction and Discernment
  • Worshipping God and Thanking Him for All That He Has Given to You
  • Realizing That You are a Sinner and Much of What You Have Been Taught by This World is Wrong

Now that you have a rough idea of what living for yourself is all about, I hope that you make the decision to repent of your sins and turn to God.  We live in a world today that is beginning to live like they did in the days of Noah. 

God destroyed the earth with a worldwide flood when the earth became so sinful.  He only saved Noah, his family and some animals.  Everything else on the earth was destroyed.  Thank goodness we have Jesus so that anyone that asks him for salvation will be saved (John 3:16).

If you are a Christian believer, I ask that you share this post with others that may be struggling with sin.  My hope is for all Christian believers to repent of their sins and turn to God.

How To Live For Jesus Each Day

As a Christian, every ounce of your values and morals revolve around your faith and love for God. It isn’t just having that label tied around you, but being a Christian is more than that. It’s living a life that’s focused on that belief system.

By living for Jesus, you acknowledge the existence of a greater being. In a world where logic always beats faith, you acknowledge the power of the unseen. Living a life that’s focused on your faith, you live towards your purpose and fulfillment in life. In this article, we’ll be discussing ways to live for Jesus.

  1. Be the church

Some people confuse the word “church” as a building, a place where worship is done and spreading of the gospel is practiced. But the bible said, the your body is the church itself.

That you should take care of it and make it pure in the eyes of God. Don’t get me wrong, I still go to church. But the problem with some Christians is, after going to church some of them would be going back to their old deeds. Be the church that this world needs, be the person where people will look at you in awe on how Jesus-like your characters are.

Be loving, be caring, be thoughtful, be kind and be compassionate to anyone you see. Be the living proof that God exist in your life. Be the church.

  1. Read the bible

Doing deeds alone can never be enough to get you the salvation you needed. Reading the bible is one of the ways to get to know God in a deeper sense. The Bible is a manual, a book that comprises of books that the apostles made whom the Lord guided.

The Bible is also proof that God exists, that Jesus exists and it contains the good news of what is to come and whats waiting for us on the other side. It is also one of the ways where God can communicate with us.

  1. Love your neighbor

The ten commandments is comprised with 10 laws that would please God, it also has some commandments that we need to avoid in order to displease God. But to summarize everything that it has, it is only comprised by 2 laws. And that is to love God, and love your neighbor.

You want to live a Jesus-like life? Love your neighbor even though they’re annoying you sometimes or even if they get to your nerves. Love them, for God also made them. Spiritually, we are all brothers and sisters here in this God-made earth. And to love your neighbor, is like loving God himself.

Life can be hard sometimes, and sometimes you ignore these things. As a Christian myself, it’s hard sometimes to maintain a Jesus-like life. We are all just humans, imperfect and flawed. We are like a spec of dust in this universe, yet we have a God that loves us and knows us by name.

Imagine a being that knows the stars by name, calls you His child and loves you for all that you are. What an amazing fact it is. So, if you sometimes falter know that God will lift you up again to put you right back on track.

  1. Put on the full armor of God

There is a war between good and evil and we are in the middle of it. To live for Jesus is to fight with him in this never ending war with evil. We are His soldiers-in-arms, and Jesus is our commanding general. In order to win this war, we need to gather many people in His name.

A rescued soul is like a priceless gold up there in heaven, and God will be so pleased every time you win one against the enemy. But to do that, you need to protect yourself as well against the attacks of the enemy.

  1. Share the Gospel

Some Christians are shy in sharing the Gospel in person, but sharing is one of the most accomplishing thing you can feel. Because our mission in this earth is to let people know who Jesus is and what He did on the cross. It’s like what Jesus said to Thomas, that Thomas believed in Jesus because Thomas saw Jesus Christ Himself and what He did on the cross, and Jesus said that blessed are those who believes YET they didn’t see.

By sharing the gospel, a seed of faith will be planted in to the hearts and minds of any unbeliever there is and they will be blessed with the Lord God Himself.

  1. Pray

Praying is a way to communicate with God. To live for Jesus you need strength and guidance because it will be nearly impossible to live for Jesus without the guidance of the Lord. You need to humble yourself, you need to accept that you are weak in order to gain strength.

By acknowledging that you are nothing, you invite the Grace of God to enter in to your life and God himself will give you purpose and meaning to be something. By admitting that you are a sinner, then the blood of Jesus Christ will come in and cleanse your heart for you to start a new, and to begin your walk with Jesus Christ.

A soul that is broken can be reinforced into something that is unbreakable, and only God can do that. And that is achievable with means of prayer.

Some people think that Christians has the easiest life because God is on our side which is not, we experience what every humans experience. Such as bills, problems, misunderstandings, horrible bosses, and sometimes life can be unfair. But what makes Christians different is, Christians approach the problem in a different way.

Instead of making the problems worst, Christians turn to God. Lifting it up to God and let God work in their lives. To walk with Christ is to trust Christ in every season there is. If you win, praise God! If you lose, then praise God!

Life will never turn out the way you wanted, being a Christian is not a free pass to avoid problems. Remember, God put His best soldiers out front because He trust them that they will win the war that is coming.

  1. Practice what you preach

You can say all these things yet you will still falter if you don’t do these things. You can repeatedly say that you love God but your actions will say otherwise. How can you honor God if you are all talk, yet no proof that He exists in your life.

You can fake that you are living with Jesus. It’s easy to come to church, just go through the main door and you’re there. But if you are going to church, just for the sake of just by being in the church? Then you are going to miss out a lot, my friend. That is why, the first thing on this list is to be the church. Because people can go to church easily.

But by turning yourself in to the temple of God that the Holy Spirit can dwell? Then there’s something to be proud of. And no actions will justify your faith, not even good works. For it is said in the bible, following the laws and doing good deeds alone will never secure you the salvation that you long for.

  1. Repent

Accept that you are a sinner that needs saving. Claim with all your heart and soul that Jesus Christ is God that came down to earth to save mankind. Living for Jesus requires you to repent.

Jesus died for those sins, even the sins that you are going to do in the future. We sin, and that is our true nature and the true nature of God is forgiving. So that in every sin that you have done and will do, is already forgiven. God is always a million steps ahead of you.

All He needs is for you to say that you have done wrong, and ask for His forgiveness. Like every Father would do, He would forgive His child for it. That is the purest form of love. But be careful, if you already asked for forgiveness, you need to learn to avoid it all cost next time.

  1. Go to Church

I know what I said about Churches, but Churches are a very uplifting place to be in. What can be more uplifting than having a group of people with the same belief system that is praising God together.

A church is a building that people worships, it can also be a house where the people attending can turn in to a family. A church is the house of the Lord where His children gather. You can help each other grow in Christ in a church. Being in the Church can help you ease everything there is, it can help you to be calm with all the worship songs that is playing there and raise your hands up in full submission to His Glory.

The greatest feeling comes in a church as well, to experience God’s presence as a family is something to look forward to. To live for Jesus is to walk with your neighbors in search of intimacy with Jesus. To live for Jesus is to be hungry with your neighbors for the truth about Jesus. To live with Jesus is to be thirsty with His word. And lastly, to live for Jesus is to be around with people that has the same yolk as you are.

Living with Jesus will take your whole strength. Life will test you to your very core, but do not falter. For God is with you, you just need to pray and ask for His guidance to fight all the things that the enemy will throw at you. Just remind yourself that you are a son of a living God. The creator of the heavens and the earth.

The one that loves you, even though you are not deserving. The one that is saved by Grace even though you are sinful. You have a God that designed the universe, that designed the earth for you to live. You have an Almighty God at your side. So do not be afraid, do not be discouraged at what life may give you. Everything is planned out by God Himself.

You are not a Christian just because you are born in a Christian family. You are a Christian by design and God put you there. He has a plan for you, and He knows that you will get there. You may question Him sometimes, but try not to.

There will be questions in your mind that you will require answers. But you need to understand, that walking with Jesus requires a lot of faith. It’s going to be hard, but compare it to the prize that is waiting for you. What’s waiting for you is eternal life with God himself.

  1. Walk with Jesus till the end.

The last words that Paul said was that he finished the race, he fought a good fight and he kept the faith. Whatever happens, whether it is good or bad? Keep the faith.

Keep Jesus in your heart even though sometimes it gets hard. Even though sometimes life can be questionable. Being a Christian is confusing sometimes cause you want to question God but you cant, and at the same time you have to accept that it is all God’s plan.

There would be situations in your life that those things will happen to you. It’s going to be confusing, but you need to trust Him. I have said it before, trust Him with all of your heart and strength. Don’t let the enemy turn your head away from God.

Remember, this life is not yours. It is God’s. The life that has been given to you has its purpose in God’s plan. Every life there is in this earth has its meaning and contribution to His kingdom that is coming anytime soon. Its either you don’t walk with Jesus today and get left out when He comes, or walk with Jesus now to be lifted up in the heavens when He comes.

Save a soul today, share the word, go to church, let your friends or family know how much you love them, share your blessings or be a blessing today.