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How to Understand Temptation and Being Tempted

How to Understand Temptation and Being Tempted
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What is the Temptation Definition?

A temptation is an extreme desire to want to do something.  An example of a temptation is that you feel tempted to steal from a store.  The feeling inside of your soul may seem hard to control.  An inner voice keeps on telling you to steal.

You know that its wrong, but you are trying to consider it anyway.  That strong feeling is overpowering. It makes you feel like you wan to do it so badly. You are being tempted.  You haven’t done anything wrong yet. You are simply just thinking about it. 

In Christianity, we look at this as being the devil tempting your mind to do what is not right.  In return, you will fall into sin if you practice what your temptation is telling you to do.

The first temptation in the Holy Bible came from the book of Genesis.  This is when Satan tempted God’s first creation of a woman.  The book of Genesis tells us that God told Adam (first man created) and Eve (first woman created) that they could eat of any tree in the garden of Eden except for the tree of life.  God didn’t tell them the reason why they shouldn’t eat from it. He just told them that they should not eat of it. 

However, Satan went to Eve and told her to eat from the tree of life.  Satan was the angelic being that was cast down from heaven after the angels of God and Satan’s had a war in heaven. Satan was cast down to earth.  Now he wanted to cause Eve to fall into sin. 

Satan told Eve to eat of the fruit of the tree because she would know right from wrong. She would become like God.  Satan told her that God doesn’t want her to have this power.  Eve listened to the serpent and convinced her husband to eat of the tree.

After eating from the tree of life, they both felt ashamed because they knew that they were naked.  When the couple heard God walking on the earth, they got ashamed and hid themselves. 

They didn’t want him to see them naked.  They were ashamed. God asked them how they knew that they were naked, and they told him that they had eaten of the tree of life.

The story goes on to tell us that Satan, Adam and Eve all received a severe punishment for their sins.  If you would like to read about the story of Adam and Eve from the Holy Bible, please go to Genesis 2:4-3:24. 

We All Have Temptations Like Adam and Eve

Every human being that is born will experience a temptation from time to time.  Many times, you will fall into the temptation and regret that you did something wrong. 

It’s important to know that Jesus Christ forgives our sins when we fall.  Jesus knows that mankind is capable of only so much and because of this, he forgives our sins. 

It is only through Jesus Christ can our sins be forgiven.  It is a blessing to know that God loves us through Jesus. Please read John 3:16 to learn that Jesus Christ died for your sins.

Bible Verses About Temptation

In the book of James and in chapters 1:13-18, we see that the disciple James is telling us that God does not tempt us. The author tells us that nobody can tempt God.  It says that we are tempted when someone is “dragged” into their own evil desire. 

This passage tries to explain to us that its our own sinful nature that causes the temptation to happen to us in the first place.  Another words, you may have something born inside of you that just wants to do wrong.  After you have gotten a desire to do wrong, it begins to take hold of you. 

After it has taken a hold of you, it causes you to sin. Once Satan sees that this desire within you is there, he begins to tempt you to act out on it.  In verse 15, it tells us that once our sin is fully grown, it gives birth to death. This means that it will destroy you.  The Holy Bible tells us that the wages of sin are death (Romans 6:23). 

Jesus warned the apostles in Luke 22:40 to pray because he did not want them to fall into temptation.  Temptation can come upon you suddenly and cause you to sin.

Is There Hope When Dealing with a Tough Temptation?

Yes, there is hope when dealing with a temptation.  In 1 Corinthians 10:13, it tells us that God will not allow you to become tempted beyond what you can handle.  The New Testament tells us that God will provide for us a way out. This passage proves that God is with us even in our toughest moments. 

Why Do We Act Out on Our Temptations?

Often, we have something in our lives that seems to overtake us.  For some its drug and alcohol addiction. For others its adultery, fornicating and homosexuality.  No matter what the temptation is, you can learn how to fight it with the help of Jesus Christ.

We act out on our temptations because it becomes so strong. Sin has a way of taking over our lives.  The more that we give into our temptations, the stronger it becomes the next time.  If you can somehow say no to your temptations from the beginning, you will find that it becomes easier to deal with later.

If you or someone that you know has ever become or been and alcoholic or dug addict, you may have seen them take their first “hit”.  Many drug addicts say that they started taking drugs because someone introduced it to them.  It is usually a friend saying, “Here you go, would you like some cocaine or heroin?” 

The person knows in their heart that its wrong but go ahead and take it anyways. After that first “hit”, the person wants the same feeling again next time and has the choice to either go back for more or to say no. 

Once you give your life to Jesus, you are supposed to say no to temptations that you know are against Christ. However, temptation is hard to resist even as Christians.

We often want to chase our sin and fulfill it because the temptation often overwhelms us.  God does provide a way out for us in some way, shape or form, but sometimes we go against this out and commit sin anyways. 

Today, television shows and the internet are pounding our minds every day. It is presenting us temptation and causing us to sin because of what it is putting out to us.  It’s important to look at your sins and realize that the longer that you live in it, the stronger it gets. Once it begins to take over our lives, it begins to destroy.  The wages of sin are death. 

Was Jesus Tempted?

Matthew 4:1-11 in the New Testament tells us that Jesus was tempted by the devil for 40 days and 40 nights.  Jesus did not sin the entire time that he was being tempted. In fact, Jesus resisted temptation from Satan.

Satan even told him that he would give him all the world if he would only bow down and worship him. Jesus refused Satan. After Jesus temptation in the wilderness, Satan left him alone and Gods angels came and ministered to him. 

Jesus understands our temptations because he had his own to withstand.  Jesus passed his test and now we can rely on him to help us to not fall into sin.

Why Christians Are Falling into Sin?

Temptation to do wrong is all around us. Many pastors today are not teaching people out of the scriptures. Instead, they are often listening to the media and the people telling them that they want to live in sin and have them be okay with it. 

Jesus warned us of a time in which the world would become like the days of Noah.  A world where man would live for every desire of their heart and not for God.  We are now living in these times.  This means that Jesus is coming soon.

There are many scriptures on temptation in the Holy Bible that we can read about. Each of them tells us that God will help you to get out of a tempting situation.  Temptation in the bible is talked about in the old and New Testament. 

When we repent of our sins, Jesus is quick to forgive us. He doesn’t want us to live in our sins because they will ultimately destroy us. Remember, what I said above. The wages of sin are death. You cannot allow yourself to fall into the hands of the enemy and you must always give God first place in your life. 

As you can see, the Holy Bible tells us that God does not tempt.  If you have an idea in your mind that God is somehow tempting you, know that this thought is coming from the devil and not from God. 

It is true that Eve was tempted by the fruit and ate of it even though God told her not to.  Many times, we are the same way.  We can read the Holy Bible and see that God says not to do something and yet we go ahead and do it anyways. 

Our sin will eventually take over our lives if we give into giving into our temptations every time. It’s important to stay out of tempting situations and understand that all temptation comes from the devil. 

What to Do When Temptation Overtakes You?

First, recognize that sin will eventually destroy you. It’s important that you repent of your sins because your sin will become stronger each time that you commit sin.  Learn from your past mistake and see to it that it doesn’t happen again. 

Temptations can be strong sometimes and almost impossible to escape. However, ask God for help in tempting situations and He will come and give you a way out.