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Happy Fathers Day: Super Detailed Holiday Guide

Happy Fathers Day: Super Detailed Holiday Guide

When is Fathers Day?

Fathers day is in the month of June each year. It falls on different days.  If you want to know when father’s day is, you should check your calendar of the year in which you are celebrating the occasion.  For instance, in 2017, Fathers Day fell on June 18th and in 2019, it fell on June 16th

Wishing your dad, a Happy Father’s Day is important.  If is the one day out of the year in which you can reflect on all that your father has done for you.  The father is often the head of the household and the oldest man in the house. He is known for providing financially for his family and protecting them from harm that could come upon them.   

In the Holy Bible, it tells us to honor our fathers and mothers.  Hopefully, you have done a good job at honoring your father. If not, Father’s Day is a great time for you to begin telling your father that you wish to honor him and to show him that you want to change.  In Psalm 103:13, the book tells us that our fathers will have compassion on us.  It also tells us that God will also have compassion on us. 

It’s amazing how you can do bad things in your life and yet your father will still love you.  You can even do something wrong against him and yet he takes you back every time. The love of a father is full of compassion for his child.  His love is strong.

What Are Some Great Father’s Day Gifts?

  • Cologne
  • Greeting Cards
  • Carvel Ice Cream Happy Fathers Day Cake
  • Ties
  • Shoes
  • Suits
  • Trips
  • Tickets to a Baseball Game (or His favorite Sport)
  • Concert Tickets
  • A Meal for Two at an Upscale Restaurant
  • A Dinner Out With the Family

The best fathers day gifts are those that come from the heart.  Nobody knows your father better than you. You know his likes and dislikes.  You can even get some ideas from him by sitting dad in front of the computer and asking him what he likes. 

Why Buy Fathers Day Cards?

The world today is controlled by digital media.  Why should you waste money on a greeting card when you can just send your dad an e-card on Fathers Day?

For starters, it will mean a lot to your father that you spent money on him.  He won’t say it, but internally, he wants to see that you went out of your way to make his day extra special. Your dad should know that you love and care for him.  He should also see that you took time out to look for a Fathers Day card that would tell him exactly how you feel.

Often, we don’t tell our fathers how we feel about them. Often its hard to say to Dad that you are thankful for him working so hard when you were a child to make sure that you had everything that you needed. 

Your dad sacrificed many days and nights for you. Often having to take on extra hours at work to make money to keep a roof over your head.  It is often thanks to dad that he wanted your family to always have food on the table. 

Think about all the nice things that your dad has done for you over the years and try finding the perfect greeting card to say, “Thank you.”

In Proverbs 3:11-12, it tells us that a father will delight in his child.  This means that you bring him great joy. When you were born, it was the happiest day of his life. 

The greatest joy for a father is to be able to bring a child into the world to give his love to. He often cherishes this than all the possessions that are in his home. He would give all his possession for you if he could save you from disaster. A fathers love is unique.

Father Definition

The definition of a father is a man that is a male parent.  Sometimes, our father is not a biological one. Perhaps your father is no longer in contact with you or perhaps he died when you were a child.  A father can be a male figure that stepped into your life at some point and tried to show you his fatherly ways.  He wanted to give you his heart and show you that he could always love you. 

A fathers love is one that never fades away.  He is there for you always and will always show you that his love for you is there to turn to in times of trouble. A father will love his son/daughter through whatever life challenges he/she has and offer good advice for getting us out of trouble. 

A father can also be a stepfather.  As Christians, we know Jesus to have his heavenly father and Joseph, the husband of his mother Mary was his stepfather. He was responsible for raising Jesus and making sure that his needs were met. 

What Should You Say to Your Dad on Fathers Day?

  • Happy Fathers Day Dad
  • I Love You Dad
  • Know That You Are the Best Dad
  • Thank You for Providing for Me Dad
  • Thank You for All That You Have Taught Me Dad
  • You Have Helped Me to Become the Son or Daughter That I am Today

A Blessed Father’s Day Sermon

It’s important to attend church on Fathers Day weekend.  Pastors often have something positive to say to fathers on this special time of year.  Pastors themselves are fathers to the sheep of their church. Fathers will often direct the church, and everyone looks up to them for advice.  It is a blessing to have a pastoral figure around you during this time.

Who Are Our Church Fathers?

Church fathers are different for every Christian denomination.  For the Catholic church, it would be the Popes that lead and direct the church.  For the Episcopal church, it would be their head bishop. For protestants, it’s the head pastor of the church.  A church father is someone that you look up to as you would a father. You give them respect and love for them. 

When Was the First Fathers Day?

The first fathers day ever celebrated was on June 19, 1910.  It was celebrated in Washington state.  It was made a national holiday by President Woodrow Wilson in 1972. 

What if You Have an Absent Father?

Many children today have an absent father.  On Fathers Day, they will often feel a sense of absence because they don’t have a father.  It’s hard for someone to grow up without a father.  The high divorce rate in the United States is having a lot of kids feeling like they don’t have a father role model. 

When a child doesn’t have a father, its important for another man from the church to step into father that child.  It could be a coach, an uncle or a friend of the mothers.

Also, if you have no father, always remember that God is your father in heaven and loves you.  You can depend and rely on him always. God is always there for you and will always give you his love.  We can always turn to God in our times of need and reading the Holy Bible each day will allow you to grow closer to him. 

Even if you were out of wedlock, God will accept you through Jesus.  Once we give our heart to Jesus, God accepts and loves us as his own. 

Being fatherless today is common, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a father. Sometimes you must seek out a man to be your father. Many men are open to be a father role model for you. You might be surprised to find out how many fatherly role models there are in the church today.