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Who Was Jezebel in the Old Testament?

Who Was Jezebel in the Old Testament?
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What is the Jezebel Spirit?

Jezebel is a character in the Old Testament from the book of Kings.  She was the wife of King Ahab (King of Israel).  Jezebel and her husband told the people of Israel that they could worship the two Gods known as Baal and Asherah.  She was also known to get rid of God’s (Yahweh) prophets.  In the end, Jezebel suffered in death when she was cast out of a window. 

Jezebel was also involved in arranging for an innocent man’s death.  In the book of 1 Kings, King Ahab is said to have done more wicked acts than any other previous king of Israel before him.

It is believed that Jezebels father Ethbaal may have had something to do with his daughter marrying King Ahab because he worked for the government. It is possible that he introduced the two to one another for marriage. 

Both Jezebel and her husband were evil and therefore promoted the worship of false Gods.  When you have two evil minds working together, it is often the perfect recipe for disaster. 

Jezebel put in an order to have an altar built for the God Baal.  This altar was built in Samaria.  The people of Israel were confused as to who was the true God. Was it the God of Israel (Yahweh) or Baal?  This was a problem that was created by King Ahab and Jezebel. 

On many occasions, Jezebel would put the Lords (Yahweh) prophets to death.  While Jezebel was working her evil, a good man by the name of Obadiah was hiding Gods true prophets in caves and feeding them.  He knew that these prophets were of Yahweh and his goal was to keep them safe.  He protected one hundred prophets in total. 

The Problem with Prophet Elijah and King Ahab

Because of the prosecution of death of so many of God’s prophets, Elijah said that he was the only prophet left.  The God Baal had 450 prophets. Elijah said that he was the only prophet at Mount Caramel. 

Prophet Elijah decided to do a test between his God Yahweh and the Prophets of Baal.  He took 2 bulls.  He had them both cut into pieces. One of the bulls was for the prophets of Baals God and the other bull was for Yahweh. 

Elijah told the prophets of Baal to call upon their God to ignite a flame of fire to cook the meat.  The prophets of Baal tried to call upon their God and even cut themselves in order to make him light the fire. However, nothing happened.  No matter what the prophets of Baal did, there was no fire. The prophets of Baal were gashing themselves until blood flowed out of them. 

Elijah ordered that a trench be dug around the alter where the pieces of meat were. He told them to fill it with water 3 times.   He also added 12 stones to the alter to represent the twelve tribes of Israel. 

Elijah then began calling upon the Lord God of Israel (Yahweh) to light the fire.  Within seconds, fire appeared and even consumed all the water. The people were in awe of the truthfulness of Yahweh and that He was the one true God. 

After this demonstration, Elijah ordered them to kill the prophets of Baal.  When Queen Jezebel found out about this killing of her prophets, she wanted vengeance upon Elijah.

Elijah ran to the wilderness and hid under a Juniper tree. He feared what Jezebel might do to him.

What Happened with Naboth and Jezebel? 

Naboth was a man that owned a vineyard by inheritance of his ancestors.  The vineyard was close to King Ahab’s place.  King Ahab wanted to plant an herb garden and demanded that Naboth give it to him.  However, Naboth refused his request because this was something given to him by his ancestors and didn’t want to part with it. 

However, the wicked Queen Jezebel didn’t care what Naboth had to say.  She wanted this vineyard and decided to get it in her own way.  She was not taking no as an answer. 

Queen Jezebel decided to conspire against Naboth by accusing him of blasphemy against God.  She got two people to lie against Naboth saying that they heard him blaspheming against God.  She forged the seal which was supposed to be signed by her husband King Ahab. However, Jezebel signed the order herself and put in the order that Naboth be stoned to death.

When King Ahab heard of the death of Naboth, he went and seized the land.  When the prophet Elijah heard of this wicked act, he came out of the wilderness and confronted King Ahab in the vineyard.  The prophet Elijah told him that his evil actions have caused Israel to sin. 

In 1 Kings 21:23, the Bible tells us that the Lord was angered by Jezebels actions and blamed her for the death of Naboth since she was the one that forged the seal for him to be put to death.  It further goes on to say that King Ahab was the most sinful king that Israel ever had, and he was provoked by his wife Jezebel. 

When King Ahab heard the words of Elijah, he finally realized what he had done.  He realized it and then began to fast and put on sackcloth because he was in sorrow for his actions.

Since King Ahab chastened himself, the Lord told Elijah that he would not bring punishment upon him. However, judgement would instead fall upon his sons. 

King Ahab lived for another 3 years and then died in a war against Syria.  Jezebel was eventually pushed out of a window and fell to her death. 

What is a Jezebel Spirit?

If you or someone that you know has ever been called a Jezebel, it means that you have a spirit that is all about yourself.  You only want what you want and will do anything to get it.  You will deceive or even kill to get what you want no matter what the cost.  It means that you are a wicked person. 

The spirit of Jezebel was all about her doing whatever she felt like and not caring what God had to say about it.  The Jezebel spirit is one that is wicked because it does evil and does care who she is hurting.