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Special Gifts and Talents for Select Christians

Special Gifts and Talents for Select Christians
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Have you ever stopped and wondered why God gives specific gifts and talents to certain people and not others?  This is question that is often asked by people of all ages.  In fact, there are many people in the world today that have a special gift that nobody else could ever have. 

Special Gifts and Talents for Select Christians

In the Old Testament, Moses was given a staff that he used to perform miracles of turning water into blood and his staff into a snake.  He even parted the red sea with it. If I tried to take a staff and do the same, I wouldn’t be able to do it.  I’m sure that you couldn’t do it either. 

Even the Apostles were given special gifts by God to heal the sick and raise the dead.  Most Christians that I know don’t possess this type of gift either.  Most Christians can pray for people, but a lot of times, nothing happens out of the ordinary. 

However, if you look an evangelist like the late T.L. Osborne, you will see that he was able to heal the sick and even raise the dead.  This power could have only come from God. 

There is no true way is knowing why some Christians are given extraordinary gifts and abilities while others are more ordinary.  These types of spiritual gifts are given by God alone and we can’t invent our own spiritual gifts.  If you have a spiritual gift that is powerful, people come to know it and then seek you out. 

If you look at a man named Edgar Cayce, he was born with a strong prophetic gift.  He claimed that the only book that he ever read was the Holy Bible.  He is mysterious since a lot of his teachings don’t exactly match up with scripture.

However, Edgar Cayce was able to see into the spirit realm using his prophetic gifts.  He was able to tell people what he saw for their lives through his visions. 

Padre Pio was a Roman Catholic priest that received the stigmata of Christ on his hands.  He lived his life having to wear a pair of gloves to hid them.  When celebrating mass, the wounds on his hands would often bleed. He was often known to have the gift of prophecy and even being in more than one place at a time.

Interestingly, Padre Pio was not happy with the publicity that he received from having the stigmata on his hands or the fact that people flocked to him for healings.  Some people in his time thought of him as being a superhero. He was also looked at with a skeptic eye from his local bishop and the Vatican itself. 

In almost every case of a Christian with special gifts and abilities, I see extreme faith and following of Jesus Christ. When someone gives their life to Jesus and they begin to read the Bible, faith begins to take over.  Once you begin to ask God for the calling upon your life, you begin to receive spiritual gifts. 

Are These Gifts of the Devil?

If a spiritual gift is helping other people and doesn’t go against the word of God, it must come from God. Of course, we are called to test the spirits (1 John 4:1).  We are not meant to accept every spiritual gift that comes before us. 

We must also look at the intention of the believer.  Is the person that has a special gift doing it for the glory of God or to make themselves get praise?

Often, spiritual gifts come to us when least expected.  Even Daniel in the Old Testament had a rare gift of interpreting dreams.  The Bible tells us that God gave Daniel this gift (Daniel 1:17). 

Not many Christians today are dream interpreters.  In fact, I have never met a dream interpret like Daniel. I have met a few people saying that they have a gift for dream interpretation and yet had no real gift. When you test their gift out, there is nothing there. 

Some spiritual gifts are unexplainable.  It’s easy to understand the gifts of pastoral, evangelism, teaching, music and deacon.  However, it becomes harder when we get into the area of prophecy and prophetic signs and wonders.  People often wonder if they come from God or the devil. 

Even Father Joseph of Cupertino in the Catholic church literally flew over his congregation many times.  He was a Roman Catholic priest that lived during the 16th century.

He would pray and during his prayers, he was given the ability to fly like a bird.  He was known to be a man or prayer and dedication to Jesus Christ.

It seems that when a person gives themselves completely to Jesus, something miraculous begins to happen for them. They begin to receive abnormal spiritual gifts that the ordinary person does not receive. 

I know that when I received my prophetic gift, it was not normal.  I received Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and savior at the age of 13. I would sit in my room for 2 to 3 hours at a time reading the Holy Bible and praying. I would ask God what his call was for my life and I would keep on hearing over and over that I was called to the prophetic ministry. 

At first, I didn’t show many signs of prophecy.  I was not able to give accurate prophetic words. However, the voice kept on telling me to prophecy.  As I followed this voice, I eventually developed a prophetic gift that took around 15 years to develop. 

At the age of 30, I began using my prophetic gift on people and I was able to pick up on specific names, dates and times.  I was amazed that I could see into the lives of people that I had never met before. People would often tell me that what I was seeing was not normal because I was picking up on specific information that nobody else could have known.

I have never prayed to demons or worshipped anything demonic.  However, I was able to understand a person’s problem and give a solution to what I was seeing in a person’s life through prophecy.  Amazingly, my prophetic gift grew into a full-time prophetic ministry.

Today, I minister to over 15,000 people a year using prophecy.  I don’t understand my own gift because it comes from God. I was not taught how to do prophecy in school.

Instead, I trusted in God and he gave me prophetic words to say to people. I honestly don’t know why I was blessed with a prophetic gift. Nobody in my family has the spiritual gift of prophecy. 

It’s clear that pastors like Benny Hinn and Joel Osteen have a spiritual gift for evangelism.  They attract millions of followers and people just love listening to them. 

This is a spiritual gift that most Christians don’t have.  After all, how many Christians that you know of have hundreds of thousands of people that flock to them for advice?  This doesn’t happen because of something that someone said about them. It happens because they were given a special ability.