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Is Your Boyfriend Cheating on You?

Why is He Cheating on You?

Throughout the ages, women have often asked why their boyfriend was cheating on them?   Many women will often blame themselves when something goes wrong.  However, it may not necessarily be your fault. 

Men focus a lot on physical appearance. He may not admit it to you, but men are highly visual.  In a way, you can understand why.  In the bedroom, he must be able to maintain an erection to please the woman that he is in bed with.  This would not be easy to do if he is not attracted to the woman that he is in bed with. 

Is Your Boyfriend Cheating on You?

Usually, men get turned on by women that they find attractive.  He can’t help who he is attracted to. However, he must exercise self-control so that he doesn’t cheat.  A lot of men in the 21st century is having a hard time exercising self-control.  There is temptation everywhere. 

Temptation is on the internet, in person, on television and just about everywhere that you look when you go outside.  Let us not forget about strip clubs, bars and dance clubs. There are even dating apps like Tinder that grab men’s attention.

Do Men Cheat for Different Reasons Then Women?

Men will often cheat because he is looking for a one-night stand with another woman.  He is not trying to move on from the woman that he is with.  When a man finds another woman attractive, his first impulse is to think what it would be like to sleep with her in bed.

This is a fact that most men will not admit to.  However, most men wouldn’t mind having a one-night stand with another woman if you would never find out about it.  It’s not because he wants to leave you for another woman. It’s because he can’t control his lustful desires. 

In a man’s world, he would often want to have one woman that he completely loves and then be allowed to play around with different women from time to time.  However, its not a man’s world and it becomes hurtful when you find your boyfriend cheating on you with someone else. 

How Can You Catch a Cheater?

In order to catch a cheater, you will have to get a hold of his cell phone and any other digital communications device. Men will often use social media to chat with a woman that he is cheating on you with.  You can often find out who these people are by snooping in on his social media.

Men often won’t tell you that they are having an affair.  They mostly will do this behind your back and when you least expect.

Check His Digital Devices:

  • Cell Phone
  • Credit Card Statements (Is he dining for two or more?)
  • Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat)
  • Email

Why Do Men Cheat?

Most men can date you and love you, but sleep with another woman for the night and forget about her tomorrow.  Therefore, a man could love you and then go to a strip club and touch another woman without him thinking that its going to be a problem for him. 

Men are visual and enjoy what is appealing to their eyes.  Many men feel that its hard to be committed to one woman his whole life because his sexual urges are always showing him that there could be another woman that finds him attractive.  Most men feel that they want to just have fun with another woman in bed for the night, but then keep your relationship going because he loves you. 

Women often cheat for emotional reasons.  She often finds it hard to juggle multiple men at once.  Men on the other hand often want one woman that he loves in his life and then a few “snacks” on the side every now and then. 

This is something that a woman can’t often understand because her brain is wired differently than a man’s.  Women often need to have a reason to cheat.  Perhaps her boyfriend is always working or doesn’t spend time with her.  She often cheats to find a new relationship.

Men on the other hand are often not looking for a new relationship. In fact, he is often looking for someone to just “hook up with”. 

When a man has a high moral outlook on his love life, he will feel condemnation if he has sex with another woman.  Perhaps his religion will tell him that having an affair with other women will go against his religious beliefs. He may feel that God would be upset with him if he is sleeping around with different women. 

If a man is cheating for an emotional reason, it often means that he is trying to get out of the relationship.  He wants to move on from you. Usually, this is not the case and that is why a lot of women cannot understand why men cheat.  Women often want to blame themselves. 

They may think that their “boobs are not big enough”.   She may think that she is to fat or has blonde hair instead of black hair.  She will often try to change the way that she looks and internalize that something is wrong with her. She often can’t grasp why he would want to sleep with another woman. 

If he is having an emotional affair, it can be rather devastating.  Most men say that they will have an emotional affair if they feel their girlfriend is nagging them or acting controlling.  If your man feels that you are always yelling or picking at him, he will often push you aside because he thinks that you are not happy with him. 

Believe it or not, most men are highly sensitive and take every word that you say to heart. Even if you think that he is not listening, he is. 

In order to catch a cheater, you must be crafty.  No cheater can get caught without careful planning. Cheaters will often leave small traces that they are cheating. He will often switch up a normal routine when he is cheating.

Perhaps you normally meet on Saturdays when he is off from work.  Shockingly, he starts to tell you that he must hang out with his brother on Saturdays because they are working on a project together for several weeks.

 He may also tell you that he needs some space or time alone so that he can work or play golf.  It’s clear that he doesn’t want to see you or spend time together. When you call him, your call goes straight to voicemail.  When he is supposedly alone, he only texts you back instead of talking to you by phone.  He is trying to hide something.

As you can see, cheaters often act differently when they are cheating. 

Do All Men Cheat?

No, all men do not cheat. Millions of men in the world today find cheating to be repulsive. They wouldn’t want to get cheated on and therefore, they practice the same principles. 

Men that don’t cheat see cheating as having more consequences then rewards. When temptation comes into play, they turn away from having an affair. They choose lover over a night of pleasure. These men are often religious and have high morals for their relationship. 

Men that often have a great deal of faith in their God, tend not to cheat. Almost every major religion such as: Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Buddhism don’t condone cheating. 

They often speak out against cheating, lying and deceiving your partner. If you are having trouble with your everyday type of guy, try dating someone that is religious and see where the relationship can take you. 

Emotional infidelity is on the rise today because many couples seem to hope from one relationship to another when something goes wrong.  Most dating relationships today last for under a year. 

A man might find that he is committing emotional infidelity when he feels that you don’t like him for some reason.  He may feel that you simply don’t care about him. Perhaps you are always correcting him or telling him that you don’t enough from you.  When he thinks about you, he sees you as a nag or a control freak.  This would make him want to have an emotional affair.

What To Do After the Affair?

After the affair is over with, you will have to decide on breaking up or leaving the relationship entirely. This is not an easy decision to make since many men want you to stick around and wait for him. 

You may forgive him the first time that he cheats. However, if he keeps on doing it to you, then it may be hard to take him back every single time.

Affairs today are not like they were years ago. Affairs today often don’t last long.  Men and women are often hopping from one person to the next if the individual that they are dating has flaws. They are often looking for “greener grass on the other side”. 

Why do People Cheat in Relationships?

People often cheat in relationships when they are not happy or simply looking for a lustful night of pleasure.  If the relationship is bad emotionally, it will often turn into an emotional affair that will lead to a breakup. If you find that your boyfriend is cheating on you because he is unhappy in the relationship, its soon going to be over with. 

He knows you for who you are and perhaps you can admit to hurting him in different ways. If he doesn’t like your personality, there is a good chance that the relationship can never come back together again in a good way.  It’s hard to change who you are as a person. 

If you find that most men are leaving you because they say that you are:

  • To bossy and controlling
  • Mean
  • Judgmental
  • Hard to deal with
  • Controlling
  • Nagging
  • Texting/calling to much

Then you have a problem.  This means that you must work on yourself and find out why you are pushing men away.  If you don’t correct your problem now, there is a good chance that the next man is going to leave you as well. Most men find that it’s hard for them to be with a woman that they don’t find to be attractive in any way because of how she treats him.

What Are Some Signs of Infidelity:

  • He doesn’t want to be intimate
  • He works excessive hours to keep his distance from you
  • He is on the phone with another woman/women a lot
  • He stays out with his “friends” when he is off from work
  • When you try to text or call him, you get no response until much later (He will often do this because he is with someone else when you are trying to get a hold of him).
  • He doesn’t let you see his contact list on his phone
  • He locks you out of his social media
  • He refuses to add you to his Facebook and other social media accounts

People who cheat often have a reason for doing so. It’s often their own personal reason. However, for men, its often because he gets bored and wants to be wanted by another woman for the night.  Men often find that having multiple women in their lives makes them feel happier.  They get a thrill from what each woman can do for them. 

Women often don’t think this way about men.  Therefore, it’s hard for her to imagine that her man is simply cheating on her because he wants to have a thrill with a woman for the night and then dump her. For women, cheating always must have a reason.  She often wants to blame herself for the affair and may even ask her man if she is good enough for him.  She often wants to be the only woman in his life.

Are You Recovering from Infidelity?

Recovering from infidelity takes time. It can take years before trust can be restored. Trust can only be built over time.  Your boyfriend must show you that he can be trusted again. 

It’s important that you let him know that you must be able to have access to his phone, email and other forms of communication.   You will have to check these devices in order to see what he is up to. It’s important to talk to him when you feel insecure about the relationship.  This is the only way to make the relationship become more impactful.  You will find that over time, this helps you to regain trust and rebuild your relationship.

There are many infidelities supports groups throughout the United States.  Look on and try to find a support group for infidelity in your area.  In this way, you can feel like you are bonding with people that are going through something similar that you are going through.

Guys who cheat are not necessarily bad.  They may be cheating because they can’t control their own lustful temptations.  Its best to give them a Bible and tell them to read it so that they can grow spiritually. You can also tell them that cheating for sexual reasons is hurtful to you and should never be done. If the guy doesn’t respect you after you have talked to him about how you feel, its best to leave him.  You certainly wouldn’t want to marry a man that likes to cheat. 

What if You Cheated on Him to?

If you cheated on him to, its important to call a truce and say that neither one of you should ever cheat again.  Forming a pact will improve the relationship and help the two of you to grow as a couple.