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What Took You Away from Reading the Holy Bible Every day?

Christians will often give their lives to Jesus and be on fire for him. However, something will often tear them away from reading the Bible as time moves on.  It’s often hard to imagine yourself not reading the Bible after being saved. However, this often happens to Christians when they choose to follow their flesh than God. 

What Took You Away from Reading the Holy Bible Every day?

In today’s world, the media is constantly telling you that its okay to live in sin because you must be happy.  As Christians, we are taught to discipline our flesh and follow Jesus.  We are taught to not live in sin and repent of sin. 

Living in sin takes us away from wanting to please God.  When we obey our flesh rather than God, our spiritual relationship begins to suffer.  It’s hard to resist temptation.  Temptation and loneliness don’t work out well together.  It’s important to resist temptation because giving into it will only destroy you. 

The Temptation

Let us say that you woke up every day reading the Holy Bible.  However, you were lonely.  You felt that you needed love and companionship. You didn’t have many friends and basically put yourself out there into the world for dating.  Your hope was to meet someone that you could build a relationship with. 

When you prayed for a Christian soulmate to come into your life, nobody appeared.  You later got lonely and decided to date anyone that came into your life.  Even though you knew that they weren’t saved, you decided to date them anyways.

The ungodly person begins to make you feel happy and you begin engagement in fornication and partaking in ungodly activities.  This will cause you to not want to read the Holy Bible.

The main reason is because you will always feel that the Holy Bible is piercing your soul and telling you that you are living in sin. 

When you live in sin, you tend to avoid reading the Holy Bible. The Holy Bible will convict you of your sins and show you that repentance is necessary.  When we live in sin and refuse to repent, our spiritual relationship with Jesus suffers. 

What Does It Mean to Live for God?

Living for God means that you will deny yourself and follow Jesus. This means that if you have a sinful nature inside of you, you will deny that sinful nature and follow Jesus instead.  Most people will not do this because it takes a lot of discipline to deny yourself. 

Let us say that you were homosexual inside of your heart. You felt attracted to the same sex and wanted to be with someone of the same sex.  The Holy Bible is telling you that you should deny that part of yourself if you want to be a Christian.

The reason is because Jesus doesn’t accept homosexuality as a lifestyle that is in his will.  The Apostle Paul walked with Jesus personally.  He knew what Jesus thought about homosexuality and many other sins.  He even wrote about it in Romans 1:26-7.

Today, the “world” is teaching people that you should be who you are. It’s not the way in which Jesus taught us how to live in the New Testament.  It’s not the way that would please God.  When you become a lover of self, you are saying that you don’t care what God has to say about anything. Instead, you only care about what you want and will do whatever you feel like to please yourself. 

Denying yourself is often to hard to do. 

How Did You Become a Lover of Self?

People often becomes a love of self when they feel that God is not listening to them or that they want to follow the desires of their heart instead of Gods. Becoming a lover of self doesn’t happen overnight. This happens after years of trying to be happy and not finding your happiness.

When you become a lover of self, you begin to aim to please yourself so that you can live in happiness instead of suffering. You will have to suffer in this life if you want to live for Jesus. There is no easy way around it. 

We live in a world today that teaches us to live for pleasure instead of what God wants for us.  If we are not happy, we think that something is wrong.  We will never be happy when we live in sin.  You will always feel separated from God when you are living in sin.

Should You Repent and Live for Jesus?

When we repent of our sins, even if we have fallen, Jesus is quick to forgive us.  When you realized that you have been living in sin, ask Jesus for strength to overcome selfish living. 

Jesus will show you a way out of sinful living.  Learn to live with reading the word of God each day and living for Jesus.  Once you have repented of yours sins, you can start reading the Holy Bible regularly. You will feel that the Holy Bible is speaking to your heart and that you are not living in sin.