Was Edgar Cayce The Most Recognized Clairvoyant to Ever Live?

Edgar Cayce was considered a psychic
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Who is Edgar Cayce?

When you think about clairvoyance, the name Edgar Cayce may pop into your head immediately. Edgar Cayce gave over 14,000+ recorded psychic readings during his lifetime. 

Edgar Cayce gave psychic readings about: health, past life regression, lost continent of Atlantis, soldiers condition in the war, stock market prospects, reincarnation and much more.  To learn more in depth information regarding Edgar Cayce and his life’s work, please visit the A.R.E. (Association for Research and Enlightenment) in Virginia Beach.     

It is interesting that Edgar Cayce never dabbled in the occult before gaining and understanding that he could speak to his dead grandfather when he was just a boy.  It is said that he only read the Holy Bible and taught Sunday school.  He was not into the “new age movement” as we call it today.  During his psychic readings, he would pick up on specific information about someone’s life without ever have met them. 

Edgar cayce explains astral projection
Edgar Cayce Gave Psychic Readings About Astral Projection

Was Edgar Cayce The Most Recognized Clairvoyant to Ever Live?

Edgar Cayce had the nickname, “The Sleeping Prophet”.  As you will now learn about Edgar Cayce, you will see why this was the case.

He was born on March 18, 1877 in the state of Kentucky.  Edgar Cayce was born into a family of farmers and had six brothers and sisters.  In school, he had difficult learning as a child. 

As an adult clairvoyant, he would often give healing psychic readings to people suffering from blindness, stomach ailments, diseases and much more.  He was often more advanced than medical doctors were in his time.  He would often work with doctors in order to give them healing remedies for their patients.  Like Hippocrates, Edgar Cayce also gave his contribution to medical science through his psychic readings.

By the age of twelve, he had already given around a dozen psychic readings.  He also had encounters with angels at a young age as well.  He was met by an angel once when he was in the woods.  He told the angel that he desired to help sick children.  He was hoping to perhaps become a missionary.

Edgar Cayce Was a Photographer
Edgar Cayce Was A Photographer

Did An Angel Speak to Edgar Cayce?

There was once an encounter in which his father tried to knock some sense into him with force.  Edgar Cayce heard the angel speaking to him at that moment.  The angel told him that if he could get some sleep, they would help him. 

Young Edgar Cayce took his book to his room and put it under his head as he slept.  When he awoke, he memorized all the contents in the book while he slept.  He showed his father of the lesson that they were doing. 

His father was shocked and thought that he had been making up stories that he was not really knowing the material.  However, from that point onward, Edgar Cayce began sleeping on his books at night and would memorize entire books by page.  You could ask him any question about the contents in the book and he knew it. 

Eventually, he became the best student in the school. As far as being psychic, this started to happen after he was hit by a baseball in his lower spine.  Shockingly, he started acting “weird” after he was hit by the ball.  In his sleep, he was able to find a cure for himself and told his father about it. 

Did Edgar Cayce’s Family Do Farming?

Even though Edgar Cayce came from a family of farmers, he was not himself passionate about farming.  When he came of age, he decided to pursue other careers. 

Young Edgar only got to receive a 9th grade education because his family could not afford to keep him in school.  He would go on to spend a lot of his “young man” years searching for jobs.  He did meet a woman by the name of Gertrude Evans.  He got married to her and eventually started to build a family. 

Edgar Cayce Came From A Family Of Farmers

He would later go on to read the Holy Bible from front cover to end each year.  He would begin to see auras around people and had good communication with angels and deceased loved ones.

Was Edgar Cayce A Christian?

Being a Christian, Edgar Cayce was not comfortable with being able to communicate with those outside of earth.  He often wondered if this spiritual gift came from heaven or hell.  It was a struggle that he would have to face for many years to come.

Over time, he got into the insurance business with his father. However, he developed a rate case of laryngitis.  This made it impossible for him to speak.  He had to leave the insurance business and go into photography because he didn’t have to speak as a photographer. He would simply take pictures and develop them.  Eventually he became a well sought-after photographer.

Edgar Cayce would later heal his own laryngitis with his psychic reading ability.  He put himself into a sleep like trance and predicted a cure for his ailment.  Yes, his laryngitis went away from his own psychic prediction.

Eventually, he started to give psychic readings to people that asked him for one.  Newspapers started to write articles about his unique gifts and abilities.  He would go on to make predictions for people that later became famous.  However, he never charged for his psychic readings. 

Edgar Cayce and Christianity
Edgar Cayce Was A Christian

Was Edgar Cayce A Photographer For A Time?

After photography, he got a job in the bookstore.  He invented a game called Pit, but did not have much luck selling it, because the company that he sent it to copyright it and did not give him credit for the game. 

Later, Edgar Cayce would go back into doing photography.  He eventually got 2 photography studios that were doing well. However, he lost them both due to a fire.  Since his studios burned down, he had to go bankrupt.

He had to stay in bankruptcy for two years.  When his bankruptcy was over, he was still without money, but eager to start over again.  Instead of working for himself, he had to now work as a photographer for another company.

Eventually, he would go on to make a deal with a company that wanted him to do psychic readings for them.  Instead of taking payment for the psychic readings, he told them that he wanted them to build him a photography studio that he could use with his father. 

The company agreed and Edgar Cayce was able to give readings and still profit from his photography. However, he never accepted payment for his psychic readings. 

Edgar Cayce had books
Edgar Cayce Could Sleep on A Book And When He Woke Up, He Could Tell You The Contents Of What Was In The Book

Did Edgar Cayce Become Famous?

Eventually, fame grew for Edgar Cayce and he became more in high demand for his psychic readings.  Eventually, he did get money for the Pit game in which he invented.  This would help him to provide for his family as he decided to give psychic readings full time. He was also now willing to accept voluntary donations from people for his spiritual work.

People would go on to try and use Edgar Cayce’s clairvoyant abilities for selfish gain. They would ask him questions on who would win at horse racing or if cotton would sell best on what day.  He was receiving readings from people that wanted to know how they could strike it rich.

It seemed that more people were interested in using his gifts for selfish reasons more than anything else.  When he would do these types of psychic readings, he would find that his energy was destroyed, and he felt unhappy.  He was also saddened. 

He decided from that point onward that he would only use his psychic readings for purposes having to do with healing a person or to help those in distress.

Did Edgar Cayce Find Some Of His Psychic Readings Hard To Accept?

In many of Cayce readings, he felt conflicted. When he began giving psychic readings on astral projection, reincarnation and other types of readings, he felt that they went against the Holy Bible. 

Edgar Cayce was a clairvoyant psychic
Edgar Cayce Was Known For His Clairvoyance

He felt conflicted because he had read the Holy Bible many times and it seemed to speak against these types of things. However, he was reaching in depth levels of the spiritual world and couldn’t help what he was seeing. 

He also gave a psychic reading to himself on where he should live. The voice inside of him said to go to Virginia Beach.  A young man by the name of Morton Blumenthal was involved in the stock market. He did financially well and bought Edgar Cayce and his wife a home in Virginia Beach to use for his psychic work.

What is Astral Projection?

In many of Edgars psychic readings, he spoke about astral projection.  This is an area of the metaphysical arts that is often complex to understand.  When a person allows themselves to go into a sleep like state, it is said that they can astral project themselves out of their body and travel through different dimensions.

You have a cord that attaches to your body and with this cord, you can travel outside of the body into the spiritual world.  We stay connected to our bodies when we travel in spirit so that we can come back.  The universe is a big place and we would easily get lost in it if we didn’t have a spiritual cord that attaches itself to us. 

When some does astral projection, they are in a sense asleep.  However, your astral project when you are in a relaxed state.  It is a lot like a dream.  However, you will often see yourself outside of your body when you do astral projection.  You will literally pop your spirit outside of your body and look down at yourself sleeping or in a meditative position. In this way, you will be able to see that you are not dreaming, but, in another dimension. You will see that you are still you, but without a body.  This is known as astral projection. 

Is your past life worth it?
Who Were You In A Past Life?

What is Past Life Regression?

Edgar Cayce spoke a lot about past life regression in his psychic readings.  Past life regression is a belief that you have had multiple past lives before the one that you are living right now. In past life regression, you try to go back in time to a place where you once lived.  Perhaps you had a past life in 1607 as a farmer.  In past life regression, you try to remember these encounters so that you can better your life in this time in history. 

If you read the Holy Bible, it sounds like you will either go to heaven or hell when you die.  Edgar Cayce was often conflicted by a person having past lives because it wasn’t exactly biblical. 

However, he would go into a self-induced trance and pick up all kinds of mysteries of life. When he would come out of this dream, he had no idea what he said. He relied on people that were hearing the psychic reading to tell him what he spoke of.  He was often amazed that he was saying such things in his trance like states. 

Today, Edgar Cayce is the first person to “coin” the term psychic reading.  People began calling it a psychic reading because it seemed as though he was scanning space, time, people and spirits during his channeling. He would pick up on information that was not even available at the time.  When he saw a cure for an illness, doctors would rely on his reading to treat the patient many times.  His psychic readings proved to be accurate and the person would recover. 

What is New Age Religion?

The new age religion is using any of the psychic arts to learn. This can be anything from learning about past life regression to reading the Holy Bible. There are no limits to learning in new age religion. You can study about astrology, tarot, spirit communication, mediumship and much more.  The walls have been tumbled down for you. 

Important of faith and religion
Faith And Religion Was Important To Edgar Cayce

In most religions, there are strict rules of what you can and cannot do. In new age religion, there are not rules. You are a free thinker and can decide for yourself on what you are going to believe or reject. 

Edgar Cayce did predict a time period in which we would reach a state of enlightenment.  It would be a time in which people could learn about clairvoyance, metaphysics and not be constrained by traditional religions.  Today, we are seeing a lot of this on social media, television and in magazines. Many people are choosing to think outside of the box.  They are choosing to look at their life and see that it has a lot to still learn. 

The Edgar Cayce predictions prove that life does exist outside of the body.  There are answers that God wants to give to us.  When we pray, meditate and read the word of God, something supernatural begins to happen. We begin get answers to our problems by simply using our clairvoyance.  This is just one way that we can obtain answers from the spiritual world.

There are many Edgar Cayce books that you can read on that have to do with: past life regression, the new age, lost continent of Atlantis, time travel, power of your mind, how to channel your higher self and much more. 

When Did Edgar Cayce Die?

Edgar Cayce died on January 3, 1945 after having a stroke. It is said that he was giving to many psychic readings and it eventually gave a toll on his body.  His body physically couldn’t handle it anymore because it became to stressful for him.  Even though his own psychic readings told him to give no more than 2 psychic readings a day, he didn’t listen.  He was sometimes giving 10 readings a day. This was a lot for him to take on. 

What Is New Age Spirituality?

New age spirituality seems to be the religions of today.  More people are abandoning churches then they ever did before in history.  Churches are beginning to see a decline in attendance and people are choosing to worship in their own homes and with their own practices and traditions.  The old ways of worshipping God are changing. 

Many religious experts are beginning to see how religion is changing for people. We are living in a period where millennials are beginning to think outside of the box of what previous generations have told them about God and worship. 

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