Should You Date a Guy that Your Family Can’t Stand?

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Okay girls, you have finally met the guy of your dreams, but your family can’t stand him.  What should you do?  Should you keep the guy around or cut him off from your life? After all, you have a family that loves you and your man loves you at the same time. It can be a complex situation to be in.  However, its certainly not impossible. 

Should You Date a Guy that Your Family Can’t Stand?

For starters, you need to evaluate how you feel for him first.  You need to ask yourself, “Is he my soulmate?  Can I see myself growing old with him?  Does he have the maturity level to hold down a steady job and get married over the next one to two years?”

These questions matter because if he is not, he may not be worth losing your whole family to.  As you might have guessed, a good guy is worth keeping around no matter what your family says about him. After all, you won’t see your family every day. 

However, your lover and companion are the person that you will see the most.  It’s important to have a man in your life that you cherish and will always want to be close to. 

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Why Can’t Your Family Stand This Guy?

Often, “love is blind”. We cannot see what is clearly in front of us when lust and passion play a role.  Sometimes, we can meet someone that our heart is on fire for.  We fantasize about the day that he will marry us. We want to feel this connection. However, is this man abusing you?

Why doesn’t your family like him? Is he disrespectful to you?  Are you to blame for them not liking him?  Are you crying to your family when the two of you have an argument?

It’s common now a days to see women running to their families over simple problems in their relationship. Instead of keeping their relationship troubles to themselves, they will run to their family and complain that their man is mistreating them in some sort of way. These are often little fights that are normal in any relationship.

Of course, within 24 hours, you forgive your man and forget that the fight even happened. However, your family is not so forgiving. They will often only remember the negative words that you said about him.

They will often tell you that they think he is a jerk because of what he said to you.  Weeks will pass by and they will still remember how much he hurt you.  You have forgotten about it already, but they have not.

why is this guy such a problem
Is Your Family Asking You What Is Wrong With This Guy?

You create a love/hate relationship for your man.  He may be the best guy in the world, but they can only see the negative because they only see that he hurt you. 

If you want them to stop disliking him, you must stop complaining to them. If you want to complain about him, you should talk to a pastor, psychic on the telephone or someone that you don’t know.

The reason why I say this is because your friends will grow to hate him to if you are the type of person that is always complaining about something. 

If your guy is mistreating you by emotionally abusing you or hitting you, your family will never stop disliking this guy. You may as well consider this to be the deal breaker for your family.  They are disliking him because of what they see him doing to you. 

Is This Guy Your Soulmate?

Do you believe that you have met your soulmate?  If so, you are going to have to make a choice between being with your man or choosing your family. 

I say this because you often won’t be able to live close to your family. If your family is always up in your business and fighting with your man, it will destroy your relationship over time.  In cases like this, its important to move far away from your family. This is not the easiest thing to do, but often necessary. 

If you talk to your family a lot and they are interfering with your love life, it will cause you and your man to fight all the time. Some families don’t know how to show respect. 

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It’s important for you to protect your soulmate and to realize that you either must choose one or the other.  Unfortunately, many families are disrespecting relationships these days. It’s important for you to realize that it may come down to a choice. 

If he is your soulmate, know that relationships like this don’t come around every day. You may have been waiting for years. Perhaps you have never met anyone like him before.  It’s okay to realize that he is the only man that is willing to put up with your crap.

Yes, he accepts you for who you are. Don’t let this man slip away just because your family doesn’t like him. Sure, you won’t have the Brady Bunch family that you always envisioned with him. However, if you don’t take a stand for your relationship, you will most likely lose him, and he will be off to be with someone else. 

It’s never easy to have a man in your life that doesn’t get along with your family. However, you may see him differently. Perhaps he is the kind of guy that brings you flowers and romance at night. He may be the best thing since pizza entered the United States.  Only you can judge what he means to you.

If he is planning on marrying you and starting a life together with you, its important to think about the future and where you see yourself being in a couple of years. 

It’s worth keeping him around if you can see a future together with him.  it doesn’t really matter what your family has to say if he is your soulmate.  Eventually, you will come to see that living apart from your family was one of the best things that you could have done for your relationship.

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