An Example of Healthy Relationships and Unhealthy Ones

growing a healthy and unhealthy relationship
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Example of Healthy Relationships and Unhealthy Ones

Are you in a relationship and wondering if its healthy or not?  It if helps, all relationships come with their problems. A normal healthy relationship should have some arguing from time to time.

It should have a lot of love and disagreements at the same time.  A relationship begins to become unhealthy when hatred and anger start to set in.

When two people can’t get along and resort to name calling and physical abuse, the relationship is in an unhealthy state.  If this sounds like your relationship, there may be no easy way of settling things in your relationship.  This often happens when one of the people in the relationship feels like they are being taken advantage of. 

Different Types of Relationships:

  • Friendships
  • Romantic Connections
  • Acquaintances
  • Work Colleagues
  • Social Media Friendships
  • Friends with Benefits

Unhealthy Relationships Destroy Your Life

When you are in an unhealthy relationship, it can literally destroy your life.  You may find that its hard to work, eat, sleep and think about anything else.  It can consume your life when you are with someone that is destroying your life.

take time to build a good relationship
Building A Healthy Relationship Often Involves The Whole Family

Perhaps you are the person in the relationship that is destroying your lover.  It’s important to step away from the relationship when this happens.  There is nothing more toxic then seeing two people destroying one another.

Perhaps you made a mistake and thought that the person you were with was a different person.  They may have made themselves appear to be hard working, when, they are lazy.

Perhaps you are the one paying all the bills, while your lover is sitting around doing nothing all day. The stress of this can destroy your life in many ways.  If you are a man, you may find that the woman you married is always on the phone talking to other men. This may bother you and the woman that you are with doesn’t care about your feelings. 

When a relationship becomes unhealthy, it begins to take a toll over your physical wellbeing. There is nothing worse than two people trying to destroy one another out of anger and resentment.

A toxic relationship does destroy you as a person.  If you feel that your partner is saying things to you that are hurtful and destroying you as a person, that could destroy your life. 

However, if you are the toxic person in the relationship and he is complaining to you about it, then they are at the disadvantage because you are destroying their life in many ways.  If your partner is explaining to you how they feel and wants some changes to happen, you need to look at things and wonder if you are at fault. 

Healthy relationships mean something
Growing Healthy Relationships With Those That Matter The Most To You

You need to ask yourself, “Can I change what the other person is asking me to change?” 

What is Relationship?

A relationship is spending quality time with someone that you find to be appealing. A relationship can be with someone that makes you feel good about yourself. It’s about building a connection of trust and loyalty to one another. 

When you have a relationship with someone, you begin to see that they are a part of your life on a day to day basis.  As you grow closer to someone, you may call them your friend, boyfriend/girlfriend or another close title that represents who you are together.

In today’s world, a relationship can mean something different for every person. There are open relationships and friends with benefits types of bonds as well. What works for one person may not work for another. 

Communication in Relationships is Most Important

It is important to have good communication in your relationship with someone that you care about.  Good communication opens doors for building a connection that will last a lifetime. When you have someone that you care about deeply, you begin to see that you can have a connection with them that will always last forever. 

It’s always important to tell the other person how you feel. It’s important to let them know how you feel. Relationships in which communication is poor often doesn’t last long.

You may find that relationship books help you to learn how to communicate better. These kinds of books are often written by marriage and relationship counselors. It gives you a good understanding as to who you are as a person and how you can improve conversation in your romantic life. 

learn about un unhealthy relationship
Unhealthy Relationships Often Involve Little To No Communication

How to Build Trust in a Relationship

Trust builds over time. Trust is something that builds when you least expect.  When you look back on your relationship, you should notice if trust has been built.  Keep a journal of what the two of you feel about one another and try sharing it as often as you can. 

You may find that you have a trustworthy partner in the relationship.  Never compare your present relationship to someone that you had dated before in the past. In todays world, dating relationships often come and go.  It’s often hard to have someone in your life that you care about if you are afraid of them leaving you or causing you pain. 

Trust in a relationship is often hard for people to understand.  They will often say that they want everything to become a lot more balanced.  However, this can only be done with action.  Action makes the relationship become a lot more impactful over time. 

If your relationship lacks trust, you will have to take baby steps in order to make it better.  Here are some steps to follow if your relationship is lacking trust:

  • Set small goals with your partner.  Perhaps they can tell you that they will be at a certain place at a specific time.  Have them call you when they are at that place.  Know exactly where they are at and go visit them to ensure that they are where they say they will be.  This is a great step because it will allow you to see that they are telling you the truth.
  • It’s important to have access to one another social media accounts. 
  • Don’t make accusations that you can’t back up.  Can you prove that he/she has been talking to their ex or is it just your feeling?
  • Learn to listen to one another and do less talking.
  • Know each other’s passwords to your online accounts. Nothing should be a secret.  Secrets cause a lack of trust. 

Relationship building takes time. You will find that you don’t know everything about the person that you are dating even after 10 or 20 years together. You will find that when the two of you talk, there is always something new to learn. 

It’s important to spend quality time together watching movies on Netflix or going out for the night to dinner or dancing.  Something must move your relationship to cause it to become more productive. It’s important to look at your relationship and feel like you can grow in it. 

A relationship will take its time to build.  You must look at your life and see that there is still a lot that your partner must learn about you.  Even if you have been with one another for a long time, there is always something new to learn.  Try to be specific in where you want the relationship to go.  When you do this, doors begin to open for you.

do your kisses mean anything
Kissing In A Relationship Is Healthy

Do You Have a Love Hate Relationship?

Did you ever meet a couple that loves one another and yet when they argue, its as if they hate one another?  I can remember watching Ronnie and Sammi fighting on Jersey shore.  It was horrific.  When they loved one another, they seemed so passionate?

However, when they fought, you would see episodes in which clothes would be flying out the door and harmful yelling going back and forth.  I consider this to be a love hate relationship.  As the world knows now, that relationship didn’t make it. 

Relationships can have their ups and downs. However, it should never come to a point in which the two of you are saying hateful words and name calling.  This resorts to the couple having bad tastes in their mouth. 

How to Fix a Relationship

It is not easy to fix a relationship that has been broken. Relationships that fall apart often do so because one person in the relationship is not acting right.  Perhaps fights break out when one person feels disrespected by the other.  When the two of you argue, fights are often hard to handle. 

In order to fix a relationship, follow these simple steps:

  • Set time aside to talk about why the relationship has taken a bad turn.
  • Be open for change.
  • Realize that you must forgive and forget.  Holding on to grudges never works.
  • Know that you are not perfect, and neither is your partner. 
  • Any relationship requires work to keep it together.
  • Believe that divorce is not in your vocabulary. People that divorce often find that their new partner is not any better than the person that they divorced.  You will eventually come to see that everyone has problems.
  • Pray and do Bible study together. Relationships that make God the center of their life do better because they go towards one specific goal. 

You may have many insecurities in a relationship that require your attention.  Learn what your insecurities are and your partners insecurities and try to not do what the person feels insecure about.

For instance, if you are a woman and dating a man that loves to hang out in bars, you will have to address this with him.  If you have a problem with him socializing in bars, you must tell him that you are feeling a bit insecure about it and don’t want him in there.  If he refuses to stop going to the bar, this can be a relationship deal breaker. 

talk to someone about love
Healthy Love Relationships Often Involve Spending Quality Time Together

Relationships must have respect in them. Without respect, relationships fall apart and become hard to deal with.  It’s important to always discuss what must change.  

When you begin to learn what your triggers are, you will be able to overcome your troubles better. However, if you have insecurities due to a past relationship, you may need to fix this on your own. 

If you have been cheated on before, make sure that you don’t bring those insecurities into your present romance.  You can’t make the person that you are with afraid to go out because you are afraid that they will cheat on you. You need to start looking at your new partner as a completely different person that has not hurt you yet. 

Ending a Relationship is Hard

If you are not married, ending a relationship is a lot easier than if you are married.  Divorce can be expensive and time consuming. If you realized that you are with someone and you are not married, its may be best to walk away.

If you have tried to do everything in your power to make it work and its not working, this is a time in which you must say its time to let it go.  Its never easy to let a relationship go if you have been in it for a long time. 

If you are not getting what you need from the relationship, it is often best to see and accept it now before you get married.  Some relationships cannot be saved.

Especially if the two of you are different people and like doing things your own way.  If the two of you love one another, you may find that your personalities don’t match well. However, your love is there.  Sometimes, couples go away from one another because they can’t get along.  This is hard. 

Your bond in a healthy relationship
Being Happy Is Part Of A Healthy Relationship

Here Are Some Steps to Take if You Would Like to End a Relationship:

  • Tell the person that you are with that its not working and you need space. If after a week you still feel like the relationship must end, tell the person that you want out of the relationship. 
  • Tell the person that you are with that you are unhappy in the relationship.  Let them know that you care about them, but not in a romantic sense.
  • Learn to let go of what you were hoping for and focus on the reality of the relationship itself.
  • Know that you may not be the only person unhappy in the relationship. Your partner may be waiting for you to say something.

A long-term relationship takes time to build.  It’s important to love the person that you are with on a day by day basis.  Let them see your heart by giving gifts, love letters and notes that show you care.  If you are trying to build a relationship, know that you will always have your ups and downs. 

When a relationship is nearing its end stage, the two people will often feel like they must end it because they simply can’t get along. If you find yourself arguing all the time, it can be a deal breaker for the relationship to continue. 

Couples in previous generations were often able to stay married for 40+ years.  Family was a lot different back then.  The word divorce was not in their vocabulary.  People back then often had to work longer hours and spending time with one another was a luxury.  When a problem arose, the couple always found a way to get through it.  Life was a lot slower and families tended to stick together. 

Today, social media is one of the biggest problems with failing relationships.  It has caused people to run to social media and blab their relationship problems to the world.  Instead of working out your troubles with a partner, you announce your problems to the world. 

There is nothing worse than running to your family and talking bad about your romantic partner to them. This makes your romantic partner feel like you are trashing them to your family.

Worst of all, when your partner goes around your family, they will often give them a cold shoulder or be rude with them. They will lose respect for the person that you are with.

The reason is because you will be able to get past your problem, but that is the only thing that your family will remember.  Families tend to hold grudges and it could be something that you created.  If this sounds like a problem in your relationship, try using the psychic hotline, a counselor or pastor to talk your problems out with.  In this way, you will show your partner respect.

How to Have a Healthy Relationship

  • Talk to one another with respect
  • Learn to listen to what your partner is saying to you
  • Don’t involve family in your couple disputes

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