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Why Do Men Keep on Dumping Me?

Are Guys Dumping You?

It is hard for any woman to admit that they have been dumped by a guy. Sure, you may tell your family and friends that it just didn’t work out. However, you know inside of your heart that he just didn’t want you. It wasn’t only him, but man after man has left you.  You ask yourself why?  Why does this keep on happening to me. Why aren’t I good enough?  This is a question that is constantly being mentioned on hit shows like The Bachelor. 

The truth is that you may be the problem. Let us look at some of the reasons why a guy may be dumping you:

  • You are to mouthy.  Perhaps you accuse him of things that he is not guilty of. Perhaps you are nagging him to much when he is wanting to relax.
  • He may work to many hours a day to give time for a relationship.
  • Perhaps he is still in love with his ex. 
  • He travels to much for work.
  • His life is full of stress.
  • He might have just gotten out of a relationship and doesn’t want another one so fast.
  • He feels in his heart that you are moving to fast.
  • He thinks that you are to needy. 
  • You talk over him when he is trying to speak.  
  • You don’t pause after he finishes a sentence. When he speaks, you are already having something else to say.  He feels that you weren’t really listening to him. 
  • He thinks you are still in love with your ex-boyfriend.
  • You are trying to change the person that he is.
  • You stalk his social media.
  • You are texting him too much.

When a man feels like you want something different than he does, he will often pull away from you and go about his life. You may feel like he has shunned you or gave you a mixed message.  However, he doesn’t want to be together with you.

Why Do Men Keep on Dumping Me?

It’s always important to handle matters accordingly on a day to day basis. If you believe that the man you are with doesn’t want to be with you, it means that you must move on. 

It’s important to look at your life and examine who you are as a person.  The world has also changed since the days in which your parents dated.  Today, men seem to want relationships a lot less than they used to.

Most guys will tell you that they are complicated or simply not worth their time.  The reason for this is plentiful.  Most men today see life as a challenge. They look at love and often feel like they can’t contribute all that much to it. 

When you think about it, you can learn from your past mistakes. If you feel that your texting or controlling ways are to much for guys, you may want to stop and begin changing this part of yourself. 

Nobody likes to change. However, when we change, we become a lot different than we used to be.  In life, you must see to it that you can change and become someone a lot different than you used to be. It’s important to look at life and feel that you can take control over who you are as a person.

The main in your life must see you as someone that is more passive.  Men often want a woman that is there for him.  He may not say it, but he does want you to hear him out. In order to build a good relationship, you need a solid friendship first. 

Most married women that stay together for 10+ years with their partners say that they contribute a lot to the relationship.  Over time, they see that the man wants to stay in their life. 

If you are the kind of women that likes to sleep around, know that secretly, a guy wouldn’t want to see his girlfriend doing this.  You can claim that you are devoted to him, but what is he really thinking in his mind? 

Does he really believe that you are going to be devoted to him when you have a reputation for sleeping around with multiple men. 

It’s important to see life for what it is. You need to always look at yourself and feel like you can reach higher levels in your life.  If you think about it, you need to come to a point in which you feel like things are just moving along and coming to a peak in which you can understand what is happening in your life. 

Life is constantly changing for every person. It’s important to have a sit-down discussion with a guy that you are interested in and find out what he really wants.  There are many guys in the world that don’t like relationships because they often feel that the woman is bombarding him and taking up all his time. 

Guys are a lot different than girls are for the most part. They often want a lot of space to hang out with their friends and to have more of a social life. He often won’t tell you what is on his mind unless he needs someone to talk to. Sometimes you will be the last person to know that he has a problem.

However, stay strong for him. Let him know that its okay for him to be himself.  In time, you will come to see that his energy with yours is going to be solid in the future.  Remember to always take your time with him. Let him see that your heart is going to move in a much better direction. With time, you will be able to see that he must give you a lot more of his heart and show you that he can give more. 

Learning to love him for who he is, is one of the hardest life lessons that you will have to go through. However, its an important life lesson to learn.