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The Man of Your Dreams: Love Definitive Guide

The Man of Your Dreams: Love Definitive Guide

Why Look for Love?

Human beings are relational and don’t do well alone.  When loneliness sets into a person, they begin to feel depressed, anxious and lonely.  Looking for love should be a constant task for you if you are not already in love. 

Today, the dating world has changed from where it was ten years ago.  Today, a lot of people are using the internet to meet singles.  If you think that you are ready to take the plunge and find love, this article will give you a few tips on where to start.

What is My Dating Advice?

If you are shy and don’t meet people well in public, you only have one option in meeting people and that’s online.  Shy people often have the tendency to put off the energy that they don’t want to be bothered.

If you are a student in school right now, some of your classmates may see you as being “snobby” or that you think that you are to good to hang out with them.  Of course, you are not trying to send this energy off.  However, approaching you will be hard for them to do. 

It’s important to use the internet to your advantage.  Dating websites work best for you because it keeps everything on the internet for the most part.  You can set up your online profile and text via chat.

As you already know, there are thousands of dating websites to join.  Get specific about the kind of person you are trying to date.  

If you are an extrovert, you have endless possibilities in meeting your soulmate.  Most people will see you as being friendly, outgoing and considerate of people’s feelings.

Extroverts often do better in the dating world because they are not afraid to approach someone that they are interested in meeting. You can meet someone online and in person.

Once you get to know who you are as a person, you can begin to seek out the best ways for dating.  Its important for you to ask yourself where you find it easier to meet your date.  Is it in person or keeping strictly internet based? 

What Is Some Dating Advice For Single Women?

Women often think differently than men do when it comes to dating.  It’s important for you to see how men often date.

Men often prefer to text and call first. If you reach out to them before they reach out to you, they will often ignore you and act like they are to busy.  It’s important to show them that you will give space. 

Women often want to be contacted by the person that they are in a relationship with a lot.  They often want to text message throughout the day. 

However, many men are the complete opposite.  Most men want to text you when their time is free.  Most men want to chase you and not have you chase them. 

It can be hard to be in a dating relationship and not have anything working the way that you want it to.  It’s important for you to find out what you want in your life and then making a clear indication on how you will go about getting it. 

Expect dating to be complicated at first.  Most men today don’t want to see you more than once a week.  It’s just the way that it is.  It’s no longer your parent’s generation. 

Unfortunately, many men prefer having space and time to see their friends, family and work.  They rarely make time for love and often don’t want to spend a lot of time with the woman that they are falling for.  This is a big way in which men are different then women. 

Has Mature Dating Has Become Popular?

Women over 40 are beginning to date a lot more in the 21st century then they did in the 20th century.  The reason is because the divorce rate is higher than it was in previous generations. 

Women that are 40+ often desire real relationships in which they can spend time with a man that wants to be together with them forever. However, Mr. Right may not be easy to find. 

The main reason is because many men are looking for women in their 20’s and early 30’s to date.  You may have seen it yourself. Perhaps you were replaced by a 20 or 30 something year old. 

It doesn’t mean that dating is over for you. However, it means that it will be a lot harder for you to gain the interest of a man. The main reason is because most men see your physical beauty first before your personality. 

If you are 40+, you need to decide on which age of a man you would like to date. This is important because most 20 something year old’s have their own hangout places.  They are often different from where a 40 something year old person would hang out. 

Speed dating is becoming popular for women that are 40+.  You have no time to waste on guys that you are not interested in. Speed dating clubs are in almost every state now.  You simply find one in your area and attend.

Speed dating is easy, and it allows you to screen your date in under 5 minutes.  When you do speed dating, you are put into a group of singles that are wanting love, friendship, dating and all other categories. 

You basically are put on a time clock.  Each man and women that are attending go from chair to chair.  The moderator will say that you can move to the next table when the clock buzzes. 

This means that you are getting a chance to talk to every guy in the room for around 5 minutes.  If at the end of the speed dating session you like someone, you can arrange a more intimate date together outside of the dating club. 

In this way, you can get yourself out there in the dating scene and see if you have a love match.  If not, no harm done and no wasted time dating some guy in a restaurant that you would not want to be together with.  Love can sometimes be hard to find. However, speed dating makes it a lot easier. 

Are You Looking for Love With The Man of Your Dreams?

Women over 40 also enjoy dating websites. In this way, you can put your profile online and meet singles that are interested in you.  However, many single women over 40 have the tendency to put a picture of themselves online of when they were 25.  This can be deceptive and highly discouraged. 

If you want to make yourself look younger, hire a professional photographer and take images of yourself on the beach, park or nice location.  It’s always best to start a dating relationship off with honesty.  After all, you want the same thing in return. 

There is a perfect match out there for everyone. All that you need to do is wait for it.  When you are 40+ years old, you feel like the time clock is working against you.  You are now at the midpoint of your life and want to see love working for you.  However, you don’t want to appear like you are trying to rush love.  Men will often sense that and run far away.  You want to make love work for you.

When you are looking for love, it is looking for you as well.  When you go out on dates, keep them casual.  Let the person know that you have an interest in them and want to hang out.  However, don’t over do it by talking about your past relationships or your ex.  Try to learn as much as you can about the person of interest.

Sometimes, local singles will not be easy to find. The beauty of the internet is that you can meet someone anywhere in the world.  Be open for national and international dating. Mature women are finding that its sometimes easier to date someone a state or two away. It can make learning about someone new in your life exciting. 

Your love connection will happen with time.  Try to not compare any of your new dates with someone from your past. Remember, they are a new person and you know very little about them.  Learn to listen and talk less.

Dating older women is fun for a lot of men. The reason why is because older women have more experience with life.  Many men feel that dating a woman their own age allows them to have something in common.  If you were both born in the 70’s, it may be easy to talk about the rock band Kiss than someone in their 20’s. 

Many men feel that at first, the younger woman might appear to be more attractive.  However, after the kissing and “fooling around’ is over with, he finds that he doesn’t have that much in common with her.  He begins to find that dating older women is more exciting because he has a more bonding experience that is emotional and physical.

When you meet people, be courteous, warm and friendly.  Don’t bring your problems with you on your dates.  Nobody wants to hear about how horrible your day was.  After all, you are just getting to know someone.  Show them what is exciting about you personally. 

If you have been looking for love in all the wrong places, you are not alone.  Millions of women are in the same shoes as you are.  It takes trial and error to learn how to date properly. 

You will eventually come to see that you can date someone that will always be there for you over time.  Learn how to take your steps gradually and carefully. In time, doors will begin to open for you.  It’s all about patience.  Yes, we all can use a bit more patience.

Many websites dedicate themselves to senior dating because the baby boomer generation is powerful today and is 40+ year old dating. Here are some senior dating websites:


Should You Try Local Dating First?

Its important to try local dating first before long distance.  When you are trying to get love in your life, you often want to see someone at least once a week for a date or simply hanging out. 

I know that you can’t always find a lover locally.  It may take some time for you to find someone that you will always be together with in the future. Take your time and try local dating apps like

If the look of love is always on your mind, consider that a blessing.  Not everyone will feel love at first sight. However, the person that you meet will often feel well connected to you for several different reasons.

Its important to hate a hot date the first time out.  Don’t make your first date boring.  If you are meeting locally, find the best food establishments in time. It has been proven that having a well-planned date allows the person that you are taking out feel extra special. If you make someone feel extra special, they are more prone to taking you more seriously. 

Feel free to meet people online as often as you possibly can. It’s okay to date multiple people at once if they are dinner dates and not affectionate dates.  You don’t want to get the reputation of someone that just likes to sleep around.  Eventually, locals will catch wind of this and wonder if you are serious about love or looking for one-night stands.

A single man is often looking for the woman of his dreams. He often wants to be with someone that wants him for who he is.  He wants to experience love and someone that is willing to treat him a lot better than someone else that he was involved with before he met you. 

Men that are 40+ years old often feel that they want an emotional connection that is strong.  A man’s needs change in a relationship as he gets older. 

He was once thinking about s** all the time and now he is thinking mostly about love, building a future and talking.  Who he was as a 20 something year old man is a lot different than who he is today? 

How to Find Love if You are 20 to 40 Years Old

You are part of the younger generation of daters.  The millennial generation seems to be rather fast when it comes to dating.  A millennial couple will often date for a short period of time and often break up if a problem arises.

Older generations often believe in working through problems.  However, younger generations born today often feel that it’s a waste of time to be with someone that makes to many mistakes.  The idea of staying with one person for life doesn’t work for most millennials.

This makes dating a lot harder for you.  The reason is because you must walk more on eggshells then previous generations. The reason why I say this is because most guys will leave you if they feel that you are making to many mistakes. 

If you are texting him to much, he often won’t tell you to stop. He will often see you as being needy and will then ghost you. You probably know what I am talking about already.

A single girl today often has problems bonding with a guy because he is often afraid of loving you if he is in his 20s.  After all, he has his whole life ahead of him. He probably doesn’t have that much money to go out on dates. He may be looking for fast hookups.  You are most likely searching for love.

Be honest with yourself and go after a guy that you feel will fulfill you.  There are many lonely hearts in the world today. You are not alone.  However, dating for you is going to be a lot different. For starters, you have youth on your side. 

Most men prefer to date women in their 20’s and 30’s.  Many men like the youthful appearance of younger women.  This means that you can be a lot more selective.  You will often find that men want to date younger than themselves. 

Find your love at the right time.  Know what you want before starting to date. If you are wanting to be married within the next couple of years, make sure to find a guy that wants the same from the first moment you meet him. 

Avoid a guy that says he doesn’t know what he wants or is looking for friends.  This guy usually wants only one thing and you know what I am talking about. 

However, if you are a woman that wants to just play around for now, then having a guy in your life that wants something serious right away is not going to be right for you. 

Make sure that you screen the guy before meeting up with him.  There is nothing wrong with just looking for friends. However, you should find someone that things the same way.  Some couples have a friend with benefits type of relationship as well.

Love online is often hard to find if you don’t say exactly what it is that you are looking for. I am often shocked to find dating profiles that say that they are looking for whatever. However, when you meet the person, it’s clear that they are looking for love.  They could be looking for hookups as well.  Remember, honesty is always the best policy.

How to Find a Boyfriend

In order to find a boyfriend, you will have to follow the above rules.  The guy should know on the first date on whether you are girlfriend material.  Remember that most guys want to play games because they are not serious about finding a girlfriend. However, its important for you to get a different type of guy that finds value in a relationship. 

When a guy is highly into you, you will know it.  He won’t be able to take his eyes off you and will often tell you that he thinks of you as being a hot girl.  Accept and appreciate these compliments. It means that you are doing good so far.

Its okay to ask him if he is looking for a girlfriend. If he says yes, you have landed a good start here.  If he says he doesn’t know, run!  If you are looking for a boyfriend, it makes no sense to hang out with a guy that doesn’t know what he wants.  He is often just playing games to get in your pants.  Learn to plan and not fall for games. 

Dating for Professionals Is Common

Professionals often find that its easier to date someone that is a professional to. The reason is because you hardly have time to go out on dates.  You spend your life working long hours.  Nobody can understand that fully unless you are dating someone that has the same principles as you do. 

Often, a medical doctor will find that they have more in common with another medical doctor.  You both work busy schedules and often want to hang out when you have time to date.  It is wise to choose someone that understands why you can’t’ text and talk all day. 

Also, couples that are financially on the same level often buy fancier cars and homes together if they become committed.  They may enjoy a happier life because they can afford to buy more luxuries in life. 

You will also understand why you can’t always spend time with the person that you care about the most. It’s mainly because you are busy and have to much going on in your work life. For busy professionals, work comes first before love.  Some professionals may include doctors, lawyers, business owners, managers, small business owners, CEO’s.

Finding true love happens everyday in the world. Having faith that it will come to you is important.  Remember, you have the power to manifest your own good karma for love.  When you focus on what you want, it does come to you.  This is the law of quantum physics.

If you are looking for a boyfriend with a professional, you can often find one in person. Its often a co-worker or someone that you meet through an elite dating club.  Some elite dating clubs where you may have to spend thousands of dollars to get into include: The Million Matchmaker Club, Elite Connections, Luxury Matchmaking, Kelleher International, Amy Laurent and Lux.

Being a single female in today’s world is hard.  The world is fast paced, and people seem to come and go so quickly.  Dating is hard because most people that you date will not be honest. It may be a good idea to find someone that has spiritual morals. Often, when a person feels that they must please God before anything else, they are more prone to being honest with you. 

If it helps any, single guys often find that its hard to find their perfect partner to. Believe it or not, a lot of women in the world today like to play games with the guy that they are with as well.  This can be hard to handle at times.

Millions of men today are searching for love a lot like women are.  Making the relationship become more impactful over time is what you need.

Hopefully, looking for a relationship has now become a bit easier for you.  To sum things up, make sure to find a guy that wants the same things as you do.  Avoid guys that don’t know what they want because it often means that they are trying to use you for something.  Be specific and get specific about the guys that are coming into your life.

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