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Can You Have A Long-Distance Relationship?

Can You Have A Long-Distance Relationship?
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How Practical is a Long-Distance Relationship?

Have you met someone online or in person and are asking yourself if a long-distance relationship can work? If you watch the hit TV show series 90-day fiancé, you will find that the men and women on the show are meeting people all over the world.  A man or woman living in the United States, may have fallen in love with someone residing in Columbia or Egypt. 

The internet is making it possible for romances to come together no matter where you live.  Sometimes its harder to meet someone to love that is right in front of you. 

Can You Have A Long-Distance Relationship?

You may have tried speed dating or online dating with people locally and it didn’t work for you. Perhaps nobody at school or work is taking an interest in you either. It’s understandable why you want to think outside of the box and try dating someone that is a distance from you. 

Relationships like these take time to build.  The downfall is that you won’t get to see the person as often as you would like.  You also won’t get to know the real them because you don’t see them all the time. 

Many long-distance relationships suffer when the couple vacations or lives together because the person that you are seeing may be a lot different than how they were on the phone/computer. 

It’s easy to talk to someone on the computer because you don’t know what they are like on a day to day basis.  You may find that when you are together, they are an extrovert and while you spoke to them by phone, they appeared to be more introverted. 

Online Dating Can Be Fun

Online dating is fun because you get to choose someone that you think may have an interest in you. You may look at your life and find that someone in your life is meant to be together with you. 

When dating online, its important to always be yourself.  Focus on talking about your day to day activities. Ask the person that you are speaking with to reveal what they did in their day as well. Ask questions such as:

  • Do they have a job?
  • Have they ever been married?
  • Why did their last relationship break up?
  • Are they presently dating anyone else?
  • Where do they see themselves in ten years from now?
  • Do they see themselves growing old with someone in a marriage?

Questions like these will bond the relationship a lot closer together. The more that you know a person, the better you will be able to determine if the relationship is right for you. 

If the relationship is overseas, make sure that you understand how the K-1 visa works if you are thinking about marriage.  If you want the relationship to work out, one of you is going to have to move closer.

The Benefits of Dating Someone That is Long Distance:

  • You look forward to seeing one another more in person.
  • You often have good communication because you see one another less.
  • You have a mystery of what it would be like to wake up next to the person every day.
  • You fantasize about the future of your love life. 
  • You have a mystery into the unknown of what will eventually happen. 

Romance can happen anywhere in the world.  Couples are often led to one another because they are soulmates.  You may have been praying to get lead to someone for a long time that can care about you. When they finally appear in your life, it’s a miracle. 

Yes, love hurts when you don’t get to see the person that you are falling for all the time.  However, you can’t control love and when it happens. The only thing that you can do is go with the flow and see where the relationship will take you.  Over time, you may find that the person that you are involved with cares a lot about you and if they lived closer, they would be to busy to build a relationship faster. 

Love and marriage can come together for the two of you to make your living arrangements easier.  As your love grows, you will both want to come together and wake up to one another every day. 

It’s a part of human growth that we all need. We all need to know that our love life is coming together with someone that will always be there for us.  We are not meant to be alone. We are meant to have a companion in this life. 

Long Distance Relationship Gifts

Dating someone that is far away from you can make the two of you want to send gifts to one another.  As the saying goes, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”.  Gifts often make the other person feel that you are thinking and care about them. 

Here are some Long-Distance Relationship Gift Ideas:




Fruit Basket


Massage Gift Cards

How to Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work

Its important for the two of you to have regular times in which you can communicate. It should be done daily so that the two of you can feel like you are together and not apart. 

The internet and video chat make it easy to connect with your loved one anywhere in the world. It’s best to take some time out of your busy schedule to learn more about what you want in your life.

It’s important to see one another at least once every six months.  Either you need to fly where they are at or they need to come and see you.  In this way, you make the relationship become a lot closer. In those face to face visits, you will often feel that you are having a loving relationship that keeps on growing.

It’s important to look at your life and feel like things are coming together for you at the right moment.  Even if that person lived closer, it may not be able to see them more than what you are seeing them now.

The reason is because work often gets in the way. Sometimes the other person wants to keep things moving slow and seeing one another once a month is common in today’s world. 

If the person that you are chatting with wants to have a good relationship, they will tell you. We often must learn how to go after what will work for the two of us. It’s important to see life for what it is and learn how to go after what is special. 

Do Long Distance Relationships Work?

Yes, long distance relationships do work. There are thousands of couples around the world that make their love connection work.  When you love someone, you find ways to make it work.  It’s important to look at yourself and ask yourself if you are with your soulmate.  If the answer is yes, then it will work. 

You need to look at the relationship and realize that it won’t work as fast as a traditional relationship.  Perhaps you live in California and your lover lives in New York.

Seeing one another would be hard, but not impossible.  You can make it work if you both believe that you were brought together.  One of you will have to either travel more or move. 

Every day, military wives and husbands spend time apart from their soldier spouse.  Sometimes, a wife or husband can be deployed for a year or more.  Living without a spouse or lover can be hard.  You often don’t know when or if you will see that person anytime soon. However, relationships like this do seem to make it and often last forever.

It comes down to how strong your love is for one another.  If you feel that you can love one another forever, then it will work.  You are not the only person that has ever been involved in a long-distance relationship and you won’t be the last.

Long Distance Relationship Tips

Never think that your love is not possible because of the distance.

Know that you can be there for one another through text chatting, video chat and phone conversations.

Don’t let family and friends convince you that your relationship is not real.  Prove them wrong by getting closer to the person that you are involved with.

Write love letters to one another and make it romantic.

Act like the person is with you in person when you speak to them. Talk to them as if you were talking to someone that was right in front of you.

Share pictures and videos of your personal life and what you do daily with one another.

Long distance love is something that lasts forever if you both want it bad enough.  Love is something that is built over time by two hearts coming together. 

How to Make Long Distance Work

For starters, stop listening to others that tell you a long-distance relationship can’t work. The proof is that they can work, and many married couples met the love of their life from a distance. They will often prove to family and friends that the process may take longer to come together because of the distance, but it does work. 

You should also have a plan for your future.  Do you plan on marrying or just dating long distance forever?  Some people find that a long-distance relationship works better for them because they don’t want to see the same person all the time. They find that the relationship lasts longer because the two of you live far away from one another.

Watch shows like 90-day fiancé and see couples making it that live far apart from one another.  Yes, it can be difficult waiting to see them. However, there is nothing better than feeling like you are connecting with someone that truly understands you. 

Starting a Long-Distance Relationship

It may come as a shock to you that starting a long-distance relationship takes time.  First, you must find someone that can see themselves dating from a distance. 

It often happens by accident or when you are not looking for it.  Sometimes, an international dating website will allow you to find the person of your dreams.  Perhaps you are trying to find someone that lives in Russia or Columbia. 

You may love the cultures of the two countries and wish to marry someone from there.  It’s important to join a reputable international dating website that can link you to someone that is going to be a love connection for you. 

Most dating websites will put you in contact with someone that lives far away.  This is not uncommon.   Making the relationship work will be entirely up to you. Sometimes, you will have to take your time when it comes to love and go after what you feel is best for the two of you. 

Long Distance Relationship Advice

I believe that you should be with someone if you find that they are your soulmate.  You are lucky to find a soulmate once in your lifetime. If you find them twice, you are lucky.  A soulmate is someone that will always be there for you.  If you must sacrifice some of your in-person time together in order to have something that will last forever, I believe that its worth it. 

Try to get to know one another as best as you can.  It’s best to never let love go if it meant to be.  If fate will bring the two of you together, your relationship is gonged to work out. 

Can a Long-Distance Marriage Work?

Long distance marriages are sometimes the only way to go.  Many men and women work internationally and don’t spend much time at home. Truck drivers and military spouses often spend their lives together.  It’s hard being apart from the person that you love.  However, it’s important to have a relationship that works for you.

Some people prefer seeing their partner only occasionally. Some men and women don’t like to see one another that often.  Even relationships in which the couple lives within 15 minutes of one another will often choose to see one another only once or twice a month. 

Some couples today even own separate homes while being married.  This is good if it works for you.  It can be hard for some people, but others make it work.  

Long distance dating can be the only option for some people if they live apart.  Fate will often bring you to the destiny in which it wants you to have. Sometimes, you will not be able to stop fate. It happens on its own. 

How to Deal with Long Distance Relationship

  • Take your time with understanding one another.
  • Don’t compare your relationship to other romances that you have been involved in. 
  • Learn how to deal with loneness in between your time together. 
  • Learn how to talk over the phone to make your connection more alive. 
  • Know that its okay to be different. 
  • Understand that if fate is bringing the two of you together, your relationship will work out.
  • Your relationship needs a lot of attention.

Long Distance Relationship Ideas

  • Send cute e-cards to one another often.
  • Be specific about making the relationship come together.
  • Get to know one another’s families from a distance.  You can do this by inviting your family and friends to meet your significant other on live cam. 
  • Try taking a course online together. This will often give you something to talk about and have learn something at the same time. Just because you can’t be together physically most of the time, doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your time together.