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Do You Need a Couples Retreat?

Do You Need a Couples Retreat?
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Why Couples Retreats Are Perfect for Troubled Relationships

Deciding to take a couples retreat with your significant other is a good step to take if you are having problems. Most couples today find that they are working long hours and hardly have any personal time to spend with one another.  Even couples that have near perfect relationships find that going away with one another allows their romantic relationship to grow significantly. 

Do You Need a Couples Retreat?

Today, you have many distractions around you to include social media, the internet, traffic on your way to and home from work, cell phone ringing from clients and just about everything else that you can think of.  Most people find that their eight-hour workday is more like 10 hours when include the time it takes for you to travel and stop off at stores.  You may have only a couple of hours a night with the person that you love. 

Couples retreats are becoming more popular today because they are often the only place that you can go in order to get exclusive alone time with the person that you love. These retreat centers are often catered with food, room service and buses that can take you to your desired location. You will often find that spending time in one of these retreats makes your love life stronger with your partner.

Do You Need Marriage Counseling?

If you are married, a marriage counseling session may be a good idea. If your relationship is in trouble and need to find out why, a marriage counselor can often break down the good and bad points in your relationship.  You may find that a marriage counselor breaks down the facts a lot easier than you might be able to realize on your own.

The good news is that many couples retreat centers have marriage and relationship counselors available.  A health spa in West Palm Beach, FL is a great place for couples to spend time together and get counseling if they need it. It’s called the Hippocrates health center.

This health spa is full of healthy eating and massage therapy for those that choose it.  There are all kinds of lectures and activities for couples to enjoy during their stay. It’s fully equipped with gyms and swimming pools as well. Yes, it is luxurious. 

If you are on a budget, cheap marriage counseling is always an option.  Many counseling services offer their services based on your income. These are often found through churches, mosques and synagogues. 

A Couples Getaway Gives You Time to Talk

A couple’s getaway is good because it allows the relationship to become a lot more positive.  Often, couples find that when they are together, the relationship becomes a lot more impactful. 

Couples find that they communicate more with the people that are on social media than their own lovers.  Its easy to get lost in social media when you have a world full of people trying to get your attention.  A couple’s getaway allows you to take your time to discover the love that you have for the person that means the most to you.

It allows you to have time to sit down in a room by yourselves and have fun together. You can watch a movie on Netflix or go to a movie.  You can have a couple’s spa day in which the two of you talk while getting massages.  You can also lounge around by the pool area. 

You can sleep in bed late into the afternoon. You will find that taking yourself away from outside distractions will allow your relationship to go through a honeymoon stage. 

Popular Marriage Retreat

  • Marriage Quest
  • Sedona Soul Adventures
  • LIFE Marriage Retreats
  • Retrievable Marriage Retreats
  • Imago Relationships
  • Couples Therapy, Inc.

The couples retreat location shouldn’t matter if you are trying to get your romance back on track again. I say this because its not easy to get on one of these retreats. Going far away may be good for the two of you if you can’t get yourself away from distraction. If you have a family that won’t leave you alone, then its best to travel to a far distance. This means that if you live in California, a good couples retreat may be in New York. 

Let your family know that your phone is being turned off because you are spending time alone with the lover that is in your life. 

A marriage conference is often helpful in getting your relationship on track again. Places like Focus on The Family hosts several weekend retreats and conferences throughout the year for couples wanting and needing love in their lives.  You will find that these kinds of conferences help you to stay focused on what is most important in the relationship. 

If you are a Christian, attending Catholic marriage counseling may be helpful in your relationship. Often, a religious counselor of the same faith can help you with your troubled relationship.  You will often be counseled by a priest or professional therapist.

Fun marriage retreats often include chef prepared meals, activities and other couples to talk to. 

Here is a List of Some Christian Marriage Retreats:

  • Colorado Marriage Refresh
  • WinShape Marriage Retreats
  • HOPE Restored Marriage Intensive Program
  • Assemblies of God Marriage Encounter
  • Marriage Encounter Weekend

Online Couples Therapy

If its hard for you to get away with your lover because of work or other conflicts, its wise to join an online couples therapy group.  These groups often work well because they have forums in which you can participate in. You can tell others what you are experiencing and going through on a day tot day basis. You will often find that the couples in your online group are going through similar problems that you are. 

You and your significant other will often feel like you are communicating better with the therapy group as well. You will find that the counselor in the group is often opening their doors to you because they feel like you care about them. 

Here is a List of Some of the Best Online Couples Therapy Groups:

  • Better Help
  • Presto Experts
  • Breakthrough
  • Talk space

A List of Some Couples Spa Retreat Centers

  • Spruce Point Inn Resort & Spa
  • Oceano Hotel & Spa
  • Crystal Springs Resort
  • Dahlonega Spa Resort
  • The Osthoff Resort
  • Alderbrook Resort & Spa
  • Stoweflake Mountain Resort & Spa
  • Washington – Cedarbrook Lodge

If you are trying to stay local, a couple’s workshop is often a great place to spend your weekend. These are often small and intimate groups of around 5 couples that meet with a counselor to discuss the best ways of communicating with one another.  These workshops often meet on occasion and are often offered through local churches and spiritual groups. 

The best couples retreat is where you can get something out of it.  You don’t want to waste your time on a place that gives false hope and no answers.  Choosing a couples retreat that makes you feel happy is a place where you will want to be.

In my opinion, a romantic couples retreat is something that a lot of people find appealing because it devotes itself to the two of you. 

Couples Counseling Exercises

  • Spend 30 minutes in bed hugging and holding one another.
  • Sit in a room together with everything turned off electronically (cell phones, computers, television sets).  Talk about whatever comes to mind.
  • Take a drive together for 30 minutes alone with one another. 
  • Take a walk together for 20 minutes and bring nothing with you except for each other. 
  • Play a board game with one another such as monopoly. It will get the two of you socializing again.

Couples Retreat Encouragement

You both need encouragement to keep your relationship going.  A couple’s retreat will keep the two of you patching up your relationship.  When you get compliments from counselors and therapists, you get encouraged to stay together.  There is nothing better than bonding with the people in your retreat group as well.

As you can see, going to intensive marriage counseling retreats is a blessing.  You will find hope and different ways to repair your relationship. In the long run, you are going to feel like things are coming together for you over time.  Take your time when it comes to rebuilding your relationship.  Try to learn as much about one another as you possibly can. 

You may find that when the two of you are together, you have a lot more to talk about because you are free from outside distractions. You will be shocked to find out that you can learn a lot about the person that you are with by asking a lot of questions. 

Its important to get romantic with one another and see that your relationship can keep on growing and coming together.  It’s all about growing and coming together with the person that you care for. 

At this stage of your relationship, its worth spending more time together to figure out your problems. You will learn what the future holds for you as well.