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Who Was King Solomon of the Old Testament?

Who Was King Solomon of the Old Testament?

King Solomon was in power between the years 970–931 BCE.  He is the wisest king to reign over Israel.  His father was King David.  King David was a man that God loved, and it is said that he had a heart for God that was loving.

King Solomon is a prophet in the Old Testament and in the Quran. Muslims see him as being a major prophet.  This King built the first temple in Jerusalem.  King Solomon went on to dedicate the temple to his God Yahweh.  Yahweh is the God of Israel. 

This king had tremendous power and wealth that no other King of Israel ever had.  Like this father David, he had sins as well.  Some of his sins had to do with marrying foreign women (forbidden by Jewish law) and idolatry.  He later turned away from his God Yahweh. 

King Solomon is mentioned in the Second book of Samuel, 1 king and 1 Chronicles. 

Where Was King Solomon Born?

He was born in Jerusalem.  He is the 2nd born son King David and his wife Bathsheba.  The story of his father King David is interesting in the sense that he didn’t marry his wife Bathsheba innocently.  The story goes that King David saw Bathsheba bathing.  He was in intense lust for her and she was a married woman. 

He wanted to be married to her so bad, so he sent her husband into battle in hopes that he would die.  His plan was to then take her as his wife after the man was dead.  Her husband did end up dying in battle. However, God came against David for his sin.  David got Bathsheba pregnant with a child. However, God allowed the child to die because of David’s sin.   It was his punishment.

The husbands name that died in battle was named Uriah.  He was a Hittite man.  After this man died, David was able to marry his wife.  God was able to have a son with her named Solomon.  Solomon was considered by historians to be more of a peace offering between he and God.  The name Solomon means peace.

It is believed that Solomon was only 15 years of age when he became king over Israel. 

What Was King Solomon’s Wisdom?

One night, King Solomon had a dream.  He had a conversation with God in this dream. God asked him what he wanted from him.  Instead of asking for money or a long life, he asked God for wisdom. He wanted to be a wise man.  God rewarded Solomon’s request and promised him great wisdom.

There was an incident that happened in which Solomon used his wisdom to decide who the true mother of a baby was.  Two women came to him complaining that one of the mother’s babies had died because the mother had slept on top of her child and it suffocated. 

The other woman had her baby still. However, one of the mothers said that the living baby was hers and not the woman who claimed it was hers.  King Solomon had to decide on who was the real mother of the baby. 

He told the woman that he would have to cut the baby in half and each mother would have their half of the baby.  The true mother of the baby said that she would never allow something like that because she wanted her baby to be alive. 

She said that the woman who wasn’t really the mother could have her baby.  The woman who was not the real mother agreed that they both should have half of the baby.  It was only fair.  King Solomon saw this and used his wisdom to see that the real mother was the one that wanted to see no harm done to the child. 

The wisdom of King Solomon was so great that other rulers around the world heard of it.  A ruler by the name of Queen of Sheba wanted to meet King Solomon. When she paid him a visit, she arrived with Gold, precious stones and spices.  In return, King Solomon gave her all that she desired. 

Books That King Solomon Authored:

  • Song of Solomon
  • Wisdom of Solomon
  • Proverbs
  • Ecclesiastes

King Solomon’s kingdom expanded, and he was known for having a lot of gold and having luxuries that were present in his day. He was known to have rebuilt cities in Israel. 

How Many Wives Did King Solomon Have?

It is said that he had 700 wives and 300 unmarried partners.  The only wife mentioned by name in the Holy Bible is Naamah. 

Did King Solomon Turn Away from God?

One of the main reasons why Israel was not allowed to marry foreign women was because of their belief in another God’s.  Even in all King Solomon’s wisdom, he couldn’t stop himself from marrying foreign women.  Since his foreign wives worshipped other false Gods, King Solomon began doing it to. 

He went on to build temples in the names of another God’s besides Yahuwah.  The Lord of Israel Yahweh grew angry with King Solomon and decided to remove most of the Tribes of Israel from him. 

God told King Solomon that his punishment for worshipping other false Gods would be to destroy his kingdom and give it to his servant. However, God loved his father King David and told Solomon that he would not destroy Solomon’s kingdom in his lifetime because of his love for King David. 

However, the kingdom would not be passed down to his son. God said that he would only give Solomon’s son 1 tribe instead of them all.  The rest of the tribes would be given to Solomon’s servant. 

What Was King Solomon’s Death?

King Solomon died of natural causes at around the age of 60.  As foretold to Solomon already, when he died, his son came into power. However, 10 of Israel’s tribe did not join his son. Instead the 10 tribes rejected him as king. 

As history shows, King Solomon was the last king to reign have a kingdom over Israel. 

How Many Children Did Solomon Have?

King Solomon had 4 Children.  There names were: Basemath, Rehoboam, Taphath and Menelik. 

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