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What Are Interesting Facts About Rabbits?

What Are Interesting Facts About Rabbits?
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What Are Rabbits?

When you think of a rabbit, Bugs Bunny may come to mind.  Rabbits make great pets and kids love them and often enjoy feeding them vegetables.  Most people don’t know that rabbits are small mammals.  They are part of the Leporidae family.  In this family, there are over 60 species of extant mammals. 

Rabbits are also part of the Lagomorpha order.  They are part of two living families known as Ochotonidae and Leporidae.  The European rabbit has over 305 species and breeds.  The cottontail rabbit has 7 types and Sylvilagus has 13 wild types. 

European rabbits are placed all over the world.  Every country around the world has had European rabbits in it.  They are known as a wild prey animal and are often used for pets and livestock.  Many cultures around the world use rabbits for food, companions, clothes and magic. 

What Are Male Rabbits Called?

Male rabbits are called bucks. In some countries around the world, male rabbits are called coney.  This word comes from the Latin word cuniculus.

What Are Female Rabbits Called?

Female rabbits are called does.

Different Names for Rabbits

Rabbits are also called bunnies when they are young.  Kids often refer to rabbits as bunnies or kittens.  If there are groups of rabbits, they will be called a colony of rabbits.  Like dogs, when a rabbit has babies, they are referred to as a litter.  If rabbits are domestic, we call them herds if they are grouped together. 

Interesting Facts About Rabbits

When rabbits are born, they have no hair and are blind.  They do require a lot of care.  If you want to have a rabbit as your pet, its important to make sure you understand how to take care of newborns if your rabbit is pregnant. 

Rabbits live above the ground and in nests.  They like to live alone.  Some rabbit species do like to live in social groups. 

During the middle ages, rabbits were used as livestock.  The process of using them as livestock started in ancient Rome. 

There are many strains of rabbits that are used for scientific research.  If rabbits are used as livestock, people will use them for their meat and fur.  During the middle ages, rabbits were used for their meat and often much larger than the average size rabbit that we see today. 

During the 20th century, rabbit coats and furs were often popular in European countries and the United States.  They have soft fur and range in different colors. 

Angora rabbits are mostly used for their fur.  They are very fluffy and often white fur is most popular.  Their fur is more of a silk like feel.  Their fur is made into yarn and then sold.

Rabbits will breath through their nose instead of their mouth.  This is not by choice.  It’s rather the way that they are created. 

Rabbits have two sets of teeth. These are known as incisor teeth.  They are behind one another.  Rabbits are not rodents.  Some people make the mistake of classifying them as rodents and they are not.

Rabbits can outrun a lot of animals. They don’t have many defenses against other animals that may want to chase them for food. Therefore, rabbits can often outrun their enemy. They have big hind legs and stay on their toes while running.  Rabbits are known for their strong claws. They use them for digging.  They also have strong teeth in which they use to defend themselves as well. 

The rabbit’s front feet have four toes.  They also have a dewclaw.  Their hindfeet however do have four toes, but no dewclaw. 

The rabbit is easy to identify because they have an egg-shaped body. Their coat is soft, and their color often makes it easy for them to camouflage themselves.  If a rabbit is in the snow and if they are white, you may find it hard to detect them.  They tend to blend in with nature.

The tail of a rabbit is often called cottontail.  It is dark in color on the top and white in color beneath.  There is a white color on top of the tail as well. 

When the rabbit sees, it looks at things at about 360 degrees around.  They have very few blind spots.  They can see everything that is happening around them and behind them as well.  This is due to how their eye sand skull are put together.

Rabbits have both long and short bones.  The hind legs of the rabbit are webbed.  This is so that they will not spread when they are hopping around.  This gives them the edge over running faster and giving them the advantage to outrun their enemy.

The hind legs of a rabbit are full of muscle.  This gives them power and a lot of force to use when running. 

The Muscles Hind Limbs Has:

  • Plantar Flexors
  • Hamstrings
  • Dorsiflexors
  • Quadriceps

 The rabbit’s ears are sensitive and often can hear when something is about to approach them.  The longer the rabbit’s ears are. The easier it is to detect danger approaching them.  Long ear rabbits are often more sensitive to noise and detect it a lot faster than rabbits with shorter ears. 

The internal temperature of a rabbit is around 38 to 40 degrees Celsius.  Its important for rabbits to maintain their proper internal temperature. 

What Do Rabbits Eat?

Rabbits are herbivores.  They like to eat grass, weeds, phorbs and weeds.  A rabbit will often eat the most during the middle of the afternoon.  They will often spend around 30 minutes grazing.

If the rabbit feels that its surroundings are safe, it will stay outside for hours grazing.  The rabbit will digest their food mainly in their cecum and large intestine.  Most people don’t know that rabbits don’t have the capability of vomiting. 

How Many Hours Do Rabbits Sleep in a Day?

Rabbits sleep for around eight hours a day. It is like humans.  However, rabbits do sleep with their eyes open.  The main reason for this is because if any danger approaches them, they will be able to detect it rather quickly. 

A rabbit is a prey animal. Therefore, they are always aware of their surroundings.  If a rabbit can’t outrun their attacker, they will often freeze so that their attacker may not see them or simply think that they are dead. 

You will notice that when a rabbit runs, they tend to zig zag. This makes it easier to outsmart and outrun their potential attacker.  They have strong teeth and will use them if under attack.

The lifespan of a rabbit is relatively short. They usually only live for around 1 year.  This makes is hard for kids to have them as pets because they often must see their pet rabbit dying.   However, parents often feel that its okay for their children to have rabbits as pets and it teaches them more about the circle of life. 

Where Do Rabbits Live?

  • Wetlands
  • Meadows
  • Deserts
  • Woods
  • Grasslands
  • Forests
  • Holes
  • Burrows

Rabbits produce rather quickly and can be problematic for many farms where vegetables are grown.  Therefore, farmers will often try to keep rabbits away from their crops.  They can become a problem for humans if food is at stake. 

Rabbits for Food

Rabbits are often sold for food in Europe.  If you go to a butcher shop in the United Kingdom, you will often see rabbit meat for sale.

Rabbit meat is also a Moroccan cuisine.  It is often seen hanging in windows. 

In China, rabbit meat is often used for stew.  It is popular in Sichuan cuisine. 

Rabbits in Culture

Rabbits are often put into artwork, cartoons and comic books.  When springtime comes, Easter is near, and the bunny rabbit is often celebrated. They are molded into chocolates and children will visit the Easter Bunny for pictures. 

Children love rabbits are storybooks are often written about them. You will find that rabbits often help people to feel a sense of happiness and warmth. 

As you can see, there is a lot to learn about rabbits. 

Fact Check –

“Baby Rabbits are Called a Kit”

“Rabbits are mostly famous for their long ears, fluffy fur, eating carrots and other vegetables”

“Rabbits like living in groups. However, some rabbits do prefer living alone”

“Rabbits will often stare at people that they want attention from”

“Rabbits will know that you forgive them if you pat them on the head”

What Does it Mean When My Rabbit Licks Me?

A lick from a rabbit means that they are saying, “I love you”. 

Can You Keep a Rabbit in Your House?

Yes, rabbits make good house pets if they are trained to use a litter pet. Some pet owners even sleep with them.  They often sleep for around eight hours. 

“Another Fact About Rabbits is that They Have Good Memories”

“Rabbits have many similar emotions as humans do. This can include, but not limited to anger, fear, love, jealousy, insecurity and being irritable.”

“Rabbits know their names when called. They also can understand many different words and phrases”