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What is the History of a Calzone?

What is the History of a Calzone?
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When you think about that cheese filled calzone, it makes your mouth water. Pizzerias around the world sell this delicious turnover in many different fillings.  The most popular is cheese feeling.  It’s popular to add ham, meatballs and sausage to the calzone as well. 

What is the History of a Calzone?

The calzone originated in Naples during the 1800’s.  It is a It is really a folded pizza with mozzarella cheese.  The dough is salted bread.  Some people add salami, vegetables and eggs as well. 

Yes, they are even made with pepperoni.  You can often find calzones being sold by street vendors as well.  They are often easy to hold, and people love them because of the gooey cheese in the middle. 

In Apulia and panzerotti, calzones are deep fried. 

What Ingredients Are Inside of a Calzone?

  • Salt
  • Flour
  • Olive Oil
  • Yeast
  • Water

When the calzone is rolled out, they become a disc shape.  You can make extra-large, large, medium and small disc sizes.  It’s all up to you and how the customer likes the calzone.  Before putting the calzone in the oven, it is often brushed with egg wash. 

In order to make your calzone not explode in the oven, its important to not make the dough to thin.  Try to not overstuff your calzone. In this case, more is not better.  Make sure that when you fold the dough over the calzone, its loose.  When baking, make sure to cut slits in the top to let the air out.  This also prevents soggy dough from occurring. 

In Italy, it is common to use ricotta chees and provolone.  In New York, it is often common to put some marinara sauce on top of the calzone before serving.  Sometimes marinara sauce is served on the side if people like to dip it. 

Many people confuse Stromboli for a calzone.  The easiest way to determine the difference is that Stromboli is rolled, and the calzone is like a turnover.  The ingredients are almost identical. 

Some people find that the Stromboli is easier to eat because it rolled and not so cheesy as a calzone.  Calzones are full of cheese and can be difficult to eat because the hot cheese is stringy. 

Stromboli did not originate in Italy.  Historians believe that it originated in the United States by American Italians.  When pizza was brought to New York in the 20th century, the idea of Stromboli came into light. 

The term Stromboli comes from a 1950’s movie.  The movie starred Ingrid Bergman.  It is believed that the inventor of the Stromboli needed a name for his creation and decided to call it Stromboli because of the movie title.

 It is true that many people call Stromboli a sandwich.  It sorts of looks like one.  It is believed that Stromboli originated in Philadelphia, PA. 

Calzones are a lot of work.  If you want to save them for another day, you can do that. They often stay good in your refrigerator for around 7 days. If you freeze them, they can last a lot longer. 

What is Panzerotti?

Panzerotti originated in Naples as a pizza.  It is often made by pan frying it or deep frying it.  The dough must be rolled out and then sealed.  Pizza chefs will often use a rolling pin for this process. It’s important to not poke holes in the top with a fork.  When you deep fry it, do it at around 325 degrees.