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Are Jews Still God’s Chosen People: Nothing You Have Heard Before

Are Jews Still God’s Chosen People: Nothing You Have Heard Before

Did Christians Become the New Chosen People?

If you read the New Testament and are a Christian, you will come to see that Christians are now God’s chosen people.  Read 1 Peter 2:9. The Bible tells us that Christians are a chosen generation. 

A royal priesthood.  You can’t be saved just because you are a Jew and a descendant of Abraham.  If that was the case, then Jews would have not needed Jesus for salvation. 

Are Jews Still God’s Chosen People?

When Jesus first began his ministry, he didn’t want to give gentiles salvation.  In fact, a Canaanite woman asked him to cure her daughter (Matthew 15:21–28).  Jesus told her that it was not right for him to help the dogs.  During those days, gentiles were often refereed to as dogs by the Jews. 

The disciples were getting annoyed with this woman asking Jesus for this favor and wanted her to be sent away.  Jesus felt that he was called to bring the good news to the Jews and not the gentiles.

However, in verse 28, it shows that Jesus was impressed by her faith in him and performed the miracle that she asked of him. 

As the gentiles kept on showing faith in him, his heart began to see that the gospel was going to be for everyone and not just for the Jews.  In Peter 2:10, the scriptures remind us that we were once not a chosen people by God.  However, we have now become the people of God through Jesus.

Who Will Go To Heaven?

We are the ones that will inherit salvation with Jesus Christ. Those who believe in Jesus will go to heaven.  Just because you are a Jew doesn’t mean that you are going to get saved. The Holy Bible is clear that the only way to get saved is through Jesus Christ. 

Colossians 3:11 tells us that there is neither Greek nor Jew.  This means that it doesn’t matter if we are a Jew or a non-Jew. In God’s eyes, we are all equals under Jesus.  No longer is the Jew the favored or “chosen” race of people.  That was done away with in the New Testament.

An important verse for all Christians to look at is Galatians 3:26-29.  It tells us that there is no more Greek or Jew, male or females, slave or not slave. We are all the same in Jesus Christ. 

This is something for all people to rejoice in.  In the Old Testament Jews were the chosen race. They were the descendants of Abraham. In the New Testament, it was the Jews that rejected Jesus on the cross and crucified him. Now, those that accept Jesus into their lives are saved through God’s mercy. 

What Are Pastors Missing Today About Salvation?

The problem with most Christian preachers today is that they are not looking at the New Testament enough to see that it replaces the Old Testament in many regards.  You will often see Pastors like John Hagee saying that the Jews are God’s chosen people.

However, if you read the New Testament, you will see that Jesus Christ is coming back to save those that believe in him.  Nobody can go to heaven unless its through Christ.

This is the way of the New Testament. Those Old Testament laws about Jews being the chosen people are over with now. There is a new covenant between God and Christians. Now anyone can come to God because of Jesus.  If a Jew rejects Jesus, they are not going to heaven.

Jesus even said that he can turn a rock into a Jew.  Just because someone is Jewish doesn’t meant that they are automatically going to be saved because they are a descendant of Abraham. 

Why Is Israel Still Favored By Many Christians?

Many government leaders tend to favor Israeli during their leadership because they believe that they are God’s chosen people. However, in the New Testament, its Christians that will receive salvation.

The Jews have broken all of God’s laws and sinned. When the disciples of Jesus began to follow him, they realized that the Jews were the ones constantly rejecting him.  When Jesus opened salvation up to the gentiles, many were saved and healed. 

The problem with a lot of pastors and Christians is that they are read the Old Testament instead of the New.  Yes, its good to read the Old Testament as history to see what lead up to Jesus coming to earth and what God expects of us. 

Many passages in the New Testament makes mention of Old Testament scripture verses. However, we must never think that because someone is a gentile that they are not God’s chosen.  Many pastors today will confuse the gospel message with the Old Testament and confuse believers and potential believers. 

Does The New Testament Teach Us About Salvation?

Today, the New Testament shows and teaches us how to love. It teaches that we should do everything out of love.  The Bible is a guideline as to what love is. If you don’t know how to love, read it and learn how to love.  For instance, lust is not love and neither is jealousy.

Murder is not love and neither is stealing. We are taught that when we love, we fulfill God’s commandments.  The problem with most people is that they don’t know what love is and are often living for every selfish whim that their body has.  Most people only want to fulfill their own destiny in life and “screw over” other people.  If what you are doing doesn’t please God, then stop doing it. 

Living for Jesus today means that you are trying to follow Christ and not sin. When you minister to others about Jesus, its important to know a lot about the Old and New Testament so that you can teach people that everyone can receive salvation in Jesus.

Some people are so caught up on the Old Testament laws that they can’t see that Jesus came into the world to give us salvation.  If you know scripture well, you can let others know that Jesus is salvation. 

Hopefully you have a better understanding of salvation and what it means to be a Christian today. The old covenant between God and the Jews died when Jesus came to earn and died on the cross.  Today, Christians await the return of Jesus to meet him in the clouds.  Dead Christians rise first to be caught up in heaven with him.