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Are You Gifted to Prophecy Prophetic Words?

When you receive salvation, the Lord may call you to give prophetic words to people that are in need.  You may not know what your spiritual gifts are at first. However, the Holy Spirit will lay it on your heart to give prophecy.

Are You Gifted to Prophecy Prophetic Words?

When I first received my prophetic anointing, I didn’t know how to give a prophetic word. I started to read books on how to give prophetic words properly. I even went to Bible school and heard prophets saying that this is how we should give prophetic words. 

I quickly realized that prophetic words are given differently for every single person. When I give a prophetic word, its on demand. People will often call me on the telephone asking me direction questions. They may say, “When is my boyfriend going to call me?

I haven’t heard from him in a month?”  A pastor may ask me why he can’t get members into his church.  As a prophetic minister, I investigate the spiritual world and I ask the Holy Spirit to speak through me.  I am often amazed at how I can give accurate answers to people that I have never even met before.

How Do I Get Prophetic Words?

I have found that when I focus my mind and energy on someone’s question, the Lord gives me an answer to the problem.  The prophetic anointing is rare.  Most people don’t know how to give prophetic words. 

I grew with Jesus over the years and he opened doors for me.  I mainly use my prophetic gifts on the ungodly. Sometimes I feel like Jesus did.  I know that Jesus didn’t like to give his message to gentiles at first.  He referred to one woman as a dog in the New Testament (Matthew 15:21-28). 

Ministering to ungodly people is difficult.  They are often living in sin and selfishness.  They often don’t know how to love and ask questions about their sinful lifestyles.  As a Christian, you want to live in righteousness.  Whatever you do, you want to do it out of love.

You want to please Jesus and show him that you want to follow him and become more Christlike. However, being a prophetic minister will often make you feel angry and upset by the world asking you questions about how they can sin more. 

Do Prophetic Words Bring Out Truth?

As a prophetic \minister, you often know that someone is not acting loving when you are giving them a prophetic word.  It’s clear to you that they are living in sin and should repent.

However, you don’t want to come across as being judgmental.  Often, when you tell someone that they are living in sin, they don’t want to talk about that. They will often tell you that you are just being judgmental. However, you know that they are just destroying their soul by their sinful lifestyle and falling deeper into destroying their lives. 

I have found that as a prophetic minister, my job is to give someone that answer that they desire.  In return, they get the answer and see that the prophetic word is real and that a spiritual world does exist. After that, I have no idea what happens to them. However, most people will come back to you for more prophetic words if your prophecy is true. 

How Often Do People Ask Me For A Prophetic Word?

I usually get the same person asking me for prophetic words on a day to day basis.  Yes, this is often abusive for a Christian to be doing. However, my prophecies relax the minds of sinners.  It gives them some satisfaction to know that something good is coming their way.

Many non-Christians have told me that my prophecies have kept them from committing suicide.  They tell me that they have no idea what they would do without my prophetic words.  They often tell me that I am more accurate then other readers in the world today. 

When I first started to give prophetic words, I thought that I would only be ministering to Christians.  However, Jesus showed me that he wanted me to minister to all people. 

I prefer ministering to true Christians that want to follow Jesus. However, I know that its not always going to be possible. Non-Christians call upon me for my prophetic gifts more than Christians do.  I am happy to say that my prophetic words are changing lives.

When Should You Give A Prophetic Word?

When Jesus asks you to give someone a prophetic word, do it without question.  Jesus takes care of me as I walk through my life.  I don’t have to worry about money because Jesus always takes care of my needs.  I have faith that Jesus will provide for me tomorrow. When you follow Jesus, God takes care of your needs. 

I am happy to say that Jesus opens the doors for me when all else has failed me.  I depend upon God for all things.  The prophetic word is no longer about doom, gloom and disaster. 

Although, your prophetic word can warn someone of troubles that await them. Today’s prophetic word is more about helping people to see the mistakes that they are making through prophetic words and to warn them of what may be ahead for them if the don’t change their ways.  I give many prophetic warnings to people daily.  They often tell me that they want me to minister to them and I am happy to do so.