What is Spiritual Warfare?

Have you ever felt like you were under attack spiritually and didn’t know what to do about it?  Spiritual warfare is always a battle that Christians must face every single day. 

What is Spiritual Warfare?

When you wake up in the morning, you will often feel that you are under attack by some demonic force. Demons come in many different forms and try to get you to fall into sin with their temptations. It’s hard to imagine yourself living your life without Jesus.  Jesus is the one that will save you from the devil’s trap.

We are going to discuss how you can ward demons off you and how you can be free from demonic influence over your life.  When you became a Christian, perhaps you were told that demons and Satan is a real being that exists in an “in between world”. 

Demons and Satan can see us, but we cannot see them through our own physical eyes (although some Christians have claimed to have seen evil spirits). 

Spiritual Warfare Explained Now
Spiritual Warfare Explained Online

What Is The The Letter of James 4:7?

The apostle James tells Christians that we should submit ourselves to God and then the devil will flee from us.  Many times, we are put into tempting situations.  Perhaps we have a lust for money and the devil is tempting us to not pay our taxes.

Perhaps a person may think that they can get over on the government somehow.  The person may feel that they can keep the money for themselves and not pay their fair share according to the law.  However, this kind of thinking will get you into trouble. 

The way out is to resist the devil’s temptation and pay your taxes.  Jesus told us to give to Caesar with is Caesars and God’s to what is his.

Another example is if a person struggles with adultery.  The world is full of temptation and websites in which a person can sin.  If you are weak to adultery, you should stay off many websites on the internet and social interaction groups.

If the devil knows that you have a “weakness” in this area, he will try to get you to sin. He will send someone your way that you will have an emotional connection with so that you will fall into sin and start having an affair. 

How Can You Submit Yourself to God?

In order to submit yourself to God, its important that you read the Holy Bible, pray and worship God daily. When it comes to spiritual warfare, the

Holy Bible is your greatest defense against Satan and his demonic forces.  The reason is because the Holy Bible will teach you what is right and wrong in God’s eyes. The “world and the things of this world” will not be able to teach you God’s will.

Jesus Christ our Lord and savior knew scripture.  When Satan was tempting him in the wilderness for 40 days and nights, Jesus kept on quoting scripture to him. 

It was his defense against the enemy’s temptations. At one point, Satan told Jesus, “If you bow down to me, I will give you all of these kingdoms” (Matthew 4:9).  Jesus responded and told him that man cannot live by bread alone. 

When you wake up in the morning, its important to have a Bible study before work.  You will work around many ungodly people in your life that will try to make you fall into sin in the workplace. It can be one of the hardest places to be for a Christian.

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Spiritual Warfare Takes Skill

There is always going to be that one person at one that is trying to arouse your anger. They are most likely miserable with their life and angry at the world.  They may be in a bad financial hardship or terrible love relationship. 

As a prophetic minister, I am constantly being asked the question, “When will I find my true soulmate?  Why is my husband cheating on me? Why is my marriage headed for divorce? Why don’t I have a boyfriend?” 

Love has grown cold in the world today on a level that we have not seen since the days of Noah.  Jesus said that in the last days, the world would become like in the days of Noah (Matthew 24:37-39). 

The days of Noah were times in which every man and woman was living for themselves. Men and women would do whatever they felt like doing. They had no regard for the Holy Bible. 

This was a worldwide problem and the Lord wiped out the earth with a flood. The same thing is happening in today’s world.  Jesus promised that he would one day return the same way that he left.  The whole world will see him when he returns. 

What Is 2 Cor. 10:3-5?

This book reminds us that we don’t fight a physical war as the people of this world do. Instead, we fight against a spiritual one.  The governments of this world will always be at odds with one another. Wars break out all the time and they fight their battles with weapons.

Christians however are fighting a spiritual war.  This means that you must pray to God to defend you against evil spirits and people that would come into your life to try and harm it. 

For some people, its hard to imagine fighting a spiritual war.  Many men and women get fed up with prayer because they think that God is not listening. However, God is always listening. Everything doesn’t happen in our time. It happens in God’s timing. 

Your fight against the devil is prayer and worship in Christ. Satan is an enemy of God and when we worship him, he flees.  He doesn’t like to be around people that want to worship and praise God. 

You must read the Bible as often as you can to learn how to master it.  It’s important to know biblical verses by heart so that you can ward off demonic spirits as they tempt you. 

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Talking About Spiritual Warfare

When you feel that your finances are under attack, the devil is going to try and get you to sin so that you can be in a worse off situation. Unfortunately, people often blame God when their finances go bad.  They will often say, “God, why are you doing this to me.”  However, God is all good and cannot do wrong. It’s not God doing it, but the devil. 

When Satan tempted and attacked Job in the Old Testament, he attacked him mostly with his wealth.  Satan even tried to tell God that if you take all his money away, he would curse you to your face. 

As we know the story of Job, he did not curse God.  At the end of his testing, God restored Jobs possessions tenfold.  The Lord was proud of him for showing Satan that he would stay true to God. 

Continue to Do Good Even When All Evil Is Happening to You

Spiritual warfare also means that you will stay true to Godly character even under intense suffering. Have you ever had everything taken away from you quickly?  Perhaps you built a business for years or had a job for a long time. 

Suddenly, you wake up one day to find out that its all gone.  For no reason, your business burned down to the ground or your boss called you into the office and said that you are fired. You didn’t do anything wrong, its that they can’t afford to keep you. 

You scratch your head and wonder, “Lord, what did I do wrong? Why is this happening to me?  Why me?  Why? Why? Why?” 

God will at times test your character to see if you will remain faithful to him under the worst circumstances.  Yes, I was even given the Job test in my own life. It was like living in hell on earth. Satan could touch everything in my life (to include my health).

It nearly destroyed me and yet, I still prayed to God and relied on him for help. I kept on asking Jesus to show me the way to make things better. I asked Jesus to please show me how I could please him and what I needed to do in order to get out of the mess that Satan had created in my life?

There were days in which I was angry at God for allowing this to happen to me.  I would ask God why.  What have I done to deserve this?  I had given to the poor and was living a righteous life.  Why did this have to happen to me? For years, God gave me no answers. 

Many times, you will read the book of Job and it feels like his test lasted just a few days. However, testing often lasts for months and even years.  The problem with spiritual tests is that we don’t know when the test is going to be over with.

Our character should always remain Godly. Satan is trying to prove to God that you will curse him to his face and turn on him if he pushes you to the edge. It’s Satan’s belief that all men will turn their back on him if they had no money or earthly pleasures.  However, Job proved him wrong.

What Is 1 Peter 5:8-9?

We should have self-control.  These scripture verses tell us that Satan is always looking for something to devour.  Satan is here 24 hours daily looking for someone to destroy.  The devil has one desire and that’s to destroy people. 

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