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Losing Your Faith in Jesus: Can It Happen To You?

Losing Your Faith in Jesus: Can It Happen To You?

Have You Lost Your Faith in Jesus?

As a Christian prophetic minister, I often meet men and women that say they have lost their faith in Jesus Christ.  How can you be on fire for Jesus once minute and then years later be totally turned off by Christianity?  What happened?

The Holy Bible tells us in Matthew 24:10, that in the last days, many people will turn away from the faith and hate one another.  We are living in times where mankind is wanting to live for themselves instead of Jesus Christ.  It is important to understand why you have lost your faith in Jesus. 

What are some of the common reasons why people lose their faith in Jesus Christ?

  • You feel that God is not answering your prayers. 
  • You feel that Jesus is not giving you what you want financially.
  • You feel that God has abandoned you in some way, shape or form. 
  • You feel lonely and like nobody cares about you.
  • You can’t stop sinning. 

Let us start breaking down different reasons why you stopped believing in Jesus.  When you first got saved, you were reading the Holy Bible regularly.  You felt Jesus in your life because you were actively going to church and reading the Holy Bible. 

You felt the Holy Spirit working in your life.  However, somewhere along the way, you got lost.  The reason why this happens is because you started to spend less time with God and more time with the “things of this world”. 


When I was a college student, was preparing to become a pastor.  I had been reading the Bible for around 7 years.  I read the Holy Bible from front to cover more than once.  However, I started to feel lonely.  I was in my 20’s and desperately wanted to see myself getting married. 

However, I didn’t have anyone that showed an interest in me.  I went to a church where most people didn’t have anything to do with me.  I was a good-looking man that had a lot of love to give.  I wanted to desperately serve God in the ministry, and I wanted to have a wife that would be there for me and to grow with.

However, loneliness began to set in. I didn’t have many Christian friends and I began to turn to ungodly people. I began hanging out in bars and clubs as a born-again Christian.  I started to mingle in with the ungodly. 

What Made You Lose Your Faith in Jesus?

When a born-again Christian starts to mingle in with the ungodly, you begin to follow the “things of this world”.  I got saved at the age of 13 and tried not to sin. I kept to myself a lot and that was probably my downfall. 

When you try to do Christianity on your own, you tend to fail because you don’t have anyone to share your life with.  Speaking from experience, this person should be a significant other. 

When I got saved, I did have a girlfriend in my youth.  She was a woman that I had met as a teenager.  However, after 7 months of dating, I found out that she had been cheating on me the whole time with another man.  As you can imagine, this crushed my spirit. 

She was not a born again Christian and we had little in common. I couldn’t talk to her about Jesus because she was not trying to become born again.  She was instead living in sin.

Because I was lonely, I tried to make the relationship work with a non-Christian.  As you know, the Holy Bible tells us to not be unequally yoked.  I prayed for God to send me a companion that would love me. However, I tried and yet no born-again Christian believer was there for me.  I guess you can say that I felt like God wasn’t listening to me.

However, fast forwarding this 30 years later, I am now a happily married man.  I realize now that God wanted me to not date and instead, spend time alone studying his word and having good Christian friends. 

When you try to force something, it is often God telling us that He does not want us to do something.  I have learned that you must be content in where the Lord would have you. 

We often fall into sin when we try to fight against what God would want for us.  I know now that God wanted me to study his word because I would one day have a ministry in which I would be ministering to many people from different walks of life.  The questions that I get asked today are nothing to what I thought people would ask me. 

Today, if you want to serve God, you must know a lot about different topics.  The world is being deceived right now by ungodly men and women that twist the truth.  Christians must be well grounded in their faith in order to know what is of God and what is not. 

When I read the Holy Bible, the words jump off the page. Did you know that Jesus said that following him would not be easy?  Christians often fail at following Jesus because they want to believe that their walk with Him is supposed to be easy. 

Today, many pastors have corrupted the minds of Christians by saying God wants everyone to be rich financially. This is often called the prosperity gospel.  I see more Christians wanting to leave the faith due to money.

The reason why this is happening is because many Christians are trying to live for this world instead of what Jesus Christ told us to live for.  A lot of men and women are abandoning their faith because they think that God is not giving them what they want. 

The entire New Testament is giving us words that tell us to not live for the things of this world. Don’t worry about money. Be content with what you have.  Many Christians are becoming jealous of watching others in the world gaining wealth while their pot seems to be running dry. 

However, they often miss the message that Jesus wants Christians to be givers instead of takers.  When God gives us money in excess, Jesus wants us to give it to those in need.  He is not wanting us to keep it in the bank to save millions. This is not the way of our Lord. The apostles followed a much different life then the people of this world.

Even in the book of Acts, Peter told the Christians to sell all that they have and pool the money together so that nobody would lack anything. It was more about loving, caring for your fellow man and not living for this world. The reason is because heaven is a much bigger place. 

However, one must ask themselves, “Does heaven exist?”  Is there a heaven that we must look forward to?  If you don’t believe that there is a heaven, you most likely won’t be able to live for God. 

Over time, the world will “beat you up emotionally.”  The world will tell you that you must have materialism to be happy.  However, once you achieve materialism, you realize that its not so great after all.  The true heart of a Christian will be more about taking care of the poor and helping those that have nothing. 

However, if you are living for yourself and this world, you will fall away from the faith.  The Holy Bible tells us that we cannot serve two masters.  We must love one and hat the other. 

The Old Testament and the New Testament says many different things about money.  In the Old Testament, men like Abraham, Solomon and David were said to be extremely wealthy. 

God blessed them with great wealth. Foreign nations did not belong to God because they were not descendants of Abraham. Therefore, Israeli kings had to be wealthy in order to have strength in their kingdom and to defend themselves against attackers of Israel. 

God gave Job great blessings of money as well.  When a born-again Christian reads these passages, they may think that God wants them to have millions as well.  However, a lot has changed since the times of the Old Testament. For instance, Jesus came across a rich man that asked him what he must do in order to be perfect. 

Jesus told him to give all that he had to the poor.  The man walked away sad because he was very wealthy.  You see, he was so into holding onto his money, he could not part with it. 

God doesn’t want us to hold onto the money that he gives us in excess.  It’s because he depends on believers to take care of the poor.  God works through us.

As Christians, we can be Jewish or not Jewish to get saved. When Jesus left earth, we gave us the Holy Spirit to teach us.  God wants us to be content with what we have.  The New Testament is full of verses that teach us that its better to give then to receive (Acts 20:35). 

Jesus told the apostles to go and take nothing with them when they go to preach.  He told them that God would provide for them. If Jesus wanted us to be wealthy, he would have told the apostles to store up lots of money. He would have told them to take money with them. Instead, Jesus told them to live by faith.

When we live by faith, we acknowledge that God will always provide for us. When God comes through for us every step of the way, we grow in faith knowing that we could not have achieved our goal without God’s intervention.  It helps us to grow closer to Jesus.

Where God guides, he does provide. The problem with many Christians today is that they are often listening to pastors that confuse the New Testament with the Old Testament. 

In the Old Testament, God did bless many men with great wealth. These men are often God’s anointed servants. They had hearts that loved him, and they were not trying to follow Jesus. Instead, they were listening to God the father.  Wealth was a measure of God’s blessing upon their life. 

However, if you read the New Testament, the Holy Bible teaches that Christian men and women should be content with what they have and not worry so much about the future.  God gives us the Holy Spirit. 

If God gives you a lot of money, he asks that you give it away to help the poor.  The closer that you get to God, the less money will have meaning in your life.  You will begin to see that money is only something that is temporary.  Eventually, you will die like all mankind has to die at some point. 

Having a lot of wealth will often keep your faith on hold. Many times, wealthy men and women will depend on their money to take care of them.  When tragedy strikes, instead of praying, they turn to their money in the bank. 

When you completely depend upon God, miracles do happen.  If you have turned away from Jesus because you feel that he has not answered your prayers regarding money, I am here to tell you that its because he wants you to live by faith.

Jesus loved the apostles and he didn’t send any of them on a journey with money.  The apostles learned that they could go anywhere because God would always provide for them. 

First, we are to do the task (work) that God set us out to do. When we step out in faith fulfilling the Lords will for our lives, Jesus opens doors for us.  My mission in life was to always teach others about Jesus and to evangelize the good news about Jesus Christ.  God provides for me every step of the way.

When I walk in faith, I have all the money in the world.  Its because God owns it all. I have faith that he would give me anything that he wants if he believes I should have it.    

Christians have one purpose in life. This is to tell others about Jesus.  Once you get saved, your passion for lives starts to change. You begin to see that you are in this world, but not of the world.  Your thoughts begin to change. We are to live using our spiritual gifts and allowing God to provide for us.

If you get lost somewhere along the way, don’t worry.  Just ask Jesus to bring you back.  I know that not all Christians will be as strong as I am in the faith. We are not all called to be pastors and evangelists. However, whatever God does call you to, know that it can be fulfilled using faith.

Examine the gifts that God has given to you and realize that he did give these to you. If you fell away from the faith years ago, know that you can always come back. Jesus is waiting for you to come back. You can always repent of your sins and start living for Jesus. 

All the apostles found that their personal jobs no longer mattered.  The apostles believed that there work as they knew it before no longer mattered. Peter was a fisherman and left his work to preach the gospel.  As you grow closer to God, you will want to serve him always.  However, you must feel a calling to teach others about Jesus and you must be anointed to do it. 

As you can see, Jesus never abandons us.  If you ask someone from the world if they feel abandoned by God, they often do because they feel that God is not answering their prayer. It often has to do with love or money. 

I speak to Christians and non-Christians alike in my prophetic ministry every single day. The biggest complaint that I get from Christian and non-Christian women is that they feel lonely because most men today don’t want to get married or stay with them beyond a few months. 

Many women in the world are suffering today because many men see no point in getting married. Most of the men that they are interested in are not saved and believe that its okay to fornicate with as many women as you would like.  This is not God’s way as the New Testament tells us to stay about from fornication.

Are You Living in Sin?

Christians that fall away from the faith and lose their belief in Jesus often do so because they are trying to be who they are.  The media has been pounding into the heads of millions of people that they have to be who they are and act out on what you feel you are. 

This is not coming from any teaching in the Holy Bible.  The Holy Bible tells us to deny ourselves, pick up your cross and follow Jesus.  This means that if you recognize anything that is sinful in your life, don’t follow it.  If you find out that you are gay, don’t practice homosexuality because the New Testament tells us that this is a sin.  If you are cheating on your wife, don’t do it because you feel that you want to love someone else instead. The Holy Bible says that God only accepts one marriage in our lives. What God has joined, let no man separate.  Remember that this is Biblical.

Are You Living for Yourself? 

Most men and women on earth today are living for themselves. They are living for the next big money-making idea or living for sexual pleasures.  One must not live for the “things of this world” because you will lose sight upon Jesus.

Your relationship will God will suffer if you are spending your time with everything else in the world instead of on Jesus.  When we consume our time with the pleasures of this world, we begin to believe in Jesus less. It’s because we are not spending time with out heavenly father as we should.  Jesus wants us to pray to him everyday and ask for what we need. Jesus will respond to us and give us what we need. 

Learn to let go of your earthly desires and start coming back to Jesus.  Remember, only Jesus can provide for us our daily bread.

You know that you stopped putting Jesus first at some point.  As you can see, losing your faith has a lot to do with you putting something else before Bible study, prayer and worship.  Remember, put God first and then all things will come after this. 

Ask Jesus to Put Faith in Your Heart

If you lack faith, ask Jesus to give you faith.  God is listening and will open doors for you in his own way.  Keep a journal of your progress and thank God for all that he has given to you.

When Do You Lose Your Faith in God?

When do you lose your faith in God? It might be due to certain circumstances, or perhaps you don’t feel His presence anymore. Whether you have faith in Jesus Christ or not, you’ll experience periods of doubt and loss. Here are a few common reasons why people lose their faith in God. Read the section on “When You’re Not Sure About Something,” in the A Better Way Bible Plan to learn more.

Many people misplace their faith, putting it somewhere else and forgetting it. When they need to believe again, they search for it. Others deliberately lose their faith, letting it suffer as a result of wounds, disappointments, or perceived violence. No matter what your reason for losing your faith, it’s important to acknowledge the feelings and ask for God’s forgiveness. By doing this, you’ll be able to replace your ungrounded faith with a solid one.

When you’re losing your faith in God, it’s important to recognize your feelings and to acknowledge them. If you’re unsure about whether your faith is still valid, you can always share your feelings with God in a loving and caring way. Even if your faith has been shaken for a while, God won’t shame or condemn you. In fact, He will meet you where you’re at emotionally and encourage you to stay strong.

You’ll also be faced with a personal blow when you lose your faith in G-d. Often, G-d is a mandate from your parents, and it may have been easy to push away. If you’re looking for G-d, you might have been taught that the Bible is historically correct. However, you may not have understood the multiple meanings of the Bible. If you’ve been taught to believe in God, you may have pushed away the notion that G-d is invisible and unapproachable.

Once you’ve lost your faith, you might be tempted to sin again. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve given up on God, and you can still keep following Him in spite of your doubts. It’s a matter of regaining your confidence in God and your faith. By choosing God, you’ll be able to face your trials with peace, joy, and joy.

In addition to a personal blow, you may have lost your faith in G-d. You may have been brought up in a world where God was a distant, invisible force. You might have been taught to believe in God as a child, but that belief was never reinforced. Instead, you have pushed away the thought of G-d. When you’ve had a spiritual awakening, you’ll be able to experience the power of G-d and find peace and joy.

The question of why someone has lost their faith in God is a difficult one. For some, losing faith in God is a way to feel good about yourself. When you’ve lost your faith in God, you will lose your hope in God. But it’s also a sign of a weak heart, and it’s natural to be fearful. When you’ve lost your faith in your faith, it’s important to remember that you’re not alone.

Some people lose their faith because they don’t want to believe in God or their beliefs are too narrow. You may not have been raised to believe in God, or you might have opted to abandon it. It’s okay to let go of your faith, but remember that you’re not alone. It’s okay to let go of it. But it’s important to stay strong and keep your faith in God.

If you’ve lost your faith in God, you can still hold onto it. By remaining hopeful in God, you can survive the worst of life. In a time of adversity, having faith in God can help you through tough times. You need to have hope in God and in yourself. Otherwise, your faith will be meaningless. If you’re afraid of losing your faith, try to remember that it will make you feel better.

How to Keep the Faith When You Lose Faith in Jesus

Do you find it difficult to keep the faith when you are in the midst of a storm? If you feel that you’re losing your faith in Jesus, you’re not alone. Many people experience this same feeling when they are going through a tough time in life. If you’re experiencing a storm of loss and doubt, you’re not alone. Thousands of people have gone through this situation. The following are tips to help you get through it.

First of all, don’t give up. If you’re truly lost, it’s a sign to reach out to God. He’s there for you. He’s waiting for you to call him or come to him and ask for guidance and strength. Even if you don’t feel like you can trust Him, He’s still there. So, the next step is to pray to God. If you’re struggling with doubt, you’ll want to pray and seek guidance.

When you’re feeling lost in your faith, remember that God is close by and loves you. When you feel lost, you can call on Him. He’s not far away – He’s in the Word and wants to help you find your way home. You can’t help but feel His presence in His presence, so take the time to pray to God. He will help you on your journey.

Sometimes we lose our faith in Jesus due to circumstances in our lives, or because we don’t feel His presence. The Bible has a section about seasons of doubt. If you’re a Christian who’s been in a season of doubt, you’ll need to find a way to return to the place where you first found your faith. Then, you’ll know that God hasn’t abandoned you, and He’ll never abandon you.

It’s important to realize that God’s presence is always with you. He’s close and caring. When you’re losing faith in Him, you’ll be able to trust Him. If you’re not a Christian, don’t be afraid to call God. He will guide you to the right path. If you don’t feel like you’re on the right track, you’ll be unable to believe in God.

If you’re experiencing a season of doubt in your faith, remember that God is never far. He’s right near you. When you lose your faith in Jesus, he’s there for you. You need to have a strong faith in him. This is the only way you can walk with God. If you believe in him, you will be confident in your faith in Him. You need to remember that the truth is the only way to truly find Him.

When you lose faith in Jesus, you need to be re-focused on Him and God’s Word. If you don’t do that, you’re wasting your time and energy. Instead, seek God. Read the Bible and talk with other Christians. This will help you get back on the right track. This will make your faith stronger in the Lord. Then you can pray for the strength and hope that only God can give.

When you’re losing faith in Jesus, it’s important to remember that God is present. If you’ve been a Christian for a long time, you’ll know that God is always with you. He sees you, and he cares for you. He’ll show you the way to heaven and get closer to Him. And the best part is that he is with you, no matter what.

In the past, people who had lost faith in Jesus did so because of circumstances. They didn’t feel the presence of the risen Christ. They had a hard time believing in God’s love for them. That’s okay! You don’t need to give up on your faith. The best thing to do when you lose your faith in Jesus is to reach out to him and ask for help. You need to seek God’s Word to keep your faith.

Signs and Wonders in the Bible

In the Bible, God often manifests himself by performing signs and wonders. These miracles are never about the human performer, but are about the Person of Christ. They serve to bring belief in a future event, and the real deal is what happens after the miracle. When God works a wonder, people should be moved to awe and repentance. In the Bible, there are a number of references to signs and marvels.

The phrase “signs and wonders” appears in both the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Bible is filled with stories of these supernatural events. For example, the New Testament contains numerous examples of miracles. Some examples include Matthew 24:24 and Mark 13:22, which were performed by Jesus. In the Old Testament, the term is often found in the book of Revelation, and the Book of Hebrews includes the story of Jonah.

In the Old Testament, there are a number of instances of “signs and wonders” in the Bible. These miracles were performed by various individuals throughout the NT, including the apostles (Acts 6:8, Luke 10:9-17). There are also examples of miracles performed by the Galatian Christians, the Corinthian Christians, and other early Christian leaders. Many Bible authors, including John, mention the power of these wonders to convince people of God’s goodness and unfailing love for them.

In the Old Testament, signs and wonders are frequently mentioned in the Bible. Although they are important in evangelism and the edification of the church, they are not required for the proper use of signs and wonders. In fact, the Bible warns us to avoid falsely seeking them. Hence, we should not seek to obtain miracles from the Old Testament. This practice is a falsehood, as the New Testament emphasizes the importance of the New Testament.

The Bible describes signs and wonders as events that are performed by believers. The apostles performed miracles for people in their day. The disciples did not always perform miracles, but some of them did. In Luke 10, the “seventy” did miracles. The deacons of the early church performed signs as well. In Acts 6:8, the Corinthian Christians prayed to Jesus that his name be recognized in the Gospel.

The term “signs and wonders” is used often in the New Testament and the Old Testament. It is also used in the Greek and Hellenistic literature. It is often mentioned in the Gospel of Mark. The word can also be found in the Old Testament. In Luke 10:9-17, the Pharisees didn’t believe that Jesus had performed the miracle, so they demanded another one. In the end, the Pharisees were condemned as adults and wicked.

There are some people who seek signs and wonders. These people are thrill-seekers and are looking for sensational events. Likewise, there are people who seek the truth and want to experience it. This type of person is known to be in the Bible as a miracle. But the Lord’s sign-workers do not just perform miracles. The goal of these signs and wonders is to testify to the existence of God.

Signs and wonders are often interpreted as miracles. But they are not the same thing. A sign can be any kind of a miracle. Some may be good and some are bad, but they are always a sign. A sign can be anything that points to God. It can be a natural phenomenon, or it can be an artificial manifestation of God. It is often a symbol of a divine action.

Generally, signs and wonders in the Bible are meant to demonstrate the power of God. They are intended to inspire and amaze people. They are intended to convince people of the truth of God’s Word. When used properly, these miracles will be a powerful witness of the Christ in their lives. A sign of faith can also be a manifestation of God’s presence in your life. So, why are miracles used in the Bible?