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Jesus Return: He is Coming Back. 100% Truth.

Jesus Return: He is Coming Back. 100% Truth.

It’s Been 2,000 Years Since Jesus Left Earth

Many Christians are awaiting the return of Jesus Christ.  It’s been nearly 2,000 years since Jesus Christ left earth.  When Jesus left, he promised that he would return. We will look at some scripture verses about the return of Jesus and what to look out for when he comes back. 

What Signs Did Jesus Give for His Return?

In Matthew 24:36, Jesus said that nobody knows the exact hour of Jesus return. Jesus said that only his heavenly father knows (God).  This means that Jesus can come at any hour and any time.

The book of Hebrews 9:28 tells us that Jesus is coming back for those that are waiting on him.  He is not coming back to deal with sin. He has already done that.  Instead, he is coming back to earth for those that are waiting for him.  Praise God!

Matthew 25:13 warns us to always be ready for Jesus return because we don’t know the date or the hour that he will return.  We must always be true to Jesus and to the gospel.

We shouldn’t slack off as Christians.  We should keep on working through our troubles and sinful ways. Always being ready to take the next step in overcoming our sinful ways.  Staying true to Jesus every step of the way. 

Will Jesus Return Fast?

Matthew 24:27 says that as fast as lighting strikes, that’s how fast Jesus will come when he returns. The Bible is constantly trying to remind us that the return of Jesus will be fast. You won’t even see it coming. It will just happen. 

Will Weather Be Affected For Jesus Christs Return?

In Luke 21:25-28, the Bible reminds us that people will be fearful of the roaring of the seas.  They will be fearful of the waves.  The hurricane season is starting to become more active every single year.  We are seeing hurricanes that are more horrific than the hurricane of 1935.  The warm waters are the perfect recipe for a hurricane. The winds are often 185 + miles per hour. 

Never in history, have hurricanes become this active.  Hurricane Katrina packed 185 mile per hour winds and flooded out New Orleans. In 2017, we had Hurricane Irma that was a bit stronger than Hurricane Katrina. If it would have made landfall on the entire state of Florida, it would have been catastrophic. 

We saw what it did to the Florida Keys and that was just a small portion as to what the entire state could have received.  In 2019, we saw another hurricane named Dorian that caused the state of Florida to have to evacuate once again. 

Hurricane Dorian was supposed to be more catastrophic than Katrina and Irma.  If that hurricane would have hit, it would have been catastrophic as well. 

Governments are fearful of hurricanes now because the oceans are becoming warmer each year and you need warm water and strong wind to create a hurricane.  Hurricane Dorian flattened many parts of the Bahamas.

We are seeing just the tip of the iceberg right now worldwide.  When the government agencies announce that a hurricane is coming, people are literally running for their lives to get away from areas that will be hit.  People are literally fearing and panicking just as the Holy Bible said they would be. 

Seas have always roared in the ocean. However, we are seeing roaring sees on a whole different level on the mainland. 

Jesus tells us to raise our hands up to him because our redemption is coming close.  Jesus is about to return.  This is just one of the signs of his return.  We are living to see it with our own eyes.

Will Living Christians and Dead Christians Will Be Caught Up in the Air with Jesus?

1 Thessalonians 4:16-17 reminds us that when Jesus returns, living Christians will be called to join Jesus in the air.  Dead Christians will rise first.  An archangel will announce that Jesus is here, and we will hear trumpets sounding as well.  In this way, you will be with Jesus forever.

Jesus also told us that before he returns, many false Christs will appear to people. Sometimes, they will seem like the real thing, but he will not be.  In Matthew 24:23-27, Jesus tells us to not be deceived. 

It is written all throughout the New Testament that when Jesus returns, every eye will see him and there will be trumpets sounding and an archangel announcing his return.  You won’t even have to second guess that its him. 

Why Do People Often Believe or Follow False Messiahs?

People often follow or believe in false Christs because they don’t know scripture.  If you read scripture, you will clearly be able to see that everyone will see Jesus when he returns.  Therefore, no man on earth can claim to be Jesus. 

No antichrist can rule earth and be Jesus.  If no trumpet or angel is announcing Jesus is here, its simply not him.  If you don’t see Christians going up to the clouds to meet with Jesus and the dead rising and being caught up in the clouds, its not him. Remember, every eye will see him. 

As you can see, Jesus makes it clear that we should be more concerned that he will return quickly and that we must always be ready.  It’s more important to always stay close to Jesus then to worry about when he is going to come back. 

It’s always best to prepare for his return by doing his will and not sinning.  Praying to Jesus is important since he will help you to overcome your sinful desires and instead please God.  Jesus will return in due time.  Make sure that you are ready for his return by reading the Holy Bible and becoming more Christ like. 

How to Predict the Second Coming of Jesus

If you’ve been thinking about how to predict the second coming of Jesus, you’re not alone. Many people have wondered the same thing, but do you know how to know the date? It’s crucial to understand what Christ meant by ‘take place’, as it means ‘to begin’ or ‘to have a beginning.’ If you think of the word as a beginning, you can understand how it refers to the second coming of Christ.

The Lord’s second coming was a ‘day of judgment and perdition’ that would come as soon as the first came. This passage refers to the end of the world, and while the first and the last days of our lives are still in existence, they are not the last. In fact, both the first and the second coming will take place in the same generation. This means that the ‘one day’ referred to by Jesus is a literal day. The ‘day’ in question is 70 CE, which will take place a few years later.

Although the ‘day’ referred to the day of Christ’s second coming is vague, some scholars claim that it’s the end of time and that the Lord is a future King. As a result, we shouldn’t assume that the second coming will occur in our lifetime. But the ‘day’ refers to the day in which Jesus returns to earth. In verse four, He compares it to the days of Noah, and this comparison highlights how sudden His second advent will be. In His second coming, people will be wrapped up in their own affairs – eating and drinking, getting married and giving in marriage – and be unaware of the coming of Christ.

Despite this ambiguous reference, the word ‘this generation’ is used to refer to the second coming of Christ. In verses four and five, ‘this generation’ refers to the time between the first and second coming. The ‘all these things’ in Matthew 19:28 are examples of this, and they are the primary focus of the NT. Throughout the Bible, references to the Second Coming are constant and frequent.

According to Matthew 24, the Son of Man’s second coming is certain to happen in the clouds. It will be a moment of great power and glory. The roaring of the waves will cause people to flee for their lives. In addition to being afraid of the timing, the Son of Man’s secondcoming will be a time of reversal. But it will not come until the end of the world.

The second coming of Christ is described in Matthew 24:33. The second coming of Christ will be sudden and unpredictable, but the words of Jesus reveal the exact details of this event. In his parable, He compared the days of Noah to the days of His first and third appearances. In this way, he showed the impending event in a way that is not easily explained in human terms. The coming of Christ is also called the “apocalypse.”

The second coming of Christ is described as a time of doom for the wicked of earth. He will come in the clouds, with great power and glory. The entire earth will be filled with heavenly light. When He comes, it will be a time of doom for the world’s wicked. Then, all of the world’s nations will mourn, and the world will turn on its axis.

The ‘this generation’ of Jesus is a time period of announcing the second coming of Christ. The ‘this generation’ of Christ is the time of the destruction of the temple in 70 CE. This time period does not include His second coming. It is the days of his contemporaries who will see His second coming. This passage is a reminder of the urgency of the awaited event.

In Zechariah 14:4-5, a specific reference to the Second Coming is given. In verses 4 and 5, the Lord is described as fighting for the people of Israel. In the same chapter, the Mount of Olives will split, with one half moving northward and the other half moving southward. The Lord will be king over the whole earth and the people will be unified in Him on the day of His coming.

What Did Jesus Do When He Returned?

What did Jesus do when he returned? There are many conflicting accounts of Jesus’ second coming, and the answers to those questions are as varied as the people who follow him. According to some, He delayed healing Lazarus until the last day of his life, but others believe that he let him die because he was afraid of the Jews. Others believe that Jesus’ return will be accompanied by the end of human life on earth and the beginning of eternity.

The return of Jesus depends on how far you follow Him, but the details are not for us to know. The question is, “What will I do when I return?” The Apostle Paul and the Apostle John believed that Jesus would return at a specific date and time. They said that it would happen in their lifetimes, and urged people of God to be ready. This is why they used language like being ready, “being prepared,” and “being ready” to see Him.

According to Matthew 24:36, Jesus has promised to return one day and will usher in two eternities. The first will be a day of judgment where evil will be destroyed, and the second will be a new day of judgment. The sun will shine with righteousness and healing in its rays, and people will frolic like well-fed calves. However, the return of Jesus is no less important than the first.

The return of the Lord Jesus was the second coming of Jesus, which is approaching. His apostles had predicted that the return would take place in their lifetimes, and they urged his followers to be prepared. These passages emphasize the importance of preparation and readiness, a theme that Jesus often uses in the gospels. In the first of these, “this generation” refers to those who lived in the time of the destruction of the temple in 70 CE.

During his second coming, the disciples were asked to follow Him. They were instructed to follow him to the end of the earth. They were told that no one knows the exact time of his return, so it was important to prepare and be ready. After he returned, they should go back to their places and start spreading the word of God. This is the first stage of the resurrection, while the second is the culmination of the second.

The return of the Lord is the most important event of the Christian faith. It is the most significant moment of Jesus’ life and the fulfillment of the Blessed Hope. It is a time of rebirth, and the resurrection of Jesus is the beginning of the Kingdom of God. It was the firstborn from the dead, and the firstborn from the dead. After the resurrection, the apostles were told to carry on his mission. After his resurrection, they followed Him to the heavenly world, and he ascended into Heaven.

The second coming of Christ is the culmination of the first. The second coming is the culmination of Jesus’ mission on earth. This event will usher in two different eternities. The first is the day of judgment, as described in Malachi 4:1-2, when all of humanity will be judged. In the latter, the sun of righteousness will rise, with healing in its rays. The people who worship Malachi will frolic like calves, and those who worship him will be reborn as well.

The second coming is a glorious, bright, and thunderous event. Every human being on Earth will see Jesus when He returns, and it will be a defining moment of human history. The answer to this question depends on your faith in Christ. If you’re not a Christian, you should be. He will not come back in person, but he will come to us personally. But he will be a visible presence in every area of the world, as he has promised.

As the second coming, the first coming of Christ is the resurrection of the dead. He is alive again on the third day after his death. After his death, he rises as the firstborn from the dead, and the second appearance is the inauguration of the Kingdom of God. His return will be marked by two eternities. The first coming will be a day of judgment. The second will be a day of forgiveness and restoration.

What Will Be the Sign of Your Coming?

The disciples asked Jesus, “When will these things happen, and what will be the sign of your coming?” Possibly they were remembering what happened to the first temple, when the devil was crucified. Then they remembered that the destruction of the temple was in the context of national judgment and exile. Therefore, they probably connected the destruction of the second temple to the end of the age. It is not surprising that they were frightened by the coming of the Savior.

The sign of the Son of Man is a cross that appears in the heavens, but it does not occur in the sky. The disciples were asking Jesus about the sign of his coming, and He replied by saying that this sign would be wars and rumors of war. This passage seems to be related to the cosmic disturbances. The disciples interpreted this passage to mean that Jesus would physically come down from heaven.

Jesus answered this question by giving them specific signs that will indicate the time He is coming. Those signs are described in Matthew 24:6. These signs will occur at the beginning of the end times and will occur throughout the earth. The disciples asked Jesus for the sign and the Lord responded, “wars and rumors of wars.” As the disciples were preparing for the end times, the disciples were asked to be on their guard.

The disciples were asking Jesus the sign of his coming. In Matthew 24, he answers this question by telling them that wars and rumors of wars will precede His physical return. Other interpretations of the sign of the Son of Man would include a cross in the sky, but it could also be the physical appearance of Jesus from heaven. Regardless of the meaning of the phrase, it is a good idea to keep this verse in mind as a reference to the end of the world.

The Son of Man will return to earth in the same manner as the father. This sign will be a visible, tangible appearance of the Son of Man in the sky. As a result, wars will begin in the earth. The coming of the Son of Man will signal the end of the world. The signs will be seen in the sun and moon, as well as in the stars. As Jesus’ return is near, there will be a great societal upheaval in the world.

According to the Bible, the Son of Man’s return will be preceded by many signs. The most popular are the stars and a rainbow. The sun will be a visible, omnipresent symbol of heaven. During this time, the world will be in chaos. Some of us will experience a period of fear. During this time, we are in the middle of a major worldwide war.

Jesus told his disciples to be ready for His arrival. His disciples thought the sign would be a cross in the sky, but the Lord said he would appear in the sky as the Son of Man. This sign is a heavenly appearance of Jesus, so it is important to wait for it. The Son of Man is also the awaited King. A risen Christ will bring peace and joy to the Earth and will be seen by the world.

In Matthew 24, the Son of Man will appear as a sign in the sky. This phrase is related to a number of cosmic events, including earthquakes. For those who believe in this scripture, the Son of Man will return in glory. This is the sign of His Second Coming. And Jesus’ second coming will also be preceded by great trouble and chaos. While this may be a symbol of the end of the world, the first sign of Jesus’ return would be a heavenly cross.

When will you come? During this time of peace, the Son of Man will be on earth. But before the Son of Man comes, there will be wars. The Lord will bring peace to the earth. He will restore the order of events. When will the Son of Man appear? The disciples will know when the Son of God will come. So, they will await the sign of his coming. The signs will be the sign of the time.