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What Signs Did Jesus Give for His Return?

What Signs Did Jesus Give for His Return?
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It’s Been 2,000 Years Since Jesus Left Earth

Many Christians are awaiting the return of Jesus Christ.  It’s been nearly 2,000 years since Jesus Christ left earth.  When Jesus left, he promised that he would return. We will look at some scripture verses about the return of Jesus and what to look out for when he comes back. 

What Signs Did Jesus Give for His Return?

In Matthew 24:36, Jesus said that nobody knows the exact hour of Jesus return. Jesus said that only his heavenly father knows (God).  This means that Jesus can come at any hour and any time.

The book of Hebrews 9:28 tells us that Jesus is coming back for those that are waiting on him.  He is not coming back to deal with sin. He has already done that.  Instead, he is coming back to earth for those that are waiting for him.  Praise God!

Matthew 25:13 warns us to always be ready for Jesus return because we don’t know the date or the hour that he will return.  We must always be true to Jesus and to the gospel.

We shouldn’t slack off as Christians.  We should keep on working through our troubles and sinful ways. Always being ready to take the next step in overcoming our sinful ways.  Staying true to Jesus every step of the way. 

Will Jesus Return Fast?

Matthew 24:27 says that as fast as lighting strikes, that’s how fast Jesus will come when he returns. The Bible is constantly trying to remind us that the return of Jesus will be fast. You won’t even see it coming. It will just happen. 

Will Weather Be Affected For Jesus Christs Return?

In Luke 21:25-28, the Bible reminds us that people will be fearful of the roaring of the seas.  They will be fearful of the waves.  The hurricane season is starting to become more active every single year.  We are seeing hurricanes that are more horrific than the hurricane of 1935.  The warm waters are the perfect recipe for a hurricane. The winds are often 185 + miles per hour. 

Never in history, have hurricanes become this active.  Hurricane Katrina packed 185 mile per hour winds and flooded out New Orleans. In 2017, we had Hurricane Irma that was a bit stronger than Hurricane Katrina. If it would have made landfall on the entire state of Florida, it would have been catastrophic. 

We saw what it did to the Florida Keys and that was just a small portion as to what the entire state could have received.  In 2019, we saw another hurricane named Dorian that caused the state of Florida to have to evacuate once again. 

Hurricane Dorian was supposed to be more catastrophic than Katrina and Irma.  If that hurricane would have hit, it would have been catastrophic as well. 

Governments are fearful of hurricanes now because the oceans are becoming warmer each year and you need warm water and strong wind to create a hurricane.  Hurricane Dorian flattened many parts of the Bahamas.

We are seeing just the tip of the iceberg right now worldwide.  When the government agencies announce that a hurricane is coming, people are literally running for their lives to get away from areas that will be hit.  People are literally fearing and panicking just as the Holy Bible said they would be. 

Seas have always roared in the ocean. However, we are seeing roaring sees on a whole different level on the mainland. 

Jesus tells us to raise our hands up to him because our redemption is coming close.  Jesus is about to return.  This is just one of the signs of his return.  We are living to see it with our own eyes.

Will Living Christians and Dead Christians Will Be Caught Up in the Air with Jesus?

1 Thessalonians 4:16-17 reminds us that when Jesus returns, living Christians will be called to join Jesus in the air.  Dead Christians will rise first.  An archangel will announce that Jesus is here, and we will hear trumpets sounding as well.  In this way, you will be with Jesus forever.

Jesus also told us that before he returns, many false Christs will appear to people. Sometimes, they will seem like the real thing, but he will not be.  In Matthew 24:23-27, Jesus tells us to not be deceived. 

It is written all throughout the New Testament that when Jesus returns, every eye will see him and there will be trumpets sounding and an archangel announcing his return.  You won’t even have to second guess that its him. 

Why Do People Often Believe or Follow False Messiahs?

People often follow or believe in false Christs because they don’t know scripture.  If you read scripture, you will clearly be able to see that everyone will see Jesus when he returns.  Therefore, no man on earth can claim to be Jesus. 

No antichrist can rule earth and be Jesus.  If no trumpet or angel is announcing Jesus is here, its simply not him.  If you don’t see Christians going up to the clouds to meet with Jesus and the dead rising and being caught up in the clouds, its not him. Remember, every eye will see him. 

As you can see, Jesus makes it clear that we should be more concerned that he will return quickly and that we must always be ready.  It’s more important to always stay close to Jesus then to worry about when he is going to come back. 

It’s always best to prepare for his return by doing his will and not sinning.  Praying to Jesus is important since he will help you to overcome your sinful desires and instead please God.  Jesus will return in due time.  Make sure that you are ready for his return by reading the Holy Bible and becoming more Christ like.