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What Are Black and White Flowers?

The Amazing Flower Black and White

Have you ever stopped and gazed at a black and white flower?  These are the most beautiful flowers on the market today in my opinion. What you may not know if that the black color in the flower is not black. In fact, its more of a deep purple color. 

If you put a black and white bloom in your garden, you will come to see that its beautiful color is intriguing to look at.  It blends in well with red, white and pink roses. 

What Are Black and White Flowers?

Let us look at some of the most popular black and white flowers:

Queen of the Night Tulip – these flowers can grow up to twenty-four inches.  They don’t require a lot of water or sun.  the Queen of the Night Tulip is the darkest flower that has ever been made.  They come in a mahogany and maroon color.  They are often the most beautiful type of flower for most people to observe because of its natural colors.

These flowers start to bloom in the later part of the spring.  These flowers are tough and often stay intact in heavy rain and wind. The Horticultural Society gave them the Award of Garden Merit. This is an award that is not easily obtained.    

This flower grows mainly in the daylight with full sun.  The soil is best kept medium moisture.  It grows best in the dry summer heat and cool winters.  New York is one of the best places to grow this type of flower.

If you plan on planting Queen of the Night Tulips, you should plant them in the fall months.  Tulips are best known for representing the spring months.  There are currently over three thousand types of tulips in the world today.  They vary in different colors. 

Black Hollyhock – These black plants have a deep dark blue/purple looking petal.  There is a small amount of red in them as well.  They come from the Alcea rosea seed.  The color is a deep mahogany.  They grow in the summer.  Black Hollyhock flowers grow to be around sixty inches in height.  When they are fully grown, they have more of a black looking color.  Most people that have college gardens use these plants.  You can plant this flower alongside of your fence or alongside of your staircase.

These dark flowers are known for attracting butterflies, bees and hummingbirds.  The Black Hollyhock is a fast-growing plant. These dark purple flowers (look black), have a deep root system.  On the surface, these plants will wilt.  They will often die in the winter months and then return in the summer months when the sun comes out bright and your garden has warmth. 

They have a self-seed process. They are considered a perennial flowering plant. 

Black Widow Cranesbill Geranium – These dark plants have a mystery to them.  They look crinkle cut in their foliage and is a rather distinguished flower.  The flowers on the Black Widow Cranesbill Geranium are rather small.  They grow in many ways.  The flowers should be cut back after they bloom.  They should have the full sun or a partial shade on them.  They will look like they are either purple or black.  They bloom in the summer and spring. 

Black Baccara Rose – This rose needs no introduction.  Buying someone one of these means that you went out of your way for them because they are not easily found.  This rose is a hybrid.  These roses can live for around 14 days when cut.  These grow best between the spring and fall months. 

If you are planting the Black Baccara Rose outside, you should plant them during the spring and summer months. These can grow up to six feet tall. 

Chocolate Cosmos – The Chocolate Cosmos were first found in Mexico.  It happened in the 1800’s.  Their petals feel a lot like velvet.  They are planted best in locations that are warm.  Its best to start growing these flowers in small pots and then when ready, plant them in your garden. 

They need well drained soil and lots of mulch to make them grow best. Butterflies tend to love Chocolate Cosmos.  You will often find them sitting on top of the flower or simply flying by.  If you like butterflies, having these in your backyard will give you a bright smile. 

It’s important to not overwater these flowers.  I would suggest not to use fertilizer as it produces extra foliage that is not necessary. It takes away from the drank plants beauty. 

These can grow up to thirty inches in height.  The Chocolate Cosmos will die off in the winter and come back to life in the spring.  The great thing about this flower is that they often take years to reach a mature state. This means that each year, you see them developing into a stronger flower. 

Black Petunia – Who doesn’t like petunias?  The black petunia was invented by Ball Flora Plant.  Gardener Jianping Ren took 4 years to develop this flower. You may have heard this flower being called “black velvet” as well.  If you touch it, the flower feels like velvet. 

The dark purple leaves (appearing to be black), blend in well with white carnations and roses.  You can also combine these with some pink petunias to bring out more colors in the garden.  You will often not find the black petunia being sold in stores. They are often a specialty flower and you should look online for purchasing. 

As you can see, the black and white flower is different in the sense that it is not normally what you would see in a garden. However, when purchased, they do stand out.  I find that giving someone a black rose for a romantic occasion allows them to see that you think highly of them. They are not like the traditional red or white rose. Instead, they stand out as someone that took the time to get someone unique for you.  They make great anniversary and Valentine’s day gifts.  Happy growing!