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How to Offer Same Day Flower Delivery

How to Offer Same Day Flower Delivery

If you own a florist, then having same day delivery service is a must.  You will find that most customers today want flowers on demand.  Long gone are the days in which a customer would ask you to send flowers to their loved on a week in advance. If their birthday is coming up, people will often wait until the day of their birthday to order flowers and expect same day delivery. 

In order to always be able to offer your customers same day delivery service, its important to have a few select floral arrangement that they can choose from.  It’s important to pick floral arrangements that have a long shelf life.  It also must be affordable so that you can still make money if you have a slow week. 

How to Hire the Right Delivery Driver

If your driver calls in sick, it can be a catastrophe for your business.  Make sure that your delivery driver is there 99% of the time. Always have a back up plan if they should not show up. 

Your back up plan may be to use a local courier for the day.  Many local couriers will work for the day if they are not busy.  Have several in your directly to call.  Have a local temp agency that has many delivery drivers on speed dial in case you need their services. 

If none of those options are available, you may have to be the delivery driver. This means that you need to have someone in your flower shop with you everyday to watch the store in case you must leave.  If you can’t have the temp work their everyday, make sure to have a reliable agency on your list to call if you need an employee for the day. 

Should Same Day Flower Delivery Be Affordable?

You would expect customers to know that same day delivery takes both time and money.  They will often argue with you on price. It’s important to work out a price that your average customer will spend on flowers and add this into the cost of the flowers. 

It’s always good to tell the customer that the delivery is free because it has been included in the cost of the flowers already.  In this way, the customer thinks that they are getting a huge bargain.  You would be shocked to learn how many customers today expect free shipping. 

People are used to giving free shipping and want the same thing with flower delivery.  It’s best to keep flowers under $50.00.  You can offer three different flowers if you know you have some wealthy customers in your area. 

You can have a basic package for $50.00, a medium for $75.00 and an upgrade package for $100.00.  Your success highly depends on you and where you want to take the business. 

Should Your Website Sell Flowers to Your Customer?

Your phone number must be easily seen, and someone must be there to pick up the phone when they call.  Don’t think that a customer today will leave you a voice mail.  Customers today will just call someone else. 

Your website must have an easy check out if the customer is going to purchase online.  If your company is small and you don’t have the funds to hire a 24-hour phone person, its best to hire an answering service that can take orders for you.  This is often a fraction of the cost and you often won’t have to worry about someone missing a call. 

In all the florists that I have worked at, the owner is often not picking up the phone and missing calls.  This spells disaster for a business. You must always pick up every single call. 

Have your website professionally done.  If you can’t afford to have a professional website built.  You can watch videos on on how to build a WordPress site and a shopping cart. I learned how to build a website in a day and a shopping cart in a day as well.  I didn’t have to pay anyone thousands of dollars to complete the task.  I also update my website every single day as well.

It’s important to put your main products on the front page.  Customers want to see what you are offering in under two minutes.  Most Floral shops make the mistake of putting their same day delivery flowers in the shopping cart. However, you will find that if you give your customers 3 main choices as described above, they will purchase faster. 

We live in an in-demand society.  People want something fast.  If your customer is trying to buy flowers for same day delivery, they are not caring so much about comparing flowers.  If they did, they would have planned their floral arrangements out in advance. 

The customers usually just want a beautiful arrangement at the right price.  Your customer often will ask you if you offer same day delivery and how much it costs. 

Answer them fast and watch the orders come in faster as well.  You already have the advantage over other floral shops that are not local. Your customer is most likely calling you because they have “Googled” you or have seen your storefront.  Now they wish to do business with you because they trust you. 

Should You Care About Social Media For Same Day Delivery?

Social media won’t help you much in selling flowers locally.  In fact, most customers will type into Google what they want and look for the first florist that pops up on Google Maps.

If you happen to be #1, guess who they are calling.  The reason why Google is best for purchasing products is because people are wanting an answer to their problems with search. Social media is often for people wanting to shop around and are often not spontaneous buyers. 

On demand buyers are those people that are using a search engine to find what they want. Make sure that you are #1 in your local area.  If you can afford it, hire someone to do local search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (ppc).