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Hawaiian Flowers: A Resource Guide

Hawaiian Flowers: A Resource Guide

What Are Considered Hawaiian Flowers?

#1 The Bird of Paradise flower is a tropical flower.  It has a beautiful blue crest that reminds you of the blue bird.  It looks like it has a beak on the tip.  This comes from the plant family of the Strelitzia.  These plants originally come from South Africa.  This flower lets others know that freedom is around.  It is the symbol of a tropical paradise.  They have beautiful blue and orange color.  In some species, the colors can also include white.

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#2 The Red Ginger flower needs lots of rainwater.  They will often grow throughout Hawaii where rain is plentiful.  If you walk along the riverbanks in Hawaii, you will often see these growing.  The technical name for this flower is the Alpinia purpurata.   This plant is popular in Malaysia.  The cultivars on the plant are known as Jungle queen and king

Where Else is The Red Ginger Flower Growing?

  • Hawaii
  • Puerto Rico
  • St. Vincent
  • Trinidad
  • Suriname
  • Dominica
  • Grenada
  • Jamaica

The warm and often tropical weather in Florida allows the flower to be grown there as well.  The red ginger flower doesn’t like cold weather. It prefers warm tropical type of weather in warmer climates.  The red ginger flower can grow up to six feet tall. 

What Are Other Names for The Red Ginger Flower?

  • Fire Ginger
  • Pink Cone Ginger
  • Ostrich Plume

# 3 The Heliconia has 194 species.  These flowers will often grow in tropical climates like Hawaii or the pacific. 

What Are Other Names for the Heliconia Flower?

  • False Bird of Paradise
  • Lobster Claws
  • Wild Plantains
  • Toucan Beak

The Heliconia flower needs partial sun.  Yes, they can still grow in direct sunlight, but thrive more in partial sun.  This is another bloom that grows along riverbanks.  This plant can grow up to fifteen feet tall. 

If you plan on giving these flowers to someone, they have a long shelf life once cut.  You may give these to someone around Christmas time because of their bright read color. The leaves of this plant are shaped like a paddle and have a glossy green color.  This plant will grow in an upright position. 

The soil needs to be moist in order to grow.  Soil that is drained well will thrive faster and longer. It is always a good idea to use soil that is acidic if you are planning to grow these flowers in your yard.  Warm climates are best.  Places like Florida, Texas, California are the best spots in the USA mainland for growing Heliconia. 

#4 If you have ever been to the Island of O‘ahu’s in Hawaii, you will take notice that the main ‘Ilima Flower represents the island.  It will produce a rather beautifully colored yellow bloom.  Another name for this flower is the Sida Fallax. 

What Are Some Facts About the ‘Ilima Flowers?

  • Herbaceous Flowering Plant
  • Stands Erect
  • Found in Dry Areas in Hawaii
  • Likes Sandy Soils

What Colors Does the ‘Ilima Flowers Come In?

  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Light Colored Orange

These flowers can grow year around.  The colors of the leaf are going to be more of a light green color.  When put in full sun, they tend to come out a lot more.

What Bugs/Insects Tend to Crawl Around ‘Ilima Flowers?

  • Slugs
  • Spiders
  • Mites
  • Mealy Bugs
  • Aphids

#5 In Hawaii, the Passion Fruit Flower is one of the most loved blooms.  When you pass by these flowers, you can smell their rather “flowery” and sweet aroma.  Another name for this flower is the Passiflora Edulis.  Besides Hawaii, these flowers are known to grow in Argentina, Paraguay and Argentina.  It has a rather sweet fruit connected to it.

The juice from this plant is often juiced and eaten by Hawaiians.    It can also be added to other juices as a combined flavor.  In Latin America, this flower is called Passiflora.  This flower has five petals and five sepals. 

There are around 400 species of Passion Fruit Flowers in the world today.  This flower is a high maintenance flower as it requires trimming. 

In Vietnam, the Passion Fruit Flower is used to treat ailments such as epileptic seizures.  The leaves are used to help with rashes and skin disorders.  It is also used to create medicines to treat many inflammations in the throat.  Pig farmers will often use the passion fruit flowers to make a medicine for their pigs soar throats if they are found to have one. 

Moths often love to land on the Passion Fruit Flower.  The petals tend to be scarlet color in nature. In Columbia, these blooms are seen all throughout the countryside.  This adds to much of the beauty that is in Columbia.

When it comes to pollinating, hummingbirds and butterflies will often penetrate it. 

#6 The Anthurium flower comes in the colors of green, red, pink and white.  This is a famous Hawaiian flower.  The color and texture of this flower often looks like rubber. Many people mistaken the Anthurium flower for being fake.  However, its real as you and I are. 

There are well over one thousand species of this kind of flower

What Are Some Other Names for Anthurium?

  • Lacleaf
  • Taliflower
  • Flamingo Flower

This flower is also grown in:

  • Caribbean
  • Mexico
  • Arentina

Another name for this flower is the Herbaceous Epiphytes.  Kids will often say that this flower looks like a red tongue.  The flower is in a heart shape. It has a rather waxy feel to it.  The stems of this plant can grow to be around twenty inches.

There is no one soil that the Anthurium likes.  If you are growing these in your tropical garden, it’s good to use mulch.  It will help the plant to stay vibrant.  If there is dead foliage around the plant, cut it off.  Peat moss is best for the base.  They prefer a lot of light, but not directly. 

When watering your Anthurium, get them wet, but don’t overwater.  Allow the sun to dry their flower. If you have overwatered this plant, you will find that the leaves become yellow. 

Make sure that you fertilize this plant every second month.