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What is a Lily Flower?

The traditional name for a lily is Lilium.  Lilies come from a bulb. The Lily flower is an herbaceous flowering plant.  They are plants that you can water. 

The lily flower grows in the northern hemisphere. This plant can live more than 2 years.  It often grows for more than thee years.  They are known as perennials.  They can grow to be six feet in height.  They do have an underground bulb.  Their bulbs can survive through different types of weather.  They will grow back every single year without having to replant them for several years. 

The bulb base of the lily will often have rhizomes. Many of the lily species also develop stolons.  The bulbs get buried deep into the ground and are not hard to plant. 

The lily flower is big in appearance. Many people are fascinated by the large size. 

What Colors Are Lily Flowers:

  • Purple
  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Red
  • White

The growth of the lily will slow down in winter months.  The lily flower grows well in the autumn and summer months.  These flowers grow best in sub-tropical climates.  They tend to grow best in temperatures that are controlled.  If you have a green house, they tend to grow best here. 

If you plan on putting these flowers outside on your porch or even in your backyard, they can be grown in a flowerpot.  In today’s world, there are a lot of hybrid lilies. 

How Are Lilies Around Plants?

Some lily plants can be toxic to cats.  It is best to learn a lot about the type of lily you are planning on planting if you have animals.  Find out if they are toxic for your dog, cat or other animal. 

In China, Lilium bulbs are often eaten as a vegetable.  The Chinese consider this to be more of a luxury health food.  In China, these are often sold as a dry herb.  People will often use them to add flavor to their soups and salads.  During the summer months, you will often find these sold in large quantities throughout China.

Some people use them to thicken soup as well.  Many men and women say that they taste like a potato.  The Chinese look at lilies as being a superfood. 

What Is the Meaning Behind a Lily?

  • Love
  • Friendliness
  • Happiness
  • Warmth
  • Ordered by Family Members at Funerals
  • Often Giving to a Loved One at Easter
  • Giving as Birthday Flowers
  • Innocence

If you have a botanical garden in your area, you will notice that the florist may put lilies throughout the garden. They often put a smile on someone’s face when they look at them.

These blooms also have 6 petals.  This flower is known for being pretty and many parents will name their children after the flowers name lily. 

The lily flower has over 100 different species.  Their popularity has reached all over the United States and is often given as gifts on different holidays. 

The #1 popular lily is the Easter lily. You will often find the Easter lily in front of church altars and at weddings. These come from the Ryukyu islands in Japan.  The lily flower was first brought to the United States and Europe in the 1800’s. 

After the lily has been cut for floral arrangements, they often last for around 2 weeks. Sometimes, if you give them a stay fresh pack, they will last for 3 weeks before losing their vibrant look. 

How Has the Lily Been Looked at Around the World?

In Mediterranean mythology, the lily has been mentioned as a beautiful flower. East Asian religions see this bloom as being a blessing.  It is the sign of purity in a bride when she gets married as well. 

The wife of Zeus Hera is known to be presented as a lily.  In medieval times, the lily is said to have been created from the breastmilk of the Goddesses. 

In Christianity, you will often see lilies around the Virgin Mary.  Since she is pure, the flowers are put around her in many Catholic churches. 

People around the world often say that the lily looks like a trumpet. If you are wanting to plant them in your home garden, people often prefer the oriental lily.  It’s important to keep their soil well drained. 

The lily will also bloom between the summer to fall season. 

When Should You Plant Lilies?

You should plant lilies in the fall.  Do it right before the ground freezes for the winter. Don’t overwater the lilies as the soil should be able to drain.  The lily flowers are the type of plant that requires a lot of sunlight.  It’s important to give them at least six to eight hours of sunlight a day. 

You should plant the lily bulbs in three to five bulbs in a group.  Once planted, water them, but don’t overwater.

It’s best to use mulch with your garden so that the roots can stay cool.  Touch the mulch.  It should feel moist, but not wet.  Your lilies are only going to bloom 1 time in a season.  They will come back year after year, but only once in a season.

In many gardens, if there are rabbits, ground hogs and deer around your lilies, they will often eat them.  It’s important to put a wired fence around the flowers if you feel like there could be a problem. 

Planting lilies are easy and often keep people feeling relaxed.  They often want to make the lily their main attraction in their garden.  When you see the lily in someone’s garden, they have a wonderful way for people to feel well connected to nature. 

You will find that planting your lilies brings the rest of your garden out. Many people like to mix their lily creations in with white and yellow roses. You will find that the decorations make the garden look rather spectacular when its fully complete. 

It’s important to plan your garden ahead depending on the climate that you are growing them in.  Colder climates will have a harder time keeping lilies alive if frost is known for sticking onto flowers most of the year.